The Ottawa Valley Fights for Freedom -- World Wars 1 and 2

January 13, 2005:

Taylor Kennedy is doing some work on the Ottawa Valley's participation
in World War 1. Thanks Taylor, for sending along the following link 
where names of soldiers can be searched for at the Veteran's Affairs Virtual Memorial:

and see another link posted from Steven Puziak on January 17, 2005, below.
The Virtual Memorial also includes photographs of many soldiers.

TIMOTHY JOSEPH TIERNEY – son of Timothy Tierney and Catherine Houlahan. 
Grandson of Patrick Houlahan and Bridget Larkin. Great grandson of John 
Houlahan and Catherine Kennedy. He was drafted on November 14, 1917 under 
the Military Service Act. He was in the 2nd Depot Battalion of the Eastern 
Ontario Regiment His regimental numbers were 3322766. Born June 21, 1897 
in Jockvale, he was 20 years and 5 months old at the time. He stood 5 feet 
0 inches. Had a chest expansion of 39 inches [ 2 inch expansion]. His complexion 
was DARK, eyes were BLUE and hair was BROWN. He returned from War to marry 
Marie O. McKenna. 

THOMAS PERCY TIERNEY – son of William Tierney and Elizabeth Power. 
Grandson of John Tierney and Bridget Nash. Great grandson of Timothy Tierney 
and Ellen Waters. Thomas Percy was 1st cousin to Timothy Joseph Tierney above. 
He was born December 21, 1896 in Jockvale. He enlisted into the 258th Battalion, 
Canadian Infantry on August 20th, 1917. His regimental numbers were 
1105227. He was 20 years and 8 months old at the time of enlisting. 
He stood 5 feet 9 inches tall with a 34 inch chest. His range of expansion 
was 4 inches. His complexion was BROWN, his eyes were BLUE and his hair 
was BROWN. He had 20 / 20 vision. He returned from War. (see posting dated December 29, 2007).

JOHN EMMETT HOULAHAN – son of Thomas Houlahan and Margaret Gleeson. 
Grandson of George Houlahan and Mary Costello. He was drafted on June 29, 
1918 under the Military Service Act of 1917. He was in the 2nd Battalion 
of the Eastern Ontario Regiment. His regimental numbers were 3325690. 
John Emmett was born in Fallowfield on May 9th, 1897. He was 21 years 
and 6 months old at the time. He stood 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Had a 
32 inch chest with a 3 inch expansion. His complexion was MEDIUM, his 
eyes were GREY and his hair was BROWN. There were no distinguishing marks. 
He returned from War. 

JOSEPH LEO HOULAHAN – son of George Houlahan and Mary Ann Lynch. 
Grandson of George Houlahan and Mary Costello. Joseph was born in Bells 
Corners on November 9th, 1893. He was drafted on November 17, 1917 under 
the Military Service Act of 1917. He was posted to the 2ND Depot Battalion 
of Eastern Ontario and his regimental numbers were 3327508. Joseph was 
25 years old at the time. He stood 5 feet and 9 inches tall with a 32 
inch chest with an expansion of 2 ½ inches. He had a RUDDY complexion, 
his eyes were BLUE and hair was BROWN. He was a returned man from the 
War. However in 1921, a fire broke out in the farm house, and from the 
field Joseph ran into the house, who thought his mother was still inside, 
to save her. But she had already escaped through the front. Joseph Leo 
suffered severe burns and died September 26, 1921 as a result. He was 
1st cousin to both Mathew Austin and John Emmett Houlahan. 

PATRICK SYLVESTER HOULAHAN – son of John Patrick Houlahan and Margaret 
Jane Brophy. Grandson of Patrick Houlahan and Bridget Larkin. Great grandson 
of John Houlahan and Catherine Kennedy. Patrick Sylvester was drafted 
under the Military Service Act of 1917 on October 30th, 1918 in Toronto. 
His address at the time was 353 Margueretta Street. Born on October 26th, 
1896, he was 21 years of age at the time of the draft. He stood 5 feet and 
4 ½ inches tall, with a FAIR complexion, BLUE eyes and AUBURN hair. Pat 
was placed with the 1st Depot Battalion of the Central Ontario Regiment. 
His regimental numbers were 3031871.He was born in Jockvale returned from the War. 

MATHEW AUSTIN HOULAHAN – son of Thomas Houlahan and Margaret Gleeson. 
Grandson of George Houlahan and Mary Costello. He was drafted January 
3rd, 1918 under the Military Service Act of 1917. He lived at 110 Water 
Street, Vancouver, British Columbia at the time. He was in the 10th 
Regiment Depot Battalion of B.C. His regimental numbers were 2020563. 
He was 25 years and 11 months old at the time. Mathew (Mathais) was 
born in Nepean on March 28, 1892. The birth date on his draft, February 
12, 1892 was actually when his birth was registered.He stood 5 feet and 
6 inches tall. He had a 34 inch chest with a 3 inch expansion. His 
complexion was described as FRESH, his eyes were GREY and his hair was 
DARK BROWN. He was scared on his left arm. Mathew died on September 27, 
1918, killed in action. He was John Emmett’s brother.

GEORGE LEO HOULAHAN – son of James Houlahan and Jane Anne Hawley. 
Grandson of John Houlahan and Margaret Brady. George was born in 
Jockvale on October 22nd, 1895. He was also drafted under the Military 
Service Act of 1917 on June 11th, 1918 in Ottawa. He was 22 years and 
8 months old at the time. He stood 5 feet and 6 ½ inches tall. His 
complexion was FAIR, his eyes were BLUE and his hair was LIGHT BROWN, 
He was placed with the 2nd Depot Battalion of the Eastern Ontario Regiment. 
His regimental numbers were 3322724. He had a 31 ½ inch chest with a 2 
inch expansion. He returned from the War. He was also a twin brother to 
Honorah Helena Houlahan who died 9 months after birth from convulsions for 2 days. 

WILLIAM FRANCIS HOULAHAN – son of John J. Houlahan and Ellen Dunn. Grandson 
to John Houlahan and Margaret Brady. He was a 1st cousin to Geo. Leo. Born 
in Jockvale on August 22nd, 1897. He was drafted under the Military Service 
Act of 1917 on July 5th, 1918. He was 20 years and 10 months of age at the 
time. He was placed with the 2nd Depot Battalion of the Eastern Ontario 
Regiment. His regimental numbers were 3326112. He stood 5 feet and 7 ¼ 
inches tall. Had a FAIR complexion. His eyes were DARK BLUE and his hair 
was BROWN. He also had a small mole on the left shoulder blade. He returned from War. 

JOHN PATRICK HOULAHAN – son of John J. Houlahan and Ellen Dunn. Grandson to 
John Houlahan and Margaret Brady. Born in Jockvale on April 27th, 1895 
and was drafted on June 11th, 1918 under the Military Service Act of 1917. 
He was placed with the 2nd Depot Battalion of the Eastern Ontario Regiment. 
His regimental numbers were 3322618. He was the brother to William Francis. 
He stood 5 feet 9 inches tall. Had a DARK complexion, BROWN eyes and BROWN 
hair. He was a returned man from the War.

January 17, 2005: Greetings Al and Taylor: Here are some of my German Canadian relatives from Ottawa who fought for Canada in WW I. One is able to Search Canada's Library and Archives at: William Rudolph Colfe Son of Fred Colfe(153 Creighton St. Ottawa,Ontario) Born: 25 June 1896 Height 5ft 9in Approved: 21 November 1916 Regimental number: 513475 Otto Charles Pollex Son of August Pollex Born: 22 October 1883 Regimental number: 2774707 served 10 years in G.G.F.G. Height 5ft 8.5 in Approved 26 April 1907 Also: Regimental Number SCHINZEL , DAVID FREDERICK 3058118 SCHINZEL , HARRY 4020302 SCHINZEL , HERBERT 4020094 SCHINZEL , W 145477 SCHINZEL , WILLIAM 144585 ... Steven Puziak ______________________ also posted on January 17, 2005: (from Taylor) CYRIL GODFREY PINHEY – son of Godfrey Greene Pinhey and Anna Verona James. Great grandson of the Hon. Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey and Mary Ann ??. Born in Ottawa on May 9th, 1896, he enlisted with the Canadian Mounted Rifles of the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force in Ottawa. His regimental numbers were 226636. Cyril was 19 years old at the time. Cyril joined on November 4th, 1915 and was a returned soldier. HENRY FRANKEL PINHEY – son of of Godfrey Greene Pinhey and Anna Verona James. Great grandson of the Hon. Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey and Mary Ann ??. Born in Ottawa on September 6th, 1898, he enlisted with the 72nd Battery of the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force in Ottawa. His regimental numbers were 342908. He joined December 28, 1916. He was a returned soldier. He was also Cyril’s brother. RUBY VALENTINE PINHEY – daughter of Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey and Eleanor Maude Helliwell. Great grand daughter of the Hon. Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey and Mary Ann ??. She was 1st cousins to Cyril Godfrey and Henry Frankel. She enlisted on February 3rd, 1916. Was with the Military Hospital for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. She returned from War. CHARLES HAMNETT PINHEY – son of Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey and Eleanor Maude Helliwell. Great grandson of Hon. Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey and Mary Ann ??. He was born April 29, 1891 in March Township. He was 24 years at the time of enlisting. He was sworn in with the 43rd Regiment, then the 38th Battalion then with the 137th Regiment of the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. His regimental numbers were 410173. He was killed in action on November 11, 1916 at Vimy Ridge. He was Ruby’s brother and 1st cousin to Cyril Godfrey and Henry Frankel Pinhey. His rank was Sergeant.
June 19, 2005: Velma has a World War I medallion awarded to Joseph John FRYER who was killed in action on September 27, 1918 and is buried in France. She would like to return this medallion to Mr. Fryer's family. Click here for more information.
August 17, 2007:
I thought I would add my German Canadian descendants, bros Ernest and Fred who fought as well in World War I - the sons of Caroline (Jung) and Charles Romhild a local painter in Ottawa. Sadly Fred was killed in action but Ernest returned. Both could speak German and both were members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Ottawa, Ontario. I have a picture of a Baseball team "1910 Rideau League Valley Champs" that includes brothers Gus, Ernie and Fred along with surnames of Noffkee, Schroder, Winges, Shandler, Graham, Marts and other Romhilds (cousins). ROMHILD - Andreas Wilhelm Friedrich, known as Fred or Freddy, was born on 21 May 1883, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He was the son of Charles Romhild and Elisa Caroline Jung. His parents Charles and Caroline immigrated to Canada from Auwallenburg, Thuringen, Germany aboard the SS Kaffraria on April 15, 1888 with son Gustave. Fred was christened on 28 May 1893 at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, in Ottawa. The sponsors at his baptism were his grandfather Andreas Romhild and Wilhelm Winges. He appeared with the surname of Romhilt in the 1901 census for Ottawa East, Village with his family. He also appeared in the census of 1911, Ottawa, Carleton with his family with the surname of Rhomeld per transcription. The family resided at 163 Glenora Avenue in Ottawa. On June 28, 1915, Fred attested for World War 1 service in Ottawa, Ontario. Fred was 5 foot 7 inches tall, with brown hair and grey eyes. He indicated he was at that time a Barber by trade. He listed his brother Ernest as his next of kin,. His regimental number assigned was 454278. His home addressed remained the same, 163 Glenora Avenue. His next of kin listed was his brother Gustave (Gus Romhild). Fred left for France from the Port of Montreal on the S.S. Scandinavia August 3, 1915. He transferred to the 39th battalion August 27th, 1915 and then the 24th on February 18th, 1916. Fred lost one days pay for falling out of parade without permission and suspended for 168 days for failing to show up for parade, for being out of bounds and neglecting to follow orders. Fred received a dollar a day pay and ten cents per day as field allowance. Fred was listed missing following action on September 17th, 1916. This fact was published in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper History of the 24th Battalion that was published in 1930 indicated that Fred Romhild was included in the Honour Roll in Appendix "A" which lists all those killed or died of wounds while serving with the Battalion. Fred appeared to have died during the battle at Courcelette (September 17, 1916) which was the unit's first action in the larger Battle of the Somme. During the battle at Courcelette the Battalion lost 10 officers and 320 other ranks (killed, wounded, etc.). He was later listed as killed in action, Pas de Calais France with date of September 17, 1916. Name recorded in the Book of Remembrance Ottawa, Ontario, Parliament Hill and referenced at the Vimy memorial in France. He was eligible for VM and BWM medals after however no family history of any medals received. ROMHILD - Ernest Charles was born on 29 April 1889 in Ottawa East, Ontario, Canada. He married Olga Risto 24 June 1914 in Renfrew County, Ontario. (note his brother Gustave married Elsie Risto so two borthers married two sisters). They had one child Charles born in May 1915. Ernie attested for WW1 on November 27, 1915. He was living at 165 Durmmond Street in Ottawa East and his trade was indicated as Machinist. His regimental number 145639. : had returned to Canada from service overseas approximately one month preceding the death of his wife Olga (Risto) Name: : Olga Romhild Relationship: Wife Regiment Number: 145639 - he fought overseas and oral history holds that he actually marched nearby to the village of Romhild, Thurningen, Germany but was unable to detour and visit. He returned from the war in April 1919. One month later his wife Olga died from a diabetic coma - Obituary Ottawa Journal - May 1919 - Mrs. E.C. Romhild - The death occurred in a local hospital on Saturday of Mrs. E.C. Romhild of No. 7 Chelsea Apartments after an illness of considerable length. Her husband just returned last month from service overseas. The later Mrs. Romhild was born in South Algoma, 26 years ago, and came to Ottawa in 1908. Surviving besides her husband is one son Charles; her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Risto; four sisters Mrs. G. Romhild, 11 Hurdman Road, Miss Ericka Risto, Ottawa Ladies College, Miss Gertrude Risto, Chelsea Apartments; and Miss Annie Risto, South Algoma; and five brothers, Edwin, Arthur, Frank, Christie, and Ernest all residing in South Algoma. The funeral is be held from the Chelsea Apartments at two o'clock Tuesday Afternoon. Interment to be made in Beechwood Cemetery. Ernest died on March 10, 1976 and is buried as well with Olga in Beechwood Cemetery. I have posted my information as well on (gedcom) and it is accessbile at family trees on their site (database is tulip222) if you want to take a peek - research is meant to be shared - per the Romhild line and german ancestors from Ottawa - the Romhilds are the only line in Canada - the rest went to US through the church - suprised me but then again they were rather isolated per language and customs - I recall going to church in Pembroke and it was still conducted in German - I only knew how to sing Au Taunnanbaum (O Christmas tree) in German as a child! I often visit your site as I am searching various lines - the four per parents (O'Neil/Romhild includes Kyer) and (Kidd/Gardiner/Fetherstonhaugh and includes Landon) - I have lots per Cantley Quebec as well so will send when I get some it together. As well I have lots more on Ottawa person who fought in WW1 ... will dig it up for consideration as well - QUESTION I just acquired a photo (see link above) of my German clan entitled 1901 Rideau League Champs (Baseball) and some of the names are indicated but not all - any idea where I would find out sports information - this is my entire clan of German descendants and includes both Ernie and Fred pre war but I can't figure out who is who in the picture - any ideas? ... Marlene O'Neil E-Mail:
August 28, 2007: Thanks to Allen Craig for the following information and links: Hi Marlene and Al I read your post re the military service of the Romhild brothers with great interest. As Marlene will know, Fred joined the 59th Battalion and Ernie the 77th. The 59th was nominally headquartered in Brockville and was intended to recruit in that area, however, many if not most of its members were actually recruited from Ottawa and West Quebec. Like many other infantry battalions raised in the early part of 1915 the 59th sent 2 drafts of about 250 men in the summer and fall of that year, but the main body did not sail until the spring of 1916. This procedure was made necessary by the large number of casualties suffered at the 2nd Battle of Ypres (the 1st gas attack) ; Fred was in the first draft sent from the 59th. Given the date of his enlistment and the date of sailing its fair to say he was basically untrained when he arrived in England so he was fortunate to have several months additional training after his arrival. The 77th was headquartered and recruited in Ottawa with most of its members coming from the city and surrounding townships; about half were previously members of the local militia, the 43rd (Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles) regiment. Like the 59th, the 77th sent 2 drafts in 1915 but not until the late fall, the main body followed in June of 1916. Neither of these battalions fought as units: On their arrival in England, the men were sent to reserve battalions and used to supply replacements for battalions already in the line. For this reason the only way to know for sure where a man who enlisted in them actually served is to obtain his service records from LAC. From the information posted it seems clear this is what Marlene has done. Instructions for doing this can be accessed from the link to Soldiers of the First World War enlistment papers shown in Taylor's post. Finding pictures or much information about the 59th will be a challenge. One possiblility would be to have a look for the book Our Heroes by Josh DeWolfe published in 1920 if my memory is right; copies are available at the War Museum in the resource centre and at Library and Archives Canada. This book includes hundreds of individual photos of Ottawa men who served and usually includes a brief bio. Obits for fallen soldiers were often published in their local newspapers shortly after their death, many are now available through the Paper of Record website. (Paper of Record was bought by Google. We can search old newspapers at ... Al .) Information on the 77th is much easier to find. Again the best source for pictures is a book published shortly after the war entitled Historical Sketch of the 77th which is available at the War Museum; this book contains photos and bios for most of the men who enlisted in the Battalion. As well, considerable information is available in issues of the Ottawa Citizen and Journal for the period, microfilmed versions of these are available at the archives The following list of websites may also be of interest for others reseaching the WW1 service of their ancestors from the Ottawa Area: THE CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE STUDY GROUP FORUM A group of enthusiasts with an interest in the Canadian Expeditionary Force and their role in the First World War. The interests here are broad: Family History/Genealogy, Military History, Weapons/Equipment, Tactics, Militaria Collecting etc. Members range from enthusiastic amateurs to professional military historians. Warning This forum is addictive. The CEFSG Matrix Project. This project was initiated in March 2006 as a means to create an authoritative listing of the Canadian units that served in the field in all theatres of the operations. Contains a wide range of useful information. Pascal Lanthier's tribute to men and women with links to Buckingham who served in WW1, the 'links to Buckingham' are fairly loosely defined and I have found men and women from both Ottawa and Hull listed there. Ken Reynolds tribute to the men of the 38th Royal Ottawa Battalion. Ken, who is with the Directorate of History and Heritage at DND, is writing brief bios of every man who served with the 38th in the form of a blog in his time off. This project is essentially a database containing more than 73,000 entries for Canadian soldiers from WW1, it provides a variety of searches and utilities to facilitate researching soldiers. Entries are made by volunteer researchers like Marlene who has listed Fred Romhild there. The goal of the site is to create an entry for every member of the CEF during WW1. Hope this is of some use Regards, ... Allen Craig

December 29, 2007: Hi Al; I just thought I should correct a slight error in the parentage of Thomas Percy Tierney, above, who was born 21 Dec 1896. He was a son of William Tierney and Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cayis / Cayes. William Tierney, son of John Tierney & Bridget Nash, and Elizabeth Cayis, daughter of Louis Cayis and Elizabeth Shannon, were married 13 Nov 1889 in Fallowfield. Both William and Elizabeth say they were born in Jockvale. The William Tierney who married Elizabeth Powers was born abt 1866 in South Gloucester and was a son of James Tierney and Mary Corcoran. Elizabeth Powers was born abt 1873, also in South Gloucester, and was a daughter of John Powers and Ann Fagan. They were married in South Gloucester on 2 June 1896. ... Sue
January 5, 2008:
Camp Petawawa during World War I
Included in the photo above is George B. Ryan of Riceville, Ontario. Many of the men brought their own horses with them to training camp at Petawawa. ... Al
October 7, 2008: Thanks to Allen Craig for transcribing the names listed below: Hi Al, Here is a list of Ottawa Valley men who joined the 139th Northumberland County battalion based at Coburg Ontario. They were recruited in the Ottawa area from Jan 1916 through March 1916. This struck me as interesting and unusual so I compiled the list in case you might like to post it. I have not recorded much detail; just their service number, name, connection to Ottawa. and a few notes. The name and service no. will allow anyone to view the Attestation Papers online in Library and Archives Canada's Soldiers of the First World War database. The notes indicate: The name of the recruiting officer, if known, shown as a lowercase letter after the location h = Lieut Edwin Howell, k= Lieut A W Knill, ma = Lieut P Mahoney, m = Lieut J L Mitchell and t = Lieut T R Turnbull, The date of death for those who did not survive their service; name and date will allow access to The Canadian Virtual War Memorial entry for that individual, Those who were the subject of a Court Martial the information provided will be sufficient to access LAC's Court Martials of the First World War index which will provide an indication of the offence and instructions for ordering the trial records. Its worth noting that any man courtmartialed before the armistice made it as far as England, Any medals for gallantry that were awarded with the publication information for the relevant London Gazette entry and other bits of info I found interesting. If anyone wants it I have a brief synopsis of the history of the 139th and some links to resources. Regards, ... Al Craig
Ottawa Valley men who joined the 139th Northumberland Co Overseas Battalion at Ottawa Jan-Apr 1916
814009 Laroque, Oliver (born Montreal) NoK Gatineau Point / Larocque 814010 Chapman, Albert Ottawa m Court Martial 5th Bn 1918/01/28 814011 Cole, William Alfred (born London Eng) Nok Ottawa 814012 Anderson, Moise Aylmer Que m 814015 Rochon, Lewis Long Island Ont m 814016 Martin, Ferdinand Little Moose Creek Que m trans to 230th 814017 Raymond, Joseph Hull m released Medically unfit mar 1916 joined Rlwy Const & Forestry Depot apr 1917 814018 Caron, Louis not online 814019 Lewis, Peter David ( born Lndon Eng) NoK Montreal 1yr CAMC Ottawa 814026 Bard, William Hull m 814027 Barre, Napoleon Hull m 814028 Millette, Alber Hull t 814029 Pharand, Wilfred Ottawa m 814030 Pharand, Philias Ottawa m 814031 Larouche, Aldige Hull m 814032 Dawson, Joseph (born Montreal) NoK Montreal m 814033 Rozon, Oliver Hull m 814034 Harrigan, James Patrick Prescott Ont Nok Ottawa m 814035 Cloutier, Napoleon Buckingham m 814036 Denis, Fred (born Trois Rivieres) NOK Hull m previously enlisted 41st subsequently enlisted 227th 814037 Bazinet, Simeon Clarence Creek Ont t 814038 Sarazin, Alexander Papineauville m 814172 Poulin, Rene Ottawa m 814173 McCarron, John Patrick Ottawa m 814174 Gould, William (born Eng) NoK Clarence Creek, Ont ma 814176 Brown, John Charles (born London Eng) m 814177 Smith, James Leonard Ottawa m 814178 Brunette ,Joseph St Eugene Que trans to 163th subsequently to Engineers then released and re enlisted 15th RD CRT 814179 Sourcess, Allan Almonte, Ont ma 814180 Payton, William (born Birmingham Eng) NoK Almonte Ont ma 814181 McAllister (born Canterbury Eng) ma 814182 Stonier, John ( born Eng) NoK Russell Ont ma 814183 Williams, Henry Bishop m 814185 Larouche, Albert Hull ma 814257 Savard, Diomede Hull m 814258 Delorme, Oscar Ottawa m court martial 4th Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles 1917/08/09-1918/07/11 814259 Choquette, George Ottawa m 814260 McIntyre, John Hunter (born Scotland) NoK Ottawa m 814261 Robinson James (born Glasgow Scot) m 814262 Gervais, Oscar Ottawa m 814263 Proulx, Philias Ottawa m 814264 Collard, Charles Edward (born Montreal0 NoK Ottawa m Court Martial British Columbia Regt'l Depot 1919/07/07 814265 Symons, arthur (born Cornwall Eng) Nok Ottawa m 814266 Osborne, Fredrick James 9born London Eng) Nok Poltimore Que m died Apr 1 1917 RCR 814267 Martineau, Antoine Soult au Racollat Que Nok Eastview (Ottawa) ma 814268 Bourque, Elzear Ottawa m 814269 Hunt, Albert Ottawa m died apr 9 1917 19th Bn 814270 Lavallee, Jules Ottawa m died Aug 9 1918 4th Bn 814271 Touchette, Magliore Joseph Clarence Creek Ont Nok Ottawa m 814432 Kennedy, Joseph, Richmond, Ont t 814434 Jordan, John Ottawa t 814435 St Amour, William Masson,Que t 814436 Flansbury, William Riviere Desert, Que (Subsequently drafted under MSA even though he never registered}k 814438 Mitchell, Joseph Riviere Desert, Quek 814439 Chenier, Emiline of Buckingham, Que ( 1 of 5 Cheniers from Buckingham to join the 139th) 814450 Riffon, Arthur Ottawa t died May 2 1919 139th bn buried at Ottawa 814451 Bard, Elizee Hull, Que t 814452 Phillip, Moses Gatineau Point Que m 814453 Disley, Joseph Poupore Que (shd be Poltimore per marriage reg) t Distinguished Conduct Medal LG 31011 p 13460 12 Nov 1918 814454 Whistle, Phillip Ottawa t 814455 Lecroix, Souprien Burbridge Que m 814456 Chenier, Isidore Buckingham, Que m 814457 Desjardins, Arthur Ottawa t 814458 Lescard, Raoul Hull Que m 814459 Rawlins, William Ottawa m 814477 Armstrong, Courtney Boyd Quyon Que 814478 Emond, Wesly Ottawa (born Niagara Wisc. USA) NoK Ottawa h AP marked that he was a minor previously enlisted in 77th 814479 Gravelle, Eddie Otter Lake Que h 814480 Barre, Hector Hull t Court Martial RCR 1917/05/17 814481 Jarva, Florien Ottawa ma 814482 Lafleur, Armand, St Andre Avilline Que h Died Nov 6 1917 4th Bn 814483 Brandrick, John Frank (born Coventry Eng) Galetta Ont t 814484 Charboneau, Alphonse Hull t 814485 Cantin, Eugene Eastview Ont t 814486 Reneaud, Louis Buckingham AP marked deserter 814487 Baril, Moise not online 814488 Mc Ilvenny Ottawa t 814489 St Amand, Henri Buckingham 814490 Vondette, Angus Pettewawa h 814633 Skuce, William Christopher Ottawa m 814634 Carrier, Phillias Ottawa m 814635 Pinnault, Joseph (born at Rimouski Que) t Died Aug 9 1918 4th Bn. 814636 Sarasin, Alfred Ottawa m 814637 McElroy, William Ottawa m 814638 Gagnon, Romeo (born Montreal) NoK Ottawa m died Aug 8, 1918 4th Bn 814639 Smith, John ( born Norwood Eng) 3yrs Pricess Louise Dragoons at Ottawa m 814640 Adams, William Alfred Ottawa ma 814641 Ferguson, William Ottawa ma 814642 Marshall, Edwin ( born Leeds Eng)m 814643 Michaud, Isidore Ottawa m 814650 Black, David (born Glasgow Scot) Nok Ottawam 814651 Gravell, Henry Ottawa, m 814653 Morrison, Guy Wakefield Ont(shd be Que) Nok Ottawa m 814654 Masson, Frank Labelle Co., Que m 814655 Hillman, Henry Ottawa m 814656 Allard, Rodolphe Ottawa m died Aug 9 1918 4th Bn 814658 Gravelle, Alexander Ottawa m 814659 Lamarche, Alphonse Mattawa Ont NoK Ottawa m 814660 Potvin, Rodolphe Hull m 814661 Lemieux, William Ottawa m 814662 Smith, Micheal (born Toronto) NoK Ottawa 3yrs GGFG Ottawa ma 814700 Lapensee, Archibald Ottawa ma 814702 Latreille, William Ottawa ma 814703 Martin, Delare Ottawa ma 814704 St Amour, Thomas Ottawa ma 814705 Schieman, William Eastview ma 814706 McKenna, William (born London Eng) m 814708 Mason, Maynard Ottawa ma 814725 Flansbury, James Minniwaki Que ( shd be Maniwaki) m 814796 Trudeau, Fred Bristol Corners Clarendon Twp Que 814797 Thomas, John Wilbert Bristol Corners Clarendon Twp Que 814798 Laviolette, Napoleon Arnprior Ont h re-enlisted Forestry Draft Jan 1917 reg no 2157338 814810 Geary, Gilbert Buckingham t 814811 Beaudoin, Pete Hull Que t Nok Buckingham 814812 Chenier, Lowell Buckingham t Military Medal LG 31173 p 2129 7 Feb 1919 814813 Chenier, Wilfred Buckingham t died Apr 1917 RCR 814814 Chenier, Oliver Buckingham t 814815 Urbasch, John Henry Campbells Bay Que h 814816 Reikie, David Thomas (born Lowes England) t 814817 Whitlock, George Redfield (born Wichelaw (Witchita?) Kansas USA) t 814818 Williams, David Leonard ( born England ) 814819 Seymour, Angus Ottawa (born St Regis NY)k 814820 Dale, William Edward Ottawa h 814821 Franche, Napoleon Hammond Ont t 814822 Cosgrove, Leonard (born Chicago Ill) NOK residing Buckingham Que 814823 Rell, Charles Hull t 814824 Osbourne, Raoul Hull Que k 814825 Seguin, Maxime ( born Ogdensburg NY0 Nok St Rose de Lima Que k 814826 Sabourin, Napoleon Joseph (born Ogdensburg NY) NoK St Rose de Lima Que may have subsequently joined Forestry and Railway Depot under an assumed name 814828 Lavergne, Auguste East Templeton Que k 814829 Mann, Albert St Rose de Lima Que k 818830 Labreche, Joseph Clarence Creek, Ont m 814831 McCullough, James Henry Chelsea Que t 814832 Sarazin, Joseph Pembroke Ont m 814902 Latour, Thomas Charles Ottawa m 814903 Munroe, Gerald East Temleton Que t26 814904 Cote, Armand Buckingham t 814905 Boutelette, (or Bothle) Joseph m Hull 814906 Richard, Ferdinand Campbells Bay Que t 814907 Cayer, Paul Papineauville Que t 814908 Asselin, Hector Campbells Bay Que t see also Court Martial 814909 Lafontaine, Joseph Donat St Tete du Champlain m 814910 Emard, John Baptist Ottawa m 814911 Stevens, Fredrick Herbert (born London Eng) t 814912 Hatton, Josiah (born London Eng.) t 814913 Laforce Murdock Mulgrave Que NoK Buckingham t 814914 Cyr, Polydor Ottawa m 814915 Poirier, Odilon (born Springfield Mass) NoK Montreal m Court Martial 125th Bn 1917 814917 Whillans, George Herbert Ottawa t 814940 Perras, Oscar Ottawa m 814941 Boily, Hector Ottawa t 814942 Dorey, Dominique Gatineau Point Que t 814943 Bernardin Joseph Clifford Anthony Buckingham m 814944 Smolkin, Charles Aylmer Que t 814945 Andrews, James Edward (born Liverpool Eng) m Trans to 4th Pioneers 10/6/16 Auth 139th Nom Roll 814947 Dempsey, Roy Ottawa m 814948 Proberts, Fredrick James Ottawa (born Eng) m 815003 Ranger, Joseph, Hull (born Rigaud Que) k
March 4, 2009: Gary Burns here, I thought this photo might be of interest to you. It's from St Pat's church in downtown Ottawa. Men from the parish in ww2. My dad and uncle are on the list. My niece who's in high school sent it to me. It's just so wonderful to think that there are young ones ready to take over the hunt. Gary Volunteers for World War 2 from St. Patrick's Basilica, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Burns men on the above commemoration list: James Burns, Kenneth Burns, Robert Burns, Douglas Burns, Lawrence Burns and G.H. Burns. Two of my uncles, Ernest (Ernie) Burns, and his brother, Donald James Burns also served in WW2. They were in separate units but met up in Italy in 1945 by co-incidence. Many of the names above are members of old families in Ottawa, going back to the building of the Rideau Canal which was completed in 1832. ... Al
March 5, 2009: Excellent photo of the Commemoration list from St.Patrick's Basilica in Ottawa. My first cousin (once removed), Kenneth Colfe is listed upon it. Kenneth was the son of Henry and Estella Colfe of Ottawa. He was a pilot officer who went missing on a mission in 1941, confirmed dead and is buried in the Wedde (Blijham) churchyard in the Netherlands. Best regards, ... Steve Pusiak _________________________ Steve: Thanks for this. What I noticed while going through the list is the number of men who later held important positions in the Civil Service here in Ottawa. There was a tremendous influx of baby boomers into the Civil Service beginning about 1965. We were 20 years old. The men (they were almost exclusively men back then) who were managers and directors in the civil service had been through both the Second World War and the Great Depression. They were part of a very strong, hard-working and talented generation ! ... Al And another thing. They had respect for themselves, their jobs and their colleagues. They never wore shorts, jeans or tank tops to work back then in the summer. They worked hard 5 days a week plus Saturday mornings. And they knew how to have fun.
March 19, 2009: Really nice to see this roll. There is a program currently being undertaken by the Directorate of History and Heritage at DND with the goal of documenting all the similar rolls across Canada. They are relying on voluntary contributions by the public of pictures and information. Perhaps you might consider contributing yours. Information here Here is an example of what they are looking for from St Phillip's at Richmond: Regards, Al Craig

July 29, 2009: Mr. Carey Craig is hoping to find a photograph of an RCAF Communications Station which was located close to the village of Manotick during World War 2. The location of the site was at what is now the intersection of Century Road and Third Line Road (in North Gower Township, I believe). ... Al
August 22, 2009: At St. Joseph's church in Sandy Hill, there are two bronze plaques listing the 322 parishioners who served in WW1 with a cross beside those 31 parishioners who died during this war. For WW11, there is a paper scroll lising the 579 names of parishioners who served and the twenty who died during this war. This scroll which is similar to many that appear in other churches ( St. Patrick's, St. Philip's etc) was done by A J Cusson one of the Group of Seven. With an aim not to forget those people who served our country, Rolly Leroux and I have initiated a project to write a one to two-page story about each of the people who died during these wars so that their sacrifice is not forgotten. The research on these people is close to being completed. Where applicable, photos of them will be included. We are aiming to have these written memorials in place, on a shelf under the plaques for Nov. 11th. Each page will be laminated and attached to a shelf so people can easily flip the pages and read about each of these people. This approach allows us to easily update pages if new information becomes known to us) For those who served but did not die during these wars, we plan to continue to do research on them so that they too may be included. As research is completed, new laminated pages will be added to the memorial. This will be a long term project and we will be relying on ancestors and friends to come forward with information and photos to add to the collection. In respect to WW11, we are still looking for information related to William Francis Hull. Terry Byrne>
January 13, 2010:
Soldiers from Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, Canadian Expeditionary Force, France, 1915 One of these soldiers may have been Horace Brown Can anyone verify the names of the four men? Soldiers from Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada, Canadien Expeditionary Force, France, 1915

September 18, 2011: Kenneth Henderson from the Gracefield, Quebec, area, served in the Canadian Forestry Corps during the Second World War. There are two photos and a cemetery record for him on our St. James Anglican Cemetery page.
September 21, 2011: Many aboriginal men from River Desert (Maniwaki, Quebec), were recruited into the Canadian Forestry Corps to serve overseas during WW1 and WW2. September 22, 2011: Many Ottawa and Gatineau area persons enlisted into the Canadian Forestry Corps.
October 3, 2011: Thanks to Allen Craig for informing us of a URL change: Hi Al, Just a heads up that there is an incorrect url on this page Veterans Affairs has changed all the url's on their Canadian Virtual War Memorial -- very inconvenient if you have linked to any of them. For example Automated Genealogy's census to soldier links don't work now, neither do the l00,000 or so links from the Canadian Great War Project or the countless thousands of links from family pages to the CVWM page honouring their fallen family member(s) or the links to hundreds of online memorials created by local history societies, legions, churchs and schools. Sorry had to vent. Anyway the new Search page is ... Al Craig
May 13, 2012: PATS is researching Sergeant Francis Otterson TIERNEY, from Gloucester Township, Prisoner of War, December 23, 1942
May 15, 2012: Will Dunlop has written a summary for Private Moses Kealey who served Overseas with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in WW1.
June 5, 2012: Thanks to Diane Moorhead for the following 1917 letter from Vimy Ridge by Lieutenant Arthur Jones, formerly of Pakenham regarding his recent experiences in France. Lieutenant Jones was the son of the late Reverend R. N. Jones and a cousin of the Reverend Franklin Clarke of Fitzroy Harbour. Hi Al I’ve been going over early 1900’s Carp Reviews through Google News and came across this exciting letter! Carp Review 14 June 1917 ... Diane
June 17, 2012: Hello Al: I’ve attached a picture of Robert Lorne Falls b. Sept 24, 1892 d Apr 9 1918. He was the son of Robert Falls, blacksmith in Carleton County. He was killed in France, Hill 70. He is pictured with his mother, Jennie. Samuel Hazelwood Falls did not die in the war but was none the less a casualty of it. He committed suicide at the age of 33. He was the son of William Falls & Harriet Rankin. Robert Lorne Falls Samuel Hazelwood Falls Please include these pictures if they are of any interest. ... Linda Falls
August 21, 2012: Hi Al I have seen on the site some information about people that went to War from the Ottawa area. I thought you might be interested in this link to John Cook obituary. He was born 1903 in Aylmer, Quebec. He is a grandson of John Cook that immigrated to Canada in 1816 through the Philomen Wright group.,233008&dq=john+jam+cook+regina&hl=en John ______________________ Thanks, John: There is quite a bit of information about the family of John Cook in the book Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and Humors of the Valley, by Anson Gard. ... Al
December 26, 2012: Mr. David A. Smith has contributed a new web page about local firefighters who served in England during the blitz in WW2.
New November 11, 2013: The list of parishioners from St. Patrick's Basilica illustrated above, contains the names of cousin Bert Daley who died overseas, my uncle Gerald Dunlop and my recently deceased father, John Dunlop. Lest we Forget. ... Will Dunlop

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