William KERWIN and Margaret TIERNEY
County Wicklow, Ireland to Gloucester Township, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

	1  	William Kerwin	1833 - 1917
..		+ Margaret Tierney	1837 - 1914
.......	2  	Michael James Kerwin	1872 - 1933
.......	2  	Alice Kerwin	1867 - 1941
.......	2  	Thomas Nicolas Kerwin	1876 - 1951
...........		+ Frances Catherine York	1880 - 1951
March 22, 2007: Hi Al, I noticed your page on William Kerwin from Wicklow. I'm always on the lookout for another tenant of Lord Fitzwilliam's estate in Carnew parish, County Wicklow, and I think William may be one. From what I can see on the web, Kerwin seems to be a variation of Kerrivan, and the Kerwin family of 1851 Gloucester (attached) seem to fit the Kerrivan family below. They were slated to emigrate in 1847 along with James's father, William, who died in the meantime. The ages for the 1847 emigration notice vary a bit from these below. If you look at the 1851 census page, the ages vary a bit too, but the wife (enumerated as Ann) is older than her husband, as in the Fitzwilliam entry. I presume the child, John, died on the crossing. Anyway, see what you think, Al. Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group ID: 679 Parish Aghowle Year Listed: 1848 Surname Kerrivan Reference No. 166 Group Members: James 36, Ellen 40, William 12, Michael 9, Jno. 3. (John) Voyage Townland Ship Swan As spelt in the Emigration Departure New Ross, County Wexford, June 9th Boley Arrival Quebec. Official Boley Other Information Holding Cross Reference ID Cross Reference Information 678 This family also listed in 1847. ... Anne Burgess __________________________ A brand new tombstone commemorating the William Kerwin family has been set up in Our Lady of the Visitation Cemetery at South Gloucester within the past few years. Someone may have done a lot of research already. I'm sending a copy of this e-mail to Michael Daley -- he is also interested in the South Gloucester families. ... Al
March 25, 2007: The Bogtown School located at Armstrong and Bowesville Roads was also known as Kerwins school. They lived right near there. My Dad knew a lot of them when he was young and we were often babysat by Cecilia Kerwin who ended up living across from Our Lady of the Visitation School (originally called St. Mary's) - I know there was a Lawrence etc. My Grandmother went to school with them too. Mary Quinn

June 14, 2013: Hi Al, Attached is a page from the Fitzwilliam ms., showing some of those who would travel on the ship, the Swan, arriving in Quebec June 9, 1848. If you enlarge it, you’ll see at the top James Kerrivan and family, who came from Boley and settled in Gloucester. Anne ______________________ Thanks to Anne for the following original document. It gives the name and origin of the Kerwin family as Boley, in County Wicklow and the name of the ship on which they sailed.
William Kerrivan / Kerwin record in Boley, County Wicklow in 1847

June 21, 2013: And here is the headstone of a son of William Kerwin at Our Lady of the Visitation Cemetery.
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