John WITHERS (99th Regiment of Foot) and Ellen KELLY
also Patrick HAYES and Mary KENNEDY
and Thomas RATH and Mary Ann GELLMER

March 24, 2003:
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I am a new reader of the Ottawa area Irish Settlers. 
I am very happy to be able to contribute some names to
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John Withers was a member of the 99th Regiment of Foot
which was known as The Prince of Wales Tipperary
Regiment.  Battles included were Niagara, Chippawa and
Queenston.  The men who wished to stay were awarded
grants of land in Goulbourn township.  The regiments
were discharged in 1818 in Quebec.  John Withers
traveled along with others to Montreal from which
place they embarked in batteaux for the upper ottawa
and finally landed just below Chaudiere Falls and
encamped on what today is known as "the Flats"  Or the
Lebreton Flats.   They named it Richmond Landing. The
families of those who formed this military colony
numbered several hundred and they stayed there for the
balance of the summer.  

The men cut a road, the first in the county, between
Richmond Landing and the Goodwood River, at Chapman's
now Byers's which followed identically the present
Richmond Road.  They ascended the Goodwood River to the
foot of the rapids, where they decided upon the building of Richmond Village.

The Government supplied one years rations free 3.g. 1 axe, 1
broad axe, 12 panes of glass 1 camp kettle 1 blanket
12 lbs. of nails.   There was much more to this list.

The Richmond settlement also received 2 sets of
carpenters' tools and two sets of blacksmiths' tools. 

John Withers  was given 100 acres on 24th October,
1821.  It was in the township of Goulbourn, Concession
9 lot no: 19 west half.

Since he had been severely wounded in the war  he was
unable to farm and petitioned for lots in the village
of Richmond where he proposed to carry on his trade as
iron smith.  John Withers had 18 yrs. military service
when he came to Goulbourn and had participated in the
Napleonic wars with France as well as the war of 1812.

John Withers married Ellen Kelly (1824-25)
        Eliza, Ellenor, John and Ellen

John Withers Jr.married Bridget Cavanagh(June 19 1848)

        Ann, Eliza, Mary, John, Peter, Catherine,     
        Mary Margaret, William James

John Withers Died Sept. 5 1869,  Bridget Feb. 11, 1908

Ellen Withers married John Larkin on Sept. 29, 1846.

         Margaret, Matthew, Mary Ann, James, Peter


There are the records of the marriages of the children
and the dates as well as their births.  There is a
Smith as well .  He is Walter Withers Smith.  We
assume that this is the son of Walter Withers who
married Mary Howe.  This was not reported in the
Richmond church records.  

Anyway to carry on.

Margaret Withers daugher of John Withers Jr. born 1862
married John Hayes, born 1855.  He was the son of
Patrick Hayes and Mary Kennedy.

also posted on March 24, 2003: Thanks to Ellen Paul for spotting this one from her records of St. Philip's: Here's one that escaped St. Patrick's: 27 February 1908 Burial of Bridget Cavanagh, aged 80 yrs., who died 25th inst. in Ottawa, relict of John Withers of this parish. Present: John Larkin and Michael Larkin. John Withers and John Withers Jr. were among those who who subscribed to Catholic Total Abstinence Society of Richmond on 1 May 1842. ... Ellen
April 2, 2003: 1881 Census: Census Place: Goulbourn, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375867 NAC C-13231 Dist 108 SubDist D Div 2 Page 27 Family 104 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John WEITHERS M 25 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Peter WEITHERS M 23 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Walter WEITHERS M 16 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic William WEITHERS M 11 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Bridget WEITHERS F W 51 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic
May 14, 2003: Dear Al: I have finally finished the Withers - Hayes notes. I just transcribed the important ones. My mother's cousin wrote all the information down in letters. There is quite a lot of information about the 99 - 100th foot regiment. Through marriage or otherwise we are related to : the Larkin, Fagan, Howe, Devine, McGovern, Fitzgerald, Cavanagh, Murphy, Reirdon / Reardon and on and on. Great fun. JOHN WITHERS - born in 1790 at islington, a district of north London, England. He was 5'9" tall, had fair hair and gray eyes. He served in the 100th regiment of Foot from 1805 - 1818, also known as the Prince Regents' Regiment. The regiment was disbanded after the Napoleonic wars. He was wounded by a gun shot in the right leg and had a hand injured with a fall from a horse. After being discharged the men sailed on July 18, 1818 for the Ottawa area and after living on the flats for the summer decided to build the town of Richmond after ascending the Goodwood River to the foot of the rapids. The families were supplied with tools and rations. For a number of years, after the early settlement, several hundred pensioners were paid at the Richmond post. John Withers was in the list of names. The name Withers appears in the 1066 Doomsday Book. It is an old english name also found in Friesen. At the time of the Norman conquest there were Wither families living in Norfolk and Lincolnshire, England. In 1825, Sept 13 he petitioned for lots in the village of Richmond where he proposed to carry on his trade as iron smith. At that time he had 25 - 30 acres of cleared land on his lot in the county with a house and barn. He had a pension of 6d per diem. JOHN WITHERS married ELLEN KELLY Eliza Ellenor - born in 1831 John - born in 1825 There is no record in the Richmond Church of another Ellen Withers in this family so I am assuming that John and Bernard are one and the same. ELLEN WITHERS married John Larkin (Bernard)? on Sept. 29, 1846 Margaret Larkin - born August 26, 1847 Matthew Larkin - born November 6, 1854 Mary Ann Larkin - born March 13 1855 James Larkin - born Oct. 22, 1857 Peter Larkin - born June 14, 1859 Ellen Larkin - born July 23, 1862 died April 10, 1921 Bernard Larkin or John Larkin father of the family died at the age of 83 years on Sept. 4, 1898 Ellen died on March 4, 1906 at the age of 75. JOHN WITHERS THE 2nd. married BRIDGET CAVANAGH on June 19 1848. John died Sept. 5, 1869 and Bridget died Feb. 11, 1908. the children's birth's are recorded in St. Phillips Church at Richmond. Ann - Born March 29, 1849 Eliza - born May 5, 1851 Mary - born June 21, 1853 John - born June 3, 1855 Peter - born Sept. 9, 1857 Catherine - born Feb. 27, 1860 Mary Margaret - born March 18, 1862 Willian James - born March 24, 1870 Elizabeth Withers married James Fagan on June 16, 1866. The following children were baptized at Richmond: Michael - born June 21, 1896 Martha - born January 24, 1874 Other children may have been born elsewhere and baptized in other churches. Walter Withers, who married Mary Howe on June 23, 1896 must have been a son of John Withers the 2nd. He was not baptized in the Richmond church for his birth date is not in the church records. Their children, baptized at Richmond were: Mary Gertrude Withers - born August 22, 1897 John Howard Withers - born November 25, 1901 Bridget Ellen Withers - born May 28, 1909 __________________________________________________________________________
Patrick HAYES and Mary KENNEDY
The connection with the Hayes began when the daughter of John Withers and Bridget Cavanagh, Margaret Withers married the son of Patrick Hayes and Mary Kennedy, farmers, in 1879. In the year of the census 1881, District 108, County of Carleton, South district a, Township of Nepean, 4th division, page 9. we have the Patrick Hayes family, with John Hayes (carpenter) and Margaret Withers with first child Cecilia living with them at Fallowfield. Margaret Withers and John Hayes family included: Cecilia Hayes born Jan. 15, 1881 married Lewis Kensley, Oct. 17, 1905 Martina Hayes born Oct. 23, 1882 Married Charles Schooley August 3, 1910 John Patrick hayes born March 10 1885 Mabel Hayes Married Andrew McDonald Mary Hayes born March 28, 1888 Married George King Prisia Hayes born April 13, 1892 Married Frederick Edge Edward James Hayes born 1895 Walter Joseph Hayes born August 4, 1897 died at Vimy Ridge,France William Christopher Hayes born in 1902 died in infancy 1902 The Hayes family were stated to be from Nepean and were baptized in St. Patrick's Church in Fallowfield. Of course they later scattered all over. Some are buried in Notre Dame, or in Montreal, the Gatineau etc.
I am sending you this information. THEN, I am sending you information on the Wrath / Rath family of Goulbourn tsp. Would you believe that this family was also on the the Total Abstinence Society of Richmond? and this is entered on May 1 1842. Amelia Wrath the daughter of Thomas Wrath or Rath and Mary Ann Gelliner (or Gellmer) married my gggrandfather in St. Phillips Church in Richmond on January 22, 1849. Thomas Wrath (or Rath) was born in 1786 in Ireland. He came to Canada as a single man c. 1818. His wife mary Gelliner (or gellmer) was born in Scotland in 1791. We do not know when she came to Canada. On March 2, 1824, age 38 Thomas received a land patent from the Crown for 100 acres (East half of Lot #1 in Goulbourn Township of Carleton County, Ont. Canada. At the same time a Mr. James Lennon received the west half of the same lot. On Dec. 1, 1827 these two men may have traded their land as in 1853, the west half of the lot was willed to The son Patrick Rath. Five years later this land was sold to john Campbell In the 1842 census for Goulbourn Township Thomas Rath age 56 was listed as the head of the house with a family of 5 daughters and 2 sons still living at home. The family remained on the farm up through 1861 when they were still listed on the census. That is all I hope! If I find anymore I will let you know! Patty Anne Hill
April 19, 2006: Thanks to Karen Thompson for the following: I found Thomas Rath as a member of the 100th Regiment of Foot 1809 stationed as Niagara on the Lake. The 100th was stationed there from 1809 until 1817. I found a Amellia Rath was baptised on Nov 12, 1809. Her parent were Thomas and Mary Rev. Robert Addison was Military chaplain for Niagara on the Lake. Bill Martins web site lists many births of children of 100th and 99th Regiments. ... Karen Thompson
New January 30, 2009:
John Withers, Jr. and Bridget Cavanaugh
I wanted to let you know that Bridget Cavanugh is the daughter of Peter Cavanaugh and Elizabeth Jeffries. According to her age at death, she was born about 1828. She is mentioned in a family history of mine as well as in the obituary for William Cavanaugh posted by Larry Cavanaugh in Sept., 2006. ... SuAnn Devine-Drawz

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