John WINDLE & Bridget KIELY
Ireland to Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada

July 31, 2001:

Hi Mike:
St. Michael's Church at Corkery is about half way between Ottawa and Renfrew. 
Huntley Township is in Carleton County which includes the city of Ottawa. 
Ramsay Township is in Lanark County which includes the town of Perth.
Two of the earliest churches in this area were St. John's at Perth and Notre Dame Cathedral
in Ottawa, both of which sent out itinerant priests to the outlying areas in the 
1820's and 1830's. I've come across the name Windle a few times but can't remember 
if there are some records for them at Notre Dame or not.
There were many Irish in Ottawa (then called Bytown) from about 1818 onwards and 
especially between 1827 and 1832 when the Rideau Canal was being built. When the work 
was finished in 1832, most of the workers tried to get farm land close to Ottawa, and 
the second generation, facing a shortage of land, moved further from Ottawa. Many moved 
just a little further west into Renfrew County.
Do you mind if I add to my web site the fact that your Windle family came from County Limerick? 
I could also add your e-mail address as a contact for other researchers.
I spent lots of good times in the Calabogie area about 25 years ago. It's changed since then 
(especially around the lake with the new resorts and the Golf course). There are still some 
old shanties and other remnants of the timber trade just up the Madawaska River.
... Al Lewis

Good Morning Al: Yes, I would appreciate you listing me as a contact. In '95 we were back in Renfrew area `rooting'. Found the old homestead at the end of Windle Lane. Edward Windle's place is across the street & at the bottom of the hill. Believe the bottom of the hill is where grandfather met his untimely death in a hunting accident. Attached is copy of file I sent to Carol McCuaig. She is doing a book on Immigrants from County Kerry to the Renfrew area. Mike. Note: There is an e-mail link to Carol McQuaig at the Juniper Books Web Site. **************************************************************************** ********************************************************************** Carol: You may already have this but, further info for you: Founding Families of Bagot, Blythfield & Brougham (1993); ps 78/79: Top of page 79. John C. Windle is my grandfather & is the John D.O.B. 13 April, 1858 in list of children of John Windle & Bridget Kiely (bottom of p.78).Date of death: Nov. 15/1899. Founding Families of Admaston, Horton & Renfrew Village (1992); page 48. Patrick Kiely Children: Bridget (1831) Married John Windle - not Wingle. They are my Ggrandparents. Wingles were a separate branch of Windles. The above John C. Windle is their son. Re Windle/Wingle: In summer 0f '95 we visited with Bishop Windle - wonderful man - with an Irish twinkle in his eyes he explained the variation this way: Just outside Renfrew , I believe it was Wingle, there was a store/post office with the name Windle on the front. Apparently the nail holding the top of the `d' fell out & the `d' dropped down & held by the bottom nail. It thus became a `g'. Thus Wingle. Cute story. While in Ireland in '98 we found several people with Windle heritage. They all pronounced it Wingle. When I mentioned that in Ont. There were both Windles & Wingles, they couldn't figure that out. A cousin, while researching Maloneys found in the Can. Archives a questionnaire that had been sent out in 1853 to all immigrants by Can. Agriculture. Only 52 replied & 1 was by Ggrandfather John Windle. He arrived in Ashdad in 1848. Answers he gave indicated he came from Glin, County Limerick & his parish was St. Mary's, Loghill; priest was Fr.Daniel McKay. (All the replies to the questionnaires were in the same handwriting which would indicate they were filled out by a clerk.) During our research in Ireland in '98 we went to the Grannary. There is a book there listing all parishes & their past priests. It shows that Fr. Daniel McCoy was Parish Priest of St. Mary's, Carrigkerry & was transferred to Glin in 1849. We checked church in Glin - Immaculate Conception - Fr. Eamon Dillane. He had original parish registry from 1849. This threw us for a loop - so back to Limerick Library. Checked 1849 Ordinance map for settlement in E. Loghill. Map showed a small one - Glin. It is no longer there. St. Mary's is a sub-parish of Ardagh. E. Loghill is short distance away. Obviously this is the Glin my Ggrandfather came from & not the present Glin which is down the Shannon River. This changed the focus of our research to this area instead of present Glin. Talked with 3 other people with Windle heritage. Big John Wallace remembers his grandmother telling him that the Windles came from Co.Kerry to Carrigkerry 200 years ago. All Windle men were tall & started turning grey by age 40. My father, Mike, was 6'6" & all his brothers & sisters were tall. Maggie Moore, Carrigkerry, said Windles came from Knockinure, Co. Kerry to Aughrim (close to Cattigkerry ) a long time ago. Nellie Windle ( Glenagragra). Husband is John Windle (82 yrs). His grandfather came from Moyvane, Co. Kerry 150 years ago. Glenagragra is close to Carrigkerry. All these are in Shanagolden (Parish, I believe). I trace my Ggrandfather back to about 1810 & then hit the brick wall. Several Windles homesteaded on adjacent propertys in Ashdad. If there was only some way to tie them together - even though there is no doubt they are kin. Founding Families of Bagot, Blythfield & Brougham: p.23 John Dillon married Elizabeth Windle. Believe her to be a sister as they also moved from Perth to adjacent homestead in Ashdad. In '95 talked with a lady barber in Renfrew - Kathy Wingle. Explained about what we were trying to do - tie Wingles & Windles together. She said ` maybe we don't want to be tied together'. End of conversation. Cryptic remark! Wonder what she meant. Hope you can make some sense out of my ramblings. Mike Windle, Osoyoos, B.C. July 5/01
June 1, 2004: I just saw your query on the ag.lewis site,and I realize it was some time ago. Are you aware that there were some Wingle / Windle families in the Brudenell and Latchford Bridge (a village named after the family of Frank Latchford) areas in the Ottawa / Madawaska valley, Ontario. I think they think there is a connection with the Ashdad - Calabogie families and there was the same confusion of spelling and pronunciation. Here in Brudenell they were always called Wingles. This is the oldest Catholic parish in the area and the records are quite good. Ida Reed's compilation is valuable tho' there are many many errors in transcription and several ommissions that I know of. I also know of a Wingle descendant who is researching. Contact me if you wish. Bernadette Burbage

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