William and James WILSON, (father and son)
settlers in Pontiac County, Quebec in the 1820's

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Hi Al: 
Thank you very much for your input. I don’t think any of the James Wilsons fit and I am sending a summary of 
the family that I have gathered so far. I was very much aided by some family historians who had an outline chart 
of the family and a written history done by those no longer living. I am also sending a summary I did a year or 
so ago of what I could find out and what I couldn’t as well as several sources.  
Thank you for your offer of adding a page on your site. You can certainly put my email address there for people to contact me. 
I do have one issue with the email address. Because I am reasonably familiar with the old history I could best deal 
with any questions etc. for the next few months but I have a family member who is now starting to take over my role and 
after that she should be in a position to do so. Is it possible to update the contact address in a few months? (no problem ... Al) 
I talked to her today and she is in agreement to put her address there but as of now she has none of the information 
other than her personal family knowledge. 
On the Wilsons & Johnstons I must say you are very courageous to attempt to sort them out. I had a look at the Huntley Township 
map on the Digital Atlas project that McGill has on the web and at that time (1879) there were numerous Wilson and Johnston 
farms as well as Hodgins which is a name I recall running into quite often in my Clarendon Township 
research. In fact in later years there were a few marriages between the Wilson & Hodgins families in Quebec.

(Both Wilsons and Hodgins were also in Goulbourn Township. My Wilsons there came from County Cavan, Ireland ... Al) 

In the 1851 census I found William Johnston aged 53 with his family James age 19, Ann age 17 and Jane age 13 which seems 
to be the family where the wives of the two Wilson brothers came from but I don’t see any way to connect this with any 
specific farm in the Township. Of course the map is perhaps 30 years later than the census which allows for many changes 
in families and farms. 
... Gord MacKay 
Gord has sent in a lot of good information to be added further down to this web page. First though, I have also been trying to 
sort out some of my own Wilson ancestors in Goulbourn Township. There were many connections between Pontiac County 
families (especially near Shawville), Huntley Township and Goulbourn Township. My ancestor was Wilbert Thomas Wilson, born 1907, 
who was a son of Robert (Robbie) Wilson and Christiana Richardson). Uncle Wib is buried at Pinecrest Cemetery. His first wife 
was Leitha Argue who died in the 1940's. His second wife was Catherine Cecilia Burns, my mom's sister. Robbie and Christiana 
are buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Kanata. They pioneered on the farm at the southwest corner of Fernbank Road and 
Eagleson Road.
... Al

Some James Wilsons in Goulbourn, Huntley and Pontiac County. ... Al .
Source: The database of the late Mr. Robert Sample)

Generation No. 1

1.  JAMES1 WILSON  He married JANE KENNY, daughter of MARK KENNY and UNKNOWN HAND.  
     (I believe that this Kenny family is from  Goulbourn Township, near Eagleson Road. The farm has been called 
	 "Blondehead Farm" for generations. I played old-time hockey in Stittsville with a couple of these Kenny descendants. 
	 They were blonde haired.)

Generation No. 1

2.  JAMES1 WILSON was born Abt. 1800 in Richmond, Ontario. 
(date of 1800 is too early to be born in Richmond; it didn't begin to be settled until 1818)
Child of JAMES WILSON is:
	i.	ARCHIBALD2 WILSON, b. 1828; d. 1901; m. MARY ANN ARGUE, 1847, Carp, Huntley Township, Ontario; b. 1824; d. 1899.

Generation No. 1

3.  JAMES2 WILSON  (JOHN1) was born 1826, and died 1916.  He married ELIZABETH CRAIG.  She was born 1848, and died 1926.

Descendants of James Wilson

Generation No. 1

4.  JAMES3 WILSON  (ARCHIBALD2, JAMES1) was born 1848.  He married PRISCILLA PETTAPIECE 1880 
                                                        in North Gower, Ontario.  
	i.	ETTA MARY4 WILSON, b. Abt. 1880.
	ii.	EVA WILSON, b. Abt. 1881.
	iii.	GEORGE WILSON, b. Abt. 1882.
	iv.	WESLEY WILSON, b. Abt. 1883.
	v.	JIM WILSON, b. Abt. 1884.
	vi.	MABEL WILSON, b. Abt. 1885.
	vii.	MARGARET WILSON, b. Abt. 1886.
	viii.	LOTTIE WILSON, b. Abt. 1887.

I believe that this Pettapiece family came from County Sligo in Ireland and signed the McCabe List in Bytown in 1829. There was 
a minor migration of many Protestant families from Marlborough Township to North Gower in the 
second half of the 1800's).

Descendants of James McGregor Wilson

Generation No. 1

5.  JAMES MCGREGOR1 WILSON  He married SARAH KELLY, daughter of THOMAS KELLY and ABIGAIL EBERT.  She was born 1860 in Wilberforce Twp, Ont.
There is some material regarding the EBERT family on Bytown or Bust. Use the dedicated google search engine to find them on only 
this site.) 
Some of the Eberts were also in Clarendon Township, Pontiac County, Quebec by the 1820's as was the Grier / Greer family.

OK, having dispensed with these James Wilsons on the Ontario side, here are the first Wilson land grants in Pontiac County:
The source for these important records is the book Clarendon and Shawville, by J. Lloyd Armstrong, Dickson Enterprises, 
1980, ISBN 0-991942-06-7, 288 pages. Other books are listed on our bibliography.

William Wilson from Scotland was granted the west half of Lot 7 in the 7th Range of Clarendon on March 6, 1827.
He has commenced clearing the land. William Hodgins is registered on the same date in Range 5.

James Wilson from Ireland was granted 200 acres of  land, east half of Lot 9, Range 5 on September 24, 1827.
He has commenced clearing the land.

James Wilson was granted 200 acres of  land, Lot 9, Range 5 on July 13, 1835. 

On January 4, 1841, William Wilson was granted 200 acres, Lot 11. Range 4, Clarendon.

On July 8, 1843, Richard Wilson (maybe the man below) bought 100 acres, being the NE half of Lot 3 in Range 6.

On August 25, 1851, James Wilson purchased 100 acres being the East half of Lot 15 in Range 8.

Wilson Surname on the 1829 McCabe List:

Here are two Wilson men who were in the area of Bytown, in 1829. There are 673 men in total who signed this petition to 
recommend friends or relatives back in Ireland to come to the Ottawa area as new settlers. The petition was 
sent to Colonel John By who was in charge of building the Rideau Canal, 1826-32.

1. William Wilson came from Redhills in County Cavan, Ireland. He states that all of his relatives were already in Canada. ML# 433
2. Richard Wilson also came from County Cavan, parish of Annagh (sp?), town of Clara. In 1829 his father, John Wilson, 
was living in Ireland. ML# 481

more to come ...

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