Robert WILSON, Sr. and Ann GRAHAM
Gatineau Valley Pioneers

November 24, 2004:

Hi Al - I was referred to the Bytown or Bust website by Sean McConnery, didn't 
know it existed until the other day.  The only things I can see missing 
from it are some of my Wilson and Hodgins ancestors.  My 3rd ggpa Tom Hodgins 
came from Tipperary and worked on the Rideau Canal.  I have attached two files for 
you to check over, if you can add them to the site, please do.  
I have yet to stretch out the ancestral genealogy of my Graham, Cavanaugh, and 
Mooney blood, so would like those surnames added as research interests along 
with Hodgins and Wilson.  You will note at the end of my Wilson file that there 
is a Warnock marriage.
During a trip to Ottawa and the Gatineau in 1999, I picked up two area 
history books, "A Place Apart - A Search for the Pioneer Cemeteries of the 
Lower Gatineau Valley", by Norma Geggie; and "Up to the North Woodland" by 
Henry Heeney.  I think the Heeney one is pretty scarce now, if anyone needs 
anything looked up in it.  There are a few short genealogies along with 
pictures in it.  This book had some heavy input by Alexa Pritchard.
Don Lowe
                        Descendants of Robert WILSON Sr.

                                First Generation

1.  Robert WILSON Sr.-[1076] was born about 1821.  

General Notes: His occupation is listed as Tanner in the 1871 census.

1861 Agricultural Census for the Wilson farm:

Wilson Robert - Range 6, Lot 45 to 47  150 Acres
15 Acres under cultivation
12 Acres under crops in 1860
3 Acres under pasture 

135 Acres under wood or wild

Spring Wheat  1 1/2 Acres  15 bushels
Oats               3      Acres  50 bushels
Potatoes         1      Acre    100 bushels
Turnips            1      Acre    300 bushels
Steer              4      
Milch cows      1
Horse              1
Value of Horse           $80
1 Pig
Value of Livestock      $126

  Robert married Ann GRAHAM - [1077] [MRIN:343] on 23 Sep 1844 in South March, 
      ON, CAN.  Ann was born about 1822 in South March, ON, CAN.

     Marriage Notes: They were married in the Anglican Church.  Register No. 23 
     - Parish of March. Married 3 September, 1844, under authority of a license 
     from the Governor General Sir Charles T. Metcalfe, ROBERT WILSON, Tanner, 
     Township of Nepean, and ANNE GRAHAM, Spinster, Township of March.  
     Witnesses: Hugh Bell, Jack Graham, Robert Duncan.  Officiating Minister: 
     The Rev. Matthew Kerr.

Research Notes: South March, March Township, Carleton County 

     Children from this marriage were:

  2 F     i. Margaret WILSON-[1087].  

           Margaret married Mr. FENTON - [1095] [MRIN:348].  
  3 F    ii. Mary "Jane" WILSON-[1089].  

General Notes: Of Aylwin, Quebec, twin of Eliza.

           Jane married Robert JUNKIN Sr.-[1098] [MRIN:350].  
  4 F   iii. Eliza WILSON - [1090].  

General Notes: Of Ottawa, Ontario, twin of Jane.

           Eliza married John "Jake" McEWEN Sr.-[1099] [MRIN:351].  
  5 M    iv. Robert WILSON Jr.-[1080] was born about 1848.  
  6 M     v. Jacob "Jake" WILSON Sr.-[1079] was born in 1849, died on 6 Oct 
                   1914 at age 65, and was buried in Aylwin, PQ, CAN.  

Burial Notes: St. Andrews United Church Cemetery

           Jake married Flora Ann CAMERON-[2498] [MRIN:799] on 5 Jul 1870 in 
               Aylwin Twp, PQ, CAN.  Flora was born about 1855, died on 10 Jul 
               1941 about age 86, and was buried in Aylwin, PQ, CAN.

Burial Notes: St. Andrews United Church Cemetery
  7 F    vi. Mary WILSON-[1088] was born about 1851.  

           Mary married Mr. SNODIE -[1096] [MRIN:349].  
  8 F   vii. Rachel WILSON-[1084] was born about 1852.  

           Rachel married Mr. FLETCHER-[1094] [MRIN:346].  
  9 F  viii. Isabell "Bella" WILSON-[1083] was born about 1855.  

           Bella married Mr. BOOKER -[1093] [MRIN:345].  
  10 F    ix. Sarah Ann WILSON-[1082] was born about 1857.  

           Sarah married Mr. KALMIRI -[1092] [MRIN:344].  
  11 M     x. William WILSON-[1078] was born about 1859.  
  12 M    xi. John WILSON-[1003] was born on 20 Mar 1862, died on 20 Jan 1921 
                   in Edmonton, Alberta, CAN at age 58, and was buried in Edmonton, 
                   Alberta, CAN.  

Burial Notes: Mount Pleasant Cemetery; Grave 1 Block 159 Section A.  His stone 
reads, "In Loving Memory of John Wilson, Died Jan. 20, 1921, Aged 58 years & 10 
months.  Rest In Peace."

General Notes: He assisted in surveying the original townsite of Grande Prairie.

Research Notes: The family came from Aylwin, Quebec according to L.M. (Wilson) 
Lowe.  Baptismal Certificate of Eva says John Wilson of Colonge / Fort Coulonge, in the 
Province of Quebec. (Pontiac County)

           John married Eliza Margaret "Maggie" HODGINS - [1004] [MRIN:324], 
               daughter of Adam HODGINS -[1101] and Eliza MOONEY -[1102], on 7 
               Feb 1888 in Aylwin, PQ, CAN.  Maggie was born on 3 Oct 1862, 
               died on 25 Mar 1938 in Edmonton, AB, CAN at age 75, and was 
               buried in Edmonton, Alberta, CAN.

           Marriage Notes: Married by James Senior, a school teacher and lay 
           reader.  Register No. 504 - Parish of Aylwin, Mission of Alleyne. 
           Married 7 February, 1888, by License, JOHN WILSON, farmer, of 
           Northfield Township, Quebec, son of age, of Robert & Ann Wilson of 
           the city of Ottawa, and ELIZA MARGARET HODGINS, daughter of Adam & 
           Eliza Hodgins of Alleyne Township, spinster.  Witnesses: Joseph 
           Lambert, Sarah Howard.  Officiating Minister: The Rev. James Senior.

Burial Notes: Mount Pleasant Cemetery; Grave 2 Block 159 Section A.  Her stone 
reads, "In Loving Memory of Eliza M. Wilson, Died March 25, 1938, Aged 75 years 
6 months.  In God's Keeping"

General Notes: Letter from Maggie Wilson to her daughter Eva

							11223-68 St
							Edmonton, Alta.

Dear Eva,

	Just a few lines to in close the outline of my work at Grand Prairie  hope it 
will be satisfactory  I could have written more but thought that was quite 
enough if you have to read it

	We are having very cold weather here  it is cold and bright now  hope this 
finds every body fine will write Margaret very soon  was pleased to have her 
lovely letter.

	Best love to all

A resipy for colds
Put 1 teaspoon Brown sugar and  a teaspoon of Ginger in a cup and stir well 
then squeeze  a lemon onto the sugar (something unreadable) and  fill the cup 
with boiling watter cover and let cool take 2 teaspoon's every little while is 
good for a sore throat.

An outline of work at G.P.								Mrs. J. Wilson
	A report of my
	Work at G.P.
	SC & U.A.

					Re poinearing

On my way to Grand Prairie we had to sleep out in the snow 2 nights one morning 
when I got up they informed me that it was 40 below.  I felt it prety cold but 
when I had driven for 14 days I had become used to cold.

When I arived at Grand Prairie I had to start in working   their was no W.A. no 
Sunday school  we got busy and started a W.A.  I had to act as President as 
their was just 3 Ladies at our first meeting but we worked a way and it was not 
long till we had quite a few members and I am informed now they have a large 
membership and doing great work.

Then came the Sunday school with 3 (or 8??) pupils and when I had to resign on 
a count of my hearing their was 5 teachers and 35 pupils  I of cors was quite 
pleased with my little start in both Sunday school and W.A.

Death note: Copy of obituary from Edmonton Journal reads:  "Mrs. Elizabeth 
Margaret Wilson

Mrs. Elizabeth Margaret Wilson, of 11222 68 St., widow of the late John Wilson, 
passed away in the city Friday, March 25, at the age of 75 years.  She leaves 
to mourn her loss two daughters, Mrs. E.E. Howard of Edmonton, Mrs. Eva Dunse 
of Ottawa, Ont., two sons, Allan Wilson of Edmonton, Fred Wilson of Berwyn, two 
sisters, Mrs. P. Draper of Kazabazua, Que., Mrs. J. McDonald of Ottawa, Ont., 
two brothers, Sam Hodgins of Kazabazua, Que., Ashton Hodgins of Kirkland, Ont.  
The funeral service will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Andrew's 
Brother's Chapel, corner of 112 St. and Jasper Ave.  Rev. C. Storey will 
officiate and interment will take place in the family plot in the Mount 
Pleasant cemetery.  No flowers by special request.  Andrews Brothers, funeral 

Copy of newspaper article regarding her death:


Mrs. Eliza M. Wilson Passes Away in City at Age of 75

One of the early pioneers of Northern Alberta, whose husband, the late John 
Wilson, staked out what is now part of the town of Grande Prairie in the Peace 
River country in 1909, Mrs. Eliza M. Wilson of 11223 68 street, died at her 
home in Edmonton on Friday.  She was 75 years of age.

With her husband, who died in 1921, Mrs. Wilson came to Edmonton from 
Kazabazua, Quebec, over thirty years ago.  In 1909 Mr. Wilson went into the 
Grande Prairie District by wagon over the old Athabasca, Peace River and 
Dunvegan trail, and after locating there returned for Mrs. Wilson and their 
effects.  In weather at times reaching temperatures of sixty below Mr. and Mrs. 
Wilson returned to the Peace River over the Edson Trail, the trip taking 21 
days.  A few years later Mrs. Wilson again made the same trip when she came out 
to Edmonton for a vacation.


Following the death of her husband in 1921, she returned to Edmonton to live, 
residing with her daughter, Mrs. E. E. Howard, for a few years and later with 
her son, Allen, with whom she was living when her death took place.

Taking an active interest in church work, both in Grande Prairie and in 
Edmonton, Mrs. Wilson was a member of the Anglican Church and was well known in 
church circles in both places.

She leaves to mourn her loss two daughters, Mrs. E. E. Howard of Edmonton and 
Mrs. Eva Dunse of Ottawa, and two sons, Allen of Edmonton and Fred of Berwyn.  
Two sisters, Mrs. P. Draper of Kazabazua and Mrs. D. McDonald of Ottawa, and 
two brothers, S. Hodgins of Kazabazua and A. Hodgins of Kirkland Lake, Ontario 
also survive, together with eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Funeral services were held on Monday afternoon from Andrews Brothers funeral 
chapel, with Rev. C. Story officiating.  Interment was made in the family plot 
in Mount Pleasant cemetery."
  13 F   xii. Agnes WILSON-[1091] was born about 1863.  

General Notes: Of Ottawa, Ontario.

           Agnes married James Gregory WARNOCK - [1100] [MRIN:352].  James was 
               born on 7 Feb 1871.
  14 M  xiii. David WILSON-[1081] was born about 1864.  

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