Sgt. William SHEA and Cecilia KELLY
To the 1818 Military Settlement at Richmond, Upper Canada and later to Petersville, Iowa, USA

January 10, 2004:

From Alexa Pritchard:

Discharge Papers of Sergeant William Shea, 99th Regiment of Foot Settler in Richmond, Upper Canada, 1818
William Shea, 5' 6 3/4", was 30 when he enlisted in the 41st Regiment in 1799, his complexion was fresh, he had grey eyes and brown hair. William was born in County Kerry, Killcarny (parish), near Tralee, Ireland and was a labourer. Prior to the 41st Regiment, he had spent one year with the Bershire Foot and four years with the Royal Cork City Regiment. Shea attached to the 99th Regiment in Chambly, Quebec on April 2nd, 1816 for a period UL (unlimited time?) by Sgt. March. "Jan 6th to June 24, 1815; to Corporal May 25, 1812; to Sargent July 3, 1817". _______________________________________ Al: I hope that perhaps out there there will be an answer to my missing links: Catherine Shea was the daughter of Sgt. William Shea of the 41st and 99th British Regiment. I do know that he had to return to London, England to be presented to the Chelsea Board for his pension at the end of the war so it is possible that Catherine was born in the UK. In April of 1821 William, together with his wife Cecila Kelly and their children, moved from the military camp at Lachine, Quebec to the new settlement of Richmond, in Ontario / Upper Canada. Twenty years later (Oct 29, 1842 at St. Phillips) Catherine married John Murphy "of Montagie" (Montague Township). He was a soldier in the 99th Regiment as well. The marriage was witnessed by Martin Hanrahan and Sarah Larkin (NA M2818) If John is the John Murphy I expect he is, then he was born in 1794. From this union there were at least three children: 1) Margaret Murphy b Aug 25, 1842 bpt Oct 2, 1842 St. the John Baptist church, Perth sponsors: Daniel Hounigan (Hourigan) and Donohan / Donavan ?, pg 8 book 6 2) John Murphy b Dec 24, 1843 in Montague Township bpt Dec 25, 1843 St. John Baptist, Perth sponsors: Thomas Dillon & Alice Smith #132 3) Bridget Murphy bapt: Sept 7, 1845 in Lanark County, Ontario Catherine's sister, Ann, moved with her husband, Peter McGinn, to Petersville Iowa, USA. I believe John and Catherine also moved to Petersville for a time. Catherine's name appears on a tombstone in Petersville Iowa: JOHN Son of JOHN & CATHERINE MURPHY DIED August 8, 1872 28 yrs 7 mos 14 days erected by his mother Catherine I believe the Catherine, mother of John, who erected a monument to her son in Petersville, Iowa is none other than Catherine Shea Murphy. However I have not been able to find out what became of Catherine and her husband John after their son's death. Hopefully this notice will help make the connection. Thank you.
By Alexa Pritchard Surnames: Shea, Kelly, McGinn, McCabe, Roane (Rowan?), Murphy Sgt William Shea of the 41st Regiment and his wife Cecilia Kelly settled in Goulbourn / Richmond Ontario in 1821 with their children: Marie b 1800, Nancy/Ann b 1801 (married Peter McGinn),Jane (m. Thomas McCabe), John Joseph b 1813 (m. Mary Roane), Catherine (m. John Murphy) and William b 1817 (m. Sarah Kelly)
Here's more from Alexa: Hugh Gormley was born in 1781 at Miny, County Tyrone and was 40 when he died. He was 5'10" tall, with a fresh complexion, brown eyes, black hair, and an oval face. At 21 years of age he signed on to the 41st Regiment at CastleBar on the 4th of May in 1812 by Sey' McGowan for an unlimited term. He was promoted to Corporal on the 16th of June and to Sergeant on the 14th of February, 1818. Pensioned Sept 23, 1818 (wo 120 Vol 135 pg 265 index 1842) Located Goulbourn October 1818, on E 1/2 Lot 14 Con. 3 and W 1/2 Lot 15 Con 2. When Hugh left for Goulbourn Marie was by his side. The Shea grave stone is engraved died 1822 but in fact he was killed by a falling tree before Feb 17th, 1821, about two and a half years after he located, leaving a wife, Marie, and daughter, Jane. When his daughter Jane sold the farm she stipulated "except 6 feet wherein lies Hugh Gormley". (Bruce Elliot OGS News May/June, 1996, pg 103 & RG1C4 OA Township Papers, Johnston District). I assume the grave stone was erected when William Shea died and at that time Cecilia Kelly, James McGinn, Hugh Gormley, were included. His body is very likely still on the farm. The 1842 census lists Daniel and Martin Hanrahan as farmers of 250 acres, 25 improved; 5 Irish born; 1 Canadian; 16 years in the province (arrived 1826) 1 male 0-5 (Billy in the Bush); 1 male 21-30 (Martin) 1 male 30-60 married (Daniel); 1 male married 60+ (Daniel Sr.); 1 female married 14-45 (Jane); 1 married female 45+ (Ellen-Daniel's wife). From these clues I assume that Maria and Hugh were married in Ireland or England when he went back to be discharged. I was unable to find a record of Marie and Hugh's marriage in Canada, which could mean that the record didn't survive. Was Jane born in Ireland as well? However they settled on Lot 14 Concession 3; Marie's parents, William and Cecilia were located on Lot 13. 1821 Feb 17 Assessment : Widow Gormley 1 w, 1 female child total 2 1821 August 16 Special Assessment to Pay the County: Widow Hugh Gormley 8 pence. (total of 170 farms assessed) Interesting to note here that the first listing of William Shea in Goulbourn Township was in April of 1821 but Marie was a widow living in Goulbourn by February of 1821. I would suppose that Hugh was probably killed in January or early February. The family remembered 1822 and marked the family gravestone years later. Jane Gormley married Daniel Hanrahan in 1839. By the April 1840 tax assessment, "Gormley's daughter" was living on Con 3 Lot 14 and Con 2 Lot 15. Sgt Hugh Gormley was the original settler on both lots-no sign of her mother-would Marie be dead? Or did she marry and move away leaving the farm to Jane and Daniel? By 1840 William and Cecila were living in Richmond, they were listed as owning Con 3 Lot 18 but not occupied. R. McCabe owned Con 1 Lot 12 but was not living on it either. . . . four names up on the list so must be neighbours. Would he be the father of Thomas McCabe who married Marie's sister, Jane? Is the George Hanrahan who owns Con 10 Lot 3 (not occupied) related to Daniel? Probably, but not a father I think because the name isn't repeated in Daniel's children's names. Pat Murphy was on Lot 12, Con 8 which is 16 down on the list from them. At the bottom of the list is Alexander McCabe on Lot 8 Con 6. John Murphy has half lot 24 on Con 9. Is he the John Murphy who marries Marie's sister Catherine? And then.... William and Cecilia's son John Shea....eventually took over the farm on Shea Road in Richmond with his wife Mary Rowan / Roane: William Shea b Dec 12, 1843 bpt Jan 6, 1844 bpt sp: James McGinn and Mary Larkin Thomas Roland Shea bapt Dec 25, 1845 sp Henry McCarthy and Margaret O'Brien b Oct 24, 1845 d April 7, 1922 I Danford m1 Rose Crossman d 1874 m2 Katherine McKay White (widow) Dec '74 b 1844 d Dec 23, 1899 55 yrs cronic dypepsia John Shea b April 26, 1847 Confirmed Jan 27, 1861 bpt sp Patrick Laughrin / Laughren / Loughran and Ellen Murray died at Prescott, Ontario Edward Shea b April 27, 1849 bt s: William Shea and Mary McNeal Alice Shea b Feb 3, 1851 bt Feb 25, 1852 bt s: John McCarthy and Ann Shea d 1885 33 yrs I. Fallowfield m John A. Hanratty son of Peter Hanratty b May 24, 1852 d Aug 16, 1905 I. Notre Dame Cathedral, Bytown, now Ottawa Joseph Ralph Shea b May 28, 1853 d Jan 22, 1888?? m Catherine Theresa Bradley Mary "Maria" Shea SCO (Rev. Sister Marie Antoinette) b April 10, 1855 bt s: John Mears & Mary Ann McGinn June 5/55 d March 18, 1928 I. Pembroke James Shea b Feb 27, 1859 bt s: M. Charlebois & Mary Tierney d 1899 Briget Theresa Shea b 1862 bt Aug 21, 1871 bt s: Thos Myers & Brigett Myers (Mears / O'Meara) d Jan 18, 1882 20 yrs I. Fallowfield buried in presence of John, Thomas and Joseph Shea
October 16, 2002: Thanks to Ken Armstrong for the following: Hi Alexa and Al; I visited the recently renovated Reilly's Cemetery, located on Shouldice Road, 5.1 km, from highway 105, Alcove, Quebec (in the Gatineau Valley) and found the following Cemetery stone for Alexander H. Shea: Alexander H. Shea Died: Apr 3, 1877 Aged 74 Years His Wife Elizabeth Courtney Died: Mar 15, 1877 Aged: 73 Years Alexander would have been born about 1803 and Elizabeth born about 1804. Any idea what Shea family he belongs to? Ken Armstrong
September 27, 2004: New Book by Alexa Pritchard: Family ,Friends & Neighbours of Sgt. William Shea, 41st British Regiment of Foot, by Alexa Pritchard, ISBN 0-9682818-3-4, August 2004, Ottawa, Intrepid Communications or by e-mail from Alexa Pritchard
December 1, 2005: Hello Al I have extra copies of Sgt William Shea 41st Regiment of Foot 1770 now available to families connected to Petersville Iowa and Richmond Ontario. Anyone wanting more details can contact me directly at Thank you Alexa
May 7, 2006: Here's some more info on William Shea from a researcher of the 41st Regiment. Hope it helps! ... Tod Molesworth, 4th Great grandson of Drummer William Molesworth, 41st Regt. 18 years. Shea, William Light Infantry 7th 2nd Born Tralee, County Cork (Kerry ?), Ireland. Enlisted January 6, 1799. Reduced in ranks November 2, 1812. Settled in Richmond, Ontario after the war. Sgt. Pvt. Sailed aboard the ship Asia in 1799 from Cork, Ireland as Sgt. of the Light Infantry Company. Posted at Kingston, Ontario, Canada in June 1801. Posted at the Landing at Chippawa late 1811. Captured at the Battle of the Thames October 5, 1813. Returned as Prisoner of War October 25, 1814. __________________ Mr. Molesworth: Please e-mail me if you would like your e-mail address added to this page. Thanks, ... Al Lewis
May 7, 2007: Index to names which occur in Alexa Pritchard's book: Sgt. William SHEA, 41st British Regiment of Foot 1770: Pioneer families of Richmond, Ontario and Petersville, Iowa, USA
February 9, 2009: As I review my notes of 1822, Sgt Wm Shea is listed as 1 adult male, 1 adult female, 1 male child, 5 females total 8. The 1842 census records: 2 born in Ireland, 8 born in Canada. I assumed a combination of married children and grands. 1822 had to be an error: 2 adults fine but one boy and 5 girls?..I know there were 2 sons, John b 1818 and William b 1817 (confirmed by church records). I gave little thought to this entry knowing it wasn't correct....that is until today. Is the total accurate? Their children are: Marie, listed elsewhere as Widow Gormley with 1 female child so not to be counted; (1) Ann (McGinn by 1823); (2) Jane (McCabe by 1839); Elizabeth died 1810 as an infant; (3) Catherine (Murphy by 1842); (4) John (married Mary Roane 1843); (5) William (married Sarah Kelly 1837). Obviously missing 3 children. Prescott conundrum: when (4) John died, his son "of Prescott" made the arrangements. Grace Shea is reported to have said that she was related to George Beverly Shea (because of his high profile he is difficult to reach) however I've traced his family back to Plantagenet, Prescott County, Ontario. His grandfather, Jemas b 1821 and Barbara (various spellings) b 1832 had the following children: John (of Pendelton, east of Ottawa) b 1852; William b 1863; George b 1862; Issac b 1865; Adam J. b 1872; and Alice D b 1883. Bytown or Bust has been very good to me in the past.....will my luck hold? Anyone looking for Jemas (aka James) Shea born Mar 27, 1821 of Prescott? Also one Sarah Shea who married James Roach 23 September 1832 (Notre Dame record)? Thanks Al! ... Alexa
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