Eastern Ontario, Canada: Wills, Probate Records
Estate Files, 1793-1859

available from the Archives of Ontario (some held in Ottawa)

February 1, 2015:

Some Probate, Wills and Estate Records for Eastern Ontario
Source: Court of Probate: Registers and Estate Files at the Archives of Ontario (1763-1859), An index for Genealogical Research, edited by Bill Zuefelt, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1986,ISBN0-920036-13-9. Note: These and more wills and estate files are available on microfilm at the City of Ottawa Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive, Ottawa.
BAIRD, JamesLanark TownshipSchool Teacher 1858
BEDARD, JohnBytownInnkeeper 1855
BELL, JohnPerthMerchant 1849
BELL, William, the youngerPerthMerchant 1844
BOGERT / BOGART, JohnBrockvilleEsquire 1842
BOON, MartinBrockvilleSailor 1846
BORBRIDGE, EdwardBytownSaddler1850
BURROWS, JohnBytownEsquire1848
CALDER, AlexanderBytownBlacksmith1850
CAMPION, James WilliamPrescottRC Priest1846
CHESSER, JohnPlantagenetEsquire (complete history at OBOGS)1829
CHITTY, JohnOttawaMerchant1857
CHRISTIE, Alexander J.BytownEsquire1846
COLE, SamuelFitzroy TownshipCarpenter1851
COLEMAN, JohnSouth GowerYeoman1851
CONWAY, EdwardAugusta TownshipBrewer1856
COWAN, JosephPrescottButcher1856
DORAN, JohnPerthEsquire1850
DRYSDALE, JamesBurgess TownshipYeoman1855
EGAN, JohnAylmerMerchant1858
FERGUSSON / FERGUSON, JohnBytownMerchant, Tailor1848
FERGUSSON / FERGUSON, MalcolmBytownMerchant, Tailor1848
FLINT / Billa / BellaBrockvilleMerchant1853
FORSYTH, RobertGloucester TownshipYeoman1835
FOSTER, ArchibaldOttawaEsquire1856
FREELAND, WilliamAugusta Twp.Esquire1850
FRENCH, John S.Burritt's RapidsMiller1858
GEMMILL, JohnRamsay TownshipMerchant1855
GOODMAN, JohnMarch TownshipMerchant1854
HAGGART, JohnPerth, Built the Tay CanalEsquire1856
HALL, JohnLanark TownshipMerchant1854
HENDERSON, RufusAugusta TownshipEsquire1847
HENRY, George Fitz (FITZHENRY ?)HawkesburyMillright1831
HUBBELL, ElnathanBrockvilleEsquire1856
IRVINE, AdamDundasWhip Maker1853
JARDINE, JamesPembroke TownshipEsquire1847
JOHNSTON, JamesBytownEsquire1849
LEWIS, John BowerRichmondEsquire1849
LITLE, JohnBytownInnkeeper1845
LONGLEY, GeorgeAugusta TownshipMerchant1842
LOUCKS, ArchibaldRussell TownshipEsquire1843
LYMAN, ElishaBytownDruggist1852
LYON, GeorgeRichmondEsquire1852
LYON, William R.R.RichmondMerchant1854
MARSH, George W.Oxford TownshipEsquire1848
MACDONNELL, AlexanderPlantagenetSherriff of Ottawa District1835
MACDONNELL, MilesCornwallEsquire1832
MACINTOSH, JamesBytownEsquire1842
McKAY, AlexanderGloucester (New Edinburgh)Merchant1857
MCKAY, Hon. ThomasNew Edinburgh1855
McKAY, WilliamBrockvilleTailor1855
McLEAN, AlexanderOttawaTavern Keeper1856
MACNAB / MCNAB, DuncanBytownEsquire1838
McNEIL, MalcolmOsgoode TownshipYeoman1855
McNELLY, James (McNeely or McNally ?)Beckwith TownshipYeoman1846
McTAVISH, JohnLake of Two Mountains (OKA)HBC Chief Factor1853
MEARS, ThomasHawkesburyBoat Builder, Esquire1833
MELDRUM, DavidMountain TownshipMerchant1847
MOFFATT, RobertPerthGentleman1849
MONK, John B.March TownshipEsquire1854
MORIN / MORAN, James the youngerPakenhamYeoman1851
MORRIS, AlexanderBrockvilleEsquire, Father of Edmund Morris, Artist ?1853
NEVINS, DorotheaCarleton PlaceWife1855
O'KEEFE, AndrewElizabethtownTaylor1825
O/MEARA, JohnOttawaMerchant1858
PAUL, DanielOsgoode TownshipLabourer1857
PORTER, JohnOttawaOttawa1858
POWELL, James HamiltonPerthEsquire1835
POWELL, John HenryPrescottEsquire1828
RADENHURST, ThomasPerthEsquire1854
RIDDLE (RIDDELL), AnnPakenhamWidow1855
RIDDLE (RIDDELL), JohnPakenhamdeceased1852
SABINE, JamesBrockvilleEsquire1858
SMITH, John (Revd.)BeckwithClerk1851
STEPHENS, RobertMarch TownshipEsquire1841
STEWARD / STEWART, DuncanHopetown, Lanark TownshipMiller1857
STEWART, JohnBeckwithYeoman1854
STEWART, WilliamOttawaEsquire1856
STILLMAN / STILMAN, ElizabethRamsay TownshipWidow1855
STRUTHERS, JohnRamsay TownshipWeaver1844
TATE, AlfredBurritt's RapidsMerchant1854
THOM, AlexanderPerthEsquire1845
THOMPSON, JohnNepean TownshipEsquire1855
THOMSON, FrancisBytownConfectioner1852
THOMSON, ThomasPerthYeoman1849
VALENTINE, CatherineCornwallWidow1829
WALLS, ThomasPrescottLabourer1826
WOOD, Guy CarletonCornwallEsquire1857
WYLIE, JamesRamsay TownshipEsquire1854
WYLIE, John B.Ramsay TownshipMerchant1858
WYLIE, William GilliesRamsay TownshipMerchant1852

March 18, 2015: The Carleton County wills and estate files can now be looked up on microfilm at the Library of the Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society. For example, Michael Stackpole died in 1842 and is registered in the records of Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive in Ottawa. Source: Drouin records at ancestry.ca.
Death of Michael Stackpole in 1842
We can then look up his will in 1842. Here is his entry in the microfilm index:
Will / Estate of Michael Stackpole in 1842
A few other names on this excerpt are John Shouldice, Stephens, Rossignol / Rosignole, J. Stanley and Michael Tompkins. ... Al August 26, 2016: Here is the two-page will of Michael Stackpole in 1842,(scanned from Microfilm to a USB stick at the City of Ottawa Archives): Probate for Michael Stackpole Will of Michael Stackpole
Will / Estate of Michael Stackpole in 1842, page 1 Will / Estate of Michael Stackpole in 1842, page 2
The presiding judge of the Surrogate Court is Christopher Armstrong. The Notary Public is Reuben Traveller. ... Al

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