Thomas WILLIAMS and Esther HUNT
England to Ottawa in 1890

New May 1, 2006:

Hi Al and Don:

I came across your articles on George Williams and Mary Margaret Kelly 
on the Bytown net.

According to the 1901 Canadian Census, Thomas Williams was born 
25-12-1871 and immigrated from England in 1886 and Esther Hunt was born 
5-10-1873 and immigrated from England in 1890. Two children are shown : 
Bertie, born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 28-12-1896; and May (my maternal 
grandmother) born 10-12-1898; she died in Hull, Quebec 13-1-1920. There 
was a previous son, Eric George, born in Ottawa 16-8-1895 and died of 
pneumonia in Ottawa 16-6-1896. On the 1911 Census, Thomas and May live 
as boarders, along with a Herbert Williams, b. 8-1907. So presumably, 
Esther would have been deceased by then, and Bertie would have been 
living elsewhere as I found his war record of May 1918 when he enlisted 
for WWI. Would you happen to have more details of this family, their 
ancestry and details of births, marriages and deaths ? Presumably, 
Thomas and Esther would have married in Ottawa (Ontario) or Hull 
(Quebec) around 1894-95, and would have died there as well, Esther 
before 1911, and Thomas later.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

... Jean-Pierre                                                        

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