George WILLIAMS and Mary Margaret KELLY, PR
from Glanmire, County Cork in 1823

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New March 25, 2006:

The Williams family were early settlers to St. Columban, near Montreal. As part of a family reunion held
in the summer of 2005 in St. Columban I researched our genealogy. I have traced over 
400 descendants of the first George Williams and Mary Margaret Kelly (wife). 
George Williams came to Canada from the town of Glanmire, county Cork in 1823 and 
settled in St.Columban where he died in 1841, at the age of 45. Mary Margaret Kelly 
his wife died in 1866, at the age of 74. 
Don Williams
Good morning, Fergus, Claude, Michael and Don:

I read with interest, Don Williams' reference to George Williams who came
from County Cork in 1823 and ended up at St. Columbans. Mr. Williams, was
this the George Williams who sailed on the ship Stakesby as part of the
Peter Robinson expedition? He is listed as a passenger on this ship in 1823
(see my page at

This may be another early connection between St. Columbans and the Ottawa

Does this ring a bell with anyone? 
Thanks for your time.
... Al Lewis


 Yes, this may the same George Williams who came from County Cork in 1823 and 
ended up at St. Columban. He may have sailed on the ship Stakesby as part of the 
Peter Robinson expedition. A small number of immigrants remained in the 
Montreal area with friends and did not continue into the Ottawa area.
The name George although common in the family after arrival in Canada was 
not common in the Williams family from the Cork area of Ireland.

 The family in Ireland had members who were carriage makers, the only 
business in Cork records owned by the Williams family at that time in 
history. George Williams (my ancestor) was known to be a carriage maker and 
contributed to the altar work in St. Columban Church. Very few Irish with 
the name Williams immigrated to Canada in the 1820s although there was a 
significant number from England who migrated to North America and the name 
George was much more common in their records.

My wife and I are planning a trip to Ireland to continue our research, but 
it may have to wait to next year.

Of Interest:
The parish church in Glainmire (small town attached to Cork) is very similar 
in appearance to St. Columban's.

George had 6 children that I know of: Jane; Marian; Michael; George; James; Thomas
Thomas was born in 1833 in Montreal and died in St. Columban 1913.

I also believe that the William Williams; Michael Williams; Eliza Williams on the 1825
Peter Robinson group aboard the Resolution are relitives, but I have no hard proof.

Don Williams 

(Note: Don has a complete descendant tree of his Williams ancestors ... Al)                                               

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