Bridget CUNNINGHAM and (1) William BRADLEY and (2) Martin MAXWELL
in Huntley and Goulbourn

    Thank you for getting back to me. Yes, you may use the information in
any way you wish. I was in the area last summer and visited the Goulbourn
Historical Society, which has family trees for several Bradleys, but none
seemed to be mine. I also visited several of the libraries, the Archives,
etc. I have been corresponding with descendents of Bridget Cunningham &
Martin Maxwell and we spent a very pleasant evening in their home exchanging
information. I suspect that I need to know more about the land ownership as
there may be an answer there-I think there was a disagreement & maybe there
will be records of such. Thank you again. I really enjoy your site. 
Adria Bradley Shearing
Al, I am searching for the parents of William Bradley who married Bridget Cunningham Dec. 10, 1838 in St. John's Anglican Church, Richmond. Supposedly the family lived on the Richmond Road in the town of Goulbourn. William was killed in a wagon accident, possibly in November of 1839. They had one son, William Bradley, born August 28, 1839. Bridget later married Martin Maxwell. Any help would be appreciated. Adria Bradley Shearing The witnesses at William Bradley & Bridget Cunningham's wedding were Nicholas CLARKE and John FLOOD. Bridget was a Catholic who temporarily "eschewed the errors of popery" to marry Mr. Bradley. After his death she brought the boy up as a Catholic & he was disinherited. Adria Shearing
From the Registers of St. Michaels R.C. Church in Corkery (Huntley Township) Name of Child: Maxwell, John Father: Maxwell, Martin Mother: Bridget Cunningham Date of Birth: 6/24/1843 Sponsors: Kelly, John & Kelly, Catherine
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