William WIEGAND and Jane LOUTTIT nee ROSE
England to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, before 1881

New July 24, 2011:

Hi Al:
My Wiegand ancestry is from my mothers side of my family tree. 
My grt grandparents were William Wiegand b. 1849 and Jane Louttit nee Rose (on the Fort William 1881 census) 
their son son on the census as William F. Wiegand  actually William Thomas Wiegand is my grandfather.
My grandfather Thomas Wiegand married Jessie Barnes in England during WWI ( a war bride). On 24 Mar 1916 he joined the 
184th Overseas Battalion.
Most or all of his siblings died from Tuberculosis so my branch on the family tree is a lonely one. 
I made contact with other decendants of William Wiegand b 1849 siblings.
I never new my grandfather he died in 1935 at Nokomis, Saskatchewan.

I have found 3 others of which one lives in Thunder Bay, and other not far from there and the 3rd she is in Alberta, 
I believe. So we kind of all keep in touch and work together, it helps to have others working on the same family tree.

... Brian Schatz

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