Emigration from Southwest County Wicklow, Ireland
to Southern Ontario, Canada, 1846-1854

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Come Home to Wicklow
Happy St. Patrick's Day from County Wicklow, in Ireland, the home of your ancestors. We invite you to attend Canada Come Home, County Wicklow's Flagship Gathering Event September 13-15, 2013 on the Coollattin Estate for a lively weekend of history, genealogy, walks in the Wicklow countryside, and lots more! Its a great year to visit Ireland. Hope to see you there. And if you can't make the September weekend, you're welcome to come to 'The Garden of Ireland' anytime. Just let us know when and we'll make sure you have a memorable visit. All the best from The Canada Come Home Team. E-mail The Canada Come Home Team Canada Come Home Web Site The Gathering - Ireland, 2013
Here’s a group of emigrants from the Fitzwilliam Estate (Coolattin) in Southern County Wicklow, Ireland. These folks arrived via the port of Quebec between 1846 and 1854 and settled in an area roughly from Toronto, Ontario, north to Barrie, east to include Orillia, and west to take in Wellington County. Part of this large migration included many people from County Wicklow who settled in EASTERN Ontario. Anne Burgess has been working on sorting out all of the families who are listed on the companion CD to the book Surplus People by Jim Rees. If any of these families are known to you, e-mail us, and we'll set up a new web page for the families and you will be able to share family history information, including old photographs, with other researchers.
Name of Tenant From Settled In
BALFE, John and DOBBS, AliceHillbrookeOro, ON
BOGGS, Leyburn and BYRNE, JaneRosbaneGarafraxa East, ON
BOWES, James and ELLIOT, ElizaCoolfancySt. Vincent, ON
BUCKLEY, John and Mary; MEAGHER, MaryCoolroeProton, ON
BYRNE, Edward and BettyCoolfancyBarrie, ON
BYRNE, HughBallyshonog?Garafraxa West, ON
BYRNE, James and wife; Denis, John, Louisa, Teressia, and MichaelCoolattinOps, ON
BYRNE, Margaret Doyle; James; EdwardCoolfancyBarrie, ON & Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
BYRNE, Mary KENNYKilcavanVespra, ON
BYRNE, Michael and Mary; Elizabeth, John, Denis, and AnnRosbaneOsprey, ON (Grey County)
BYRNE, Patrick and AnnToberpatrickEtobicoke, ON
BYRNE, Patrick; Mary, Michael, and TerenceBallinguileHamilton, ON
BYRNE, Silvester and AnnCoolfancyToronto, ON
BYRNE, Simon and BRIEN, MargaretCoolboyYork, ON
BYRNE, William and BridgetCoolfancyToronto, ON
CARNEY, Betty; Thomas; RichardMoylishEtobicoke, ON and Colborne Twp, ON
CARROLL, Edward and WARD, Mary; Patrick; James; Bridget; Cornelius; EdwardCoolfancyGuelph, ON
CARROLL, Joshua and BYRNE, AliceCoolfancyEtobicoke, ON
CONNELL, Edward and McCARTHY, AnnKilcavanArthur, ON
CONNELL, JamesKilcavanArthur, ON
CURREN / CURRAN, Charles and Mary; Michael and BessCoolboyYork Twp., ON
CURREN / CURRAN, Patrick and TOOLE, MaryCoolboyToronto, ON (Peel)
DEEGAN, Edward and McDONNELL, Margaret; MaryCoolroeYork West, ON
DEEGAN, JohnCoolroeYork West, ON
DORCEY, Miles; Peter; CatherineCoolroeEtobicoke, ON and Glenelg, ON
DOYLE, James and JudyKilmaloneToronto, ON
DOYLE, John and O'BRIEN, AnnRosbaneAdjala, ON
DUNN, Frank and LucyRathbaneMedonte Twp., ON
FOSTER, Rachel ROACHCoolattinAdjala, ON
GAHAN, ElizabethFarneesToronto, ON and Newmarket, ON
GOGGINS, William; Catherine (niece)Stoops (Coolattin)Vespra, ON and Barrie, ON
GOUGH / GOFF, Bridget; George, Ellen, Bridget, ThomasAskakeaghYork Twp., ON
GOODYSON, Willian and HOPKINS, Mary; William Jr.BalislandToronto Twp.
GRAHAM, NicholasCarnewToronto, ON
HEFFERNAN, John and TOMPKINS, SallyCoolroeVespra, ON
KAVANAGH, Garret and MaryBallyraheenArthur, ON
KAVANAGH, John and KENNY, CatherineParkmoreVespra, ON
KENNY, MartinTomacorkVespra, ON
LAWRENCE, Anthony and DorothyRathshanmoreToronto, ON
LAWRENCE, John and MarthaSlieveroeGlenelg, ON
LYNCH, Anne Byrne; MichaelGlenphillippeenBarrie, ON and Toronto, ON
McDONNELL, Patrick and QUIGLEY, Mary; Alice; Patrick; JohnCoolroeYork West, ON
MELLON, Michael and CURREN, Ann; Peter; JaneCoolboyVaughan, ON/York East, ON? & Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
MELLON, Peter and SHIELD/SHIELDS, JaneCoolboyVaughan, ON
MOORE, Sarah HeffernanBallykellyBarrie, ON
MORRIS, Stephen and CUMMERFORD, BridgetMullansToronto, ON (Peel)
MURPHY, EdwardMullannaskeaghProton, ON
MURPHY, Margaret DOYLE; John; MargaretParkmoreVespra, ON
MURPHY, Patrick and DOBBS, JuliaParkmoreOro, ON
MURPHY, Philip and BridgetTomnafinnogueProton, ON
O'NEAL, Bridget; JohnCoolfancyKing, ON
O'NEAL, Hugh and Ann; BridgetCoolfancyKing, ON
O'NEAL, James and MURPHY, AnneSlieveroeQuebec; Toronto, ON and Peel, ON
O'NEAL, Maurice; Bridget; also Pat and DollyKilballyowenEtobicoke, ON; Faraday, ON
O'NEAL/NEAL, James and Anne; John; James; PatSlieveroeToronto, ON
O'NEAL/NEAL, Thomas and Hetty; John; Garrett; JamesSlievemweelToronto, ON
POLLARD, Mary ELLIS; William; SarahToorboyToronto, ON
PRESTLEY, Robert and MaryMotabowerEtobicoke, ON
ROACH, CatherineMotybowerChinguacousy, ON
ROACH, ThomasMotabowerBradford, ON
ROSSITER, AnnTombreaneAdjala, ON
ROSSITER, JohnTombreaneTecumseth, ON
ROSSITER, Patrick and AnnTombreaneYork East, ON
RYAN, Michael and MaryCoolfancyYork, ON
SHANNON, Ann DOYLEHillbrookeBarrie, ON
SHERIDAN, Edward and DOYLE, Ann; William; MarySlievenamoughOrillia, ON
SHERIDAN, Lawrence and Bridget; PatrickSlievenamoughOrillia, ON
SHIEL / SHIELDS, Judith; Dolly; Ann; John; JudithBallinguileToronto, ON
TOOLE / O'TOOLE, Margaret DOYLE; Mary, Thomas, Michael, Peter, James, PatBallyshonogAdjala, ON and Saginaw, Michigan, USA
Thanks again, Anne Burgess
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