Unable to locate birth registrations of Thomas Hugh Whelan (my grandfather)
8 Dec 1888, his brother Matthew J.J. Whelan 1881 and sister M. Margaret 1886. 
I have been to the LDS checked birth registrations for Ontario for year of birth as 
well as the delayed registrations. Have found nothing, I know they were born in 
the Ottawa area. Have checked with several churches no baptism records for any 
of them. They are the children of Patrick Whelan born Billings Bridge and Mary 
McGuire born Nepean, Ontario. If anyone has any ideas where I might look next 
be glad to hear from you.

Thanks for your reply, you can go ahead and set up a new web page. Let me know when it's ready. I have checked with St. Brigid's and St. Patricks (Nepean Street). the only records found was at St. Brigids the burial mass for the three children listed parents and the funeral mass for my grandfather. I was very surprised there was no record of marriage for my grandparents at St. Brigids or St. Patricks. As you know the search continues. Gail O'Neil Al Lewis wrote: > Gail: > > I don't have an answer to your birth registrations question but I have come > across lots of McGuires and Whelans while trying to find my own ancestors in > the Ottawa area. > > Here's one possibility - if you go to the 3rd floor Reference Room at the > Archives on Wellington Street you'll find copies of City Directories for > Ottawa. If you can find a street address for your Great-Grandfather in the > 1880's, you'll probably find birth records for the children at a > neighbourhood church. For example, if they lived in the market area, the > records will probably be at Notre Dame (LDS has these records). If there is > no record in the City Directory, then they probably lived in Nepean (St. > Patrick's at Fallowfield), Gloucester (St. Mary's at South Gloucester), etc. > > There are some McGuires and Whelan / Whalen folks at my web site. Do a > search for all three names at the page below (one at a time). > > Do you mind if I set up a new web page based on your posting to the Carleton > County bulletin board? I'll add your e-mail address. You never know - it > seems as if we're almost all related over time. > > Thanks. > ... Al Lewis
Hello, I just noticed on your list of Pioneers who settled in the Ottawa Valley you listed a Patrick Early and Ellen O'Hora nee Burns I have a Mary McGuire (mother of 3 children I am looking for birth registrations for) born in Nepean, Ontario. On statement of death parents are listed as Hugh McGuire and Mary Early. Would you know the if this name is connected in any way to the Patrick Early listed? Gail O'Neil
May 17, 2005:
John WHELAN and Clara CARTY
Hi Al, Great website! I've learned quite a bit about Canadian history by perusing the links that you have shown there. My brick wall is my ggg grandparents, John and Clara (Carty) Whelan. I have been in contact with two other descendants and we just aren't getting any further back than them. When my mother died, three years ago, I inherited quite a bit of old family correspondence, some nearly a hundred years old. Some of it was corroborated by my "new" cousins and some information that they provided, I had no knowledge of and vice-a- versa. Here is a composite of what we know: John Whelan was the son of Andrew, who died in Ireland. John was born about 1781 in Ireland, came to Canada to the Kingston area with the Duke of Wellington with the British Army between 1815 to 1820. He and Clara Carty were evidently married in Ireland, because information on Census' show that the first two of their four sons were born in Ireland. They are found in the 1851 census in Huntley living with their son James and his wife Mary (Meehan) Whelan. There are other Cartys and Whelans in the same area at the same time and show up with the identified family members of my family, as sponsors at marriages, baptisms and deaths, but I can't make a connection, yet. I feel that if I knew what part of Ireland John was from and who Clara's father was, I might be able to make some headway in tieing them together. John and Clara (Carty) Whelan's four sons are: - Andrew, b. 1806 in Ireland. I believe he is the Andrew Whelan shown married to Bridget McGrae (which should be McGrath) October 28 1830 at St. John the Baptist Church in Perth, Lanark Co. According to family correspondence he lived on Allumette Island. I found him on the 1881 Allumette census living with his son, John, age 45 and a Margaret Whelan, (I'm assuming Margaret was his daughter, since no marital status is shown, it's hard to tell.) age 27. - Peter, b. 1809 in Ireland. According to one family researcher, Peter was married twice. His first wife is shown as Hannah Ring, but I've found him at St. Phillip's, Richmond as the father of John, b. 1836 and the mother's name is Hannah Roche. Sponsor's to this baptism were his brother, Christopher Whelan and a Sarah Carty. (I can't find a connection yet to Peter and Christopher's mother Clara Carty with Sarah Carty.) Peter's second wife was Elizabeth Bonnfield / Bonfield. Peter had five children with his first wife, Hannah, and four with "Liza". Members of this family stayed for several generations in Brudenell. Names associated with this family are: Costello, Grace, O'Grady and Kelly. - Christopher, b. Februay 6, 1820, Carleton Co., Ontario, d. June 13, 1898, Willow Lake, Minnesota; married to Jane Roach/Roche (my family showed the spelling to be Roche and another researcher shows Roach) b.February 3, 1825, Canada, d. November 28, 1900, Willow Lake, Minnesota, USA. They had ten children, all were born in Ontario, one son, John R. married an Ellen Dooner, b. in Canada, daughter of John Dooner. I can't verify this or determine who John Dooner's wife was. Names associated with this family are: Dooner, Hedderly, Murray, McGowen, Cuthing, McDowell. - James, b.October 1824, Ontario, d. July 01, 1896, Brudenell, Renfrew Co., married to Mary Meehan / Meahan, b. 1833, d. January 19, 1871, Brudenell. They had nine children. Daughter Mary Ann married Michael Costello and ran the Costello Hotel in Brudenell. Some of the family moved in the late 1800's to Barry's Bay. Names associated with this family are: Costello, (2) Conway, Kitts, Kirwin / Kirwan. Any help on this early Ontario family will be greatly appreciated. I live in California, so researching on location is not an option, at this time, for me. Thank you, Karen Schoonmaker ____________________________ Hi Karen: Thanks for your e-mail. Some of the old church records from this area show the surnames Whelan and Carty as Phelan and McCarty. There are probably some also recorded as McCarthy. Your ancestors are connected to many of the pioneer families in this area, many of whom left after a generation or two to go to the new frontier in Renfrew County or to the U.S. -- especially to Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota; There is a page for the Bonfields (usually spelled with one "n"). Some of them also went to Renfrew County. If it's OK with you, I'd like to start a new page on our web site for John and Clara (Carty) Whelan. Hopefully some of our readers will have further info for us. Let me know if this is OK with you. Many of the surnames you mention came from the Cork and Tipperary areas in Ireland. I'll also have a look for this info for John Whelan and Clara Carty. Thanks again. ... Al Lewis ________________________ Hi Al, Thank you for your response. I would appreciate it very much to have our family history posted on your website. I have information, sometimes only the names, of the children of Andrew, Peter, Christopher and James. In some instances, I have the children's spouse's names and their children and the spouse's family history. Except for direct lines from Peter and Christopher, my information doesn't go further than four generations, however. I found Jill Kennedy, on your website, who is researching Peter and Elizabeth (Bonnfield) Whelan. As I understand her posting, she's only discovered, not too long ago, that these are the names of the parents of her ancestress, Clara (Whelan) Grace. I've sent her an email, only today, and am waiting for a reply. After spending quite a bit of time reading, I think that the 100th Regiment (Prince Regent's County of Dublin Regiment) may be a likely regiment for my ggg grandfather, John Whelan, to have been in. Did the families sail with the soldiers or do I need to find out when Clara (Carty) Whelan sailed from Ireland with their two sons? Thank you Al, Karen ____________________ Karen: Here is an early record from Huntley Township: 21 Feb 1836 Huntley Baptism of Susanna, born 7 Dec 1835 of the marriage of Walter Stephenson / Stenson? and Catherine Doyle Godparents: Christopher Whelan & Clara Carty Source: Ellen Paul
March 10, 2006: Thanks to Don Shannon for the following: Descendants of Andrew Whelan Generation No. 1 1. Andrew1 Whelan (JohnA)1 was born Abt. 1806 in Ireland. He married Bridget McGrath 28 October 1830 in St. John the Baptist Church, Perth, Ontario. More About Andrew Whelan: Residence: 1881, Allumette Island, Pontiac Co. Ontario More About Andrew Whelan and Bridget McGrath: Marriage: 28 October 1830, St. John the Baptist Church, Perth, Ontario Child of Andrew Whelan and Bridget McGrath is: 2 i. Margaret Emilie Whelan. She married Thomas Butler 09 June 1886 in St. Alphonsus Church, Chapeau, Allumette Island, Pontiac Co. Quebec. More About Thomas Butler and Margaret Whelan: Marriage: 09 June 1886, St. Alphonsus Church, Chapeau, Allumette Island, Pontiac Co. Quebec4 Endnotes: 1. Internet, (Family research papers), "Electronic," http://www.bytown.net/whelan.htm. 2. Internet, (Family research papers), "Electronic," http://www.bytown.net/whelan.htm. 3. Internet, (Family research papers), "Electronic," http://www.bytown.net/whelan.htm. 4. Mariages du Comte de Pontiac 1836 - 1973, Pontiac County, Quebec Catholic Church Marriages 1836-1973, (Quinton Publications - 24 Delta Drive Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860), #1300 p.68. ... Don Shannon donbari@personainternet.com

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