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New July 27, 2021:

Title: Passage to the Sea - the Story of Canada Steamship Lines New Book Today Author: Edgar Andrew Collard Quantity: 1 ISBN: 9780385251686 Binding: Hardcover

July 25, 2021: Updated our major page which lists and shows the many steamboats which we have found so far.

July 14, 2021:

If you are unfamiliar with the details of the Steamship industry in the 1800's, watch the following PBS video called Steamboats on the Red, 26 minutes well spent. ... Al steamboatsontheredlogo This is the beginning of some work I'll be doing on the steamboat / steamer industry in Upper Canada and Lower Canada in the geographic area from Montreal to Bytown (Ottawa) to Kingston. May 17, 2021: Appearance of the Dam at Hog's Back After the Breach Took Place on April 3, 1829 May 18, 2021: Appearance of the Dam at Hog's Back After the Breach has been repaired, October 18, 1832 May 19, 2021: Added a photo of the Culbute Canal at Allumette Island in 1873 on the Ottawa River. May 20, 2021: The Rideau Canal, Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario, Canada, History and Genealogy -- A UNESCO World Heritage Site May 21, 2021: May 23, 2021: Deterioration of the Carillon Canal, 1834-1870 May 25, 2021: Added a schematic blueprint drawing of the Tug Boat Loretta built in 1907. May 26, 2021: St. Catharines Ontario and Welland Canal History May 27, 2021: Dickinson's Passage and Freight Lines on the Rideau System Advertizes for their Steamers and Barges. May 28, 2021: Added a photograph of the steam tug Agnes P along with a barge under date of May 28 on our "Steamer Page". (search for May 28) May 29, 2021: Added a new web page for Robert Drummond, a major contractor on the Rideau Canal, beginning in the 1820's. May 30, 2021: Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada -- Early History and Pioneers - also Rideau Ferry (was Oliver's Ferry) and Poonamalie May 31, 2021: Voyageurs stop at Ste. Anne's Lock before their long trips to the pays d'en haut. June 1, 2021: A Picture of Rideau Falls in New Edinburgh in 1864 (from Library and Archives Canada) June 2, 2021: The Long Dock at Grosse Isle, Quebec June 3, 2021: Added a new Birds-eye view of Bytown before 1855 to our main web page. June 4, 2021:

Updated our steamer.htm web page today. June 5, 2021: Added a story about a trip by the local Masons from Perth to the Tay Canal in 1904. June 6, 2021: Added a historical introduction to North American steamboats to our web page at www.bytown.net.steamer.htm. June 7, 2021: Fishing in Eastern Ontario and western Quebec -- in the good old days June 9, 2021: The Tug Boat Ranger built in Kingston in 1888 (Ontario Archives) June 10, 2021: This is Italian History Week in Ottawa, Canada. Here is our Italian History web page from my main web site. June 15, 2021: Dutch Robot Boats to be used on Canals June 16, 2021: Long Island Locks, Chapman's Mills, Dawson's Chapel and Black Rapids, all within the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada June 17, 2021: Traditional Birch Bark Canoe Builders in Canada - The Barriere Nation Cree Band at Rapid Lake, Quebec and the Algonquin Nation Band at Maniwaki, Quebec and also at Golden Lake (Pikwakanagan), Ontario June 21, 2021: The Steamer Mayflower Sinks on Lake Kamaniskeg (near Algonquin Park, Ontario) in 1912 with loss of 9 lives June 24, 2021 Steam Boat Tenders called by the British Government in 1849 for three steam tugs to be used between Lake St. Louis and Prescott on the St. Lawrence River. June 25, 2021: Kingston Mills Work on Dam - Features steamer Pumper in a painting by Thomas Burrowes. June 26, 2021: Downtown Merrickville on the Rideau Canal, watercolour by J. P. Cockburn June 27, 2021: An Introduction to the St. Lawrence Canal System July 4, 2021: Happy Birthday, USA: July 5, 2021: Visit of the Prince of Wales in 1860 to the Lumberman's Regatta July 11, 2021: The Welland Canal Added more info to the Welland Canal web page. July 13, 2021: Here is a link to a very good 26 minute film by PBS called "Steamboats on the Red". https://www.pbs.org/video/steamboats-on-the-red-h3hhah/ July 15, 2021: Robert Drummond: Contractor on the Rideau Canal in 1833. July 16, 2021: Ottawa Canada area Steamboats - Chronology, Physical Characteristics and Entrepreneurs, 1807-1910


July 18, 2021: Ottawa Canada area Steamboats - Added a new Text Book Chronology, Physical Characteristics and Entrepreneurs, 1807-1910
May 14, 2021: Added a long quotation by John McTaggart regarding Malaria on the Rideau Canal. May 12, 2021: Parliament Buildings under Construction, c. 1862 (photograph from the headlocks) May 11, 2021: Added a text block explaining the background story to the Vaudreuil and Ste. Annes Locks. May 10, 2021: Chaudiere Falls and Mill Site - Added a picture by John Burrows from c. 1830 May 9, 2021: Added a portrait of Colonel John By before he came to Bytown / Ottawa. May 8, 2021: The Block House at Merrickville in 1839 May 6, 2021: Added two new photographs of the steamboat Ottawan in downtown Ottawa, early 1900's. May 6, 2021: Also added a picture of an early palace steamer - the Rideau Belle May 5, 2021: Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada -- Early History and Pioneers May 3, 2021: The Colonel William Merrick House and the Mr. William Pearson House, early 1900's - Merrickville on the Rideau Canal May 2, 2021: Picture from 1827 of Kingston, Upper Canada. April 30, 2021: Added a 1912 photograph of the steamer Ottawan in the locks in downtown Ottawa. April 29, 2021: Colonel John By - Chief Engineer on building the Rideau Canal April 28, 2021: Added a picture of a Lumber Barge in St. Anne's Lock to our St. Anne's Canal web page. April 27, 2021: Added a picture of the Victoria Bridge in Montreal, opened in 1859. April 23, 2021: I have just added two pictures showing the development of the Lachine Canal area between c. 1830 and c. 1880.

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