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I have retired from doing genealogical research and don't have time to answer inquiries! Sorry! However, the web site will still be available for researchers and historical content will be added most days.

I plan on not doing any more genealogical research and instead will be adding many old pictures to the web site. Although the quality of some of the old pictures is not great, I think they are worth saving in a central place for their historical value. New pictures will be added daily. ... Al ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ March 5, 2021: Yet another picture of Hog's Back. This one is a photograph from 1892, showing houses on the south-east side of the Falls. March 4, 2021: We have a new picture called "A Steamer on the Lower Ottawa". March 3, 2021: I have added a new web page with a large picture of Ste. Anne's Canal and Lock on the Ottawa and St. Lawrence River systems. March 2, 2021: Text and two pictures about the Lachine Canal and Locks. Canoe Festival in Downtown Ottawa in 1980, at the National Arts Center. Large photograph at the bottom of the web page. March 1, 2021: Added a picture showing Quyon, Quebec (in Pontiac County), from the Chats Falls. Added a large picture of the Falls at Calumet Island in the Ottawa River. February 28, 2021: Added a picture of a timber boom at Fitzroy Harbour. February 27, 2021: Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal from St. Urbain Street Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, Royal Mail Delivery by Dog Sled in 1883. February 26, 2021: Added two new web pages today illustrating the Urban Artwork by William Henry Bartlett during his two years in Canada. 1) The Cathedral in Montreal 2) The Toronto Fish Market Both of these pages run off the bottom of our Art History web page. February 25, 2021: 1) Re-wrote the first three pages of our Rideau Canal web section. Two of the three pages are new and provide better background material. 2) Added a picture by Manly of a timber slide to our Chaudiere Falls web page. 3) Lumbering at Aylen Lake, Algonquin Park 4) Wigwams in a thick forest in the Eastern Townships February 24, 2021: 1) Added a web page for first contact of the Weskarini (Algonquin) Tribe at the Petite Nation. 2) The View from the Summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain in the Eastern Townships. 3) Sternwheeler steam engine able to travel on the St. Lawrence Rapids. 4) Added a painting of McKay Lake in New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Canada. February 23, 2021: February is Black History Month. See our web page for Black History in the Ottawa, Canada area. February 22, 2021: 1) Well, here we go again! Thomas Burrowes has another painting - he did more good work around Bytown than any other artist and most historians. This one is called "Residence of Capt. P. Cole, W. Eng. the officer in charge at Isthmus during construction of the works from 1830 to 1832", by Thomas Burrowes. Look for February 22, 2021: in the middle of the page. 2) We have had quite a bit of First Nations history on this web site -- now we are pushing this topic a little further back to try and add some information regarding first contact among the Algonquin Nation. February 21, 2021: Added a painting showing the "Isthmus" on the Rideau Canal where malaria was rampant in 1828. February 20, 2021: We have added an aerial photo showing the Hog's Back / Mooney's Bay area. This photo shows five high-rise apartment buildings there. Also on that web page there is a map showing the names of many canal workers who were still there in 1847, between Hogs Back and Dow's Lake. February 19, 2021: Count Frontenac Arrives at Cataraqui (Kingston, Ontario) in 1673. Here is the first picture (1783) showing what was left of Fort Frontenac in 1783. February 18, 2021: 1) Another painting by Thomas Burrowes, this one from August, 1828 at the Tay River in Perth, later the Tay Canal. 2) Westport Village painted by Thomas Burrowes, c. 1830 February 17, 2021: Most of the immigrants to Upper Canada before 1830 came through Quebec and then through the Lachine Canal to the Ottawa River. After 1851 the St. Lawrence canals were completed and could be used by steamboats to travel up the St. Lawrence River to gain access to western Upper Canada. A couple of fare schedules, one for persons and one for freight, show how it was then possible for immigrants with their oxen, pianos, potash, etc. to travel to Kingston, Toronto, back to Montreal. See fares and freight rates at the bottom of this page. February 16, 2021: We have added a new photograph of the steamer Olive in 1891 to our steamer web page and to our Long Island web page. February 15, 2021: Added a photograph by Parks Canada to our Old Slys Locks on the Rideau Canal web page. February 14, 2021: Here are two labourers who arrived in Bytown in 1827 and worked at repairing a bridge at Chaudiere Falls and the next year worked at repairing the breach in the large dam at Hog's Back. February 13, 2021: Added a large photo which shows the first six locks going back from Entrance Bay on the Ottawa River up to Wellington Street. The building opposite the third lock, on the left is the long gone Commissary Building. The building on the right side of the canal is the home of the Historical Society of Ottawa Museum and it is the oldest building in Ottawa. February 12, 2021: Added pictures of two steamboats, the Sport and the D.C. West. Also added two pictures by W.H. Bartlett - two scenes from the Eastern Townships. February 11, 2021: 1) Added a painting of Rideau Falls, c. 1845, by Thomas Burrowes. Also a picture from 1981 of the home previously lived in by Thomas Burrowes in Kingston. 2) Added a watercolour painting of the falls at New Edinburgh by Thomas Burrowes. February 10, 2021: 1) Bradish Billings (from Billings Bridge) goes over Hog's Back Falls in a canoe with his wife and infant daughter. 2) We have added pictures of two very early Scottish Baptist churches to our main Scots History web page. 3) In 1943, Stormont Township financed the ship HMCS Stormont to serve in WWII. February 9, 2021: 1) Added two paintings by Bartlett to our First Nations web page. 2) Added a picture to our web page for Jean Baptiste St. Louis who built a dam at Rideau Falls in 1830. 3) In 1838, Thomas Mckay bought this dam from Jean Baptiste St. Louis. February 8, 2021: 1) A crowd gathers to watch the floodwaters around the Chinese Laundry in Merrickville in 1885. (A crowd can be two persons who are not related!) 2) A photograph of the mill built by William Merrick. The photo is from c. 1896. 3) A painting dated 1832 of Rideau Ferry by John Burrows. February 7, 2021: 1) History and Geography at Allumette Island, west of Ottawa. 2) Photo of the broad-gauge train which carried passengers between Carillon and Grenville beginning in 1854, east of Ottawa. Bottom of the page. February 6, 2021: 1) Here is a painting of the Cedar Rapids Village (c. 1838), where the St. Lawrence Seaway is today. Look for on the page. 2) Maurice SHANE and Anne BYRNES, County Wexford, Ireland to North Plantagenet Township in 1817 February 5, 2021: The Eastern Townships in Quebec. Added a picture of the Richelieu River exiting Lake Mephremagog. February 4, 2021: Added a short biography of the painter W.H. Bartlett, 1809-1854. February 3, 2021: There is a new painting, again by William Henry Bartlett, showing the junction of the Ottawa and the St. Lawrence Rivers. This junction was critical in the steamboat triangular route from Montreal to Bytown to Kingston to Montreal. February 2, 2021: We have added a painting by W.H. Bartlett which shows the large nets which were used to almost fish out many lakes in the early days. February 1, 2021: Added the painting "Canoe Building at Papper's Island" to our Chaudiere Falls web page. The painting shows a group of First Nations men building a freighter canoe. January 14, 2021: Port Arthur (the Lakehead), added two pictures, one of the steamer "Butcher's Boy", 1883, and one of the Nipigon River, 1870 January 13, 2021: 1) A Watercolour by Philip Boyce of winter recreation on the Mississippi River at Almonte. 2) Added a photograph of several lumberjacks in the Gatineau Valley to both our Lumbering web page and to our Photographers / Photography web page. January 12, 2021: 1) Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada -- Early History and Pioneers -- added a photograph of the Electric Power Building on the Rideau Canal 2) Added a photograph from c. 1897 of the Smiths Falls Electric Power House at Old Sly's Lock. Same picture as above. 3) Added another month (October 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020) to this present web page. Just scroll down to get there. January 11, 2021: Added a photograph of the mill owned by Captain Joshua Adams at Perth, c. 1895. January 10, 2021: 1) Thomas Burrowes painted, in the 1840's, a picture from the Long Island and facing south along the "Long Reach". 2) Lumbering in the Ottawa and Gatineau Valleys, Ontario and Quebec, Canada - Added a pointer boat on the Gatineau River. Seven men aboard and the word "fernenst" included in the caption. I think that "fernenst" must be an old Irish word. It means "up against" as in the axe is fernenst the woodpile. I never heard anyone use it unless they had been born in the late 1800's. January 9, 2021: Many families emigrated from Upper Canada to Kansas and Nebraska in the mid nineteenth century. January 8, 2021: A painting and text describing Old Sly's Lock on the Rideau Canal, 1840's. January 7, 2021: Ottawa Canada area Steamboats -- Chronology, Physical Characteristics and Entrepreneurs, 1807-1910 January 6, 2021: (1) The caption on this log states that it had to be blown up with dynamite in order to cut it up. (2) Kyle Betit shared a post: 150th anniversary of the Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland. On 1 January 1871 the Church of Ireland, following the passing of the Irish Church Act in 1869, became a separate entity from the Church of England and from the state. January 5, 2021: (1)David Thompson from Wales, joined the Hudson's Bay Company at age 14 and explored his way out to British Columbia. He worked at fur trading, surveying and exploring during his life and retired to Glengarry County, Upper Canada. (2)About forty loggers at a lumber shanty north of Ottawa in May of 1916 January 4, 2021: Starting to add steam boats which could travel on the St. Lawrence River, in addition to on the Ottawa River and on the Rideau Canal. Added a photo of the steamer Prince running the Long Sault Rapids west of Cornwall. January 3, 2021: Drummond Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada -- Early Settlement and History Added a photograph symbolizing the shift from wheat to dairy farming in Lanark County in the late 1800's. January 2, 2021: Historical Commercial and Industrial Development in and around the City of Ottawa, Canada, 1800's January 1, 2021: The Rideau Canal, Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario, Canada -- A UNESCO World Heritage Site Added an 1830 painting of Maitland's Rapids and Kilmarnock by James Pattison Cockburn December 31, 2020: Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, Now part of Thunder Bay. Added two photographs of the waterfront in the 1880's. December 30, 2020: The Steamboat Algoma on Lake Superior in 1870. December 29, 2020: Lieutenant Colonel John BY, R.E., 1783-1836, Founder of the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada December 29, 2020: Restored the month of November 2020 (November 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020) to this web page. December 28, 2020: Added a photograph of the flight of locks at Merrickville December 27, 2020: Long Island Locks, Chapman's Mills, Dawson's Chapel and Black Rapids, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Added a photograph of the Locks at Long Island, facing east from the large curved dam. December 26, 2020: Added a photo of Cranberry Lake where the worst malaria epidemic occurred in 1828 during Rideau Canal Construction. December 25, 2020: The Rideau Canal - A UNESCO World Site - Added a photograph from the heart of Ottawa. December 25, 2020: Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada -- Early Settlement and History -- Added a photograph of the Mill of Kintail. Originally Baird's Mill, built by John Baird in 1830. December 24, 2020: Almonte, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada - History and Genealogy -- added a photograph of a stone bridge built by Scottish craftsmen, c. 1910 December 23, 2020: Protestant Churches in the Ottawa, Canada region in the 19th Century. Added photographs of two old Anglican churches west of Ottawa. December 22, 2020: Oliver's Ferry across the Big Rideau Lake, (now known as Rideau Ferry) December 21, 2020: 1) Distribution of Catholic Irish, Protestant Irish and Non-Irish Household Heads in Montague Townhip, 1861 2) Historical Commercial and Industrial Development in and around the City of Ottawa, Canada, 1800's December 20, 2020: A Watercolour by John Burrows of Burritt's Rapids on the Rideau System in the 1840's. Uploaded a picture of A.Y. Jackson's 1939 painting of Grace Lake in Algoma. Also added a 2008 photograph of Grace Lake taken from the same vantage point. Added two photographs of the town of Perth. December 19, 2020: The Tow Path along the Tay Canal. Look for the "horse with the buggy behind!" Also added a picture of John Haggart, Jr. to our Tay Canal Web Page December 18, 2020: If you are going to Bytown from Montreal, take the stagecoach from centertown Montreal to the Lachine Canal. If you are in Perth and need a new pair of shoes, visit the Perth Brown Shoe Company. December 17, 2020: The Tay Canal runs from Perth, Ontario and joins the Rideau Canal at the Big Rideau Lake. December 16, 2020: 1) The Lachine Canal - Gateway to Upper Canada and points west 2) Merrickville and Burritts Rapids - History and Genealogy December 15, 2020: Archives of Protestant Churches in the Ottawa, Canada region December 14, 2020: Added a Painting by James Pattison Cockburn: My Canoe Portage at Smiths Falls, Upper Canada, circa 1830 December 13, 2020: 1) A Plank Hip-roof barn (six stories high) under construction in 1913 in Horton Township 2) A Map showing Ethnic and Religious origins of residents of Horton Township in the 1851 census. The following ethnic / religious groups are plotted on the map: English, Irish Protestant, American, Scottish, Irish Catholic, French Canadian This wraps up Horton Township !! December 12, 2020: The Ottawa Curling Club Through the Years (Ontario, Canada), Also, Allan Gilmour, lumberer, 1816-1895. Three steamers refueling with logs at Farrell's Landing, west of Ottawa December 11, 2020: Buckingham, Quebec. Added some text blocks describing the important role of the Maclaren family in the Ottawa Valley. A round barn, built in Horton Township in 1884 (only one other one of them at the time in Ontario). December 10 , 2020: Horse helping to harvest tall tobacco plants. Black Rapids and its Lock on the Rideau Canal System in Ottawa. An 1830 painting by Thomas Burrowes. Top of Page. December 9, 2020: Added new pictures to our steamer background page. Added a photo of the first chute of the Bonnechere River to our Eganville page. December 8, 2020: Horton Township, between Arnprior and Renfrew, had the longest steamboat on the Ottawa River and many creative persons who were ahead of their time with early inventions. See our sportshistory web page. The North Horton hockey team in 1929-30. December 7, 2020: 1) Augsburg is a reference to the Lutheran Church and is close to the German Community in Eganville, Ontario, Canada. 2) Also added photographs of two Lutheran Churches in Augsburg to the above web page. 3) Eganville.htm - Added a link to the Augsburg Lutheran community near Eganville. December 6, 2020: 1) The Glebe: Ottawa's first suburb. Added a photo of Francis Clemow, Senator, Immigration Agent. 2) The Opeongo Line / Opeongo Road in Renfrew County started at Farrell's Landing on the Ottawa River. December 5, 2020: 1) Early ferries across the Ottawa River and the Nation River. Includes a footnote explaining the difference between a "Steam Boat" and a "Team Boat". 2) The fur trade in Canada -- added two new photographs, Simon McTavish and Sir Alexander Mackenzie to the top of the page. December 4, 2020: 1) British Home Children in Canada, 1869-1930 - In the Ottawa, Ontario / Gatineau, Quebec Region 2) Pontiac and Pacific Junction Railway Engine at Quyon in 1893 3) Lumbering Industry - Sorting Timber on the Ottawa River December 3, 2020: Chaudiere Falls, 1821-23 - Added a painting by Charles Ramus Forrest from a sketch by John Elliott Woolford (for Lord Dalhousie). December 2, 2020: Added a photograph of Superintendent William Marshall to our Fitzroy Topography page. Andrew Dickson was the pioneer sheriff of Pakenham. Ottawa Canada area Steamboats - Chronology, Physical Characteristics and Entrepreneurs, 1807-1910 December 1, 2020: 1) Rideau Falls in New Edinburgh, c. 1880, showing the "Curtain" Effect of the falls. 2) The Dufferin Bridge Under Construction in 1874, also shows the Rideau Canal Lay By. November 30, 2020: 1) Ferry Belonging to Johnny MacIntosh at Norway Bay in 1872 2) Picture of the First Mine at Bristol Mines in Pontiac, Quebec. 3) A Pointer Boat with six Oarsmen working in tandem. November 29, 2020: 1) Added a table of the place of origin of Scottish immigrants to Glengarry County in 1785. This table includes names, by age and sex. 2) Golden Anniversary of Richard Edey and Mary Wyman from Pontiac County in 1891. November 28, 2020: 1) Ordered this book on November 9, 2020 -- Steamboat Connections: Montreal to Upper Canada, 1816-1843, By Frank Mackey, McGill-Queen's University Press, ISBN 0-7735-2055-4, 2000. Book arrived on November 27, 2020. Hardcover. For use with the web page www.bytown.net/steamer.htm 2) The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada, 1784-1855 - Added a table of Scots who arrived in Perth in 1818. The table has names of settlers, along with geographical origins of settlers and the profession of each individual. November 27, 2020: The Reverend William Bell was one of the strongest Presbyterian Ministers in Upper Canada. He served for forty years in Perth, Upper Canada. Bishop Alexander MacDonell served in Glengarry County at St. Raphael's. The ruins are still there. November 26, 2020: Suspension Bridge over the Chaudiere Falls, designed by Samuel Keefer. Scottish Immigration to Glengarry County, Upper Canada - including my Great Grandmother, Ann Robb, who came from Aberdeenshire. November 25, 2020: 1) Original Lock Number One of the Carillon Military Canal, Argenteuil County 2) Emigration from Scotland to the Ottawa, Canada area in the 1800's - Added a photo of members of the Royal Montreal Golf Club in 1882, (Scots) 3) Sussex Drive in Ottawa, Canada -- A Mile of History - Added a photograph of skaters on the pond at Government House November 24, 2020: 1) The Canadian Dictionary of Biography link has been added to our Ninth Earl of Dalhousie web page. 2) Chaudiere Falls - added a Sepia painting by John Crawford Young of the bridge built in 1827. 3) Added a picture of a fully laden barge to our Steamboat web page. November 23, 2020: 1) Sir George Ramsay, the Ninth Earl of Dalhousie, 1770-1838. Started a new web page for this man who played an important role in the early history of Bytown and Upper Canada. November 22, 2020: 1) The Rideau Canal, A UNESCO World Heritage Site - Added a very comprehensive painting of Entrance Bay by W.H. Bartlett. 2) Chaudiere Falls, A picture from wilderness times. 3) The Tay Canal. Added a picture of the Dredge Rideau to the bottom of the page. November 21, 2020: 1) Fort Temiskaming, an early fur trade post. Added a picture of a Hudson's Bay Canoe with twelve persons aboard. 2) The Towns of Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill and the Carillon Dam and Canal. Added two photos to the bottom of the page. November 20, 2020: 1) Westport, Ontario, Canada -- Early Settlement and Genealogy, two paintings by Thomas Burrowes added to the page. 2) The Tug Boat Agnes-P in the Tay Canal Basin at Perth to the bottom of the page. 3) Fort William, Ontario, Canada, 1881 Census of Residents - added an early painting of the fort (Hudson's Bay Company post originally was called Fort Kaministiquia) 4) Added a new text block concerning the Loretta to the next page. November 19, 2020: 1) The wooden tug boat the Shanly, seems to have come out of service in 1907. 2) The Steel Tug Boat Loretta at Hartwell's Lock with skipper Mike Egan and a crew of six men. November 18, 2020: 1) Annual removal of the accumulated weed growth from the Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa. 2) Removal of the weed growth from the Rideau Canal with an experimental cutter in 1963. November 17, 2020: 1) Merrickville and Burritts Rapids - The steam boat Ottawan travels through the lock at Merrickville 2) A lock master at Long Island - Mr. C.J. Curry November 16, 2020: Luxury Travel on the Rideau Canal - The Rideau Queen - "the Zenith of Rideau Steamboating". November 15, 2020: Added two photographs to our lumbering page: 1) A picture of the Perley and Pattee Sawmill in 1872 2. A dangerous Log Jam on the Montreal River November 14, 2020: Added a large sepia painting by James Pattison Cockburn from 1823 and given to Lady Dalhousie. November 13, 2020: Added three photos together to one page today: Photo of Central Park off Bank Street in Ottawa and photos of two City Halls. November 12, 2020: 1) Picture of the stately Ottawa City Hall on Elgin Street, 1875-1931 2) The lumber industry in the Ottawa Valley - added a photograph from 1871 of lumbermen skidding logs November 11, 2020: 1) Some traditional Birch Bark Canoes in Canada 2) Historic Canoe Routes in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, area -- Day Trips November 10, 2020: Added a photograph of the Russell House Hotel which was located downtown where Confederation Square is today. November 9, 2020: Lieutenant Colonel John BY, R.E., 1783-1836, Founder of the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada November 8, 2020: 1) Baskin's Beach and Twelve Mile Island, Ottawa River, Canada, a historical place on the Ottawa River 2) McKay Thomas -- founder of New Edinburgh. Added two pictures, 1845, of the subdivision from the water. November 7, 2020: William CLEGG and Catharine McDUFF - William Clegg worked for Colonel By and painted some of the Rideau Canal lockstations including the one at Jones Falls. November 6, 2020: 1) Rideau Falls, photo of man with top hat sitting over the falls. 2) Pooley's Bridge at LeBreton Flats, built in 1827. November 5, 2020: 1) First Nations History in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Area - Added a painting showing Champlain and Brule meeting some First Nations folks. 2) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: -- Uppertown / Parliament Hill -- Development of a Water Access System November 4, 2020: 1) Painting of the Hospital on Barrack Hill in 1853. This was where the Confederation Building is now, NW Wellington at Bank. 2) A Settler's Log House on Lac Chaudiere (now Lac Deschenes) November 3, 2020: 1) Lumbering in the Ottawa and Gatineau Valleys - a terrific painting of lumbermen working in the bush in the winter. Cutting massive logs. 2) Daniel O'CONNOR and Margaret POWER, Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland to Bytown (O'Connor Street in Ottawa). New text data near the bottom of this page under date of November 3, 2020. 3) Captain Thomas Burrowes: Added a text file dated 1826 to near the bottom of the page. November 2, 2020: The Prince of Wales rides the timber slide at Chaudiere Falls in 1860. November 1, 2020: Her Majesty's Theatre on Wellington Street in downtown Ottawa, Canada October 31, 2020: 1) Lieutenant Colonel John BY, R.E., 1783-1836, added an 1841 painting of his home in Bytown painted by P.J. Bainbrigge 2) I am becoming very interested in early artists / painters in Bytown. We have many paintings by Thomas Burrowes throughout the web site. There was also a painter named John Burrows who has inadvertently donated some pictures to our site. Here is some information about John Burrows. October 30, 2020: 1) Philemon WRIGHT and his pioneer settlers from Woburn, Massachusetts, USA -- First settlers in the Ottawa / Hull / Gatineau area of Canada in 1800 In 1823, the first steamer, constructed by Philemon Wright, sailed from Hawkesbury to Hull. 2) The Rideau Canal, Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario, Canada -- A UNESCO World Heritage Site The Royal Engineer's Office (at the second lock of the Rideau Canal. A beautiful building replaced by a berm! October 29, 2020: Lowertown - Evolution of an Ottawa Neighbourhood. Added a new picture showing the view from Barrack's Hill in 1855. October 28, 2020: 1) History of an Ottawa, Ontario, Canada neighbourhood: -- Uppertown / Parliament Hill. Photograph from 1867 showing the Parliament Building Center Block before the great fire of 1900. October 28, 2020: 2) A 1946 photograph showing a working boat surrounded by logs with the Parliament Buildings in the background. October 27, 2020: Here is a photograph of construction in 1913 on Sussex Drive in downtown Ottawa. This street became one of the principal access points between Parliament Hill (the Prime Minister) and Rideau Hall (the Governor General). October 26, 2020: 1) Charles James ROWAN and Mary Ann FARRELL, County Sligo, Ireland to Bytown, Upper Canada, 1830's, Businessman, Land Speculator, Picture of Rowan's Hotel in the By Ward Market October 26, 2020: 2) The Big Rideau Lake is the summit between Ottawa and Kingston. Westport page joins the Upper Rideau Lake and the Big Rideau Lake. The first painting on our Westport web page today is of the Narrows Lock. October 25, 2020: Westport, Ontario, Canada -- Early Settlement and Genealogy -- Also Portland and Newboro in the Rideau Lakes. Added another (colour) painting by Thomas Burrowes, showing a birch bark canoe on the Upper Rideau Lake with Westport in the distance. October 24, 2020: The Rideau Canal, North Entrance in 1845, view from the Royal Engineers' Office, Bytown October 23, 2020: 1) Drawing of Mattawa and the Hudson's Bay Company Fort there by E. Roos. 2) Transcriptions from the Old Sandy Hill Cemetery (now McDonald Park), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -- since 1842 There are four denominations interred in this cemetery - Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, United / Methodist and Anglican. This cemetery preceded Beechwood (Protestant) and Notre Dame (Roman Catholics). October 22, 2020: 1) History of Chaudiere Falls and Lebreton Flats, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2) New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a Neighbourhood founded by Thomas McKAY October 21, 2020: Dumoine River Valley - including a drawing by Henry James Warre from August 1845 October 20, 2020: 1) First Nations and French Canadien Records from Lake of Two Mountains (Oka), 1721 to 1750. Includes a painting by P.M. Oleary / O'Leary, dated 1853. 2) Fitzroy Township and Chats Falls, Ontario, Canada - Painting by William Bartlett of the Portage on the Quebec side. October 19, 2020: Detailed 1831 map of Chaudiere Falls on the Ottawa River, showing bridges and islands - This map is a tracing of an ordnance map. Photograph of the Klock Family of Aylmer, Quebec, lumberers, factory owners, hoteliers and stock farmers. October 18, 2020: New map and picture for our Lake Temiskaming area web page. October 17, 2020: 1) First (and only) picture of the Laird McNab's first house on the Ottawa River near Arnprior. He brought settlers from Scotland to McNab Township. 2) Hull Iron Mine, later called the Forsyth Mine. A photograph from 1860. Exported iron ore to Cleveland, Ohio. October 16, 2020: I have created a rough new web page to receive some old paintings of the Lachine Canal and Lachine Rapids. Most of the settlers who travelled up the Ottawa River after 1832, passed through the Lachine Canal. We have two paintings on our new Lachine Canal web page. October 15, 2020: This 1845 map is from Sir William Logan's survey of the Ottawa River. It is from the book William E. Logan's 1845 Survey of the Upper Ottawa Valley, by Charles H. Smith and Ian Dyck, 2007, Canadian Museum of Civilization, ISBN 978-0-660-19662-6, page 90. October 14, 2020: Added a painting done c. 1821 by John Elliott Woolford called "Camp at the Entrance to the French River from Lake Huron". October 13, 2020: St. Patrick's Basilica, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - added a picture from 1869 October 12, 2020: We have added a photograph of the steamer Quinte Queen to the bottom of our steamer web page. This is from an article by Randy Boswell in yesterday's Ottawa Citizen. October 11, 2020: The Rideau Canal Showing Colonel By's House in Major Hills Park The Parliament Buildings from the north, post Confederation (1867) October 10, 2020: Archives of Protestant Churches in the Ottawa, Canada region: added a photograph of the Bytown Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1853. This early photograph is from the Topley Collection at Library and Archives Canada. October 9, 2020: Pioneer Families of Hull, Quebec and the Gatineau Valley, Quebec, Canada. Water-colour by Thomas Burrowes, "View of Hull in 1830". We have a web page which contains pictures of the early steam boats which travelled on the Ottawa River and on the Rideau Canal system. I have been looking for information which describes the early evolution of the use of steamers in the Ottawa area and have finally found it. October 8, 2020: Almonte, Ontario was originally called Shipman's Mills. We have a photograph of Daniel Shipman at the top of our Almonte web page. October 7, 2020: A photograph of the Rideau Canal Blockhouse at Kingston Mills. October 6, 2020: The Rideau Canal, Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario, Canada - Photograph of boats in the lock at Jones Falls October 5, 2020: Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada: Early Settlers, History and Geography - Picture of an early school, built in 1835 in Clarendon Township. October 4, 2020: Isaac FIRTH, Early Settler in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - his wife (Frances / Fanny) ran Mother Firth's Tavern. October 3, 2020: Added a photograph of a large group of Polish lumberjacks at their shanty in Renfrew County. October 2, 2020: Added a photograph of an early (1925) Fruit Peddler on Bank Street. Mr. Saul Tanner. October 1, 2020: Added two interesting old photographs to the Diary of Hugh Falls, Provincial Land Surveyor, who recorded his voyage to the Upper Ottawa River region during 1847. The two old photographs are near the bottom of the page under date of October 1, 2020.

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