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This is the beginning of some work I'll be doing on the steamboat / steamer industry in Upper Canada and Lower Canada in the 
geographic area from Montreal to Bytown (Ottawa) to Kingston.

May 17, 2021:
Appearance of the Dam at Hog's Back After the Breach Took Place on April 3, 1829

May 18, 2021:
Appearance of the Dam at Hog's Back After the Breach has been repaired, October 18, 1832

May 19, 2021:
Added a photo of the Culbute Canal at Allumette Island in 1873 on the Ottawa River.

May 20, 2021:
The Rideau Canal, Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario, Canada, History and Genealogy -- A UNESCO World Heritage Site

May 21, 2021:

May 23, 2021:
Deterioration of the Carillon Canal, 1834-1870

May 25, 2021:
Added a schematic blueprint drawing of the Tug Boat Loretta built in 1907.

May 26, 2021:
St. Catharines Ontario and Welland Canal History

May 27, 2021:
Dickinson's Passage and Freight Lines on the Rideau System Advertizes for their Steamers and Barges.

May 28, 2021:
Added a photograph of the steam tug Agnes P along with a barge under date of May 28 on our "Steamer Page". (search for May 28)

May 29, 2021:
Added a new web page for Robert Drummond, a major contractor on the Rideau Canal, beginning in the 1820's.

May 30, 2021:
Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada -- Early History and Pioneers - also Rideau Ferry (was Oliver's Ferry) and Poonamalie

May 31, 2021: 
Voyageurs stop at Ste. Anne's Lock before their long trips to the pays d'en haut.

June 1, 2021: 
A Picture of Rideau Falls in New Edinburgh in 1864 (from Library and Archives Canada)

June 2, 2021:
The Long Dock at Grosse Isle, Quebec

June 3, 2021:
Added a new Birds-eye view of Bytown before 1855 to our main web page.

June 4, 2021:

Updated our steamer.htm web page today. June 5, 2021: Added a story about a trip by the local Masons from Perth to the Tay Canal in 1904. June 6, 2021: Added a historical introduction to North American steamboats to our web page at www.bytown.net.steamer.htm. June 7, 2021: Fishing in Eastern Ontario and western Quebec -- in the good old days June 9, 2021: The Tug Boat Ranger built in Kingston in 1888 (Ontario Archives) June 10, 2021: This is Italian History Week in Ottawa, Canada. Here is our Italian History web page from my main web site. June 15, 2021: Dutch Robot Boats to be used on Canals June 16, 2021: Long Island Locks, Chapman's Mills, Dawson's Chapel and Black Rapids, all within the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New June 17, 2021:

Traditional Birch Bark Canoe Builders in Canada - The Barriere Nation Cree Band at Rapid Lake, Quebec and the Algonquin Nation Band at Maniwaki, Quebec and also at Golden Lake (Pikwakanagan), Ontario
May 14, 2021: Added a long quotation by John McTaggart regarding Malaria on the Rideau Canal. May 12, 2021: Parliament Buildings under Construction, c. 1862 (photograph from the headlocks) May 11, 2021: Added a text block explaining the background story to the Vaudreuil and Ste. Annes Locks. May 10, 2021: Chaudiere Falls and Mill Site - Added a picture by John Burrows from c. 1830 May 9, 2021: Added a portrait of Colonel John By before he came to Bytown / Ottawa. May 8, 2021: The Block House at Merrickville in 1839 May 6, 2021: Added two new photographs of the steamboat Ottawan in downtown Ottawa, early 1900's. May 6, 2021: Also added a picture of an early palace steamer - the Rideau Belle May 5, 2021: Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada -- Early History and Pioneers May 3, 2021: The Colonel William Merrick House and the Mr. William Pearson House, early 1900's - Merrickville on the Rideau Canal May 2, 2021: Picture from 1827 of Kingston, Upper Canada. April 30, 2021: Added a 1912 photograph of the steamer Ottawan in the locks in downtown Ottawa. April 29, 2021: Colonel John By - Chief Engineer on building the Rideau Canal April 28, 2021: Added a picture of a Lumber Barge in St. Anne's Lock to our St. Anne's Canal web page. April 27, 2021: Added a picture of the Victoria Bridge in Montreal, opened in 1859. April 23, 2021: I have just added two pictures showing the development of the Lachine Canal area between c. 1830 and c. 1880.

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