The WEBB and FARLEY families
Ireland to the Ottawa / Gatineau area, 1830's
Some later to Michigan and Wisconsin, USA

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New May 26, 2016:

 thank you for the quick reply. Here is some information on my Farley family:

 My great-grandfather on my mother's side was William James Farley born June 1870 in Canada. Some census 
 records say Canada East,  some Ottawa. My mother says she always heard he was born in Ottawa. I'm fairly 
 certain given family information and census  findings that his parents were James Farley  born Aug 1842 
 in Ireland, died ???. His parents might be John Farley and  Ann Brady (also seen Baillie).
 Mary Jane Webb (on census as Jane) born Jul 1842 in Ireland, died 23 Dec 1919 in Stambaugh, Iron, Michigan, USA. 
 Her parents might be George Webb and Elizabeth ??
 1910 Census shows Jane in MI with 3 sons. Status looks like "Divorced" otherwise it's the worst "Wd" I've seen. 
 (maybe "Widowed"?)

 James and Jane's children were (according to various census records in Wisconsin and Michigan):
 John b. Aug 1864-d. 1/19/1940
 James b. 1865
 Elizabeth A b. 1866-d. 10/12/32
 William James b June 1870
 Mary Jane b. 1872- d. 10/25/60
 George b. July 1874
 Johnston b. Oct 1879
 David b. 1880 - d. 6/20/1965
 Robert b. 11/28/1887-d. 2/28/1974

 From census records in the US James immigrated in 1857 and Jane in 1853. I don't know if that means they 
 came to the US  then or if they took the question to mean in general when did they immigrate. I can't 
 find any marriage record for them  in either USA or Canada. Most of their children (thru Johnston) are 
 listed in census data as being born in Canada East. Robert is noted later as being born in Michigan and 
 David in Wisconsin.

 In the Wisconsin 1880 census James, Mary Jane and family are shown as farmers. Two families up the page is a 
 John Farley with wife Elizabeth and children Margaret 12, James 10, Elizabeth Ann 6, and John J (Johnston?) 4. 
 They are also from Ireland and Canada East. I also find John and Elizabeth with sons John J  and Gilbert in 
 the same town in Michigan in 1900 as James and Jane.
 I can track these people in the US pretty well. It's the Canadian origins I'm struggling with.

 I've attached the only picture of William James I have. He is on the right with his son William Jr on the left. 
Webb and Farley families in Canada and the USA
I'm less certain about the Webb connections I've found. I suspect (Mary) Jane Webb is related to the Webbs of Masham. I have no real proof but I do see a George Webb born 1831 marrying a Margaret Farley born 1837 who is the same age as James Farley's sister Margaret. If the Farley's were in Ottawa / Canada East it's possible they are the same ones. On the other hand, Margaret and Farley are not uncommon names. One more thing: the Farley's were Protestant. I assume from the Ulster area. My great-grandfather William married an Irish Catholic girl from Michigan. It's family history that he was raised Protestant but never set foot in a church. Needless to say they were married by a judge not in a church. I have a copy of their marriage certificate. I'm curious about the "Johnston" name. Could that be a place name? Somewhere in Canada or Ireland? Let me know if you need any more. Thank you! Patrice P. _____________________________ Patrice: I remember some Webb and Farley family members as teenagers -- we attended the same High School in Ottawa in the 1960's. Possibly descendants or relatives. You mention both Canada East and Ottawa. Ottawa is the city on the South shore of the Ottawa River in Ontario. In the past, the original settlement was in a town named Hull, across the River, but now in the Province of Quebec. The County including Hull (now called Gatineau), was in Ottawa County to confuse us. Masham was / is in Ottawa County. Probably 20 miles north of the City of Ottawa. I'll have a look for your Webbs and Farleys. I believe that there is a connection (not sure how) to Philemon Wright.
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