William DOWNEY
County Clare ?, Ireland, to Gloucester Township, Ontario, Canada
(Downey Road)

ML# 465 ? on the McCabe List

October 23, 2001
    Just talked to Mike Daley today and discovered I have another branch to 
my growing family tree... My GGGgrandmother Bridget SLAVIN DOWNEY married 
Peter Skeffington after her husband William DOWNEY died. 
    According to Daley's info, Bridget SLAVIN DOWNEY brought 2 children to 
the marriage 1.) Michael and 2.) Ann DOWNEY (1836-1924). Ann married Patrick 
HARNEY (1832-1912).....  According to my family info there were three other 
children besides Michael and Ann : 3.) William (1832-1923), 4.) Mary m/ 
William Muldoon and 5.) Christopher who drowned as a young man.
    Also according to Daley, Peter Skeffington and Bridget Slavin Downey had 
four children: Bridget, Josephine, Peter and William.

    I have 2 deeds for property for 62.5 acres in South Gloucester east half Lot 30, Conc. 5.
    On Feb. 13, 1853 the property is deeded from Michael DOWNEY, heir at law 
to the late William Downey to William's widow, Bridget Downey for 5 
shillings. The deed is signed and witnessed by Robert MacFarlane.
    Another deed dated May 21, 1877 shows Bridget DOWNEY deeded the 62.5 
acres to her son William DOWNEY for $1 and with the stipulation that she 
remain on the property. It is witnessed by farmer John Redmond. (I am 
assuming Bridget Downey was ill at this time because she signed with an "x" 
although she was able to sign her full name in 1853.

I have a zillion questions... 
    When did Bridget Slaven Downey marry Peter Skeffington and does anyone 
have information on their four children?.
    I did not know a Michael Downey existed until I found the deed. Does 
anyone have information on him? Could he be the same Michael Downey who is 
listed as the son of James Downey and Bridget Donnelly?
    I also have been trying to link the elder William Downey who died prior 
to 1853 with early settler James Downey. I'm assuming they are brothers. 
(According to Ann 
Downey's obituary it claims her father was James Downey. I'm assuming this is 
wrong because the deed and Mike Daley's info prove otherwise.)
    I would appreciate any info anyone has!

    Val Olander

P.S.  Al -- I will copy and mail you the 2 deeds.

October 25, 2001 Hi Val and Howard: Here are some Downey records from my trip to the Archives today. These are transcriptions from Mariages de L'Outouais, (1829-1880) , Notre Dame The National Archives call number for this 5 volume set is: PAAP CS 88 08P7 Volume 4 Here ya go, original erratic spelling and all: 1. Helen Downey, d/o Cornelius Downey and Catherine Mahoney married William Evans / Nevins s/o Thomas Evans and Elizabeth McAndrew on Jan 30, 1855 2. John Downey, s/o Cornelius and Catherine (above) married Bridget Indric (sp.?) on May 9, 1842 3. Michael Downey, s/o William Downey and Mary Cary / Carey married, on Sep 16, 1846, Catherine Keating, d/o Patrick Keating and Honora Ryan 4. Patrick Downey, s/o Michael Downey and Mary Mecler married on Sep 16, 1846, Margaret Keating, d/o Patrick Keating and Honora Ryan (Note: 2 sisters married in double ceremony to 2 Downey's) 5. Helen, d/o James Downey and Bridget Donnelly, married on Feb 24, 1862, Alexander Richardson, widower of Mary Goodwin. 6. Catherine Downey, d/o Michael Downey and Mary Cavanagh married Richard Shannon on July 17, 1843. Richard was the son of Michael Shannon and Alice Tracey. 7. John Downey, s/o Cornelius Downey and Catherine Mahoney (see item 1, above), married on Sep. 18, 1853, Helen Stafford who was the widow of John Phelan (Whelan). 8. Mary Downey, parents not given, married Patrick Summers (is this the man from Gloucester?) on Oct 14, 1839. 9. Bridget Slaven / Slavin, widow of William Downey, married Peter Skeffington / Skiffington, on April 19, 1841 at Notre Dame. And here's one from St. Mary's Church, South Gloucester: (now called Our Lady of the Visitation). Birth: Catherine Skiffington, d/o Peter Skiffington and Bridget Slaven, born May 26, 1849, witnesses were Patrick Murray and Catherine McKenna. Presumably all records for Peter and Bridget are at South Gloucester after 1848. Note: We have the usual can of worms as to the spellings of names here, e.g., Shannon may be Shanahan, Evans may be Nevins, Cavanagh may be Kavanagh, etc. I also picked up some stuff on the Slaven folks which I will add later to their page under date of Oct 25, 2001... Al Also, on the McCabe List (1829) is listed a William Downey from "Rikinny", County Meath. All close relatives are in Canada, total 2 males, 3 females in family.

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