also the ALBERT family
and Patrick WATERS (Son of James WATERS and Isabelle KENNY)

March 16, 2015: (added new photo)

Here is a nice photo and painting of the Patrick Watters home in Barrhaven from the paper Nepean This Week.

Heritage Home of Patrick Waters / Watters, Ottawa, Canada
Thanks to Frank Watters for this major contribution on the WATTERS family: Descendants of Patrick Watters Generation No. 1 1. PATRICK WATTERS was born 1792 in Ireland, and died 9 January 1841 in Ottawa, Ont.. He married MARY COLLIGAN Unknown in Ireland. She was born 1809 in Ireland, and died 1897 in Ottawa, Ont. (Fallowfield). Children of PATRICK WATTERS and MARY COLLIGAN are: 2. i. JAMES2 WATTERS, b. 1827, Ireland; d. 22 July 1902, Fitzroy Harbour, On.. 3. ii. PETER WATTERS, b. 1829, Ireland; d. Unknown, Ottawa, Ont.. iii. MARY WATTERS, b. 1831, Ireland; d. Southmarch, Ont.; m. ANTOINE RICHARD. 4. iv. JANE WATTERS, b. 4 May 1836, Ottawa, Ont. (Nepean?). v. ANNE WATTERS, b. 1837; m. JAMES FERRIER. vi. JOHN WATTERS, b. 24 December 1838, Ottawa, Ont.. More About JOHN WATTERS: Fact 1: 29 April 1839, Baptized in Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa, Ont. Fact 2: Wit.: Honore Danis & Emilie Gariepy. Generation No. 2 2. JAMES2 WATTERS (PATRICK1) was born 1827 in Ireland, and died 22 July 1902 in Fitzroy Harbour, On.. He married ISABELLA KENNY 1849 in Canada. She was born 1826 in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Children of JAMES WATTERS and ISABELLA KENNY are: 5. i. MARY ANN3 WATTERS, b. 1846, Lower Canada (now the province of Quebec). 6. ii. PATRICK WATTERS, b. 1850, Nepean Township (now part of the City of Ottawa). iii. JAMES WATTERS, b. 20 November 1852, Aylmer, Quebec; d. 1863. More About JAMES WATTERS: Fact 1: Died in the epidemic- did not marry (the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 ?) 7. iv. PETER WATTERS, b. 3 March 1855, Nepean, Ont.; d. 27 April 1938. v. WILLIAM JAMES WATTERS, b. 1856. 8. vi. WILLIAM HENRY WATTERS, b. 12 June 1857, Ottawa, Ont. (March Township). vii. SARAH EMELINE WATTERS, b. 10 April 1859, Ottawa, Ont.; d. 1863. More About SARAH EMELINE WATTERS: Fact 1: 23 October 1859, Baptized in St. Patrick's, Ottawa, Ont. Fact 2: Sponsors: Daniel O'Grady & Mary Watters Fact 3: From March Township. viii. CHARLOTTE WATTERS, b. 1 January 1863, Southmarch, ont.. 3. PETER2 WATTERS (PATRICK1) was born 1829 in Ireland, and died Unknown in Ottawa, Ont.. He married MARGARET WHALEN 25 November 1851 in Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa, Ont., daughter of PATRICK WHALEN and BRIDGET MURPHY. She was born 1826 in March Township, Ont., and died 3 January 1897 in South March, Ont.. Children of PETER WATTERS and MARGARET WHALEN are: 9. i. JOHN3 WATTERS, b. 1852, Southmarch, Ont.; d. 1938, New Liskeard, Ont.. ii. MARY WATTERS, b. 1852, Southmarch, ont.. 10. iii. PATRICK WATTERS, b. 2 February 1854, Nepean, Ont.; d. 7 July 1924, Orleans, Ont.. 11. iv. JAMES WATTERS, b. 12 February 1856, Ottawa, Ont. (March Twp); d. 23 May 1917, SouthMarch, Ont. (buried in St Isidore Cemetery). v. MARGARET WATTERS, b. 26 September 1857, Ottawa, Ont.. 12. vi. PETER WATTERS, b. 16 May 1859, Nepean, Ont.; d. 10 January 1925, OrlEans, Ont.. 13. vii. MARY-ELIZABETH WATTERS, b. 1860, Fitzroy Harbour, Ont.; d. 1949, Ottawa, Ont.. viii. BRIDGET WATTERS, b. 18 February 1861, Southmarch, Ont.; m. THOMAS MEAGHER, 21 November 1893, Orleans, Ont.. ix. ANNE WATTERS, b. 17 May 1863, Southmarch, Ont.. 14. x. THOMAS WATTERS, b. 9 February 1865, Southmarch, Ont.; d. Ottawa, Ont.. 15. xi. ANDREW WATTERS, b. 15 March 1870, Southmarch, Ont.. 4. JANE2 WATTERS (PATRICK1) was born 4 May 1836 in Ottawa, Ont. (Nepean?). She married ANTHONY FLECK Unknown in ?. More About JANE WATTERS: Fact 1: 31 December 1836, Baptized in N. D. Basilica, Ottawa, Ont. Fact 2: Wit.:Ellen Barney Child of JANE WATTERS and ANTHONY FLECK is: i. MARY-JANE3 FLECK, b. 21 November 1855, March, Ottawa, Ont.1. Generation No. 3 5. MARY ANN3 WATTERS (JAMES2, PATRICK1) was born 1846 in Lower Canada. She married ERSKINE (GREGORY GRANT) MCINTOSH 1 October 1880 in CHRIST CHURCH, OTTAWA, ONT.(the Anglican Cathedral downtown). Children of MARY WATTERS and ERSKINE MCINTOSH are: i. GREGORY4 MCINTOSH. ii. CHRISTINE MCINTOSH, m. CHARLES WATT. 6. PATRICK3 WATTERS (JAMES2, PATRICK1) was born 1850 in Nepean. He married ANNE VAHEY 7 January 1878 in Southmarch, Ont.2, daughter of PATRICK VAHEY and MARY WILLIAMSON. She was born Bef. 1857. Children of PATRICK WATTERS and ANNE VAHEY are: i. ANNIE ISABEL4 WATTERS, m. TOM HICKEY, Sudbury, Ont.. ii. GREGORY WATTERS, m. BRIDGET SHEEDY, 28 June 1937, North Cobalt, Ont.. iii. MARK JOHN WATTERS, m. (1) MARY CATHERINE CANNON, 15 June 1921, New Liskeard, Ont.; m. (2) MARY SCOTT, 6 June 1923, New Liskeard, Ont.. iv. MARY WATTERS, m. ALBERT LARKIN, North Cobalt, Ont.. v. PATRICK HENRY WATTERS, b. 6 January 1879, Southmarch, On.2; m. JOHANNA MURDOCH, 13 June 1906, Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa, Ont.. vi. JOHN DAVID WATTERS, b. 28 June 1880, Southmarch, Ont.; m. MARIE ROSE LAJOIE, 28 June 1916, New Liskeard, Ont.; b. Montreal, P.Q.. vii. PETER JAMES WATTERS, b. 13 July 1882, Fitzroy Harbour, On.3; m. MAUDE LUNDRIGAN, 11 July 1905, Ville Marie, P. Q.. 7. PETER3 WATTERS (JAMES2, PATRICK1) was born 3 March 1855 in Nepean, Ont., and died 27 April 1938. He married ANNE ROBINSON 11 August 1884 in Fitzroy Harbour, On.4, daughter of WILLIAM ROBINSON and MARGARET RYAN. She was born 1859, and died 1 June 1926 in Fitzroy Harbour, On.. Children of PETER WATTERS and ANNE ROBINSON are: i. WILLIAM HENRY (BILL)4 WATTERS, b. 7 June 1885, Fitzroy Harbour, On.; m. CECILIA WHALEN, 29, June 1921, SouthMarch, On.; b. 6 January 1897, South March, Ont.. ii. JAMES WATTERS, b. 16 June 1886, Fitzroy Harbour, On.; d. 1964. More About JAMES WATTERS: Fact 1: Had half of lot 5, con. 4 in Nepean? iii. MARGARET WATTERS, b. 25 September 1887; m. JOSEPH MEARS, 5 September 1914, Torbolton Township Ont.. iv. MARY THERESA WATTERS, b. 7 March 1889; d. 1926; m. PATRICK JOHN WALSH, 1 August 1911, Torbolton Township Ont.5. v. RICHARD WATTERS, b. 1 February 1892; d. 1972; m. LOUISA MARGARET MCAULEY, 22 August 1916, North Onslow, Pontiac County, P.Q.6; d. 1969. vi. GENEVIEVE WATTERS, b. 16 February 1894, Corkery, Ont.; d. 26 August 1978, Ottawa, Ont.; m. JAMES CHARLES TRACEY, 21 September 1915, Fitzroy Harbour, On.; b. 17 January 1893; d. 7 November 1942, Ottawa, Ont... More About GENEVIEVE WATTERS: Fact 1: 1978, Buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont. vii. PETER DOMINIC WATTERS, b. 1 January 1897, Fitzroy Harbour, On.; d. 24 October 1961. viii. THOMAS JOSEPH WATTERS, b. 5 December 1898, Fitzroy Harbour, On.7; d. 17 January 1976; m. ISABELLA MULDOON, 8 June 1921, South March, Ont. (St. Isidore); b. 7 September 1894, Dunrobin (now part of Ottawa), Ont.. More About THOMAS JOSEPH WATTERS: Fact 1: Was born at Pinhey Cottage at Crown Point near Ottawa ix. MICHAEL JOHN WATTERS, b. 6 June 1901, St Michael, Fitzroy Harbour, Ont.,; d. 12 May 1971; m. ANNE MULDOON, 9 November 1938; b. Unknown; d. 14 May 1950. 8. WILLIAM HENRY3 WATTERS (JAMES2, PATRICK1) was born 12 June 1857 in Ottawa, Ont. (March Twp.). He married ELIZABETH TIGHE Bet. 1880 - 1885, daughter of JOHN TIGHE and ELIZABETH JOHNSTON. She was born 19 August 1867 in Metcalfe, Ontario (Osgoode Township) More About WILLIAM HENRY WATTERS: Fact 1: 26 July 1857, Baptized in St. Pat's, Ottawa,Ont. Children of WILLIAM WATTERS and ELIZABETH TIGH are: i. GORDON G.4 WATTERS. ii. PERCY WATTERS. iii. WILLIAM WATTERS, b. Abt. 1885. iv. JESSIE CHRISTINA WATTERS, b. 27 July 1887, Ottawa, Ont.; m. ERNEST PETERKIN. (see below, under date of January 9, 2003 ... Al) More About JESSIE CHRISTINA WATTERS: Fact 1: 28 August 1887, Baptised at St. Patrick's, downtown Ottawa, Ont. Fact 2: Wit.: Joseph Dumais & Mary Ann McCormack / McCormick v. GREGORY WATTERS, b. Abt. 1889. vi. LILLIAN WATTERS, b. Unknown; m. ERNEST DALEY, 10 October 1912, St. Brigid, Ottawa, Ont.; b. Unknown. 9. JOHN3 WATTERS (PETER2, PATRICK1) was born 1852 in Southmarch, Ont., and died 1938 in New Liskeard, Ont.. He married HONORA ANN ALBERT 13 September 1881 in Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa, Ont., daughter of SAMUEL ALBERT and HONORAH RYAN. She was born 21 June 1846 in Ottawa, Ont., and died 5 December 1916 in Ottawa, Ont.. Children of JOHN WATTERS and HONORA ALBERT are: i. JOHN ALBERT (JACK)4 WATTERS, b. 20 May 1882, Southmarch, Ont.; d. April 1934, North Bay, Ont.; m. (1) HONORA BROPHY, 25 September 1907, North Bay, Ont.; b. Abt. 1884, ?; d. 18 June 1918, North Bay, Ont.; m. (2) MARIE LAURA GRACIALA DESJARDINS, 4 November 1926, North Bay, Ont.; b. 22 September 1894, Montreal, Qc; d. 28 October 1979, North Bay, Ont.. ii. CHARLES EDWARD WATTERS, b. 19 March 1884, Southmarch, Ont.; d. Abt. 1927, New Liskeard, Ont.; m. (1) ELORA MARY O'SULLIVAN; b. 1889, Southmarch, Ont.; d. 26 December 1918, Ottawa, Ont.; m. (2) CATHERINE YOUNG, 7 January 1920, New Liskeard, Ont.8; b. Wolf Lake,; d. New Liskeard, Ont.. More About ELORA MARY O'SULLIVAN: Fact 1: Buried in St. Patrick cemetery, Fallowfield, Ottawa iii. EVA MAY WATTERS, b. 3 January 1886, SouthMarch, Ont.; d. 1 June 1962, Luskville, P. Q.; m. ROBERT FREDERICK BRADY, 15 July 1913, Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa, Ont.; b. 1882, Southmarch, Ont.; d. 9 September 1964, Luskville, P. Q.. More About ROBERT FREDERICK BRADY: Fact 1: Lived in Luskville when son Austin married. iv. ANNA MARIA WATTERS, b. 12 December 1887, Luskville, P. Q.; d. 31 March 1888, Luskville, P. Q.. v. PETER ALONZO WATTERS, b. 8 October 1889, Luskville, P. Q.; d. August 1948, North Bay, Ont.; m. BERNADETTE GREGOIRE, North Bay, Ont.; b. GrEgoire Mills, On.?; d. Abt. 1975, North Bay, Ont.. More About PETER ALONZO WATTERS: Fact 1: 20 November 1889, Baptized in Luskville, P. Q.. 10. PATRICK3 WATTERS (PETER2, PATRICK1) was born 2 February 1854 in Nepean, Ont., and died 7 July 1924 in Orleans, Ont.. He married MARY KELLY in Ottawa, Ont.. More About PATRICK WATTERS: Fact 1: 19 July 1924, Buried in cemetery in Orleans, Ont. Children of PATRICK WATTERS and MARY KELLY are: i. HOWARD WATTERS. ii. LAMBERT WATTERS. 11. JAMES3 WATTERS (PETER2, PATRICK1) was born 12 February 1856 in Ottawa, Ont. (March Twp), and died 23 May 1917 in SouthMarch, Ont. (buried in St Isidore Cemetary). He married MARGARET LAWLER. More About JAMES WATTERS: Fact 1: 1917, Buried in cemetery in Orleans, Ont. Fact 2: 22 April 1856, Baptised in St. Pat's, Ottawa, Ont. Fact 3: Sponsors: Daniel Leahy & Anne Watters Child of JAMES WATTERS and MARGARET LAWLER is: i. MARGARET MARY4 WATTERS, m. (1) PATRICK FLEMING; m. (2) FRANK HOGAN. 12. PETER3 WATTERS (PETER2, PATRICK1) was born 16 May 1859 in Nepean, Ont.9, and died 10 January 1925 in OrlEans, Ont.. He married MARGARET KELLY Abt. 1900. She was born Unknown, and died 25 January 1946 in Orleans, Ont.10. More About PETER WATTERS: Fact 1: 1925, Buried in cemetery in Orleans, Ont. Fact 2: 28 August 1859, Baptised in St. Pat's, Ottawa, Ont. Fact 3: Sponsors: John Whelan / Whalen & Mary Watters More About MARGARET KELLY: Fact 1: 28 January 1946, Buried in cemetery in Orleans, Ont. Children of PETER WATTERS and MARGARET KELLY are: i. LILLIAN4 WATTERS, b. Orleans, On.. ii. PETER STEPHEN WATTERS, b. 17 September 1900, OrlEans, On.; d. 4 October 1921, Orleans, Ont.11. More About PETER STEPHEN WATTERS: Fact 1: 6 October 1921, Buried in cemetery in Orleans, Ont. iii. GERTRUDE WATTERS, b. 13 March 1902, OrlEans, On.. iv. ETHEL WATTERS, b. 18 January 1904, Orleans, Ont.; d. 9 April 1995, Orleans, Ont.. v. MARGUERITE-LOYOLA WATTERS, b. 20 February 1907, OrlEans, On.; m. JAMES MCDONALD. 13. MARY-ELIZABETH3 WATTERS (PETER2, PATRICK1) was born 1860 in Fitzroy Harbour, Ont., and died 1949 in Ottawa, Ont.. She married DANIEL TEEVENS 25 November 1873 in Ottawa, Ont., son of THOMAS TEEVENS and SARAH REILLY. Children of MARY-ELIZABETH WATTERS and DANIEL TEEVENS are: i. ELIZABETH4 TEEVENS, m. FELIX NADON, 1 June 1904, OrlEans, On.12; b. 8 June 1873, OrlEans, On.. ii. LEONARD TEEVENS, m. M. O'DELL. iii. TESSIE TEEVENS, m. M. MORRISEY. iv. THOMAS TEEVENS. v. MARGARET TEEVENS, b. 1876; d. 15 November 1941, Ottawa, Ont.. More About MARGARET TEEVENS: Fact 1: Buried in Notre Dame Cemetary, Ottawa, Ont. vi. MINNIE TEEVENS, b. 9 May 1879, Fitzroy Harbour, On.; m. JIM KERNAHAN. vii. PETER TEEVENS, b. 9 May 1879, Fitzroy Harbour, On.. viii. BRIDGET AGNES TEEVENS, b. 9 April 1881, Fitzroy Harbour, On.; m. M. DUNNIGAN. ix. NELLIE TEVENS, b. 20 November 1881, Fitzroy Harbour, On.13; m. JERRY BEHAN. x. SARAH TEEVENS, b. 1887; d. 13 September 1935, Ottawa, Ont.. More About SARAH TEEVENS: Fact 1: Buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont. Section 20 xi. DANIEL JOHN TEEVENS, b. 1889. xii. MICHAEL JOSEPH TEEVENS, b. 5 September 1891, Fitzroy Harbour, On.. xiii. MARY ANN TEEVENS, b. July 1902, Fitzroy Harbour, Ont.; m. GEORGE WILL HUTSON (OR HUTZEL), 11 September 1937, Windsor, Ont.. 14. THOMAS3 WATTERS (PETER2, PATRICK1) was born 9 February 1865 in Southmarch, Ont., and died in Ottawa, Ont.. He married ANNA KELLY. More About THOMAS WATTERS: Fact 1: Buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ont. Children of THOMAS WATTERS and ANNA KELLY are: i. LEONARD4 WATTERS. ii. ANNA WATTERS, m. LEO DOLAN. iii. HOWARD WATTERS. iv. LOWELL WATTERS. 15. ANDREW3 WATTERS (PETER2, PATRICK1) was born 15 March 1870 in Southmarch, Ont.. He married SARAH MCCASKILL 24 September 1895 in St-Joseph Church, Orleans, Ont.14, daughter of DONALD MCCASKILL and MARGARET MCMILLAN. Child of ANDREW WATTERS and SARAH MCCASKILL is: i. DANIEL4 WATTERS, b. 12 June 1896, OrlEans, On.. Endnotes 1. Parish register of St Patrick's Basilica, Ottawa, Ont.. 2. Microfilm of the parish of St Isidore, Southmarch, St Michael's Fitzroy Harbour, Drouin #3516,. 3. Parish records Drouin microfilm #3516. 4. Parish register - Drouin microfilm #3516.. 5. Parish records - LDS #1301811. 6. Drouin & book on marriages Pontiac County (1976). 7. Parish records - LDS #1301811. 8. From Sloan Watters. 9. Parish register - St Andrews, Ottawa - notepad #2.. 10. Book on funerals at St-Joseph, Orleans.. 11. Drouin microfilm #3343. 12. Parish records - St Patrick Church, Microfilm #1301811.. 13. Microfilm of Fitzroy Harbour & Southmarch, Drouin film #3516. 14. Drouin – blue books.
Good evening Taylor and Al; Thank you for your message. As a coincidence, I just finished doing St Mary's up to the end of 1934 (I still have up to 1942 to do from the microfilms of the Drouin Institute) and I came across Mary Watters, 81 years old, relict of the late John Kennedy, who died on June 11, 1933 with funeral on June 14, 1933, in the presence of Francis & John Kennedy. I don't have that wedding, so I was wondering who Mary's parents were. We have some Mary Watters in the family; none born in 1842, but I have a Mary Watters born in 1852 for whom I don't have a husband. Perhaps the age was wrong at the funeral. However, Elizabeth Tigh, d/o John and Elizabeth Johnston and the sister of William Tighe, was married to William Henry Watters, s/o James and Isabella Kenny (see posting dated June 20, 2005 ... Al), between 1880 and 1885. James was the brother of my gggrandfather, Peter Watters, s/o Patrick and Mary Colligan/MacColgan/Colgan, married to Margaret Whalen d/o Patrick Whalen and Bridget Murphy. Is that the same William Tighe who married Ann Kennedy? As for the Chartrand's, the first generation that I saw on your website for the Chartrand's was Francois Chartrand. He was married to Olive Damour dit Potvin (Not Aline Alice), d/o Pierre and Francoise Miville from St-Benoit, Qc. where Olive was born. These Potvin's (three sisters of Olive and one brother) married into the ALBERT family. My grandmother, the wife of John Watters, s/o Peter and Margaret Whalen was an Albert. Do you know the parents of Francois Chartrand? I haven't been able to find that. I noticed some Teevens as well on the death records of Huntley Township (St Michael's Parish, Corkery). Daniel Teevens, s/o Thomas and Sarah Reilly married Mary Elizabeth Watters, d/o Peter and Margaret Whalen. (Thus Mary Elizabeth was a sister to my gggrandfather). I'll sort out what I have and send it to you. I have Family Tree Maker. I can print out a genealogy report in Rich Text File and send it to you if you wish, one for each family. Let me know how many generations you want, although some will not be long. I'm still doing some catch-up on the Watters and closely related Irish families. Up to now I spent a lot of time on the Albert side, to the detriment of the Watters side. Look forward to hearing from you soon Frank Note: Jan. 13, 2001, There was a John COLGAN from County Kildare here early (1820's). Related to Mary COLLIGAN? ... Al
January 9, 2003: Hello I was just browsing on your Bytown or Bust site and came across the marriage of JESSIE CHRISTINA WATTERS to ERNEST PETERKIN. ERNEST PETERKIN is in my family tree and I am in contact with a descendant of ERNEST'S brother KENNETH CAMPBELL PETERKIN. ERNEST died 29 June 1930. JESSIE died in 29 April 1937. They are buried at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa, Section 29, Plot 151, Stone 6. I am currently working on the Parish Registers in Dyke-Moy looking for ancestors of the PETERKIN family. I have very little on ERNEST AND JESSIE except that they had a daughter MURIEL C. PETERKIN born @ 1914. MURIEL PETERKIN married BERNARD D. LaPOINTE. (Shirley has their descendants ... Al) I have found the Will for ERNEST PETERKIN and will hopefully be getting it soon. I hopefully will be able to tell from the Will if they had more than the one child. If I am unable to get it (the more recent ones aren't available at the Ontario Archives) I will get one of my Peterkin cousins in Ottawa get it from the court house there. I suppose you have no mention of LANGFORD in regards to the Rideau Canal, building in MERRICKVILLE or working on the library doors of the parliament buildings? These are family things that have drifted down for which I have no proof. Shirley MacNutt - British Columbia, Canada
January 11, 2005:
I'd love you to add my gg-grandmother to your list. She is Mary Albert and she was listed as 99 on the 1881 census. (There may be some discrepancy in her age - my father, who was born in Ottawa in 1887, remembered her funeral. Frank Watters, a distant cousin, has the details of the Albert family so I'll contact him for the verified date of birth.) I have links to some of those listed on your site, but I'll be darned if I can find members of my own family listed. Catherine Tannock
June 20, 2005: Hope this helps you. Carol Stuart e-mail:
Descendants of Patrick Waters (Son of James WATERS and Isabelle KENNY)
1-Patrick Waters-[4055], son of James Waters-[5090] and Isabelle Kenny-[5091], was born in 1844. General Notes: Patrick lived at Fitzroy area. Their son Peter worked at the Ford Plant in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Annie would have died before Age 79 (David's letter to Florence 1937) said all dead but him and Emma. Patrick Sr. Had Brother Peter who married Ann Robinson in August 11 1884. Patrick married Annie Vahey-[4054] [MRIN: 1478], daughter of Patrick Vahey-[151] and Mary Williamson-[152]. Annie was born in 1858. They had seven children: Patrick Henry Jr., John David, Peter James, Mark, Gregory, Mary, and Isabelle. 2-Patrick Henry Jr. Waters-[4086] was born on 6 Jan 1879. General Notes: Patrick - son of James and Isabelle Kenny, lived Fitzroy area. Their son Peter Worked at the Ford Plant in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Annie would have died before age 79. (David's letter to Florence 1937) said all dead but him and Emma. Patrick Sr. had brother Peter who married Ann Robinson in August 11, 1884. Patrick married Ella Maria O'Brien-[4103] [MRIN: 1486] on 27 Sep 1928 in Ottawa Area, Ontario. 2-John David Waters-[4087] was born on 28 Jun 1880. 2-Peter James Waters-[4088] was born on 13 Jul 1882. Peter married Rose Landrikin-[4104] [MRIN: 1487]. They had two (Landrigan ?) children: Clair and Mary. 3-Clair Waters-[4105]. 3-Mary Waters-[4106]. 2-Mark Waters-[4089]. 2-Gregory Waters-[4090]. 2-Mary Waters-[4091]. Mary married Albert Larkins / Larkin -[4107] [MRIN: 1488]. They had five children: Bernard (Barney), Albert, Mark, Betty, and Isabelle (Bella). 3-Bernard (Barney) Larkins-[4108]. 3-Albert Larkins-[4109]. Albert married Bernice McChesney-[4110] [MRIN: 1489]. 3-Mark Larkin-[4111]. 3-Betty Larkins-[4112]. 3-Isabelle (Bella) Larkins-[4113]. Isabelle married Cohen Ward-[4114] [MRIN: 1490]. 2-Isabelle Waters-[4092]. Isabelle married Thomas Hickey-[4115] [MRIN: 1491]. General Notes: Thomas was Killed in a Mine.
June 23, 2005:
Hi Everyone especially Frank; Here is some more information regarding Mary Waters, who was my great-grandmother, I actually had her born: April 21, 1848 and Died: June 11, 1933, which would make her 85 years old when she passed away. In the 1881 Census she was 28 years old, making her birth year about 1853 and in the 1901 Census her birth date is listed as April 1850, she was the daughter of Bryan (Brine) Waters and Mary Maher, and she married John Kennedy, son of William Kennedy and Isabella Watt, their daughter, my grandmother, Anna Kennedy died in 1923, Anna married Archibald Armstrong. When Anna died, leaving Archibald with four young children to raise, he was helped out quite a bit by Anna's sisters, Misses Bella, Kathleen and Mary, and we regarded the three ladies as grandmothers: 1933-02-12: The OTTAWA JOURNAL, page 6: death notice in the classified ads for Mrs. John Kennedy (Mary Watters), who died in her 80th year. Funeral to be held on Wednesday, the 14th instant. 1933-06-13: The OTTAWA CITIZEN page 6; notice in the classified ads of the death of Mary Watters, widow of John Kennedy, at her residence, 125 Eccles Street. on Sunday June 11, 1933. Funeral to be held on the 14th. Funeral Mass to be at St. Mary's Bayswater (now called Our Lady of Good Counsel or Notre Dame de Bon Conseil) Burial to be Notre Dame Cemetery. 1933-06-13: The OTTAWA CITIZEN page 4; Obituary for Mrs. JOHN KENNEDY ( Mary Watters): well known resident of the Capital for many years. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Watters, in her 80 th year. Born in Jockvale, where she lived for the early part of her life. Later came to Ottawa. Her husband died 19 years ago. Survived by 3 sons. Victor in Montana, USA, Frank and John of Ottawa and 4 daughters; Mrs. A.J. McCrank in North Dakota and Misses Bella, Mary and Kathleen at home. To be buried in Notre Dame Cemetery. 1933-06-15: The OTTAWA JOURNAL, page 16; Obituary for Mrs. John Kennedy. Funeral services were conducted yesterday by Reverend Father Lorne Reynolds for Mrs. Kennedy (Mary Watters), who died on Sunday at her residence, 125 Eccles Street. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Watters of Jockvale, Ontario. Her husband died 19 years ago. Survived by 3 sons. Victor in Montana, USA, Frank and John of Ottawa and 4 daughters; Mrs. A.J. McCrank in North Dakota and Misses Bella, Mary and Kathleen at home. To be buried in Notre Dame Cemetery. Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario, Section Z, Lot Number 2896 Cemetery Stone Inscription: In Memory Of John Kennedy 1839-1914 His Wife Mary Waters 1850-1933 Anna Kennedy 1881-1923 Wife of Archibald Armstrong * Kenneth J. Armstrong 1919-1940 Gregory McCloskey Aged 1 Day KENNEDY * Note: Anna Kennedy's husband Archibald Armstrong is buried in Beechwood Cemetery. ... Ken Armstrong
January 12, 2016: Hi Al; Best New year's wishes to you and to the contributors/readers of Bytown or Bust. Today I'll be writing about my great great grandfather Patrick Watters / Waters who was married to Mary Colligan / Cooligan / McColligan /Colgan (even the Irish priests couldn't figure out what it really was). When I first started searching for Patrick's place of birth and his ancestors, back about 1990, I contacted my cousin Sloan Watters, (from Arnprior) who had done some preliminary work on our Watters family, and then Beverley Watters Moore who organized two Watters reunions in Fitzroy Harbour around 1990-1991. Both Sloan and Beverley told me that Patrick had been a soldier with the British 13th regiment of Foot, and had obtained a land grand in Huntley Township about 1832. A few years later, I checked in the Ontario Land Grants and did find a Patrick Waters, resident of Nepean who had indeed been granted a Land Grant in Huntley Township. Here are my notes to that effect: April 2006: Found the land grant record for a Patrick Waters (sic), residing in Nepean, discharged from the 13th Regiment of Foot; authority for the grant dated 20 October, 1832. Granted 100 acres, SE½ of lot 5, 9th Concession, Huntley. (Source: MS 693 reel # 139, page ??) - Don't know if that's our Patrick, or another one also living in Nepean although son Peter and widow Mary were living in Nepean in the 1851 census. May not necessarily have taken up that particular Huntley land grant. The reason why I wasn't sure of who he was is because there was another Patrick Waters, living in Nepean at the time, born about 1810. The information in the MS693 didn't give any age. I figured that my Patrick was born about 1790 or so. So that's all I had on Patrick, assuming he was ours, until I reviewed the 1851 census for his widow Mary Watters, living in Nepean, in the 1851 (1852) census. In that census, her daughter, Mary Watters, 20 years old, born in Ireland was enumerated with her mother and other children, and was shown as living in Fitzroy. So then I checked in the Fitzroy census for that year, and there she was, shown as being 21 years old, born in CASTLEBAR, working as a servant for William Hamilton, 57 years old, Farmer,. born in MAYO, Ireland, Ch. of England and his wife Debora (sic) born in Tipperary, Ch. of Eng., 40 years old. (Debora was nee Hodgins). And that's where it stood until last week. Until then I couldn't be sure that a) My Patrick was from Castlebar, since he could have just lived there for a while when Mary was born, and; b) whether if so, he was the one in the 13th Regiment of Foot. But last week, I googled simply “Patrick Waters, Castlebar. And here is what came out: Reference: WO 121/215/64 Description: PATRICK WATERS. Born CASTLEBAR`, County Mayo. Served in 13th Foot Regiment; 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion. Discharged aged 43 after 18 years 9 months of service. Residence or place where pension paid stated in document. See film image 140. Date: 1826 Held by: The National Archives, Kew Legal status: Public Record Language: English Closure status: Open Document, Open Description So this, along with the family story about him being in the 13th Regiment of Foot, and the place of birth of daughter Mary Watters in about 1831 is fairly conclusive proof (in my mind) as to where this Watters family came from before emigrating to Ontario. In searching further, it seems that Patrick was either an in-pensioner or out-pensioner in the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, England. The Government in England about 1830-1837 offered to give land grants to veteran soldiers in the colonies. But in return (It's really hard to understand why they would be so niggardly!) they had to forego their pension!. So that's how Patrick Waters (as it was then spelled) received his land grant. But I don't think he took up the land grant and remained in Nepean. In 1839, Patrick was one of several hundred veterans in Upper Canada who received a one-time only pension from Great Britain, viz.: Received a pension of one pound as a destitute Veteran of the 13th reg. of Foot per the letter from Great Britain Treasury Chambers dated 25 March 1839 (G.J. Pennington, pro Sec.) to Major General Sir G. Arthur, K.C.H., Upper Canada. (This was to be paid not in money but in food, clothing, etc.)Source: Chelsea Pensioners to the Colonies 1830-1837 at From the same source as above: Emigrant Office, Toronto, 26 November 1838. Return of Commuted Pensioners residing in the Province of Upper Canada, showing the Number of the Regiment from which they were discharged, as well as the Date of the Discharge and Length of Service ; copied from different Returns made to this Office, pursuant to the Instructions contained in the printed Notice hereunto annexed. Patrick Waters, Regiment: 13th, Date of discharge: March 1825; Length of service: 21 years For those who had ancestor-soldiers who emigrated from the United Kingdom between 1830 and 1837, it might be interesting to visit that site: ( Today, I subscribed to FindmyPast, UK, where I could see for myself what the record said. It didn't add much but corrected some data:: He enlisted in the 3rd Royal Veterans Regiment at Templemore, County Tipperary on 25 December 1821; He was in the 13th Regiment of Foot for 17 years; He was with the 3rd Royal Veterans Regiment 4 years and 121 days, from 25 Dec., 1821 to 24 April 1826; He served for a total of 21 years and 121 days; The discharge was because of disbandment (several Royal Vet. Reg'ts were disbanded in 1826) His general conduct as a soldier was good; He was a labourer by trade; He was 5'5½" tall; Brown hair; Grey eyes; Fresh complexion; He was paid two pounds to travel 140 miles from Chatham to Bristol where he signed his discharge papers; He had a wife and one child, who were paid one pound, 10 shillings, 10 pence for the 140 miles trip. Since he left Chatham, Kent County, on the east coast to get his discharge in Bristol, on the west coast, I'm assuming he must have been posted in Chatham when the regiment was disbanded. The Royal Veteran Regiments were made up of soldiers who were too old to fight, or had some disability, and were used mostly on guard duties. They were posted not only in England, but also in other places like the West Indies, Jersey, etc. From other searches, it seems that the 13th regiment of Foot was in Lower Canada during the 1812-1814 war and participated in the Lacolle Mills battle in March 1814 when they defeated the Americans lead by General Wilkinson. I'd love to get the roster for those 80 soldiers from the 13th who were there at Lacolle Mills. ... Frank Watters

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