Walling's 1862 County maps of Eastern Ontario
Digitized by Library and Archives Canada

February 21, 2010:, 2008:

Thanks to Allen Craig for sending in the following extremely useful material.
The Walling's Company published maps of individual counties in eastern Ontario in
1862. These maps, which show individual lot and concession numbers for each township
also show the location of settlers, by township, who had been on their land in 1862.
You can zoom in to pinpoint geographical features in 1862, five years before Confederation.

Hi  Al,
I notice that you have expanded the area covered by the site to include most of the 
Rideau Valley so I thought you might like to have the following links to Walling's 
1862 County maps. Much like Beldens 1879 maps these have individuals on township lots 
named and in many instances there is also a directory for the villages.

New February 21, 2010:
N.B. Al Craig has kindly sent in the new links to the Walling's Maps:

Hi Al,
Here is a fix, sort of, for the Walling Maps page. As you will recall LAC has removed the Mr. Sid versions and 
substituted pdf's instead; so I have had to forego direct links to the image pages and opt for the descriptive 
record instead; to access the maps click on the drop down box titled associated images and select the section 
you want to see and it  will open as a pdf. Note: depending on your browser settings you may have to allow a
new window to open. 

Prescott, Russell, etc.

Part 1 Cumberland, Clarence, Plantagenet North

 Part 2 Alfred, Longueil, Hawkesbury West, Hawkesbury East

Part 3 Russell, Cambridge, Finch, Winchester,

Part 4 Kenyon, Charlottenburgh, Lancaster,  Cornwall (part)

Leeds, Grenville

Part 1 Villages, Towns, North Crosby, Bastard, South Burgess, South Elmsley, Kitley 

Part 2 Brockville, Prescott, Elizabethtown 

Part 3 South Crosby, Leeds, Lansdowne, Yonge 

Part 4 South Gower, Oxford, Wolford, Edwardsburgh, Augusta  
Lanark, Renfrew


Part 1 Fraser, Alice, Pembroke, Tafford, Allumette Island, North Algona, Wilberforce, 
South Algona, Brougham( part)
Part 2 Westmeath, Calumet Island, Bromley, Horton, Ross, Admaston, Grattan  Bagot, McNab 

Part 3 Lyndock, Griffith, Mattawachen, Brougham (part), Miller 

Part 4 North Canonto, South Canonto, Lavant, Dalhousie, Darling, Blithfield,
Lanark(part), Bathurst, North Sherbrooke, South Sherbrooke 
Al Craig

Here's an example from Renfrew County. Calabogie Lake area in 1862, before the
ski hill, the hydroelectric power dams and the condominiums. Only pioneers, deer and
fish and spectacular countryside.

Calabogie Lake in 1862 Map Source: Wallings 1863 Map of Renfrew County Calabogie Lake, 1863

March 16, 2008: Thanks for the maps, but I wonder, who digitizes these? I've seen later maps digitized by one of the universities. What I'd really like to know is why can I not find these digitized maps from the same time frame (1860-1880) for the townships on the north side of the Ottawa River (Quebec) ? Thanks ... Karen _________________________ Hi Karen, The Walling maps are from the National Map Collection at Library and Archives Canada, only a small part of the collection has been digitized but there is an online index of the whole collection on the LAC website. http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/02/020154_e.html From here you should be able to tell if similar maps for Lower Canada/ Canada East exist. You will have to play around with keywords quite a bit but you can limit the search to only maps that have digital images on line by clicking the appropriate box. Its important to remember that the maps were originally produced as commercial enterprises; companies only made them if there was a market, usually determined by selling subscriptions before the map was printed so not every county was done. Hope this helps, Allen Craig ____________________________________ Hi Again Al Thought I would try and track down the Walling map for Carleton...there is one on microfiche at LAC but even better there is an original on display at Phinneys Point Historic Site. There is also an original of the Lanark map including the parts missing from the online version at the Lanark Archives located in the old Drummond Township Hall bldg at Drummond Centre (about 10 Km east of Perth on Hwy 7) hours of operation are posted on the Lanark County Genealogy Society website. Allen Craig
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