Hi Brenda:

Thanks for your e-mail regarding the above families.

I'm a bit behind here, but as a start, will set up a new page for your
ancestors later this evening.

I'll see if I have anything on these families and James Tierney. There were quite
a few Tierneys.

So far, no one has sent me any info on the Waddell and Reaneys - that's why
there's nothing there yet for them. Any contributions are welcome!

I had a great math teacher in the late 50's in Ottawa at Glebe Collegiate - 
his name was Mr. T.K. Waddell - affectionately know for years as "T.K." by 
thousands of his students.

... Al
January 1, 2003:
Dear Mr. Lewis,

As a means of passing some time on a break from work, I decided to perform 
an internet search on my grandfather, Thomas Kenneth Waddell, just to see 
what would come up.  I first entered his name as above, but when the search 
results did not provide anything remotely resembling my grandfather, I decided 
to enter his name as he was more commonly known, T.K. Waddell.  

Your webpage came up, specifically referencing a "great math teacher" you had 
at Glebe Collegiate. My grandfather was that teacher, and I just wanted to let 
you know that it is very nice to hear that he was so well liked by his students.  

Take care and happy new year! 

Murray Short
Capital Campaign Coordinator
Burlington Public Library
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Subject: Tierneys, Reaneys (Raneys) & Waddells

> Hello:
> I have been researching Tierneys for several years, and am always on
> lookout for more info.
>  I noticed you have little info. on James Tierney and wonder if that is my
> great-grandfather (the date is right); would you know where this info
> from?  Also, why is there no Reaney or Waddell or Scharf listing?  I have
a great Scharf chart , Reaney family tree,and can obtain a Waddell chart
> quite easily I think.
> Would there be a web page for the local genealogy society available?
> Thank you.
> Brenda Keller
July 19, 2002: Hello, I was surfing the net tonight and came upon Bytown or Bust. I saw correspondence by Brenda Keller; one of the families mentioned were Waddells. I'm wondering if you may have info that could help me. I am researching my mother's family; i have the following info. My grandfather was Russell Baker Monahan, b-4 Feb 1896,Ont. His parents were George Monahan,b-2 Mar.1862,Ont. and Sarah Waddell,b-3 July 1868,Ont. I do not know who Sarah's parents were. George Monahan's parents were George Monahan and Sarah Baker. I know the Sr. George came from Ireland via Nova Scotia, then to Ontario. I found his widow Sarah on the 1901 census living in North Gower, she was born 23 Oct.1840,Ont. I am trying to find the Baker and Waddell families especially the Waddells. I found George Jr. and Sarah Waddell on the 1901 Census living in Gloucester Township, Do not know if Waddells and Bakers in Osgoode and Nepean are mine. My dad says he believes the ones in Nepean are. My mother grew up in Carlsbad Springs. Russell Monahan married Elizabeth Griffith, she immigrated from Kilkenny Ireland in 1921 (1821 ?); she had an uncle John Griffith who immigrated before her. I would love to know if you have any info on the Waddells that may help me find my roots; if not i thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail anyway. Regards, Sharron Nadeau
August 28, 2002: Hi: My Dad's family is orginally from Osgoode Township, ON. We have connections (and information) on the Waddells, Reaneys, Scharfs and McCooeyes. We also have other family lines from that area. Please contact me so that we can exchange information. Sincerely, Kim McCooeye
September 4, 2002: Hello, all: Sharron, I noticed that you indicated your mother grew up in Carlsbad Springs. I was born in Carlsbad Springs, and while I left at the age of 5 to go to the big city of Ottawa, I remember my parents often mentioning the name Waddell. You might be interested to know that as a retirement project I am working on a 1919 hand-written manuscript that my uncle James Collins prepared called "The Chronicle of Carlsbad Springs". It covers the period from the mid-1850s to 1919. As Al said, there are a lot of different Tierneys around. One of the first settlers in the Carlsbad Springs area was James Tierney - he was third after a Forsythe and Childs settler. The following is a short excerpt from The Chronicle: "Sometime before 1855 came James Tierney who occupied the lot adjoining that of Mr. Forsythe on the west. Mr. Tierney was a native of Tipperary, Ireland and after coming to Canada settled in the Township of Nepean before he came to Gloucester. Mr. Tierney was a man quite interested in all the questions of the day. He and Mr. Forsythe became fast friends and they would spend many an hour talking over the Crimea War which was being waged at the time. These three families had the whole settlement to themselves for a few years." Kevin Collins
December 27, 2002: Hello folks, I found your query re: Waddell's" when I was searching for further info on my father's family. He was John Boyd Waddell, born Dec 1, 1901 in Ramsay Township, Ontario, near Almonte. His father was Robert Waddell and his mother was Mary Ann McTavish. He died in 1943, before I was born, and the following is the only info I have been able to find about the Ottawa area Waddell's. James Waddell was born Feb 10, 1795 or '96 (probably in Glasgow, Scotland). He married Margaret Thom or Thorne. A son, John was born in 1828. In 1831, the family came to Canada with Thomas Bowes and his pregnant wife, Jessie Dick. A daughter was born at sea before they arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 20, 1831, who later married John Waddell and had a son, Robert, who married Mary MacTavish. Sometime after my father was born on Dec. 1, 1901, they moved to Alberta and settled near Delburne, Alberta. I do not know if they went to the Ottawa area directly after arriving in Halifax. I don't think they came with the Waddells who settled in either Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, but they could possibly be cousins to those Waddell's. Does this connect with your Waddell roots? I would love to hear from any of you regarding any info you have re the Ottawa area Waddells. Looking forward to hearing from any of you, God bless, Frances Mary (Waddell) Winter
June 9, 2003: Hi, folks! Laurie Williams tipped me off about your url. My McConnell grandfather from Osgoode married a Waddell--but her family was NOT one of the Irish Waddells living there at the time. Instead, her father was a Scotch Waddell, part of an extended family that eventually settled near Sperling / Carman, and also (according to undocumented family tradition) near Newdale / Minnedosa. His immediate family either settled near Ancaster, or went to Iowa (and I'm still trying to chase them down!), but his uncle and cousins went West. I have a Minnedosa centennial book coming in the mail, so I hope to learn more shortly. Some of you might want to check my ccmcconnell database below for family connections in Osgoode / Mountain / Winchester, etc. I'm not limiting that database to relatives, but I am trying to document the large intermarried group. Hoy, Hyndman, Clarke, a Guy family, etc., etc. My Waddells are split off into the ccSlessor database. In 1880, my ggpa was living in Egremont. So when I ordered the clip file on Waddells from the OGS branch there, I also ended up with some good clips about Waddells in Sydenham and Derby. For awhile I thought that the Adam Waddell in Derby was brother to my R. B., but he was born a few years too early. There was also a wonderful story about W.H. Waddell, who was a city Engineer in Owen Sound. He had some interesting adventures doing bush flying in 1921! Also an 82-year-old Mary Waddell who was practicing law in 1960. I don't know which families these two belong to--but I sure wish it was mine! I've tried to describe what I have for information, and also to give you some idea of what I'm looking for. I think my "founding Waddell" was Thomas Waddell who married Isabella Wilkinson in Berwick in 1806. Four of his sons, a daughter, and other close relatives came to Canada, first to Peterborough, and then dispersing from there. One son was Adam, who married Margaret Hamilton in Douro / Duoro, and eventually moved his entire family to Carman. The others are unnnamed, but circumstantial evidence leads me to believe that Andrew Waddell (who married Elizabeth Bruce and then emigrated in 1843) and Thomas Waddell (who married Ellen Hand in 1853) were two more. In addition, there was a Robert Waddell who married Ann Williamson in Peterboro, Dec. 31, 1841. If he's family, he came on ahead, but one of Thomas and Ellen's witnesses was a Robert Waddell--and mine was barely 5 in 1853, so HE wasn't the witness. If any of you have information that might relate to the Waddells I'm looking for, please email me. OTOH, if I've described something you'd be interested in, ditto. I'm thinking for a while we'll all be tripping over info on the other families until we get all the Waddells sorted out--so we might as well share what we have and get through the confusion as quickly as possible. Coleen Christensen http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/~ccmcconnell/ http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/~ccslessor/ http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/~ccwolpoldt/ http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/~ccchristensen/ _____________________________ 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 2 Page 45 Family 195 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Robert WADDLE M M 72 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Eliza WADDLE F M 74 Irish Ireland Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Alexander WADDLE M 15 Scottish Scotland Occ: Farmer Religion: Reformed Presbyterian ________________________________ 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 2 Page 34 Family 152 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Alexander WADDLE M M 40 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Georgeanna WADDLE F M 30 Irish Q Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Thomas WADDLE M 8 Irish Q Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Bertha WADDLE F 6 Irish Q Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Lidia WADDLE F 4 Irish O Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Alexander WADDLE M 2 Irish O Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Samuel WADDLE M Irish O Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Born: Dec; * __________________________________ 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 2 Page 32 Family 140 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Ruth WADDLE F W 67 Irish Ireland Religion: Reformed Presbyterian __________________________________ 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 2 Page 32 Family 139 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Thomas WADDLE M M 61 Irish Ireland Occ: Farmer Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Marqan WADDLE F M 54 Irish Ireland Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Nathan WADDLE M 23 Irish O Occ: Student Religion: Reformed Presbyterian William WADDLE M 21 Irish O Occ: Farmer Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Marqan WADDLE F 17 Irish O Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Mima WADDLE F 15 Irish O Religion: Reformed Presbyterian Rebecca WADDLE F 12 Irish O Religion: Reformed Presbyterian ____________________________________________________ 1881 LDS - Isn't this the Sarah Waddell that Sharron Nadeau was looking for? I'll bet if it is, the Methodist Church records for Osgoode would have the marriage, and thus the confirmation she wants. Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion John WADDLE M Male Irish 56 Ireland Farmer Weslyan Methodist Isabella WADDLE M Female Irish 53 Ireland Weslyan Methodist William WADDLE Male Irish 27 O Farmer Weslyan Methodist Thomas WADDLE Male Irish 25 O Farmer Weslyan Methodist Ann WADDLE Female Irish 23 O Weslyan Methodist James WADDLE Male Irish 18 O Farmer Weslyan Methodist Sarah WADDLE Female Irish 15 O Weslyan Methodist John WADDLE Male Irish 13 O Weslyan Methodist Census Place Osgoode, Russell, Ontario Family History Library Film 1375865 NA Film Number C-13229 District 104 Sub-district G Division 2 Page Number 24 Household Number 102
October 8, 2005: Hi, I found these addresses on www.bytown.net/waddell.htm. I have started building a family tree of my father's side of my family and have come to a bit of a road block. My father was born in Calgary) and he has on older brother William J Waddell (b. in Calgary). Their father was William J Waddell (b. in Calgary approx 1910-20, and died in 1989) as well and he had one sister Marion (additional information about her I don't have), both of whom were born in Calgary, AB. After that point I have only one thing to go on, and that is a golf trophy that was awarded to Mrs. WH Waddell in 1934. I believe that the trophy was awarded at the Owen Sound Golf and Country Club (the ingraving has OSG & C Club). In the thread on bytown, Coleen Christensen made mention of a WH Waddell who was a city engineer in Owen Sound who also did some bush flying in 1921, and I believe that it may be the same WH Waddell and that he is my great-grandfather. I was wondering if anyone may know more about this particular gentleman or if anyone could help me to understand how I may go about finding more about him. The reason I believe this to be the same gentleman I seek is because there were pictures of a WH Waddell donated to the Glenbow Museum in Calgary by a William J Waddell in 1978. I believe that was either a donation by my Uncle or more likely my grandfather (who passed away in 1989, so I have no way of asking). The pictures were of a surveyor who was working with Imperial Oil in the NWT. That particular gentleman is also credited with helping to survey the land for the Siska Nation reserve in Alberta. So between the trophy and the info from the Glenbow museum I believe I have found my great-grandfather, but I don't know how to tell for sure. If anyone on the list of e-mails I have found would be able to help me, I would be very greatful. Thank you for you time and consideration. Sincerly yours, ... Shannon Waddell PS please reply to this e-mail at shannon.waddell@gmail.com __________________________ Hi Mr Lewis, I have no problem with you adding my e-mail. I have actually found more info. The WH Waddell who was a city engineer for the City of Owen Sound was in fact my great-grandfather. He is a Wiiliam H Waddell. He and my grandfather (who I found out I had the wrong birth city for) spent some time in South America before WWII. WH Waddell had a couple of pictures in the Glenbow Museum archives as he flew throughout the NWT and Alberta in a Junker's plane. He did survey work for Imperial Oil and did the surveys for the Siska Native reserve in Alberta. I am trying to find out anything about his birth date or death date, locations, etc. I have contceted the Owen Sound Golf and Country Club in an effort to find out what I can regarding my great-grand-mother. His son (my grandfather), William J Waddell, was a infantryman who was taken prisoner during WWII. Apparently he was injured, but the German's took good care of him, and then he was part of a prisoner exchange on a bridge at midnight in the manner of the movies. Thanks for any help you may send my way. Shannon Waddell
January 8, 2012: I'm looking for some more info on william l. waddell and family, both ancestors and descendants. i only have lois as his wife's name. what was her family name? his daughter Ethel was the mother of my grandfather's second wife. these families are all intermarried and i have lots of dangling individuals who share surnames but i don't know how they are related to each other. such as Reaney. i just cleared up my dangling Cooper family and would now like to do some more families. i have scads of files to share on scharf, wallace, morrison, sheldrick, saunders and others. thanks for any help you can provide. Mrs. Stanley

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