Voters' List for the year 1836
Nepean Township, Carleton County, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New February 11, 2012: 

A Who's Who of early Nepean
This is an attempt at deciphering the names of the 1836 voters from Nepean Township. The original document is hand-written and difficult to read in some cases. The eligibility rules allowed only male property owners to vote. Some of the voters lived in other townships and held land in Nepean. Some other names are illegible (to me) and are not included. The voting took place over a five day period. The candidates were messrs Malloch, Lyon and Johnson. Here goes: W. Foster ? Smith Henry Buchanan George and another Mr. Miller Chester Chapman Daniel O'Connor Robert Purdy ? Thomas Corcoran Robert Parks, Jr. George Sparks W. Johnson ? M. O'Keefe Bradish Billings (Billings Bridge) W. Thompson Thomas Green Mr. Hobbs Mr. Long Mr. Shouldice Mr. Eastman Francis Abbott Thomas Bearman William Bell James Pierson Andrew Cochlan (Coughlin?) Frank Davison / Davidson Hugh Bell John Honeywell Captain Collins (Collins / Mansfield House at Heart's Desire) Reuben Collins Thomas Baker ? William Munroe ? Andrew ? Graham Patrick Muldoon John ? Scott Murdock ? McDonald John Boucher (settled in March Township in 1819) Daniel Mullen Mr. Watson Gleeson / Gleason W. Boyd W. Davy Robert Reid O'Grady, Daniel, Michael, Henry, Roderick, Thomas (seven brothers came from Nenagh, County Tipperary) W. Kennedy (here's one for you, Taylor!) another Thompson F. Bearman John Creig / Craig? Jacob ? Dennison Robert Stewart Charles Schwitzer / Switzer Robert Hare (mentioned on the Honeywell page) John Dalglish / Dalgliesh Mr. Bradley W. Shaw Patrick Corbett John Grimes Charles McGhie / Magee / McGee John Dawson James? Bearman Orlando Chapman Mr. Anderson George Baker Mr. Rollo (Rollo's Bridge over the Jock River on Moodie Drive) Source: Ottawa Old and New, by Dr. Lucien Brault, 1946

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