Bytown Volunteers (militia), 24th February 1838
under the command of Captain George William Baker

New March 21, 2015:

George W. Baker
Henry LeLievre / LeLièvre
William Addison
Peter Eggleson / Eagleson (Eagleson Road)
Samuel C. Keir (on Land Grants CD at the OBOGS Library)
Francis Curry
James Cozens  (Cousins ?)
Patrick McNamara (widower, married Bridget Costello in 1834 at Notre Dame)
John Grimes -- married to Mary Montgomery
Patrick Diamond (believed to be a son of Henry Diamond and Mary Kenney)
John Duroft (?)
Joseph Walker
Patrick Cox, (married to Mary Reynolds)
Edward Dunn (married to Rebecca Power)
Daniel Murphy (married to Elizabeth Byrnes / Burns)
John McGuigan (witness in 1837 to the marriage of William Valley and Elizabeth Watt)
G. J. Fitzgibbon
Dennis or Benjamin O'Leary
William Little
James Elliott
Thomas Cowan
Patrick Madigan
Richard Stiles (Styles?)
Samuel Baldwin
Joseph Kehoe (Keough?)
John Johnston
Joseph Mann
John Miller
Thomas Phillips
Geoffrey Nowland (Jeffrey Nolan, in Notre Dame Records)
Thomas Elliott
John Linfoot ?
Joseph Williams
James Davis
John Baggs (Beggs?)
William Hackett, (married Sarah Ferris of Nepean in 1840) ... ND records
Thomas Jones
Johnston Armstrong
Alexander Lang

Source: Ottawa Old and New, by Dr. Lucien Brault, 1946

Here is a copy of the original list. This image is from the above book, Ottawa Old and New, opposite page 97:
Bytown / Ottawa Volunteers (militia), 24th February 1838

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