Our Lady of the Visitation Parish
South Gloucester, Ontario, Canada

July 21, 2012: (four new pictures)

Our Lady of the Visitation Church, South Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario Our Lady of the Visitation Church, South Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario Our Lady of the Visitation Church, South Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario Our Lady of the Visitation Church, South Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario
January 17, 2006: Our Lady of the Visitation Church was built in the late 1840's. It became the centre of a large Irish Catholic and French community in Gloucester and Osgoode Townships. Mr. Michael Daley has written a 140th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet, 1845-1985. September 2, 2016: Before becoming a parish church of its own, Our Lady of the Visitation was a mission church from Notre Dame in downtown Bytown. Beginning in 1844, missionaries from Notre Dame were travelling to South Gloucester to perform Catholic church buiness. Here are some records, registered at Notre Dame, which took place at the Visitation Church: 7 Jan 1844 Church of the Visitation, Gloucester Baptism of William, born 20 December last of the marriage of Michael McGrath, resident of Osgoode, and Mary ? James Cullenboyne (Coleman ?) & Elizabeth Daley 7 Jan 1844 Church of the Visitation, Gloucester Baptism of Thomas, born 5 December last of the marriage of Thomas Moran of Gloucester and Winifred Kearney Edward Healy & Mary Herbert 7 Jan 1844 Church of the Visitation, Gloucester, Baptism of John, born 3 October last of the marriage of Thomas Jordan (son of James) of Gloucester and Bridget Corrigan John Kearny & Bridget Jordan (Bridget is the 2nd wife of my GGGrandfather, Lawrence Burns ... Al) 7 Jan 1844 Church of the Visitation, Gloucester Baptism of Rose, born 21 November last of the marriage of Michael Cain / Keane of Gloucester and Rose McBride Patrick & Honora Cain 8 Jan 1844 Church of the Visitation, Gloucester Baptism of Bridget, born 20 November last of the marriage of Patrick Kilfoyle of Osgoode and Catharine Connors Hugh McKenna & Julia Connors ... Al Lewis South Gloucester was settled beginning in the early 1830's. Many of the pioneers had come to the Ottawa area to work at building the Rideau Canal between 1826 and 1832. When the canal was finished, many of the young workers moved inland from the lockstations along the Canal (Hog's Back, Black Rapids and Long Island), took up new land around South Gloucester, Bowesville, Enniskerry and Manotick Station. The church, located on Bank Street just north of the Mitch Owens Road, was originally called St. Mary's. Thanks to Mary Quinn and Michael Daley for the following: Hi Al & Mike - I found in the bottom of a trunk today (which belonged to my Grandmother) some very interesting letters etc. One envelope had 77 old negatives in it. The envelope says Mr. Foran ~ The Huber Studio, 127 Bank Street Ottawa. Based on the other stuff in the trunk I think these are from around 1913-1916 or so. One negative is a picture that has been taken of Gloucester Church as the photographer is standing in the graveyard. There is a huge tree directly behind the church (which I don't think is there anymore?) and the number of gravestones is extremely limited by comparison to today. Off to the right (which would be beside the church) is what looks to be a home. It has a verandah, dormer windows, a chimney etc. It looks to be near where the old red shed used to be when I was a kid but it does not look like the building I remember. Could this be a photo of the first presbytery that burned? Have either of you ever seen a picture of it before? I am going to have it and the others developed and I'll make sure and email a copy. Interesting stuff. ... Mary _______________________ From Mike Daley: HI Mary, if you check , the 140th anniversary booklet, on the backcover, you will find the picture, of which you describe, it looks like the present house, if you go to page 41 in that booklet . picture taken in 1890, of the church, and to the left of the church is the house that would have been built,. after the the fire of 1869, in which Father O'Brien lost his life, I stand to be corrected , was this building moved back, to become the parish hall, and replaced in 1914, with the big house, ??, built in Father Prud'home time [1914 ] picture on page , [44] Mary , check with your dad , or your , Uncles, ... Michael _______________________ Mike you are absolutely right about the negative being the picture on the back page of the booklet. The Forans must have supplied the original picture for the booklet?? Check page 50 which says the house was again destroyed in 1914 but I suspect you are right about it being the present day house in the photograph. It just looked different to me. I'll double check with Dad and Uncle Carl about the red building which was to the right. The shed was further back ~ where you used to get supper at the church picnic. Another question Mike ~ when playing cards was wondering how old is the church hall at Enniskerry ~ any idea? ... Mary _______________________ MARY , I should have checked that story , page 50, after all i did compile those pages , your hall ?, THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE BACK OF MY MIND ABOUT THAT BUILDING SOMETHING BEING MOVED THERE, BUT I'VE BEEN WRONG BEFORE, St, John's Hall was built in the year 1900, Mary do you have a copy of the 150th anniversary booklet we put out last year,on our parish (St. John's and St. Brigid's) you might find it interesting, that picture you speak ,came from either my sister Edna , or your Uncle Carl, ... Mike
January 22, 2006:
A Brief History of the Parish of Our Lady of the Visitation by Michael Daley
The parish was established as a mission by the Bishop of Kingston, Monsignor Remi Gaulin, 1n 1845 even though a report by Father Dandurand ,registered in the Cathedral Registry [archives] stated that a chapel existed in Gloucester as early as 1830, In 1848, when Monsignor Guigues made his tour of the country, the Catholics asked if they might have a priest. The Bishop promised them one if they would restore the chapel and build a presbytery, which they did very quickly. A Statement written September 19, 1851 by Bishop Guigues relating to his visit to Gloucester three years earlier [1848] stated , I was shocked to see such a Miserable chapel, a shaky wooden building opened to all wind, a very sad wooden altar, the only piece of furniture in the place. Now the Oblates have a new Rectory and are ministering in a beautiful spacious church built of stone, and when finished will be one of the most beautiful churches of Upper Canada. NOTE, Ontario Land Records, June 23, 1819. By Order in Council, free grant of land, lot 28, con. 4 to Philip Empey, Residence Williamsburg, son of a United Empire Loyalist, (UEL) Indenture of Bargain and sale [ in part ] made the twenty-first day of February in the year of Our Lord , one thousand eight hundred and forty-six, by and between Patrick (John) O’Dougherty of the Township of Gloucester in the district of Dalhousie and Province of Canada, yeoman of the first part and Charlotte ,wife of the said party of the first part, of the second part, and the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of Kingston in the Province of Canada of the third part, whereby the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of five pounds of lawful money of the Province of Canada, convey that certain parcel or tract of land situated in the Township of Gloucester, in the County of Carleton, containing by measurement four acres, more or less, being composed of part of lot number twenty-eight in the fourth concession of the Township of Gloucester, Rideau Front, This indenture was witnessed by Father Dandurant, O, M, I, and Father Frances Clement, O,M, I, and Father Patrick Phelan , Bishop of Carrhoe . On October 26, 1842, Father Patrick Phelan was sent to Bytown by Bishop Bourget of Montreal with two temporary assistants. In the summer of 1843, Father Phelan accompanied Bishop Gaulin of Kingston in his Pastoral visit right up to the Allumettes. They confirmed the scattered Catholics of the two Provinces, thus dispensing Bishop Bourget of a long hard journey, at this time Father Phelan was named COADJUTOR of Kingston. He regretted having to give up his parish of Bytown, He called in the Oblate Fathers, who had recently arrived in the country from France , to take over his parish of Bytown. On February 26 ,1844, Father Adrian Telmon, O,M, I, Superior of the New Foundation, arrived in Bytown as Pastor. He was responsible for Osgoode, Gloucester, and March Township. Each had a very simple ,poor wooden chapel. Other missions mentioned under his supervisions were Nepean, (St. Patrick's at Fallowfield), Huntley, Richmond, and Fitzroy, Black Rapids and Long Island. September 1st, 1848 Father Thomas H. Clement was sent to establish a residence in South Gloucester. Father Clements signature appears for the first time in the Parish registry. September 24, 1848; however in the Diocesan Registre des letters it is noted that Father Clement blessed a wedding in South Gloucester , dated 19 September 1848, Father Clement was not to remain long in South Gloucester, before being transferred to Maniwaki, Quebec. Father Deleage served the Parish from 1848 to 1853,he also was transferred to Maniwaki, shortly after establishing a residency in Maniwaki he returned to South Gloucester and unscrupulously interested 17 families in moving to his new parish to populate a new land. Building of the church was begun in 1849, The stone was Quarried on the McGee Properties. The pillars, made of square timber, were according to stories told, were hauled from the farm of Thomas Daley & his wife ,Mary McGee, on the old Prescott Road, and were an Occasion for a contest, there was quite a controversy as to who should have won the prize, Mr Smith or Mr Powers, because of their expertise with a broad axe. A superb church of Gothic Architecture was built. It resembles the monumental churches of France, The estimated cost was 28,000 france, in 1852 , the church was formally blessed . The Bell Tower was put up in 1854 under the guidance of Father Coopman, The High Altar was carved by Mr, Flavion Rochon in 1861. The Pews , built in 1874, by Mr. Terence Fagan are of the old box type. The presbytery was destroyed by fire March 9 ,1869, Father O’Brien lost his life in that fire . The Presbytery was replaced by Father Francoeur in 1871. By an old picture, it would seem that this building was removed to the back after 1890, and used as hall, and a new brick house was built to replace it , which in its turn, was destroyed by fire December 28 , 1914 . To be replaced by the present day structure. The vestry was erected , and a steam furnace installed in 1908. The Parish Cemetery , nestled behind this beautiful Gothic-style stone church, with its towering steeple, reaching as it were for the skies, stands as a monumental memorial to our forefathers. High above the main entrance of the church in a niche in the façade is a statute of the Virgin Mary, faded and worn with the mist of time, like a sentinel she stands overlooking all who enter and leave, all those being carried to their to last resting place. The last resting place for many of our Pioneer families , mostly of Irish nationality who settled in Osgoode Township, and in the southern part of Gloucester Township. As early as 1834, the Bytown Prescott Stage coach passed this way, Gone are the horse and buggy days The Post Office , and Blacksmith shop are no more , this once quiet , little hamlet is now surrounded by a thriving industrial area, modern stores, etc. Highway 31 , now a major Highway stretches from the St, Lawrence Seaway, into the heart of our Nations Capital. The City Ottawa , compiled June, 1985, ... by Michael Daley
January 25, 2006: At South Gloucester, just down the road from the large stone church, there was (and still is) an elementary school called St. Mary's. Our Lady of the Visitation Church was originally called St. Mary's. Mary Quinn has sent the following rules of behaviour for teachers in the schools in 1872. Teachers were expected to set high standards of behaviour for their pupils.
Rules for Teachers in 1872
1. Teachers each day will fill lamps, clean chimneys. 2. Each teacher will bring a bucket of water and a scuttle of coal for the day's session. 3. Make your pens carefully. You may whittle nibs to the individual taste of the pupils. 4. Men teachers may take one evening each week for courting purposes, or two evenings a week if they go to church regularly. 5. After ten hours in school, the teacher may spend the remaining time reading the Bible or other good books. 6. Women teachers who marry or engage in unseemly conduct will be dismissed. 7. Every teacher should lay aside from each pay a goodly sum of his earnings for his benefit during his declining years so that he will not become a burden on society. 8. Any teacher who smokes, uses liquor in any form, frequents pool or public halls, or gets shaved in a barber shop will give good reason to suspect his worth, intention, integrity and honesty. Note: The teacher who performs his labour faithfully and without fault for five years will be given an increase of twenty-five cents per week in his pay, providing the Board of Education approves. ____________________ Mary - were these rules for teachers in your Catholic Schools? My mom was a teacher and so I find this very interesting - but quite dictatorial. I wonder what the teachers today (at least in the USA) would say to rules like that? What on earth would shaving in a barber shop hurt? Al or Michael - do you know? ... Mardelle _____________________ It's possible that getting a shave in a barber shop was considered frivolous and wasteful and as such would reflect on weakness in a teacher's character and personal judgement. According to the rules for the teachers, they were expected to lead a very spartan life. ... Al

From Michael Daley: The PARISH,of Our Lady of The Visitation was not without its behaviour problems. In 1903 Father J,C, Dunn, parish, priest ,complained to the Bishop ,” that the principal disorder here consists of coming to and from what are known as public balls, advertized as euchre parties. I had them stopped in this parish, but my people go to a neighbouring parish where the pastor built a hall and holds balls regularly. Rather a difficult position ,for one who tries to serve the youth. Let us for a moment, as it were turn back the pages of time. June 22, 1898, Father McCauley, resident pastor of St, John’s (at nearby Enniskerry) informed Archbishop Duhamel that the people of St, John’s of Osgoode, had fully agreed upon banking money with a view to building a new stone church on the same site as the present frame building, It took 20 years to realize this dream. In 1900 St ,John’s Hall [St, John’s Temperance Hall ] was built, The interior of this building consisted of one large assembly floor and stage. In cold weather it was heated by a monstrous wood stove. Like country schools, it had an outhouse at the back, the hall was the scene of socials, euchre parties, dances , concerts, political rallies ,and silent movies. The Archbishop spoke of building a new church, but before this a new presbytery was required. September 1903, Father McCauley , reported that he had the house [built in 1859] inspected and it was found to be beyond repair. The parish of which Father Dunn referred to was no doubt St. John’s with its newly-built hall [1900 ]. The euchre parties were held as “ fund raisers”, after a few games of euchre , the floor was cleared of tables and chairs and the place came alive with music, square dancing, waltzing and stepdancing — fun for all , the young and the old . ... Michael Daley _____________________ Too funny that the euchre parties are still going on there! Many of the good Catholics, I know, would not have been considered such good Catholics back then as there are not too many of them who don't enjoy a good game of euchre. Also what would the church picnics have been without square dancing, waltzing and step dancing? Times have changed, as I remember Gloucester Church had regular euchre parties on the third floor of the presbytery when Father Tompkins (family from County Wicklow, Ireland) was there. Also I'm sure the teachers of today would flip out at the list of rules in 1872! ... Mary
December 15, 2006: Hi Guys! Does there exist today a cemetery for Our Lady of the Visitation church? My ancestor, Charlotte Sparrow, wife of John O'Doherty was buried there in 1883. Many thanks! Lynn __________________ Hi Lynn: Thanks for your e-mail regarding John O'Doherty and Charlotte Sparrow. I believe that John Doherty donated the land for the church at South Gloucester (formerly St. Mary's and now called Our Lady of the Visitation). Do you know if Charlotte Sparrow was a sister of Charles Sparrow who was a Mayor of Ottawa, I believe? The Sparrow family was in the Ottawa area by the early 1830's. Here's a record from Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa: 10 Feb 1834 Bytown Marriage of Thomas Donnelly, native of the parish of Magheraculmoney, County Fermanagh, and Margaret Burke, native of the City of Cork, Ireland Witnesses: Charles Sparrow, Charlotte Sparrow & Ann Tormay (wife of William Tormay) I'd like to set up a new web page on our web site for John O'Doherty and Charlotte Sparrow, based on your e-mail and Michael Daley's reply to you (thanks, Michael). Please let me know if this is OK with you. We may then hear from other researchers. I'll also have a look for other material here. Thanks again for this. ... Al Lewis _____________________ Hi LYNN. Yes there is a well populated cemetery ,at Our Lady of The Visitation , Many of our pioneer families are buried there, if there ever was a tombstone for John, and Charlotte, it is not there now, her date of death would still be registered in the Parish register, [ thanks for the info, ] ... Michael Daley Note: The records for this church can be found in the Drouin records at www.ancestry.com ... Al) ______________________ Hi Al! Many thanks for the reply! I believe that John O'Doherty did donate the land for the church. Charlotte is indeed the brother of Charles, siblings with my great-great-great grandmother Elizabeth who married first Robert Snaith and after his death James Lupton. Please feel free to set up a new web page for Charlotte and John O'Doherty!! Many thanks! Lynn ______________________ Lynn and Michael: I believe that there are some records for your Lupton family also at Our Lady of the Visitation. I've come across the name spelled as "Lepton". Charles Sparrow was the mayor of Bytown in 1851. ... Al ______________________ December 16, 2006: Good evening AL, Lynn, I read with interest your comments, question is John O'Doherty husband of Charlotte Sparrow , one and the same as indicated on the indenture,of Bargain and sale [in part only], Dated the twenty-first day of February in the year of our lord, one thousand, eight hundred and forty-six by and between ," Patrick O'Doughtery, his wife Charlotte Sparrow, and the Roman Catholic Episcopal corporation of the Diocese of Kingston,in the province of Canada and whereby, the said party of the first part in consideration of the sum of five pounds of lawful money, convey that certain parcel or tract of land, contains by measurement four acres, more or less, situated on part of lot 28 , concession 4 in Gloucester Township to the Episcopal Corporation of Kingston, for religious purposes. This indenture was signed by Father Dandurand, O.M.I, and Father France Clement.O.M.I.- Patrick Phelan, Bishop of Carrhoe question ?? were John, and Patrick brothers ,?? did Patrick pass away and John marry his widow , ???? for what its worth, Michael P.S. You will find the above lines in the story of "Our Lady of the visitation," ... Michael Daley
December 18, 2006: Good evening ,Al & Alice, In regards to the very impressive article, E-mail dated December 16 2006. I would like to refer to my e-mail to Al Lewis, Lynn Malwyn dated December 15 , 2006 11.11 p.m . Al to the many readers of your very informative web site, I did not make that article up, This parcel of land referred to in that document. four acres more or less, for religious purpose was not donated but , paid for, five pounds of lawful money, by the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Kingston. There are various reports as to when the first chapel was built, a report by Father Dandurand registered in the Cathedral register [Archives] that a chapel erected in Gloucester may date back to 1830, this is most logical and coincides with a statement written Sept. 19 ,1851 by Bishop Guigues relating to his visit to Gloucester three years ago [ 1848] and I quote, " I was shocked to see such a miserable chapel, shaken wooden building open to all winds, and a very sad wooden Altar, the only piece of furniture in the place, now the Oblates have a new rectory and are ministering in a beautiful spacious church built of stone, and when finished will be one of the most beautiful churches in Upper Canada,"end of quote In the beautiful publication "PLANTED BY FLOWING WATERS," The Diocese of Ottawa , 1847--1997 on page 56 in regards to" Our Lady of the Visitation," a line reads , In February 1846 Patrick O'Dougherty and his wife Charlotte transferred four acres of land to the Diocese of Kingston for religious purpose. Al I was checking my basement and I came upon an 1863 map of Gloucester, [ [guess I forgot I had one, I'll get some copies and give you one,] on that map in my view it reads John P. Dougherty, with Rev. I. O'Brien also listed, Father O'Brien was burnt to death in the house in 1869 . Just to put another potato in the pot, April 18. 1858, Margaret, [ O'Dougherty,] Doherty, from O'Dougherty homestead, became my, Great , step grandmother , Margaret born June 15, 1820 of Ireland, immigrated to Canada in 1857. Note, In our Lady of Visitation church register, dated April 18 ,1858 reads , 2nd marriage of Thomas Keough, son of James Keough,and Catherine Ryan to Margaret Doherty, daughter of Neil Doherty and Margaret Foley of Ireland . Thomas and Margaret , farmed where the largest barn sale in eastern Ontario is held twice a week at Greely Ontario, Thomas Keough died 1902 . Margaret died December 12 , 1904 . My grandmother Catherine Keough was the daughter of Thomas Keough and his first wife ,Elizabeth Shanahan, daughter of Patrick Shanahan ,and Catherine Murphy, from county Carlow. If anyone has documents in regard to land transfer from Dougherty to the church, I would appreciate a copy of the same , thank you . sincerely Michael Daley
January 28, 2007: To-day was a sad day for many long time Parishioners, of Our Lady of the Visitation parish , of South Gloucester, as the former rectory, the once beautiful 3 story brick building was demolished, in the name of being old and decrepit. This beautiful building, built in 1915 to replace the disastrous fire of December 28 1914 which destroyed the former rectory, which was built to replace the disastrous fire of March 9, 1869, which took the life of the parish priest, Father O’Brien. This old house, the stories it could tell, faded and worn with the mist of time, like a sentinel it stood, for four score, and twelve years overlooking , the countless number of parishioners of the past and present generation , those who entered and left , those who entered, to plan; to participate in the many church picnics, church socials, card parties, church suppers etc. have striven, to maintain a rectory ,and a place to worship their God, Turning a page in the book of time, as it were, many events of the past, like the closing of a book are now but a memory. Submitted by Michael Daley

March 21, 2007: Good Morning, I recently read the entries on the bytown.net site with reference to the Dougherty / Doherty family. I am wondering if I could correspond with someone about the possible connection I have to this family. I am descended from Ellen Teresa Dougherty who is buried in the St. Ann cemetery in Merrickville, Ontario. I believe her father was George Dougherty. My mother who died in 1993 had relayed to us the story of the ancestor who had donated land for a church and in the 1980's on two trips back to Ontario had tried to locate this cemetery but we were unsuccessful. I am wondering if by chance I have stumbled across the connection. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may be able to shed some light. Thanks, ... Della _______________________ Good evening Della, Al The church & Cemetery of which you speak is Our Lady of The Visitation, South Gloucester. Question , do you have a Patrick O'Dougherty , or John P. O'Doughtery , in your ancestry, [ hope this helps ] sincerely ... Michael Daley ________________________ Good Afternoon Mike, Thank you so much for your follow-up. I will be in Ontario in June and hope to spend a few days in Ottawa with long time friends. I would like to visit the Our Lady of Visitation Church – would you have directions to the church by any chance (I just ask on the off-chance you are living in the Ottawa area). I lived in Ottawa in the ‘60’s but unfortunately at that time I did not take advantage of the fact I was living so close to all my ancestral history. Looking forward to many hours of research, Della
June 17, 2007: Our Lady of the Visitation now has its own web site at http://www.olvis.ca/
June 25, 2007: HI AL. the following relates to Our Lady of the Visitation:
Souvenir Post Card returns to its Roots
A letter dated Feb.20. 2007 reads: Good morning Michael. Sometime what I find on the internet amazes me. Today is one those times. I am writing to you from Midland where I'm going through my deceased father's papers and found a postcard of the "Private Office, St.Mary's Presbytery, South Gloucester, Ont. It is a very spacious Victorian room [ fireplace,bay windows. potted plants,carpets,leather arm chair etc.] and in the far corner behind a desk sits a priest.. would your group like to have it? I have no idea why it is in my father's collection. Certainly the Delaneys were Irish and they did live in Ottawa after WW1 .. But my Grandfather was an Orangeman. On the other hand my Anglican grandmother writes about taking my dad to the opening of a new Catholic Church , and how friendly the priest was. My father became an Anglican priest. ... Paul Delaney Michael writes , Hi Paul. Yes I would love to have that picture. as that Rectory was demolished on the 27 of January 2007. Paul writes The post card will be in the mail today,I had just read your account of the demolitation of the old rectory when I wrote to you. My dad became an Anglican priest. Grandfather Delaney [the Orangeman and a Mason] was a RSM from WW1 who came to Ottawa right after the war, and dad started school there. I've just found my father's notes and I quote . Next door to us on the Richmond road was the toll-gate keeper's on the way to Westboro. In the evening one could hear the curfew bell ringing from out there in the distance, The Merrifield family lived there , Then Father Prudhomme came and the ST.George's R.C. Church was built up Piccadilly Avenue and hill, just beyond the Cowan house. Mother took me to the impressive opening service. The cleric assistant invited and took me to the Circus . [end of quote ] He also mentions that on Sundays his mother took her kids to St. Matthias Church Hintonburg .? It would be the church of England It was my grand mother who did the religious upbringing, and she was Anglican and a very tolerant person, My grandfather Delaney grew up in a mixed situation, in Sterling near Belleville. The women were Catholic and the men were C. of E. I don't think we are connected to any Delaneys in the Ottawa area. interesting though . I'm sure in your history you mention, Fr. Prudhomme. Does dad have the name of the church wrong,? he made those notes in his 80.s . Michael Daley , writes . Your Dad was right, Father Prudhomme was the Parish Priest in South Gloucester , St George's parish was established in 1923. Father Prudhomme of South Gloucester, was appointed the first pastor. the first Mass was held October 1. 1923 in the chapel of visitation Convent on the Richmond Road ., The land was purchased on Piccadilly Avenue. A brick Church was built, it was blessed Sept. 21, 1924, this would be the new church Your Grandmother took your dad to ,on Sept 21 1924. At some point in time Father Prudhomme must have passed this picture post card of his former resident to your dad. Feb.22 Paul writes, Thanks Mike. Now everything fits together ,Doesn't it? Dad was born 1917 so he would have remembered the event as a six year old . Is St. George.s still standing ,? I enjoyed your posted historical pieces ... Paul Delaney
August 10, 2007: The early settlers in the parish of Our Lady of the Visitation were mainly Irish and French. In 1906, the Morozuk family arrived from the Ukraine. August 31, 2007: Shirley Morozuk has sent along a class picture of St. Mary's School at South Gloucester in the 1940's. Can you identify any of these keen students?
November 19, 2007: Hi All, Just a note to say that Alec Ball has finished his cemetery listing on "Our Lady of Visitation Cemetery" and it is available at the OTHS museum in Vernon at a cost of $7.00. Regards, Jim Stevenson E-Mail Osgoode Township Historical Society
August 2, 2008: Thanks to Michael Daley for the following:
Father Patrick McGOEY (buried at Our Lady of the Visitation, South Gloucester)
Hi Linda. Father Patrick McGoey, a brief review from his Biography. Patrick born 2 March 1817, County Longford, Ireland, no mention of his parents, or brothers or sisters. Ordination May 6 1849 in Ottawa by Mgr. Guigues, Appointments: 10 of June 1849 missionary in Plantagenet , 1849-1853 pastor of Saint Luke, Curran , Plantagenet Township 1854 -1859 pastor of St.Camille, Farrelton, (Gatineau Valley) April 1859 officiating minister of St. Etienne of Chelsea. (St. Stephens) 1868 first resident pastor in St. Etienne serving Wakefield 1869-10 October 1877 first pastor of St. Elizabeth of Cantley and serving Wakefield . 1879-1888 Pastor of St. John the Evangelist of Dawson (now Enniskerry), (Osgoode) St.Bridget of Manotick . 1888 retirement , death date ,on his tombstone , Our Lady of the Visitation cemetery reads, Nov. 6 1890. His works: Farrelton. construction of church and rectory. Cantley, construction of a chapel seeing to all necessary objects of cult all thanks to collections he made. N.B. One finds his name on the Decree of erection of the diocese of Ottawa. In answer to your question, no he was not appointed to Our Lady of the Visitation. Could he have retired there, ?? yes a big house,? or did he have family in that parish.?? Here is a story, that has been passed down, through the years, my grandfather's (Michael Daley), Uncle John, married a woman by the name of " Kate McGoey", they owned a store in South Gloucester, where Kate died in child birth, years later John returned to the homestead , after their mother, Elizabeth (McGuire) Daley died, January 18 .1888, to live with his "single" brother Michael. When Michael died the farm was left to John, who in turn sold it to his nephew , my grandfather ,Michael Daley , John's health had been failing for some time. He had to spend 20 weeks in the Ottawa General Hospital, in a private room, at $10.00 a week, a letter written by Sister Mary Redemption, "it was shortly after May the 30 that we noticed his mind got disturbed," further, April 4th 1899, Received payment in full. $185.00" at home, in fit of anger, he threw a chamber pot and it struck a beautiful hand carved corner post on the stairway railing, splintered and chipped , [the post remained there until 1969.] On the afternoon before his death, his last words , "What a beautiful day to be going to hell". In the dark of that night , Feb .13 , 1901 the family all in bed, my teenage Aunt, awoke from a sound sleep to see, "Like in a dream," a vision, a beautiful woman in white glide, silently into John's room, the next morning they found John dead.. Kate McGoey "noted for her beauty" had returned to take her beloved husband with her. ... Michael Daley
February 2, 2009: On a vacation in Rome , I noticed a marble column in St. Peter's with a golden telephone on it. As a young priest passed by, I asked who the telephone was for. He told me it was a direct line to Heaven, and if I'd like to call, it would be a thousand dollars. I was amazed, but declined the offer. Throughout Italy , I kept seeing the same golden telephone on a marble column. At each, I asked about it and the answer was always the same: a direct line to Heaven and I could call for a thousand dollars. On the way homeward, I stopped in Ireland . I decided to attend Mass at a local village church. When I walked in the door I noticed the golden telephone. Underneath it there was a sign stating: "DIRECT LINE TO HEAVEN 25 cents". "Father", I said , "I have been all over Italy and in all the cathedrals I visited, I've seen telephones exactly like this one. But the price is always a thousand dollars. Why is it that this one is only 25 cents"? The priest smiled and said, "Ah! But you're in Ireland now! It's a local call". (Thanks to Jerry Tierney for the above story)!
June 9, 2010: Hi Al. for your info, this refers to the entry on your site, dated January 28 2007. The Rectory at our Lady of the Visitation, that was demolished ,January 28,2007 has been replaced with a beautiful 5500 square foot, parish hall on that site. includes, reception centre, meeting room, Office and industrial kitchen, etc, Official opening , after 11,O'clock Mass Sunday June 13, 2010 Michael
February 8, 2011: Hello - Happy New Year! I am wondering if any of you can identify the Priest in the photo. I found it on a facebook group called "St. Mary's School." Thank you Shirley Morozuk ____________________________ Hi Shirley , great to hear from you, I stand to be corrected, that priest is Father Tompkins, Parish Priest at Our Lady of the Visitation, South Gloucester from 1945 to October 1966. ... Michael ____________________________ Hi everyone: Thanks for the e-mails and the confirmation that the priest in the picture is Father Tompkins. Michael, was this man a local home-grown priest? I think that there were a couple of Catholic Tompkins families from Gloucester Township. Shirley, can you tell me how to get at the photo at the facebook group “St. Mary’s School”? ... Al _______________________________ Hi Al Father Tompkins was born 1896 son of Patrick Joseph Tompkins & Mary Ford, he died in the General Hospital Sept, 8 1969 buried in St.. Joseph's cemetery ,Orleans he had one brother Joe, and four sisters -Lizzie. Sarah,[ nun ]. Theresa. -- Frances [Mrs Thomas McCaffery ] of ST. John's Parish , Enniskerry ,Osgoode, Frances was a School teacher and was hired by school board near Venosta ,or Low, Quebec?? She Married Thomas McCaffery , they eventually bought a farm in Snake Island raised a fine family , AL , I am presume that Father Tompkins was born Orleans or Sarsfield area,??? ... Michael _______________________________ February 9, 2011: Hi Al and Michael, I was looking at your page on Our Lady of the Visitation parish this morning, and the mention of Canon Tompkins. I’ve often wondered if that Fr/Canon Tompkins that I sometimes saw mentioned in wedding announcements, etc. in the digital Citizen Archives was one of the County Wicklow Tompkins. He is. Here’s his baptismal record, and he was a grandson of John Tomkins/Tompkins and Elizabeth Traynor, who were married in Carnew. They came to Bytown about 1844, and later settled in Orleans (They were cousins of all those Bytown Kehoes.)
1896 baptism record of Father Tomkins Source: Drouin Records at ancestry.ca Baptism of Canon / Father Tomkins
Very nice report on the naming of Enniskerry, Michael. ... Anne Burgess

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