Joseph VEZINA and Elizabeth DUPUIS
Pioneer Settlers in Orleans, Ontario, Canada
(part of the City of Ottawa)

June 10, 2008:

Joseph VEZINA 

Joseph VEZINA (born Oct 31, 1812 in Saint Augustin, Portneuf, Que) was the son of Jacques 
Joseph VEZINA  and Marguerite DORVAL . He married Elizabeth (Eliza) DUPUIS (born Apr 19, 
1820 in L'Acadie, Que) daughter of Francois Dupuis and Marie Therese Scott, both of 
Gloucester Township, about 1839. The location of the marriage is unknown, but Francois 
Dupuis and Marie Therese Scott were also one of the first settlers of Gloucester Township 
(Orleans). Francois Dupuis purchased Lot 2 Concession I from Georges B. Lyon on Nov 11, 1846.

Baptism of Joseph Vezina

Second Marriage of Elizabeth Dupuis Vezina

Joseph Vezina died on April 03, 1855 in a bar brawl and Eliza remarried on Nov 13, 1867 
St Joseph, Orleans,  to Pierre Biek (sic), son of Pierre Biek (sic) and Adelaide Morina. 

1851 Census - Reel C-11,715 - Gloucester Township

Joseph Vezina (Visinau) age 35 and Eliza age 34
·	Occupation - Farmer
·	Lived in Log Cabin
Children living with Joseph and Eliza
·	James (12)
·	Mary (11)
·	Amelia (Emilie) (9)
·	Margaret (8)
·	Francois (6)
·	Ursule (4)
·	Joseph (3)
·	Annie (1)

1861 Census - Reel C-1012 - Gloucester / Carleton

Eliza Vezina (45), widow -  Tavern Keeper born in Lower Canada.

·	Cannot Read or Write
·	Log Cabin - 1 Story, 1 Family
·	2 horses, 1 cow Value $100.00
·	1/2 Acre Tavern Value $1,000.00

Children living with Eliza

·	Emelia (18)
·	Marguerite (16)
·	Francois (14)
·	Joseph (13)
·	Ursule (11)
·	Annie (9) - Anastasie
·	Justinien (7)
·	Alexandria (5) - Marie Alexina

The 1871 census for Gloucester Township also lists Eliza as a widow again by the  name of 
Eliza Beeks (Age 50), Occupation (Hotelkeeper).

Children living with Eliza
·	Marguerite (Age 24)
·	Annie (Age 18)
·	Justinien (Age 17)
·	Alexina (Age 16)

Children of Joseph Vezina and Eliza Dupuis:
Jacques James Joseph VEZINA		b: 01 Jun 1839 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
							d: 19 Jun 1900 in Ottawa, Ontario
Married Philomene RABY	 	b: 30 Aug 1843 in Quebec	
							m: 16 Oct 1861 in St Joseph, Orleans, Ontario	
							d: 18 Jan 1921 in Ottawa, Ontario

Mary VEZINA				b: 25 Jul 1840 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
Married Fred Borneman			b: Dec 1836 in Germany
							m: 13 Oct 1900 in Linwood, Bay, Michigan

Emilie Larie VEZINA			b: 05 Nov 1842 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
Married Isaie MONTREUIL		b: Abt. 1845 in Quebec
							m: 06 Oct 1863 in St Joseph, Orleans, Ontario	

Marguerite VEZINA			b: 18 Apr 1844 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Francois Xavier VEZINA			b: 11 Feb 1846 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
							d: 26 Oct 1905 in Ottawa, Ontario
Married Sophie LEBLOND		b: 01 Oct 1847
							m: 01 Feb 1869 in St Joseph, Orleans, Ontario	
							d: 11 Jul 1927 in Ottawa, Ontario

Rose Anne Ursule VEZINA		b: 27 Sep 1847 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
							d: 06 Apr 1914
Married Johnny SABOURIN		b: Abt. 1825 in Ontario
							m: 09 Jul 1866 in Ch of St. Joseph, Ottawa, Ontario	
							d: 10 Oct 1900 in Ottawa, Ontario

Joseph VEZINA				b: 10 Sep 1849 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
							d: 26 Aug 1922 in Orleans, Ontario
Married Marie Louise Aglae  CORBEIL 	b: 27 May 1855 in Deux Montagne, Quebec, Canada
							m: 28 Feb 1870 in St Joseph's Church, Orleans, Ontario	b: 
							d: 12 Oct 1924 in Orléans, Ontario,

Marie Anastasie (Annie) VEZINA		b: 14 Jan 1851 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Laurent Justinien VEZINA		b: 05 Sep 1852 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
							d: 17 Dec 1916 in Ottawa, Ontario
Married Virginie LEBLOND		b: 05 Jun 1856 in Papineau, Quebec
							m: 31 Aug 1875 in St Joseph, Orleans, Ontario	

Marie Alexina VEZINA			b: 30 Apr 1854 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
Married Joseph BOUCHER		b: Abt. 1855 in Orléans, Ontario, Canada
m: 19 Jul 1875 in Notre Dame d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Extracted from 1860-1985 125th Anniversaire - Paroise St-Joseph D'Orleans
Famille Vezina - Orleans
Les familles de Joseph Vezina et de Jean Baptiste Vezina comptent parmi les premiers 
defricheurs qui ont fonde Orleans
Le 4 Decembre 1851, Joseph Vezina prend possession de 400 acres de terre ayant appertenu a 
Henry Munro, representant les lots numeros 5 et 6 entre la riviere Ottawa et la rue Notre 
Dame Actuelle.
La famille de Joseph Vezina et Elizabeth Dupuis a atteint cinq generation a habiter a 
I have no information on Lot 5 yet, but Lot 6 was sold in 1854, in four 50 acre parcels 
to Pierre Jasmin, Louis Bigras, Jean Baptiste Roy and Andre Letourneau dit Nadon.

... Rick Vezina
March 2, 2009: Hi Rick & Al Jacques Vezina son of the above and brother to Joseph, married Julia Bertrand in 1829. Many children one in particular, Henri Ulderic Vezina was born 1838, married Marie Deline (Rose) Pichette in 1855, then married Marie Esther Berthiaume in 1857, then married Marie Anne Hamel in 1863. The 1st and 2nd wives died early. Ulderic Vezina and Marie Hamel had 9 children, the last named Joseph but the first Emelie married Theodore Laberge. Their last child, Andre Xavier Laberge married Dora Lefebvre. These are my brother's mother-in-law parents. I did not know his parents until I found the very first marriage, which today I did. I believe Jacques also died in 1855. Will have to check the copy I sent myself. Taylor Kennedy
New March 3, 2009: Hello Taylor Thanks for the update on Ulderic's wives .... Based on the information you have provided me, I added Ulderic's s 2nd wife Marie Esther Berthiaume. I already had Ulderic's marriage to Marie Anne Hamel (and their 9 children), but it was always a mistery to me as I did not have the parents information on this couple and always wondered where the link was because they were in the Ottawa area around the same time (around 1867) as Jean Baptiste Vezina and Joseph Vezina. From what you have provided me, Ulderic was a Nephew to Jean Baptiste and Joseph Jean Baptiste Vezina and Joseph Vezina were the sons of Jacques Vezina and Marguerite Dorval. Uledric Vezina was the son of Jacques Vezina and Julie Bertrand (Jacques (son of Jacques Vezina and Marguerite Dorval) was a brother of Jean Baptiste and Joseph). Thanks again for the information. Regards Rick Vezina
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