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Most of us have old photos around and it's surprising how often people visiting this web site recognize photos from the 1800's. 
The Ottawa area community was small and many of the families intermarried. Some persons who follow the web site are interested 
in (and knowlegable about), period costume and can often recognize what time period, within a decade at least, these photos 
belong to. Also, there are a few people out there who are interested in early photographic studios in the this area and may 
recognize the studio backgrounds used by certain photographers at different periods. 
See Early Photographic Studios in Ottawa, for example.

March 3, 2011:

Wayne Henderson, a Mitchell contact, is looking for any info on this family photo. 
He believes it to be some Griffith clan. 
Any help is much appreciated.

... Rory Griffith
    Griffith Family Web Page

Unknown Old Photo, Possibly the Griffith Family

March 13, 2011: On the back of this daguerreotype is written "John Troy", but it may be Thomas Troy or an O'Grady. Also, who is the lady, presumably his wife? ... Walter Bambrick E-mail Troy Family Web Page
Unknown Picture: Troy family of Nepean, Ottawa, Canada ?

April 18, 2011: Hi Al: Here is the photo of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Powers at their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1913 in Portsmouth, Iowa, USA. Seated in the middle, from the left, (the older folks) are Honora (Power) Powers and Richard Powers; next to them are Mary (Murray) Guinan and Thomas Guinan (see below); next is Margaret (Drew) Wear. The family members are all Powers, Wears, and Monaghan. No Guinans. We can't figure out why the Guinans are included in a family photo. They did not come to Iowa from Canada; however, I am thinking that the Powers probably did, and maybe the Wears. Possibly at the same time as Patrick and Mary Quinn Coughlin (from Renfrew County), whose daughter Blanche married Frank Guinan, son of Thomas and Mary. Hoping someone can solve this riddle. Bob and Mary Jo Guinan, Nebraska, E-Mail Bob and Mary Jo
Richard Powers and Honorah Powers
Bob and Mary Jo: Here is an Enright family whose daughter married a Thomas Guinan - possibly the man in the above photo? ... Al
Enright family and Thomas Guinan

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