Robert TURNER and Elizabeth STONE
Ireland to Eganville, Ontario and Aylmer, Quebec, 1800's

New January 4, 2015:

Hi Allan,

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I am connected to Robert Turner through his sister Sarah Turner McMullen.  I have over 300 photos connected to the 
family, including four of Sarah, one of Jane Turner Martin, and one of Frances Turner Jessup.  I also have their 
stories.  I am looking to find out more about Robert Turner and the other Turners in the family. I have attempted 
to call the Turners in the area and have not connected with a relative.

I have been in contact with the museum and Preston many times.  

Source for picture below: Eganville Museum Display Robert Turner, Sr, one of the six Founders of Eganville Robert Turner Sr.
Robert Turner's family originally came from Belfast, Ireland. Robert's father, John Turner, was a member of the Allan Shipline Family. John was a shipmaker for the family. Around 1820, John came over from Ireland and landed in Quebec. John married Frances Keately (Kitley / Kitley) in 1821. John and Frances lived in Diamond Harbour, Quebec, then Pont Levy, Quebec. In Pont Levy, their son Robert Turner was born in 1823. The family moved to Alymer, Quebec and then Bytown before coming to Eganville in 1828. John entered into a partnership with John Egan and the company was called Turner and Egan. John died in 1847 and upon his death, his son Robert took over his end of the business. Robert and Egan worked together until Egan's death. Then, Robert Mills and James Bonfield bought Egan's shares. Robert and James were in a short partnership. Robert and his wife Elizabeth Stone had Lizey, John, Robert, George, Alex, Thomas, William, and Susan. Thank you for posting this. I have only a sketch of Robert from the museum. I am not entirely certain it can be posted as mine. It is online from the museum. If you require anything else, please let me know. Sincerely, Lisa

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