John TURNER and Susan WHELAN
Ireland to Osgoode Township, Ottawa, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New June 18, 2015:

From Marilyn:

John Turner is buried, along with his wife Susan Whelan are buried in
St. John's RC Cemetery at Enniskerry of which I purchased their book.
It lists Grave #99 "In loving memory of John Turner died Dec. 26, 1895
aged 95 years.  Also his wife Susan Whelan died Sept. 15, 1889 aged 77
yrs.  Nicholas Turner (their son) died Dec.6, 1915 aged 73 yrs.  Also
his wife Sarah Hassett died Jan. 11, 1932 aged 80 yrs.  (see original document, below).
William Turner (I believe this is Nicholas's son who died of TB / Tuberculosis) born Feb. 3, 1875,
died Aug. 11, 1897 aged 22 yrs.

My connection:  John Turner & Susan Whelan; their son Nicholas 1842-1915
married Sarah Hassett 1852-1832; their son John (Jack) 1877-1953 married
Clara Emily Collins 1887-1968;  their daughter Marjorie Turner 1916-1982
married Ivor Smith 1916-1986 and their daughter Marilyn married
Terence Dwyer.  I do have more on the Turners as well.

Secondly, In the book "Bowesville:  A Place to Remember" by Grace
Johnston (available at the Gloucester Historical Society & Museum)
listed Patrick Collins from Tinlague, Cork as being married to Ellen Finn
from Bandon, Cork and Timothy Collins from Tinlague, Cork being married
to Mary Cain / Keane from Tinlague, so now I am confused because you have the
wives reversed.  Could you tell me where your source is from, perhaps
the cemetery where they are buried?

... Marilyn

Here is the location of the John Turner and Susan Whelan farm on the StageCoach Road in 1879:
and here is the baptism of John, son of Nicholas Turner and Sarah Hassett. Sponsors were James O'Shea and Catherine Keough / Kehoe.
... Al
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