Thomas TROY and Mary FOX
from Ballingarry, County Kilkenny, Ireland, to Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
c. 1838

Thanks to John Troy and Walter Bambrick for the photographs on this page!

                                   Thomas Troy and Margaret Costello                              Troy Family Home in Nepean Township

Thomas Troy and Margaret Costello, Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Thomas Troy Family Home, Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Here"s another early family in Nepean. Thomas Troy and his wife Mary Fox came from Ballingarry, County Kilkenny and settled in the Fallowfield / Jockvale area. Thomas and Mary and three younger Troys (Michael, 1872-1944, Thomas, 1870-1944, and Martha, 1882-1967) are all buried at St. Patrick"s Church in Fallowfield. Thomas Troy, Jr. (1840-1922) married Margaret Costello (1843-1901). Margaret Troy married Michael O"Grady and James Troy married Mary Martha O"Grady. ... Al
July 17, 2010: Hi Al Great site Thomas Troy 1807-1869 @ Mary Fox 1799-1884 are my ggg grandparents. Their only son Thomas Troy b.1840-d.1922 who married Margaret Costello b.1843- d.1901 age 58 she had 8 sons @4 daughters one of the sons was John Troy [my grandfather] b.1866 d.1914 m, Anna Honorah O"Grady b.1873 d.1957 she had 3 sons @ 3 daughters my father Michael John Troy b.1906 d. 1967 m. Mercedes Coulson b.1909 d. 1993 our family was 2 girls @3 boys add this to your site and anyone that is interested can reach me at ps I have pics of Thomas @ Margaret and John @ Anna Honorah if anyone wishes Thanks again Al
July 19, 2010: Hi Al I"ll just mail the pics to you no need to return them . A few years ago a second cousin from California, USA, whom i"ve never met Walter Bambrick contacted me about his grand mother Leila Bambrick who was my aunt however I moved and I lost contact with Walter but I"ve since seen his e-mail sent to you on Bytown or Bust from [WALTER BAMBRICK ] If you do hear from him here"s the story His grandmother Leila Bambrick who married his Grampa Walter Bambrick is in the FIRST pic Leila his grandmother as a baby is the oldest child @ sitting on the knee of her dad John Troy [my grandfather ] and beside John is his g grandmother Anna Honorah O"Grady [my grandmother ] on her knee is his great aunt Mildred Gorman these were their first 2 babies this pic approx. 1898 THE NEXT pic John Troy"s whole family are in front of the homestead in Fallowfield with Walter"s grandmother Leila on the far right closest to the horse, then Mildred ,then my father Mike Troy, [he married my mother Mercedes Coulson they had 5 children 3 boys @2 girls still 3 of us living John , Tom @ linda] then Walter"s g grandfather John Troy b.1866 who died 1914, His g aunt Kathleen nicknamed Bobby because she got her hair bobbed , then Bill Troy , who died at 16 and last on the left His g grandmother b.1873 Anna Honorah O"Grady who died 1957 her first boy Thomas died as a baby this pic is approx 1913 in the third pic His gg grandmother Margaret Costello is standing beside her husband Thomas Troy b.1840 d.1922 Margaret was born approx 1843 she had 8 sons 4 daughters @ died 1901 I have the story on what happened to her children written down by aunt Mildred in 1979 in a letter to my daughter this pic may have been taken in 1890"s Many of these early relatives are mostly buried at St. Patricks in Fallowfield including his ggg grandparents {no pics] they were Thomas Troy born in Ireland 1807 d. in Fallowfield 1869 [He @ the O"Gradys put up the priests rectory at St. Patricks] @Thomas married Mary Fox b.1799 d.1884 in Ireland she was the widow of [John Meagher killed in Ireland] Margaret is buried also in Fallowfield their one child was Thomas he married Margaret Costello The 2 of them came probably in the 1830"s All pretty involved I"m still trying to track down the family bible if you need to call me or e-mail me for clarification feel free to do so, hope you can follow the trail p.s. my mother"s family the Coulson"s are having a reunion in sept 2,3 2010. at the Montebello on the Quebec side. They had the Alexander Hotel at Bank @ Gladstone for years and a few other places back in the day. She grew up with D"arcy Coulson. If your around and you have any interest give me your phone# and i"ll pick you up or meet you over there. Thanks again Al great hearing from you John Troy (I"LL SEND THE PICS TOMORROW) ____________________________ This e-mail is an example of the interconnected relations among the early Irish Catholic families in the Barrhaven and Jockvale neighbourhouds of South Nepean, as described in Professor Bruce Elliott"s book called Nepean: The City Beyond. The Alexandra Hotel was located on the west side of Bank Street. It was famous for its St. Patrick"s Day Celebrations and green beer. Some of my ancestors were regulars. I"ll post the pictures when they arrive later this week. ... Al
July 23, 2010:
Troy, O
Troy Family Letter, Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
... John Troy
July 24, 2010
Note: I was unable to locate the original Troy farm in Nepean Township on Belden"s 1879 Atlas of Carleton County. Lorne Burnett has advised us that the location is lot 16 concession 6 Nepean. And here it is on the map. Thanks, Lorne! Thomas Troy Family Farm in 1879, Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
... Al
July 28, 2010: Al, This is such a good story that only gets better with time. Through I have been able to connect with some amazing pictures that I only hoped existed some-where, this thanks to my dad"s cousin, John Troy. What I have come to appreciate through this site and the lessons George Wilson is teaching me [still] in his "Old-Time Stuff" column in the Ottawa Citizen (1923 on) is just how interconnected these small bands of settlers were - especially early on. My grandmother, Leila Bambrick, didn"t know of the existence of these photos [although her sister, Mildred, did]. I know that I pestered her for photos as well as reminiscences in the early 1970s. She had no family photos. It"s interesting that the pictures ended up with Mike"s family [or Kathleen"s?] who moved away from Ottawa years before. It"s more intriguing that these pictures have come back full circle due to the interconnectedness of this website. It shouts to the great potential a site such as this has for linking up these stories and pictures. Hanora O"Grady Troy, "Anna", [named after her great-grandmother Hanora Meara O"Grady – she"s the Hanora O"Grady who came as a widow to the area in 1826 with seven sons, another great story found on this site] was living with my grandparents in New Edinburgh when she died in 1959. What little I remember of my great grandmother was that she took a glass of Brandy with her for a nightcap when preparing for bed and wouldn"t retire without it. Leila"s advice to me concerning her Troy ancestors was to keep a look out for the Costellos and the O"Gradys. Of the Costellos, she opined, they were the "black" Irish because of their Spanish name [and Moorish routes.] Here we find a good example of the inter-connections within three families of farmers in Fallowfield / Jockvale area: Michael James O"Grady b 1864 m Mary Margaret Troy b 1876 James A Troy b 1868 m Mary Martha O"Grady b 1881 William Costello b 1854 m Margaret O"Grady b 1870 Thomas Troy b 1840 m Margaret Costello b 1843 John Troy b 1866 m Hanora O"Grady b 1873 I would dispute John Troy"s assertion that the photo of Margaret Costello/Thomas Troy dates to the 1890s. They were married in the 1860s. She is dressed in civil-war era clothing. I suspect the date of this photo is more like 1865. It may well be a wedding picture. Finally, it"s interesting to see Thomas Troy"s farm near the Jock River. If you look just north and south of its borders you"ll see a number of O"Gradys. There must be some Costellos nearby. Thanks Al, and many thanks to John Troy. Walter Bambrick
New March 13, 2011: John, thank you again for your help and kindness. You have no idea how earth shattering something as simple as uncovering family photos from a bygone time has been for me personally. I truly appreciate you taking the time to care. I came across the enclosed photo among family photos while cleaning up one of my father"s closets. It is a daguerreotype (from the 1850"s or 60"s?) which has been cut into an oval shape. I remember this photo from childhood. Then, it was in an ornate oval frame in my great-grandmother"s bedroom in my grandparent"s house in New Edinburgh [Anna Troy (born Hanora O"Grady) stayed in the girl"s old bedroom until she passed away in 1957]. What"s curious, "though, is on the back [in graphite] is written in cursive "John Troy" and something illegible. So, who is in the photo? Could it be Thomas Troy? Might you or any family members be able to identify this couple? As you can see, it"s a great photo in spite of the damage. The quality of the image is startling. Unknown Picture: Troy family of Nepean, Ottawa, Canada ? I"d like to compare the two photos. Do you know the whereabouts of the original daguerreotype you have a copy of? I"d like to see it in some detail. thanks for any help on this. I"ll send a copy of this along to Al Perhaps I"ll find some answers or answer someone"s questions. Walter ___________________________________ Good evening, Walter and John: Thanks, Walter for your e-mail and the wonderful photographs. Is it OK with you if I add your photograph to the page at Also, in hopes of being able to identify unknown photos, I"ve started a new web page for this at Most of us have old photos around and it"s surprising how ofthe people visiting the web site recognize photos from the 1800"s. The Ottawa area community was small and many of the families intermarried. There are some persons who follow the web site who are interested in (and knowlegable about), period costume and can often recognize what time period these photos belong to. Also, there are a few people out there who are interested in early photographic studios in the this area and may recognize the studio backgrounds used by certain photographers at different periods. See, for example. ... Al
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