John TRAINOR and Catherine DALEY / DALY, from County Armagh, Ireland
to Peel County, Ontario, Canada in 1825
later to York County

New November 7, 2011:

Thanks to Mike O'Shea for the following material regarding his ancestors who came from near Markethill in County Armagh
to Peel and York Counties in the Toronto area in 1825. The two photos are beautiful. The topography of County Armagh is
similar to the rolling farmland of the area where they settled in Ontario. The photo on the right is the Trainor homestead 
in County Armagh.

Scene from Damoily Townland, County Armagh, Ireland Trainor Homestead in County Armagh, Ireland
And here is a fascinating document, dated 1825, from Markethill, County Armagh, Ireland. It is a letter of recommendation written for John Trainor by his Parish Priest as he embarks on his emigration to Canada. This letter would have been valuable to John - it could help him secure employment or a land grant in Canada. Letter of Recomendation for John Trainor, about to emigrate to Canada in 1825
Hello Mr. Lewis, If you are interested my Trainor Family immigrated from the Markethill area of County Armagh in 1825. John with his family including my great grandmother Eleanor Trainor O'Shea who was at that time a 3 year old child, settled in Peel County, Home District, Upper Canada (Ontario) and some members of the family still remain in that area (not farm from Toronto). After living in Peel County, for a number of years the family moved to King Township in York County. Both John and Catherine are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery on the 10th line of King Township. Their son Patrick donated the land to the church. I will be most happy to supply you with what ever you may need for your site and am attaching a couple of pictures of the homestead. Since my visit to Armagh at least three other Trainor descendants from Canada have also visited there and all of us came away with quite satisfied feelings about the place. The current owners of the land in Armagh indicated to us that as far as the records show their best estimate is that the house was most likely built during the first quarter of the 1700's, but since only tax records go back that far that would substantiate it, that is where they put the age of the house. Everyone in the area is amazed that it has stood this long, but given the fact it was actually continuously occupied up into the 1930's by the family, with only modest modifications, it's understandable that it was well maintained all through the centuries. I have a rather comprehensive genealogy of the family on including pictures of the old homestead in Damoily Townland which I visited a couple of years ago. My name is Phillip (Mike) O'Shea and I live in Norfolk, Virginia and would like to add my ancestors to your site if you are willing to accept them. Mike O'Shea

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