William TRACEY / TRACEY and Rachel DAGG / DAY / DAGUE
Ireland to March Township, Upper Canada, c. 1830

January 14, 2008:

Hi: I'm searching for William Tracey and Rachel Dague (Day,Dagg, Dague). I have their first 
born son, John Tracey born in Huntley Township. Later, a daughter Elizabeth was married at 
St. Isadore Church in South March. I can't find marriage or burial records for 
William or Rachel or a birth record for John. 
Hope you can help. Thanks.
Louise Kobus

Good morning, Louise:

There were two William Tracey's in the Ottawa area very early. The first William
came from England and joined the Philomen Wright settlement in Hull. Another William
Tracey came from Queen's County, Ireland in the late 1820's.

William Tracy of Queen's County, Ireland, married Rachel Day or Dagg Of County Tipperary, Ireland in 1830 
at Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa.    
The witnesses were Martin McPherson, Rosalie Unknown and Joseph Armstrong
Source: Drouin records at http://www.ancestry.ca

Some (all?) of their children were: 
Christopher 1830
Thomas 1832
Ellen 1834
Esther 1835
William Henry 1837
RoseAnn 1839
Elizabeth 1845
Bridget 1846
Richard 1848

This family should be in the 1851 census for March Township.

... Al
January 31, 2008: Hi Al: According to the Memorial stone in St. Isidore's Cemetery John Tracey was born in 1827 in Huntley Township. I have one source that seemed sure his parents were William & Rachel. Since they got married in 1830, I now have my doubts. You were right; I found William & Rachel in 1851 census; no Christopher or of course no John. I only found John in 1861 and later censuses. I wish I could find a birth record. Thanks for your help. ... Louise Kobus ________________________________ also posted on January 31, 2008: Hi: The more I learn about William and Rachel makes me realize that John Tracey was not their son. Does anyone have access to birth records for Huntley township? John was born in 1827. He married Emily Scissons in 1855 and later married Bridget Nash. A birth record would give me parents and from there maybe I can find siblings. Thanks. ...Louise Kobus
January 4, 2010: I am also searching for info on William Tracey and Rachel Dague. They are my great-great-great grandparents. I know of their marriage in Canada but am trying to find out where they are buried and who their parents are. I have mostly researched their son Thomas and his descendants. William and Rachel had 55 grandchildren so the family is huge! Thanks, Sue
October 27, 2011: Hello Sue, Some or your info and posts from the 'Bytown or Bust' website and another site have been noted while I have been researching the Tracy / Tracey line. The search in earnest down this family path is a new one for me even though the interest has long been there. My family, too, descends from William Tracy (my great-great-grandfather) and Rachel Dague through the John Tracy and Bridget Nash line. My grandfather was their son Simon. There are still many of us around. Although not that far back, tracking the official records, as others have noted, is a challenge. With access to the ancestry.ca records I have located most of the church and provincial records for William' family except a baptismal / birth record for John. One private source we have is a family Bible which belonged to John Tracy. Our family inherited it upon the death of Simon' wife, Ethel Bolger. Recorded are the births and deaths of John's children and his wives and a number of news clippings and a few little cards relating to John' family and later descendants. There are also some early photographs, unfortunately unidentified. I believe some of the people may have been related to Emily Scissons's family as a couple of photos are by a photographer in Norwich, England. Other studios were local to Ottawa and Renfrew areas. As for any information about William, there is one Bible entry stating the death of 'William Tracy Sr.' was 21 November 1867, however, no indication as to burial location. Regarding the photos, as mentioned in my initial e-mail, they do not have anyone identified. That is one of the dilemmas we have. However, I do have a recently received copy of an image, below, of John Tracy c. 1827-1917 (my great-grandfather). The original photograph had hung in my grandparents home when I was a child. Have no information as to the date or where it was taken. Regards, ... Patricia Tracey McRae
Photo of John Tracey / Tracy, c.1827-1917 Photo of John Tracey / Tracy, c.1827-1917

January 4, 2013: I am researching Richard Hanley and Elizabeth Tracey, In their daughters marriage announcement a William Tracey is mentioned as a witness: Wellington Co., 1878, part 1 11601-78 Jacob WENTZ, 21, cooper, Galt Ont., Elmira, s/o Jacob WENTZ & Mary BRONTE, married Ellen HANLEY, 19, Stratford Ont., Peel twp., d/o Richard HANLEY & Elizabeth TRACEY, witn: William TRACEY of Peel twp. & Caroline WENTZ of Elmira, 8 Jan 1878 at Macton Richard Hanley and Elizabeth Tracey were living in Ellice Township in Perth County between 1858 and 1864. Three of their children were baptized at St. Joseph's Church in Stratford. Elizabeth Tracey died sometime between 1864 and 1871. As a result her children were split up. The two boys - William b. 1857 and Michael b. 1858 went to live with Neal and James Connelly in Peel. The daughter Ellen went to live with Michael O'Grady in Marybourough. The fate of the youngest John b. 1864 is unknown. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. ... Rory Griffiths
New December 14, 2015: Good morning, I am writing in regards to my 4th great grandparents William Tracey and Rachel Dague and the question of whether John Tracey is indeed their son or not. Perhaps this has already been discovered but the marriage record for John Tracy (Tracey) and Emily Scizzon (Scissons) in the Drouin Collection lists his parents as "William Tracy (Tracey) and Rachel Bague (Dague)". As for the memorial stone in St. Isidore's Cemetery indicating John's birth as 1827, three years before the marriage of his parents in Feb 1830, I can only assume that that the memorial stone is an estimated birth only. Various online records list his birth as anywhere from 1827 to 1830. Unfortunately no birth or baptism record has been discovered yet to help narrow down the date, but late in 1830 would be my assumption. Hope this helps, ... Christopher Smith _________ Good morning, Mr. Smith: Thanks for your interesting e-mail regarding your ancestors William Tracey and Rachel Dague. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web page at http://www.bytown.net/traceywilliam.htm? Please let me know. I think that this discrepancy occurred fairly regularly. For example, my GGrandfather's year of birth is recorded as 1840 but the church record at Notre Dame in Downtown Ottawa shows his birth as 1833. I believe that the grave marker was put in place when he died in 1907 and the 1840 date is a guestimate. Thanks again for this! ... Allan Lewis _____________ Good morning Allan, Please feel free to include my email on your web page. I would be happy to hear from relatives and others interested in the Tracey family. One last thing though... there was some discussion on your site whether or not Christopher Tracey was also the son of William and Rachel. I have included a baptismal record (see below) from the Drouin records indicating that Christopher is indeed the child of William Tracy and Rachel Dague. The most interesting thing of note though is that the baptism occurred on March 9, 1830 with Christopher 8 days old whereas the wedding had occurred only a month before on February 1, 1830... Hope all of this helps. ... Chris
Baptism of Christopher TRACY / TRACEY, 1830 in Bytown

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