Patrick John CAIN (KEANE) and Julia O'DONNELL
also John O'DONNELL, ML# 164 on the McCabe List, County Mayo
Ireland to Pontiac County, Quebec

 August 12, 2016:
John O'DONNELL from County Mayo is on the February 1829 McCabe List, number 164, from County Mayo, Ireland;

Surnames: Cain, O'Donnell

I am seeking any and all family information regarding my G G Grandfather 
a resident of Quyon, Quebec (Pontiac County) in the mid to late 1800's until ??? 
It is known that he owned and operated a general store and was the towns 
postmaster as late as 1905.. He had at least three daughters Julia Marie 
(b.4/20/1872 Quyon, d.1/6/1963), Margaret and Mae.
Julia married my G G Grandfather Patrick John Cain / Keane (b.3/27/1870 Quyon, 
d.3/26/1959) on 4/14/1895 in Quyon.
The name of Patricks parents are unknown, but he had at least two brothers, 
Thomas and Tony. Any information regarding the Cain / O'Donnell families 
would be greatly appreciated. I am in possession of numerous photos of Patrick 
and Julia in their later years as well as newspaper articles, obits etc. In addition 
I have a fair data base from that time forward and will be happy to share with any 
interested persons.
Thank you,
Timothy Patrick Cain
January 27, 2003: Hi Tim . I remember bugging you some time ago; we didn't make a connection then ... but now that I am older and wiser ....! Info I didn't have before: A Michael Kane / Keane ( with wife Ellen and 6 kids) crossed the Atlantic on "The Fortitude" in 1825. (PR)Destination was Douro Twp. (Peter Robinson Settlers in 1825) One of the children could have been Patrick Cain, who married Mary O'Malley. Their daughter married Patrick John Behan, bro of my Grfather, on April 03, 1902, at St. Mary's, Quyon. I have contact with this Michigan, USA family . That same John Patrick B. was baptized on April 13, 1879, at St Mary's ... and his sponsors were Hugh O'Donnell and Marg. Burnett. (possibly a descendant of William BURNETT). Now about John O'Donnell, the store owner you are seeking info about. He was the baptismal sponsor (with Catherine O'Connor) of an uncle of mine, namely Patrick Jeremiah Behan (son of Jeremiah Patrick Behan (!) and his second wife, Ellen Nellie Teevens) on Jan 13, 1907. That same John O'Donnell was a witness at the first wedding of J.P. Behan to Tessie O'Donnell, dau of Neil O'D and Ellen Murphy, on Nov 26, 1895, at St Mary's Quyon. This couple had 2 girls (Suzanne Kathleen b 1896 and Mary Teresa b 1898, then Teresa/Tessie died. These girls went to Petoskey Mi -- to the home of an aunt, Rose Anne (Behan) McMahon. I can trace them until about 1920 (about the time they married a Pope and a McLean -- I think) then ... poof. Did they join Cains in Wisconsin, USA ! These "girls" are/were half sisters to my mother (still living) and I would love to track down their descendants. My mother remembers the O'Donnell store ("our two families used to go there for ice cream after mass on Sunday") The O'Donnells she remembers had a dau named Oleda, about the same age as my mom (born 1913). Can you give me any info on that young lady ? Mom's family came to B.C. in 1920, and although the girls exchanged a few notes .... Enough for now. Hope we can help each other. .........Ron Lee __________ Note: Tim, if you see this, could you send us an updated e-mail address? Thanks, ... Al
April 4, 2004: I am also searching for information on John O'Donnell from Quyon / North Onslow. My Great Grandfather was Neil O'Donnell which was mentioned in a previous e-mail by Ron Lee because your John O'Donnell was a witness at the marriage of Tessie (Theresa ?)O'Donnell in 1895 (daughter of Neil O'Donnell and Ellen Murphy). I have Tessie (Theresa's) birth year as 1875. I have found at least 3 John O'Donnell's that may be of interest: John O'Donnell (1) (Father of Neil) Born 1803 County Mayo, Died 1864 in North Onslow. He was married to Margaret Jones. There is another John O'Donnell (2)(John O'Donald) who was 42 years old in the 1851 Census for Bristol. He was married to Bridget Purcell To add to the confusion, Neil O'Donnell and Ellen Murphy also had a son, John O'Donnell (3) in around 1856. There is also a John O'Donnell(4), son of John O'Donnell (1) who married Sarah Curley, 19 Jun 1871. ( I am also related to the Curleys!) I have more info on John O'Donnell (1) because he is my great, great Grandfather and his descendants. There is a good chance for confusion between the two Johns (1) and (2), but you probably know that already because the ages are close and the information is sketchy. If any of you are out there and interested, please let me know. Brad Bergstrand
April 10, 2004: You have caught my interest with your e-mail. Can you give me some more details on the John O'Donnell you mentioned. I am trying to get to the townland eventually, but all I have now is County Mayo. 1829 is significant because his son Neil, my ggrandfather was born abt 25 Jul 1829. There are conflicting sources stating he was born in Quebec and others for Ontario. (actually Lower Canada and Upper Canada.) Thanks. Brad ______________________ Brad: Here is the reference from the 1829 McCabe List: John O'Donnell, from the town of Westport, Parish of Kennedy, County Mayo, His brother Hugh has a family. He's a pensioner residing at Westport and is known to Lord Sligo of Westport. (I think that Lord Sligo was the third largest (tenant-wise) landlord in Ireland at the time.) ... Al

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