Thomas GRIFFIN and Margaret MEANEY

 January 3, 2003:

The following 3 children of Thomas Griffin and Margaret Meaney (sp?) were baptized
at St. Michael's RC Church at Corker (Huntley Township):

Griffin, Catharine	 born 4/27/1867		
Godparents: Sullivan, Rodger & Seymour, Ellen

Griffin, John	 born 6/23/1862	
Godparents: Crowe, Garret & Kylie, Mary (Kealey / Cayley)

Griffin, Margaret	born 7/25/1864	
Godparents: Inglis, Patrick & Hourigan, Maria
also posted on January 3, 2003: Thank you for the quick response. Would you know anything of a Martin Griffin married to Maragaret Callaghan from Grand Calumet, Quebec ? ... Tim _____________________________________ Tim: Some (or all) of the Griffin family who attended St. Michael's at Corkery moved west to Renfrew County and the Pontiac area, probably in the late 1860's. At the same time, many other families from the Corkery area also migrated to the Renfrew / Eganville area. If you follow the link on the Brudenell page, and do a search using your browser (Ctrl f) for the string griff, you'll find lots of Griffins. ... Al
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