Thomas COLLINS and Catherine O'BRIEN

> Looking for any information on Thomas and Catherine Collins. Catherine's 
> maiden name was O'Brien. Thomas is from county Mayo and he immigrated to 
> Canada in about 1849. I have him in March Township near Ottawa in 1854 with 
> the birth of their first son Edward. Any information appreciated.
> Gilbert Collins
> Ottawa, Ontario
> Canada
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Dear Al: Thanks so much for passing on this information about the Collins'. It's interesting that these two families settled near Ashton; I grew up in Kanata (half of my family still lives there) and we used to drive through Ashton every weekend on our way to our cottage outside Perth, and never had any inkling that our ancestors might have lived there!! I started researching our family tree three years ago, and I am uncovering the most interesting things... Anyway, my grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Collins, was born and raised in Kincardine and someone from that area gave me the clue about the Peter Robinson expedition -- there is a theory that the Collins' that came over on these boats were all cousins or brothers. Anyway, the Collins' families you refer to came over in 1823; Con (Cornelius) on the Stakesby, and Richard on the Hebe. I believe Richard may be the one I am looking for, as he had a son named Thomas, who might be my great-great-grandfather. There is still more work to be done for me to prove this, however. There were also 2 Collins families that came over in 1825 (to the Peterborough area, most likely), but I don't know where they fit it right now. The passenger list from the Hebe does not indicate Richard as having a son named Arthur, but possibly, as 56 years had elapsed, this Arthur was a grandson. Richard's son Thomas apparently did not have much luck with the farming, and I believe he later settled in Kitchener (Berlin at that time) which is where my great-grandfather, David Collins, was born. Richard had three other sons, Daniel, Con, and Richard. The passenger list indicates that these sons were all over the age of 14 (it doesn't give specific ages) so if they were over 18, it's possible that they were all given some land. In that case, there are two possible Con Collins that settled on L2 C12...? Thanks so much for your help. Yours truly, Angela Amalfitano -----Original Message----- From: Al Lewis To: Andy & Angela Amalfitano <> Date: Monday, June 07, 1999 9:11 PM Subject: Re: Query Re. 1823 ships >Angela: > >Here's what I have on your Collins: > >Richard Collins was granted the West part of Lot 1, Concession 11, Goulbourn >Township. Cornelius Collins was granted the East part of Lot 2, Concession >12, Goulbourn Township. These two farms are "kitty-corner" to each other, >just north of the present-day village of Ashton, Ontario, and about twenty >miles west of Ottawa. > >The railway passed adjacent to Richard's farm (probably 1850's) and there >was a station across the road from his farm - Ashton Station. > >On an 1879 map, Richard's farm - 200 acres - was owned by Arthur Collins >(Richard's son?) and the farm originally owned by Cornelius was owned by a >Mrs. Fagan (160 acres) and Donald McRea (40 acres). > >I also have records of other Collins from Timoleague, County Cork, just >south of Bandon, Cork, on the coast. Their names were Patrick and Timothy >and they were approximately the same age as Cornelius and Richard. Do you >know if they were all related? > >I live about 5 miles from the farms of Richard and Cornelius. The other >guys, Timothy and Patrick lived just south of Ottawa and are buried in the >same cemetery as my Great-Great Grandparents. > >... Al Lewis >-----Original Message----- >From: Andy & Angela Amalfitano >To: >Date: Monday, June 07, 1999 11:53 AM >Subject: Query Re. 1823 ships > > >Dear Al: > >It took me a long time to find the passenger lists for the Hebe and >Stakesby -- thanks for providing the lists on this web site!! I am >researching the Collins name, and found one Collins on each of these boats. >Would you be able to provide further information on Richard Collins (Hebe) >and Cornelius Collins (Stakesby)?? Any assistance you could provide would >be much appreciated!! > >Gratefully yours, >Angela Amalfitano Hello Angela: I saw your posting on Al Lewis home page for the Irish in the Ottawa Carleton area. Coincidentally I saw your message just after my wife and I had spent the afternoon in March township looking at gravestones, old cabins etc.. I have a pretty good family tree after my Great Great Grandfather arrives in March township but before that it is foggy. There is the possibility that your "Collins" and mine were cousins. In the book the "Carleton Saga" there is a map of March Township that shows a T. Collins (carpenter) on Lot 17 Concession 4. I was sure that this particular man was my ancestor since nearly everything that I could find about him matched my own data. I now find out that he is probably a cousin. My ancestor settled in March Township in "Ward 4" as he appears in the 1861 census for March. He is NOT in the 1851 census however which is puzzling. We definitely should compare research however as we may have some connections. Briefly below is some information on my family (the one that is confirmed in March Township in 1861). We do have a Sarah E. Collins in our line but we always thought that this was Sarah Ellen Collins. Anyway would like to hear from you and compare research. So long for now, Gilbert Collins Thomas Collins - b: Ireland circa 1827 - d: Oct. 7, 1903 -Ottawa Catharine Collins (O'Brien )- b: Ireland - circa 1832- d: March 4, 1896 - Hull Edward Collins- b: March-Sept. 9, d: 1854-Sept. 5, 1913 -Ottawa Thomas D Collins -March-Sept. 7, 1856-May 23, 1929 -Ottawa- Margaret Maria Collins- b March-Feb. 1, d 1859-Dead by 1929 ?-Mrs. John Clarke circa 1895 Catharine Jane Collins-b March-Feb. 10, 1861-Alive in 1929 ?-Mrs. William G. Salmon by 1903 ( SAMMON) Francis Collins (f)-?-b circa 1865-Dead by 1929? No-Mrs. A. Brunette by 1903 George Collins-?-circa 1866-In Arkansas after 1903 ?- Sarah Ellen Collins-?-May 3, 1872-September 27, 1945-May 3, 1892 Mrs. John Wilcox ? Elizabeth Collins-S. March-May 3, 1875-After 1929-March 7, 1898 Mrs. Daniel Brunette BIRTH OF SARAH ELLEN COLLINS - RECORDS OF ST, LUKES PARISH May 3, 1872, Sarah Ellen Collins, parents Thomas & Catherine, Father is laborer. Baptized June 22, 1888. Witness is Sister-in-Law. Priest Thomas Garrett.
October 17, 2002: Hello.. I am not sure how I stumbled on the website with your messages re the Collins' family, but I am also researching my Family tree and I am a descendant of the Brunette's. From what I have read in your notes, I believe two of Thomas Collins' and Catherine O'Brien's children were married to my relatives, the Brunette's. Elizabeth Collins was married to Daniel Brunette. According to my records, Margaret Maria was married to Donald Brunette, not John Clarke...I have that Francis (Fanny) was married to John Clarke and they had at least two children, Jimmie and Bobbie. Your notes state Francis was married to "A. Brunette". Elizabeth Collins Brunette died December 15, 1939 in Ottawa. She is buried in Beechwood Cemetery in the Brunette family plot. Daniel Brunette, her husband, died in March 1931. He was 64. When he died, he was managing the "Capital Tavern" in Hull, but had previously owned a hotel/tavern on Wellington Street in Ottawa. They lived on Albert Street. They had at least one son, Donald, who died in 1933 at the age of 33. When she died in 1939, Elizabeth's next of kin was a son-in-law, Alex Cray, so they must have had a daughter too, but I do not know her name. Donald Brunette (not the same as the son of Elizabeth and Daniel) was married to Margaret Collins. They had 4 children, Josephine, May, Margery, and John. The Brunette's were from Poltimore, Quebec. They were farmers...I believe they originally came from the Glengarry, Ontario area. I actually have a picture of Donald and Margaret with Margaret holding the baby May and their other daughter Josephine standing by. Elizabeth Collins, Margaret's sister, is also in the picture. It was taken in 1894 in Ottawa. Donald Brunette died suddenly around 1899/1900 in Ottawa. Margaret Collins Brunette supposedly died around 1907 in Ottawa...leaving the 4 kids. All of the Brunette's (there were 8 Brunette children from the marriage of Xavier Brunette and Margaret McMillan) are buried in either Beechwood or Pinecrest cemeteries in Ottawa except for Donald and Margaret Collins Brunette. I have been trying without success to determine where they are buried. Although I believe Margaret was Catholic, Donald Brunette was raised by a very strict Presbyterian mother, Margaret McMillan Brunette. The children of Donald and Margaret were raised as Presbyterian. If you have any other info about Margaret or Elizabeth Collins, I would like to hear from you...especially if you have any idea where Margaret Collins and her husband Donald Brunette may have been buried. Donald and Daniel Brunette had a sister, Christy Ann. She is my maternal great grandmother. Thanks! Michele Mack-McDonald e-mail:
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October 27, 2005: I am interested in your Collins in the Ottawa area, especially just west and northwest of Ottawa. My great great grandmother was Sarah Collins born between 1805 and 1809, probably in Northern Ireland and died 1891. She married William Major (1803-1871). They resided in March Township, Carleton County. Sound familiar. They belonged to the Anglican Church. ... Glen Porteous
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