Thomas BURNS and Mary MAHONEY
County Wexford, Ireland, to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear Pat:

Thanks very much for your e-mail regarding Thomas Burns and Mary Mahoney.
I'm going to go through all of my Burns material here and see if I have
anything on this family.
I tried to look up Thomas in the 1871 census this morning but was unable to
get at the page which shows where he was born. Was he born in Ireland or
Do you know if he and his mother came here to join other relatives who were
already here? Do you know what his mother's (Margaret's) maiden name was?
Was Mary Mahoney already in Canada when Thomas and his mother arrived?
Hopefully we can find out the answers to these questions!

They would probably have attended either St. Patrick's Church on Nepean St.
( a couple of blocks south of Sparks St.) or else Notre Dame on Sussex St.
Have you seen any of the church records? A marriage record for Thomas and
Mary would probably show their parents names. Baptism records of their
children would show sponsors who may be related.

Thanks again for this. It's very interesting. 

... Al Lewis

Dear Kathy I have been in touch with Taylor Kennedy regarding the Burns family in Ottawa. He suggested that I contact you to ask if my gggrandmother Margaret Redmond may be connected to you. As a result of an enquiry to St. Patrick's Basilica, I received in the mail yesterday a copy of my ggrandparents marriage record Nov 3, 1870 in Ottawa.. Bridegroom's Name Thomas Burns aged 20 1/2 yrs (born in Ireland) Name of his father Lawrence Burns His Mother's Maiden Name Margr Redmond Bride's Name Mary Mahoney aged 21 yrs (born in Ottawa Canada) Name of her Father James Mahoney Her Mother's Maiden Name Ellen Power Date of Marriage November 3, 1870 Witness Name James Burns Witness Name Johanna Mahoney Name of Priest Officiating Rev. J. J. Collins >From the 1871 census, (microfilm C-10,014 Ottawa City, St. George's Ward, District 77, Sub-district C, page 3), I know that Margaret (Redmond) Burns was living in the household of her son Thomas Burns. She was listed as a widow aged 40, born in Ireland, Catholic and of Irish descent. What my grandfather told me many years ago was that his father (Thomas Burns) had come to Canada from County Wexford, Ireland as a young boy with his mother (Margaret (Redmond) Burns). Until yesterday I had not known her maiden name or her husband's given name. In the 1881 census, I find Thomas and Mary living with 4 children but Margaret is not listed - so I am guessing she died between 1871 and 1881. The other clue is from the 1901 census where the year of immigration of Thomas (and therefore his mother Margaret) is given as 1864. ( The other dates given for years of birth of the family members were somewhat innaccurate so I don't know if this was the actual year or not.) I was not able to locate Margaret and Thomas in the 1861 census but I don't know if I was not looking in the right place or if they had not yet immigrated. Does this connect with any of the Redmond family that you know? Looking forward to your reply - and thanks for your time if this is a wild goose chase! Pat Walker
Hi Al Just thought of a few more things. I've attached pictures of Mary Mahoney. I learned Mary's maiden name from my grandfather's marriage record, most of which fit on my scanner.
Thomas Burns and Mary Mahoney

Mary Mahoney

Here a few other tidbits told to me by my aunt who was told them by Charles Patrick Burns, her father-in-law: - Thomas Burns was from Wexford, Ireland and he was born in 1847. He died 5 Dec 1926 at the age of 79 years at 92 Stanley Ave. Ottawa. The funeral was on 7 Dec 1926 from St. Brigid's Church (in Lowertown) and he was buried in Notre Dame Cemetery. - Charles' older sister Edie (Edith) "raised" him. Edie became a nurse and she later lived in Detroit, Michigan, USA. When my aunt met her in Winnipeg, "she was a dear, wee soul with carrot red hair". Edie never married. - some of Thomas' siblings were also buried in Notre Dame Cemetery When I lived in Ottawa in the 50's and 60's, I remember my father saying he had a cousin Edwin Burns and his family who lived in Ottawa. I never met them. That's all for now. Pat
From Taylor Kennedy, Jan. 2, 2001 Good morning Al It's a tiny world out there. I read the information posted yesterday about Thomas Burns who lived at 96 Stanley Ave, died December 05, 1926. His neighbour was my grandfather William Albert Taylor who lived at 119 Stanley Ave and died 1 year earlier, December 03, 1925. Interesting death dates. Take care Taylor
March 15, 2001 Taylor: Pat sent this copy of a death notice for Thomas Burns. There's a W. Taylor (William's son?) who attended the funeral.
Death Notice for Thomas Burns

Surnames mentioned in funeral cortege: Charles ROGERS, E. GLEESON, M.J. O'FARRELL, M. BINGHAM, W. DONOVAN, J. BAMBRICK, Henry McCREARY, Mr. RALPH, P. O'BRIEN, P. TOOMEY, J.P. MURPHY, J. O'CONNOR, W.O. TEAFFE (?), E. COLLINGWOOD, J. COPPING, W. NOLAN, W. TAYLOR, Frank BURNS (my uncle Frank Burns ... Al), Thomas BURNS, O'BRIEN BURNS.
Hi Al The W, Taylor in the cortege would be William Lewis Taylor son of William Albert Taylor my great grandfather. Not only were they neighbours and attended St. Brigids but they all belonged to the St. Vincent de Paul Society and are buried in Notre Dame. Take care Taylor Kennedy

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