The Ottawa Times, 1860's and 1870's
The Ottawa Free Press, 1870's and 1880's
Transcriptions of Births, Marriages and Deaths

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Linotype Operators, Ottawa Free Press, 1908 Photo Source: Ottawa: An Illustrated History, by John H. Taylor,page 121 Linotype Operators, Ottawa Free Press, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1980
You can also search the digital archives of the Ottawa Citizen from about 1900 onwards. Thanks to Sue for the following transcriptions from the Ottawa Times in the 1860's. This was originally posted to the Carleton County Rootsweb List. Reproduced here with Sue's permission. 1865 Marriage: At Ottawa on Dec 27, 1865 by Rev. J. Douse, at the residence of the bride's uncle (John Dowler), Thomas E.D. Lewis, printer, to Catharine Dowler, all of Ottawa. Marriage: At Kemptville on Dec 26, 1865, by the Rev. James Harris, Albert Baldwin, of Inkerman, to Lundie Jane Barclay, of the same place. Marriage: On Dec 27, 1865, John Magee, of North Gower, to Margaret Jane Beckett, relict of the late Robert Beckett, of South Gower. (Beckett's Landing) Died: At Ottawa on Dec 26, 1865, Emma Jane Smith, aged 4 years and 4 months, daughter of John Innes. Died: At Ardley (Eardley, Quebec ?) on Dec. 18, 1865, Elizabeth, wife of Abraham Payne, a native of County Longford, Ireland, aged 86 years. Died: At Prescott on Dec 30, 18865, Lydia Davenport, aged 72 years, 6 months, and 24 days, widow of the late Barnabas Dickinson, and mother of W.D. Dickinson of Prescott and M.K. Dickinson, Mayor of Ottawa.
1866 Marriages At Kemptville on Feb 6, 1866 by Rev. Mr. Anderson, The Reverend A. McLennan of Rosemont to Janet Ann, eldest daughter of William R. Anderson, merchant tailor, Kemptville. At Liverpool, England on Jan 15, 1866 by Special License at St. Bride's Church, Francis Baines Bouchette, Esq., only son of Captain Bouchette, H.M. Service, Canada, to Jessie, 2nd daughter of the late James Belinson of Ottawa. At St. George's Chapel. Kingston on St. Mark's Day, 1866, The Rev T. Bedford Jones, incumbant of St. Albans, Ottawa, to Sara Stuart, youngest daughter of the late John S. Cartwright, Q.C., Kingston. At Buckingham on May 11, 1866 by Rev. J. Babin, Charles Hogg (ML# 216 from Edinburgh, Scotland) to Miss Polly Wright. At North Gower on Jan 5, 1866, by Rev. William Lockhead, Dr. W.P. Roche to Miss Agnes Wallace, both of the Gower. At Perth on Jan 10, 1866, by Rev. J.B. Duncan, James Bell to Miss Mena(?), eldest daughter of the late John Haggart. At Ottawa on Jan 10, 1866 by Rev. Spence, Daniel McCallum to Jane McCaffrey. At Ottawa on Jan 25, 1866 by Rev. Thomas Wardrope, Howard B. Prentiss of Chelsea, to Martha Ann Smith. At Goderich on Jan 29, 1866 by Rev. E.L. Elwood, David Holmes of London to Clara, youngest daughter of the late Lieut. A.F. Morgan of H.M. 97th Regiment. At the residence of the bride's father, on the 10th of May, 1866 by the Rev. James C. Lynch, Charles G. Hovetsky of the H.B.C. (Hudson Bay Company), to Mary Julia, eldest daughter of R. Ryan of Rockliffe, Upper Ottawa. At Ottawa on May 3, 1866 by Rev. Lauder, James Keays, painter, to Emma Snooks, sister of the late W.B. Snooks, all of Ottawa, and on the same day (double wedding!) John Lewis Robinson to Elizabeth Snooks. ____________________ Deaths: At Gloucester on Jan 17, 1866, Samuel Norton, Jr. - aged 16 years. At Ottawa, state of Illinois, US on Jan 29, 1866, in her 22nd year, Jane Mccoy, beloved wife of James Monaghan, formerly of Ottawa, Canada. At Ottawa on Jan 4, 1866, in her 71st year, Margaret Allen, relict of the late John Roberts of Kinross, Scotland and mother of John Roberts, druggist in Rideau Street. At East Templeton on Jan 21, 1866, Louis Dunning. At Ottawa on Jan 15, 1866, William Franklin, aged 2 years and 3 months, youngest son of W.J. Loucks. At Thurso, Quebec, on Feb 10, 1866, Allan Cameron, aged 80 years, a native of Fortwilliam, Invernesshire, Scotland. At Clapham, England on Jan 31, 1866, Sarah, relict of the late John Lewis of London, England and mother of F. Lewis of Ottawa. At Ottawa on March 2, 1866, Michael Martin, aged 3 years and 5 months, youngest son of John Murphy, Captain of the Ottawa Fire Company. At Ottawa on March 2, 1866, James Murray, aged 47 years and 9 months, an old member of the Ottawa Fire Company. At Ottawa on March 8, 1866, Margaret Duff, aged 32 years, survived by her brother James Duff of Nol 19, York Street. At Quebec on March 8, 1866, of apoplexy, Mrs. Emilie Turgeon, widow of the late William Mason, sister of His Grace the Archbishop of Quebec, and mother-in-law of L.F. Borthelot / Berthelet ? of the Crown Lands Dept. At Ottawa on March 12, 1866, Margaret, 3rd daughter of Richard Stethem. At Port Huron on March 9, 1866, William Tormey, late of the Royal Engineers Dept., Ordnance Canals. At Ottawa on March 22, 1866, Edward Montgomery, aged 3 years and 5 months, youngest son of James Cunningham. At Ottawa on March 23, 1866, Thomas McKay, aged 12 years and 3 months, 2nd son of Alexander Scott. At Clarence on March 19, 1866, Janet Cameron, aged 88 years, a native of Rannock, Perthshire, Scotland. At Ottawa on March 27, 1866, Mary Louisa, aged 1 year and 10 months, only daughter of James Cunningham.
February 20, 2003: (Thanks again, Sue!) Blanchard's Hotel, Quebec, Apr 10, Charles A. Cuthbert, Co-Seignier of Berthier, son of the late Hon. James Cuthbert. Quebec, April 11, The Honorable Edward Bowen, Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Lower Canada, in his 86th year. April 13, John, youngest son of H.M. Bate. Ottawa, April 17, Laura Caine, aged 5 years and 7 months, youngest daughter of F.T. Judah, Dept. of Crown Lands. Ottawa, Apr 19, and 13 days after the birth of a son, Nellie Mary Martin, the wife of Dr. Oliver Martin, Dentist. Ottawa, Apr, 21, Isabella Caroline Suter, aged 1 yr and 7 months, beloved daughter of John Innes of the Crown Lands Dept. Merivale, Apr 23, of measles, Edward Benjamin, aged 3 yrs and 9 months, 3rd son of Edward B. Hopper. Sandy Hill, Apr 23, Albert Wardrope, aged 2 yrs, 3 months, and 17 days, only son of R. Eaton. Kemptville, Apr 28, Agnes Courtney, aged 63 years, wife of James Courtney. At LeBreton's Flat, May 4, Charles O'Reily, aged 59 years. May 4, Lawrence Fitzhenry, aged 60 years. Ottawa, May 10, Victoria Hamlen Huband / Hubard(?), aged 11 months and 21 days. Ottawa, May 13, Thomas, infant son of James Sinclair of the Legislative Assembly. Nepean, where she has resided since 1819, on May 13, Mary, aged 86, relict of the late William Hobbs. She was a native of the County Tipperary, Ireland. Cumberland, May 16, Mrs. Allen Wilson, aged 83 years, a native of Stirlingshire, Scotland. Templeton, May 21, Elizabeth, aged 67 years, wife of William R. McLatchie. Bath, England, May 25, John MacPherson, a native of Inverness, Scotland, for more than 40 years a resident of Canada, & prominently connected with the trade of this country, aged 69 years. Ottawa, May 28, of scarlet fever, Emily, aged 2 1/2 years, daughter of John Moore, printer. Long Island Locks, May 31, William Blyth, aged 78 years. The deceased was one of the early settlers in the Ottawa Valley. Ottawa, June 7, Elizabeth, aged 42 years, wife of Frederick Gilbert. Ottawa, June 14, Robert Philip, infant son of Mr. N. Potter. Ottawa, June 19, of inflammation of the bowel, John MacKinnon, aged 50 years. Birth: In Nepean on May 16, 1866, triplets, 2 girls and a boy, to Mrs. Patrick Reardon (nee Sarah O'Connor). All doing well. Birth: In Ottawa on July 1, 1866, twin sons, to the wife of John S. Nicholson, Bookbinder. MARRIAGES - APRIL TO JUNE INCLUSIVE, 1866. Aylmer, Quebec, April 2, Joseph Whitehead of Ottawa, to Eliza Delany, 2nd eldest daughter of the late Samuel Delany / Delaney ?. Ottawa, April 9, by the Rev. Wardrope, Robert Donaldson, to Amelia, 2nd daughter of the late Sergeant Johnston of Ottawa. April 9, by Rev. Guillard, Dr. Rourk of Kingston, to Alice, daughter of John Bowes of Ottawa. April 5, by Rev. J. Sieveright, Adam Stevenson, to Jeanie, 3rd surviving daughter of the late Duncan Braun of Hull Township. Kingston, April 16, J.H. Semple, of Montreal, merchant, to Isabella Eleanor, daughter of the late Hugh Murray of Quebec. Ottawa, April 17, by Rev. Lauder, Nicholas Sparks, to Caroline, youngest daughter of T.M. Blasdell / Blaisdell. Hull, April 25, by Rev. John Johnson, John Lawless of the Bank of B.N.A., son of the late Patrick Lawless of Dublin, Ireland, to Rosina, youngest daughter of the late Ruggles Wright of Hull. New York, May 2, Charles Palmer, son of John Palmer, Sr. of H.M. Customs Office, Montreal, to Sarah Louise Mead, daughter of the late Bradley Mead, all of that city. L'Orignal, May 29, by Rev. Ferguson, John Millar, merchant, to Mary Adelia, 2nd daughter of John W. Marston. St. Colomb, May 29, by Rev. G.M. Innes, Capt. William Pryce Browne, son of T.B. Browne of Wellington Hall, Montgomeryshire, to Josephine, youngest daughter of the late Joseph Prior of Quebec. Quebec, June 6, Alex J. Cambie, Patent Clerk, Dept of Agriculture, to Lizzie, eldest daughter of William Poston, Quebec. Hawkesbury, June 13, by Rev. J. Gilbert Armstrong, John Potter, to Nancy, daughter of Hugh Lough, J.P., Treasurer of Hawkesbury Village. Buckingham, June 14, by Rev. J.C. Smith, Minister of the Church of Scotland, William D. Waddell, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Henry. Buckingham, June 18, by Rev. J. Robin, John Seaman, of North Wakefield, to Sarah, 2nd daughter of John O. Smith of Buckingham. At Concord, New Hampshire, USA, June 20, by Rev. Flanders, William G. Perley, of Ottawa, to Miss Georgie M. Gale, only daughter of Colonel Gale of Concord. Montreal, June 23, by Rev. J. Ellegood, William Crowther, of Belleville, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of William Dickenson, Deputy Inspector General. Cumberland, June 25, by Rev. James Sieveright, the Rev. J.C. Smith, of Cumberland, to Emily, 3rd daughter of the late Col. A. Petrio. MARRIAGES Ottawa, by Rev. A.J. Broughall, Griffidus A. Mann, of Ottawa, to Christina Louisa, daughter of Stephen Oliver of Toronto (In the July 6 paper - no wedding date given). Three Rivers, July 23, by Rev. Baill argeon, J.F. Gaudet, Surveyor, youngest son of the late J.T. Gaudet, to Marie Cecile, daughter of the late Hon. Mr. Justice Mondelet. Ottawa, Aug 1, by Rev. D. Brethour, Robert McKenzie, to Elizabeth, daughter of John McDonald of Ottawa. Ottawa, Aug 1, by Rev. J. Stannage, Hannah J., 2nd daughter of W.R. Anderson, to Samuel Bower, son of J. Bower, all of Kemptville. Toronto, Sept 4, Joseph Skinner, Chemist, Ottawa, to Jennie, 2nd daughter of Joseph Anderson of Toronto. Ottawa, by Rev. Dandurand, Louis Cadieux, foreman of Le Canada, to Emma Marier, only daughter of Pierre Marier. (Sept 12 paper - no wedding date given). Kemptville, Sept 11, by Rev. R.L. Jones, David, eldest son of R. Leslie, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late James Jack---et(?), all of Kemptville. Pembroke, Sept 19, by Rev. John McEwan, Hugh Grant of Ottawa, to Jeannie, eldest daughter of Joseph Bowen. DEATHS Ottawa, July 2, Michael O'Meara, formerly of Montreal, aged 82 years. Ottawa, July 3, Robert M. Julyan, Post Office Dept, son of the late Captain Julyan of the Royal Navy. Thurso, July 3, Andrew Ross, aged 36 years, son of the late Thomas Ross Ottawa, July 11, Alexander Scott, Confectioner, aged 50 years. A native of Perth, Scotland. **His obituary states that he came to Ottawa about 28 years ago (1838?) and that he was the first Captain of the Central Hook & Ladder Company (Fire Department) and at the time of his death, he was the senior Alderman of the City Council. Templeton, July 16, John Levi, aged 9 months & 17 days, only child of Lafayette and Hannah Howard. "He's gone beyond the touch of time Where fadeless plants forever bloom". Ottawa, July 30, George Francis, aged 2 months, infant son of R. Waller. Hamilton, June 9, James Royse Yielding / Yeilding, aged 78 (father of Mrs. J.G. Vansittart of Ottawa), a native of Derry, Ireland. **Copied from a Derry newspaper** Ottawa, Aug 9, John Muckle, stone cutter, aged 36 years. Quebec, Aug 14, William Laird, of the firm Laird & Telfer, dry goods merchants. Ottawa, Aug 18, Maggie, aged 22 years, only daughter of Jack O'Conner / O'Connor of the Legislative Assembly. Montreal, Aug 17, drowned, Samuel Samuels, aged 10 years and 5 months, youngest son of Mr. N. Samuels of Montreal. Aug 22, Mary Theresa, infant daughter of Mr. P. O'Meara. Toronto, Aug 22, of dysentery, John Siddons, aged 70 years, father of Mr. J. Siddons, printer, of London. Deceased was a native of Edinburgh, Scotland. Ottawa, Aug 25, Thomas Jones, senior, aged 77 years. Deceased was a native of Carmarthanshire, Wales, and came to Ottawa in 1827 as a member of the 7th Co. of Royal Sappers and Miners, for the construction of the Rideau Canal, under the command of Colonel By. Ottawa, Aug 25, Alice Maud, aged 19 months, infant daughter of B. Bainbridge. Nepean, Sept 1, Jonathan Edward Mutchmor, aged 57 years. Ottawa, Sept 4, Eva Cecilia, aged 3 years and 11 months, only daughter of N.W. Bethune. At St. Marie de la Beauce(?), Sept 14, Marie Panet, widow of the late Hon. J.T. Taschereau, mother of Judge J.T. Taschereau and of Rev. E.A. Taschereau, and sister of the Hon. L. Panet and of Colonel Charles Panet. At Torquay, England, Sept 3, Mary Charity, relict of Spencer MacKay, and youngest daughter of the late Vice-Admiral Vansittart. Ottawa, Sept 20, Mrs. Samuel Delaney, wife of the late Samuel Delaney. Ottawa, Sept 21, Thomas J. Burke, aged 26 years. Richmond Road, Sept 28, Lily Anne, aged 10 months, only child of William Jackson, printer. AND a birth: Ottawa on Sept 2, 1866, twins, a boy and a girl, to the wife of Mr. C.W. Mitchell, printer 1867 MARRIAGES: Jan - Mar, 1867. Ottawa, Jan 10, by Rev. Jones, Rev. Henry James Petry, to Araminta, 3rd daughter of the late Capt. Hill, H.M. 69th Regt Ottawa, Jan 26, by Rev. Bedford Jones, L.F. Dufresne, Receiver General's Dept, to Mary Ann Ritchie of Ottawa. Ottawa, Feb 4, by Rev. McPhail, Matthew Doherty, of Burritt's Rapids, to Rachael, widow of the late Thomas Lorsdale of Kemptville. Ottawa, Feb 13, by Rev. J.S. Lauder, George Moss, to Gertrude A., daughter of D. Buck, all of Ottawa. London (at St. George's Church), Feb 16, by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Montreal, the Honorable John Alexander Macdonald, Her Majesty's Attorney-General for Upper Canada, to Susan Agnes, daughter of the late Honorable T.J. Bernard, Member of Her Majesty's Executive Council of the Island of Jamaica. Ottawa, March 2, by Rev. J.S. Lauder, Worsley Ebbs, to Elizabeth Blanche, only daughter of the late William G. Eaststaff. Ramsay, March 14, Allan Paul of Russell Twp, to Jane Nasmith, 2nd daughter of Peter Nasmith / Naismith. Ottawa, by Rev. T.D. Phillips, Sergeant Thomas Talbot Carpenter, to Elizabeth Ellen, daughter of Sgt-Major George Rance (in the March 22, 1867 paper) Ottawa, March 26, by Rev. J.S. Lauder, William Duck, Barrister, Pembroke, to Annie, 3rd daughter of F.P. Rubidge of Ottawa. Ottawa, Feb 18, by Rev. Father Dandurand, J.A Lachance, printer, to Marie-Virginie leroux-Cardinal, only daughter of Mr. A. Leroux-Cardinal, Chief Messenger of the Legislative Assembly. ____________________________________ DEATHS: Jan-Mar, 1867 Ottawa, Jan 7, William H. LeMoine, aged 49 years and 9 months. Minto, Jan 8, William McAdams, formerly of H.M. Royal Engineers, aged 62 years. Balvenie, Quebec, Dec 31, 1866, Isabella Gillespie, relict of the late William Laird of that city. Chatham Twp, Jan 5, Capt. Daniel de Hertel, aged 47, eldest son of the late Col. de Hertel of St. Andrews, C.E., and brother-in-law of Alderman Cunningham and Mr. J.G. Bell of Ottawa. London, C.W., Jan 5, of diptheria, Ellen May, aged 4 1/2 yrs, eldest daughter of Alexander MacAdams, lumber merchant. St. Augustin, Florida, Dec. 28, 1866, John Godfrey Cullen, medical student, aged 23 years and 4 months, only son of Anthony Cullen, J.P. of East Templeton (* Aylmer Times to copy). (Aylmer, Quebec) VanKleek Hill, Jan 13, Helen Isabel, aged 2 months & 16 days, daughter of W.C. Wolls. Ottawa, Jan 20, Catherine Sadler, aged 59 or 69 years. Ottawa, Jan 22, James Cook, aged 37 years. At Plantagenet, Jan 26, James Dillon, aged 85 years. Deceased was a native of Magherlin, County Down, Ireland, and father of John Dillon, merchant, Plantagenet. Quebec, Jan 26, Thomas Little, merchant, aged 54 years. Cornwall, C.W., Jan 29, Lieut-Col John Cameron, aged 88. Deceased was born at Mayfield, near Albany, New York on May 3, 1779 and came to Canada during the Revolutionary War (UEL ?), with his father's family. Ottawa, Jan 29, William Alexander, aged 55 years. Ottawa, Jan 30, Capt. Frederick Broughton Glover, in his 34th year. Picton, Jan 30, Andrew Peat, of Lanark, Scotland, aged 24 years and 9 months. Ottawa, Feb 2, Elizabeth Harriet Louisa, aged 5 months, infant daughter of Charles W. Mitchell. Ottawa, Feb 10, Henry Shouldis / Shouldice, aged 85 years Ottawa, Feb 11, Thomas Gladwin Hard, aged 47 years. Ottawa, Feb 15, Terence Duignan, aged 52 years (*Cobourg papers to copy). Cork, Feb 15, William Thomas Jones, M.D., father of the Rev. Dr. Bedford Jones, St. Albans Church, Ottawa. Ottawa, Feb 24, Deborah Smith, aged 84 years & 9 months, widow of the late Benjamin Bangs, and mother of C.W. Bangs. At Point Levi, Feb 28, William Spink, aged 54. Goshen Bank, Gloucester, March 1, David Thomson, 66, a native of Ayrshire, Scotland. Nepean, March 4, George William Patterson, age 21 years & 6 months, son of George Patterson of Inkermann Cottage in Nepean. Ottawa, March 5, Joseph Roumald Boulet, aged 23 At the residence of her son-in-law Alexander Graham, Rideau Street, Sandy Hill, March 6, Elizabeth, widow of the late John Frost, aged 84 years & 4 months. Montreal, March 7, in his 4th year, John Rowan Spong, eldest son of the late John Spong of Mill Hall, Kent, England who was the brother-in-law of Mrs. C.W. Shay of Ottawa. Ottawa, March 11, Mary Ann Frances, aged 2 1/2 years, only daughter of John Philion / Phillon / Filion (?) At his residence on Richmond Road, March 13, Edward Malloch, aged 66 years. Ottawa, March 13, Eliza Carson, wife of John Fotheringham. Quebec, March 19, Victoria Constantin, wife of Flavien Trudelle, carriage maker. Ottawa, March 19, of purpura, Emily Garrigue, aged 7 years, 7 months & 2 days, daughter of Frank D. Tims. Concord, New Hampshire, March 28, Colonel Perkins Gale, aged 59, father of Mrs. W.G. Perley of Ottawa. Ottawa, March 29, Mary Ann Noel, aged 87, widow of the late Pierre Trudel of Quebec. Ottawa, March 31, Richard, only son of George Bartlett of Sussex Street. Ottawa, March 26, Harriet Ann, 3rd daughter of Robert Stanley.
Posted on March 4, 2003: Thanks again, Sue! The Ottawa Times - Deaths & Marriages - April-June, 1867 The Ottawa Times - Deaths & Marriages, April - June inclusive, 1867. L.C. = Lower Canada U.C. = Upper Canada C.E. = Canada East C.W. = Canada West **Note - spellings are as they appear in the paper (for example: Maloney is in the paper as Mullowney). MARRIAGES: Quebec, April 16, by Rev. Duncan Anderson, at the residence of William Breakey, William Berry of Ottawa, to Annie, daughter of the late Hans D. Breakey of Chaudiere Mills. Ottawa, April 24, by Rev. Dr. Jones, Lieut. George Digges LaTouche, to Adele Lucy, youngest daughter of Joseph Bouchette, Surveyor-General of Canada and grand-niece of the late Major Thomas Fraser (A.D.C. to his late Royal Highness, the Duke of Kent). Ottawa, April 29, by Rev S.G. Stone, Richard Allen of Gloucester, to Mrs. Elizabeth Phair, sister of A.S. Woodburn. Hull, May 8, by Rev. J. Johnston, Eli Porter Rowsel, to Rachael Elizabeth Grace, step-daughter of William Sweetman of Ottawa. Quebec, May 21, By Rev. Anderson, George McEdward, to Annie Agnes Danter, both of Ottawa. Montreal, May 27, by Rev. Martineau, Joseph Achille Pinard, Ottawa merchant, to Mary Marguerite Sophia Dubuc, eldest daughter of the late J.B. Dubuc of Montreal. Ottawa, May 29, by Rev. J. Douse, Edward M. Morphy, of Toronto, to Margaret Amelia, youngest daughter of the late Major Elliott, and sister-in-law of Dr. J. Browne of Ottawa. Ottawa, May 30, by Rev. D. Brethour, John Skinner of Kingston, to Emma, youngest daughter of the late George Stacy of Montreal. Ottawa, June 1, by Rev. Brethour, Alfred Norman, to Emma Caldwell (or Colwell), both of Montreal. Ottawa, June 4, by Rev. J. S. lauder, Color-Sergeant John Conrad Kerr (Karr?), to Margaret Elizabeth Elseworth of Ottawa. June 12, Frederick Gilbert, of Barnstable, Devon, England, to Agnes Cameron, 4th daughter of John Cameron of Gloucester. Ottawa, June 25, by Rev. Thos. Wardrope, Donald McTavish of Drummond Township, to Miss Margaret McTavish of Osgoode Twp. June 25, by Rev. James C. Smith, duncan McEachern, to Grace, 2nd daughter of Malcolm MacCullum. ___________________________________________ DEATHS: At the Hotel in Gaspe Basin, April 2, of orysipelas, Malcolm Sinclair, late of Ottawa, aged about 35 years. Ottawa, April 4, Maria, sister of Samuel Howell. Ottawa, April 5, Albert, aged 9 months & 5 days, infant son of J.S. Nicholson. Ottawa, April 5, the infant son of James Baine. At Guernsey, April 6, Marianne, widow of the late Francis Scott, surgeon, and mother of Capt. F.G. Scott. Ottawa, April 10, Moses A. Tobin. Gloucester Twp, April 12, Michael Joseph, aged 25 years, 3rd son of Nicholas Tremblay. Ottawa, April 15, Elizabeth, in her 77th year, relict of the late Lieut-Col. Donald Macdonell, and father of Dr. Macdonell of Rideau Street. Goulburn, April 19, William Young, aged 35 years. Britannia Terrace, April 22, Edward Mix, aged 66 years & 7 months. Ottawa, April 26, Thomas, infant son of James W. Russell. Ottawa, April 29, of consumption (tuberculosis), Susan, aged 35 years, wife of Isaac Walker. Toronto, April 29, Emma Lucretia Smith, daughter of the late Col. Samuel Smith, fromerly Administrator of the Government of the Province of U.C. Gloucester, June 5, James Woodburn, Sr., aged 82 years. Glasgow, Scotland, June 3, Mr. John Eadie, for many years a resident of Montreal and father of Mrs. Thomas Workman and Mrs. Henry Hogan. Ottawa, June 21, Allan George, aged 14 months, son of A.J. Scott of the Crown Lands Dept. Ottawa, April 9, Hannah Walker, aged 64 years and 10 months, wife of William Walker. The Ottawa Times - Deaths - May and June, 1867 Sorry, forgot this page! Deaths: May and June, 1867 At the residence of her father, Inkerman Cottage in Nepean, May 2, Maria Matilda, aged 2 years and 6 months, youngest daughter of Major George Patterson. Ottawa, May 12, Catharine Dawson, aged 49, wife of John McCarthy. At Point Fortune, May 14, in her 78th year, Catharine Ferguson, relict of the late Major Sinclair and mother of Duncan Sinclair, Surveyor, of Ottawa. She and her husband came from Scotland to Canada in 1817. Nepean, May 19, Barbara Young, aged 78, wife of John Rochester. Ottawa, May 25, William, infant son of N.W. Bethune. New Edinburgh, May 30, Marie Blanche Clara Virginie, infant child of F. Braun, Secretary of the Dept of Public Works. Gloucester, June 2, in his 87the year, Hugh Wilson. The funeral will take place from the residence of his son, Z. Wilson. At Alfred, June 5, by drowning in the Ottawa River, William Kennedy, aged 6 years and 4 months, son of Alexander Kennedy. Richmond Road, June 7, Lucy Ann, aged 7 years, oldest daughter of Thomas Kennedy. Ottawa, June 7, Mrs. George Stephenson, aged 50 years and 6 months. Ottawa, June 12, Michael King, aged 18 years and 5 months. Ottawa, June 15, William Henry, aged 1 year and 7 months, only son of Henry Holgate. At St. John's N.B., June 15, John Owens, in his 76th year, step-father of Mrs. F.H. Himsworth of Ottawa. Ottawa, June 18, Lydia Charlotte, aged 9 years and 6 months, only daughter of Dr. J.D. Clendinnen, of Pembroke. Nepean, June 25, George Smith, aged 21. At Lochaber, C.E., June 30, Patrick Mullowney, farmer, aged 74 years, a native of County Mayo, Ireland. (**Note - this should probably be Maloney?) ___________________________ The Ottawa Times - Marriages & Deaths - July-Sept, 1867. MARRIAGES - July-Sept, 1867 Ottawa, July 8, by Rev. E.B. Harper, T. Moore of Triumph City, Pennsylvania, USA, to Annie, oldest daughter of William Latimer of Ottawa. Ottawa, July 31, by Rev. Harper, John McNaughton, to Eleanor, 4th daughter of Peter LeSueur. Richmond, August 7, by Rev. C.B. Petitt (assisted by the bride's father), Miss Anna Simpson to Mr. Joseph McDougall of Arnprior. Nelsonville, August 15, by Rev. C. Davidson, George Beament of Ottawa, late of London, England, to Maria Amelia, daughter of James Rulter of Nelsonville, Quebec. Fitzroy, August 21, Samuel Beard / Baird? to Mary Ann Owens, daughter of Edward Owens - all of Fitzroy. Ottawa, August 22, by Rev. J.S. Lauder, Henry Charles Symmes, to Jennie Thompson, only daughter of D.T. Browne of Ottawa. Ottawa, Sept 13, by Rev. J.F. Guillard, Ellen Doyle, late of Quebec, to Thomas Williamson, Blacksmith. Hull, C.E., Sept 14, by Rev. J. Johnston, John Stanley of Ottawa, to Hannah, youngest daughter of Joseph Mayhew of Renfrew. Vaudreuil, Sept 17, Zephirin Dorion of Ottawa, to Marie Cicilia Victorine Gauthier, daughter of the late Amable Gauthier of Vaudreuil. Ottawa, Sept 17, by Rev. J.S. Lauder, Augustus Theophilus Kerr of Montreal, to Susanna Maria Clement, stepdaughter of Charles Thornton Bate (Bates Island) of Ottawa. Quebec, Sept 18, by Rev. W. Clark, Patrick Robertson of Ottawa, to Bessie McKinlay of Edinburgh, Scotland. Montreal, Sept 19, by Rev. George Douglas, W.D. LeSueur of Ottawa, to Annie, 2nd daughter of James Foster. Quebec, Sept 25, by Rev. Cook,. Walter James Henry, M.D., of Ottawa, e ldest son of the late Dr. Henry, to Elizabeth, 4th daughter of John Thomson of Westfield. Pakenham Village, Sept 27, by Rev Lavan, Daniel Mahen of Huntley, to Catharine Devine, daughter of the late Andrew Devine of Fitzroy. _____________________________________ DEATHS: July - Sept, 1867 At Dalhousie, Punjab, India on June 17, 1867 (reported in July paper), of gastric fever, aged 32 years, Anne Mary Georgina, wife of Edward C. Palmer of the East India Service, and eldest sister of P.E. Bucke and Julius P. Bucke, both of Ottawa. Ottawa, July 6, infant son of T.J. Crozier. At Pendleton, (Plantagenet Township) July 8, Grace Cameron, aged 67, wife of Hugh McLean. Goulbourn, July 10, William Hodgins, aged 77 years. Deceased was a native of County Tipperary, Ireland and came to Canada about 50 years ago. At Plantagenet, July 12, Mary Jane McCormick, wife of William Gillis. July 23, Mary Josephine, aged 10 months, only daughter of T.P. French of Eganville, Renfrew County. Toronto, July 25, Louisa Sutherland, aged 65, wife of thomas Allen Stayner and daughter of the late Daniel Sutherland of Quebec. Ottawa, July 26, Isabella, aged 72 years, relict of the late James Averell. Ottawa, July 28, Charles Stanton, aged 1 year and 7 months, 4th son of Frank D. Time(?). Portland, P.Q., July 28, James Henry, aged 4 months and 4 days, youngest child of Rev. H.J. Borthwick. Ottawa, July 31, Carrie, aged 3 months, infant daughter of Joseph Skinner, Chemist & Druggist. Nepean, August 5, Stephen Jehial Collins, aged 15 years and 9 months, eldest son of Samuel Collins. Sandwich (now Windsor), C.W., August 6, Septimus Rudyard, 5th son of the Hon. John Prince. London, August 10, Frederic Futroye, aged 45, brother of George Futroye of Ottawa. St. Mary's, August 11, John H. McDougall, aged 27 years, 9 months, & 26 days, son of Daniel McDougall. Ottawa, August 14, Elizabeth Maria, aged 55 years, wife of William Coppell and daughter of the late William Burton, (Talbot Settler) (who emigrated to this country in 1818 from Shinrone, King's County, Ireland). Ottawa, August 14, of consumption, Zoraide, aged 24, daughter of the late Louis Grison. Ottawa, at her residence British Hotel, August 18, Madame Louise Gaulin, aged 42. Ottawa, August 19, Anna Maria, aged 25, wife of Daniel O'Connor, Solicitor. (Daniel O'Connor Jr. I think) Ottawa, August 20, Margaret Carroll, aged 25, wife of John Clappy. Ottawa, August 23, Samuel Graham, aged 30 years. Ottawa, August 27, Sarah Jane, aged 1 month and 3 weeks, infant child of Richard Waller. Ottawa, August 30, Russell, aged 20 years and 2 months, eldest son of C.S. McNutt. At Helena, Arkansas, August 30, of congestion of the lungs, Charles J. O'Connor, formerly of Ottawa, aged 38 years. Ottawa, Sept 3, Mary Louisa, aged 17, eldest daughter of James D. Slater. Brockville, Sept 4, William Twamley, aged 25. New Orleans, USA, Sept 4, of yellow fever, John A. Loucks, aged 23 years, 3 months & 4 days, eldest son of William J. Loucks of Ottawa. New Orleans, USA, Sept 8, of yellow fever, James McCaffry, aged 23 years, brother to William McCaffrey and F. McCaffrey of Ottawa. Ottawa, Sept 10, Peter Lyons, aged 37, mason & bricklayer Ottawa, Sept 12, Eveline Mary, aged 5 months, infant daughter of Robert Thomas Daniel. Ottawa, Sept 13, Caroline, aged 49 years, wife of George W. Lester of Blackheath, Kent, England. Ottawa, Sept 13, Charles Vivian, infant son of George May. Ottawa, Sept 16, Elizabeth, aged 53, wife of Phillip Stapleton. Ottawa, Sept 20, Thomas McKenna, aged 27 years. New Edinburgh, Sept 20, Mary Ann, aged 56 years, relict of the late J.S. French of Burritt's Rapids. Ottawa, Sept 22, Macdonald Bridges, formerly of Hamilton. Ottawa, Sept 23, Ida Mary, aged 2 months and 13 days, infant daughter of P. Pennock. Ottawa, Sept 30, Bridget McDonald, aged 65 years, relict of the late Archibald McDonald (Keppoch) of Invernesshire, Scotland, and mother-in-law of J.L.P. O'Hanley. ____________________ The Ottawa Times - Deaths & Marriages from Oct- Dec, 1867. Marriages: Oct-Dec, 1867 (Ottawa Times) Barnstable, Devonshire, England, Oct 3, John Smith Stapleton of Ottawa, to Elizabeth Gibbs, eldest daughter of Charles Alexander of Barnstable. At Invercarron Cottage on Daly St. in Ottawa, Oct 15, by Rev. Thomas Wardrope, George Devereux Van of Upton, Quebec, son the late Captain Van, to Grace Isabella, 3rd daughter of Roderick Ross of Ottawa. South Gower, Oct 16, by Rev Robert McKenzie, Alexander Cummins of VanKleek Hill, to jennie, eldest daughter of Robert Magee. Hull, Oct. 22, at the residence of William H. Hardman, uncle of the bride, by Rev. Armstrong, Robert Magee, merchant in South Gower, to Miss S.J.C. Levanway. Toronto, Oct 24, Alice, 2nd daughter of G.B. Cowper, to H.G. Dunlevie of Ottawa. Ottawa, Oct 28, by Rev Guillard, William D. O'Connell, to Annie M. Hyde, both of Quebec. Ottawa, Oct 30, by Rev. J.S. Lauder, John J. Harrison of Belleville, to Sidney Anne, youngest daughter of the late C. Martin MacCarthy of St. John's, Nfld. Ottawa, by Rev Lauder, Robert Irish of Ottawa, to Matilda Buxall (no date given- in Nov 1, 1867 paper). Ottawa, Nov 4, by Rev. Dandurand, Cornelius O'Leary of Potsdam, New York, USA, to Ann, 2nd daughter of Richard Landrigan (ML #) of Ottawa. Ottawa, Nov 14, by the Very Rev. D. D. Dandurand, Vicar-General, John Doran of Perth, to Minnie Philomene, daughter of S.G. Lynn of Eganville. Ottawa, Nov 14, by Rev. J.S. Lauder, Robert J. Hinton of Nepean, to Eliza, 2nd daughter of the late Thomas B. Hyde of St. Mary's, Madawaska. Ottawa, Nov 26, St. Patrick's Church, by Rev. J.S. O'Connor, P.P. of Alexandria, Glengarry and cousin of the bride, assisted by the Reverend Father Collins of St. Patrick's, Mr. R. J. O'Connor, to Miss Maggie J. O'Connor, both of Ottawa. Ottawa, Dec 4, by Rev. Henry Roe of St. Mathew's, Quebec, James Pennington McPherson, Barrister, to Miriam Clara Dunn, eldest daughter of George C. Reiffenstein. Ottawa, Dec 11, by Rev. Daniel W. Gordon, James Kyle Urquhart of Montreal, to Jane Catherine, 2nd daughter of Francis Hunter of the Receiver General's Dept. Hull, Dec 14, by Rev. J. Johnson, Edward T. Smith, Crown Timber Office, to Georgia M.H. Dunlevie, oldest daughter of G.G. Dunlevie of the Crown Lands Dept. East Oxford, Ont, Dec 17, by Rev. Andrews, George G. Farrington, to Jeanette Levack, eldest daughter of John Manson. Buckingham, Dec 24, at the residence of the bride's uncle (J.R. Lusk of Buckingham), by Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr. W.P. Bonsell of Ottawa, to Miss Mary D. Jackson of Buckingham. Ottawa, Dec 26, by Rev J.S. Lauder, A.C. Beach, to Annie, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Marks of Bruce Mines. __________________________________________ Deaths: Oct-Dec, 1867 (Ottawa Times) Ottawa, Oct 2, Peter Holt, aged 53 years, of the Post Office Dept. Gloucester, Oct 4, Mary McFarlin, aged 68 years, relict of the late Michael McCardel, formerly of Vaudreuil. Portage du Fort, Oct 6, Robert William Hardinge, aged 57, a native of Chester, England. Aylmer, Oct 10, Emelia Armour, aged 57 years, wife of Alexander Campbell. Quebec, Oct 24, Sergeant-Major William Peard, aged 36 years. Hull, Oct 25, Sarah, wife of Sexton Washburn. Fitzroy Harbor, Oct 28, Patrick Kelly, aged 50 years. Mr. Kelly was born in the County of Limerick, of respectable parents, in 1817. He came to Canada in 1840. He leaves behind him a faithful and affectionate wife and a dutiful foster son. Ottawa, Oct 30, Anne Quinn, aged 18 years. Funeral to be held at her brother's residence at the corner of Ottawa and King Streets. Gloucester, Nov 8, George Sparks, Senior, aged 66 (?) years. Ottawa, Nov 11, J.B. Cantin, Junior, aged 44 years and 4 months. Ottawa, Nov 12, Peter Fraser, aged 46 years. Fitzroy, Nov 17, of typhoid fever, John Fraser, 2nd son of Thomas Fraser. Ottawa, Nov 21, Mary Catherine McGuire, aged 19 years and 6 months, daughter of the late Edward McGuire, and wife of James Murphy of Ottawa. Houston, Texas, September 9, of yellow fever, Thomas Coulins Dixon, formerly M.P.P. for London, Ontario, aged 70 years (Notice in the Nov. 26 paper) Ottawa, Nov 28, fell to his death, William Bruning, contractor, aged 56 years, a native of Norfolk, England. Ottawa, Nov 30, Charles Cambie, aged 67 years. Interment in Mount Herman Cemetery in Quebec. Ottawa, Dec 1, Mary Hunter, aged 30 years, wife of David Miller Ottawa, Dec 3, Marie Joseph Arthur, aged 1 year and 2 days, infant son of J.W. Peachy of the Customs Dept. Marlborough Township, Edward Mills, aged 63 years (no date given - in Dec. 18 paper). Ottawa, Dec 18, John Nicholson, Senior, aged 81 years. Deceased was a native of Dumfrieshire, Scotland and emigrated to this country in 1834, since which time he has resided in this city (Ottawa). Funeral from son-in-law's residence (Mr. J.M.T. Hannum). Toronto, Dec 23, Maria, aged 40 years, wife of John Baxtor / Baxter. Renfrew, of typhoid fever, Thomas, aged 21 years, 2nd son of James Foley, Senior of Lanark. Interment in Clayton Cemetery in Lanark County. (no date given - in Dec 25 paper). Ottawa, Dec. 25, Anthony Patrick Michael Kelly, aged 2 years and 10 months. At Quincy, Illinois, on Christmas Day, Charles Thomas Thomas, aged 47, formerly Chief Superintendent of Works in Ottawa. Deceased will be interred in Ottawa. At his residence on Richmond Road, Dec 27, William Thomson, Senior, aged 76 years and 3 months. Ottawa, Dec 30, of heart disease, William Murray, aged 64 years.
March 12, 2003: also from Sue: OTTAWA FREE PRESS - Marriages Jan-June, 1872. Dates are wedding dates, names as they appear in the paper, and all weddings in Ottawa unless otherwise indicated. NOTE: In the March 8 paper, an article states that only 2/3 of the Marriages were being registered and that Clergymen, Physicians, and parents were neglecting the law. 1872 MARRIAGES: Jan 24, G. STRATTON to Mary CORNEAL, eldest daughter of C. Corneal (by Rev Stephenson at the W.M. Church) Jan 31, by Rev Edward Ebbs, at the residence of the bride's brother James Dyke of O'Connor St, David HARRISON of Russell, to Sarah Jane DYKE of Ottawa. Feb 13, by Rev A.A. Cameron, Charles DEVLIN of O'Connor St, to Maria BRADY of Ottawa. Hamilton, Mar 6, at Christ Church by Rev. J.G. Gaddies, Thomas WHITE, M.D., to Margaret, only daughter of Robert Warren KERR. Cobourg, Mar 6, Stuart, son of the late Alfred HAYWARD of Ravenscourt near Port Hope, to Emma, youngest daughter of William SYKES of Hamilton Twp and formerly of London, England. October 15, 2003: Mar 11, by the Rev. Harper at Brown's Tavern, and under threat of death by the brides brother, William HARRISON to Miss BURNS of Gloucester (full story in March 12 paper). Oh Oh, this could be one of my Burns ... Al Mar 12, at the Wesleyan Parsonage by Rev. Stephenson, James George WRIGHT of Northfield, to Sarah Ann KINGSBURY of St. Andrews. Mar 21, by Rev. Edward Ebbs, George Henry ALLEN, to Annie GRAHAM, both of Ottawa. Mar 28, by Rev. Edward Ebbs, Edward ACKROYD of O'Connor Street, to Margaret Milligen SPENCE, both of Ottawa. Apr 1, in the C.P. Church, by Rev. Moore, Daniel MCLEOD, son of Daniel McLeod of Nepean, to Elizabeth MITCHELL of North Gower. Beech Grove, Apr 25, by Rev. D.M. Gordon, William B. MALLOCH, M.D. of Moose Fort, Hudson's Bay Territory, and son of Judge Malloch of Perth, to Mary Stewart, youngest daughter of the late Edward MALLOCH. May 13, by Rev. Dandurand, Joseph Eugene Emmanuel TASSE(?), to Colombe Placide GRISON, both of Ottawa. Quebec, at the English Cathedral, May 13, by Rev Houseman, Frank CLAYTON of Ottawa, to Claire Marie, 2nd daughter of Joseph WHITELY of Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France. At Sunnyside, May 21, by Rev. Wm. Stephenson, Robert ANGUS, Jr., to Kate LONGLEY, both of Nepean. In May 23 paper, by Rev A. Tait, John BAYLISS of Pakenham, to Elizabeth LOTHIAN of Briston, P.Q. (Bristol, Quebec ?) Quebec, May 21, by Rev. Cook, John Y. WELCH of Ottawa, to Marion, youngest daughter of the late John FREW. May 22, by Rev. D.M. Gordon, William HOLLINGTON, to Jane, eldest daughter of Joseph MULLIGAN, both of Ottawa. Edwardsburg, May 22, by Rev. William Taylor, Robert WALLACE of Ottawa, to Adeline, eldest daughter of Peter ANDERSON of Edwardsburg. On the Richmond Road, at the residence of the bride's father, May 30, by Rev. Lauder, John FERGUSON, engineer, to Kate, 2nd daughter of John HENEY. June 3, at Notre Dame Cathedral by Rev. Sheehey, Louis Thelesphore LACASSE of the Public Works Dept, to Anastasie Georgiana, daughter of Antoine LEPAGE. In June, by Rev. Pollard, Emma GRAHAM, 3rd daughter of James Graham of Nepean and niece of John Graham, to Evan ROBERTS of Rome, New York. June 4, by Rev. Stone, William CHALMERS, to Maggie MCLAREN, youngest daughter of John McLaren of Ottawa. June 8, by Rev. John May, Charles R.S. MCNAB, to Frances Amelia SMITH, both of Ottawa. Prescott, June 12, by Rev. J.N. Burke, William G. FINGLAND(?) of Ottawa, to Eleanor, daughter of the late John BLAKEY of Prescott. June 15, by Rev. Bedfore Jones, Matthew REVELS of Prescott, to Annie, 2nd daughter of George CUNNINGHAM of Ottawa. June 18, at the Bishop's Chapel, by Rev. J.S. Lauder, C. Fred. STEVENS, Customs Dept., to Alicia, daughter of James JOYNT. June 18, by Rev. W.A. Phillips, R. Taylor CLANSON, Carriage Maker in Arnprior and youngest son of John Clanson of Aylmer, to Maggie Victoria, 3rd daughter of William D. MCQUEEN of Ottawa. L'Orignal, June 18, by Rev. Wilson, D.P. WILSON, to Harriet S. CASS, 2nd daughter of Alfred Cass of L'Orignal. June 27, by Rev. Gordon, Ed. W. STRATHY of the Bank of Montreal in Belleville, to Geraldine Alicia, 2nd daughter of Edw. VANCORTLANDT, M.D. of Ottawa. __________________________________________ Newspaper Clippings from the Ottawa Free Press, 1872: January 17: "A man named WHITE, residing in Upper Town, it appears, has for some time been keeping his horse in the kitchen, which is in direct communication with the dining room. The Health Inspector visited the place this morning and found the representations made to him by some neighbours to be correct. There was the horse seen in the kitchen, next to the room where the family eats. Penetrating the dwelling a little further, two cases of small-pox were found in the persons of two of White's children. Comment is needless. The horse was ordered to be removed, and the place cleaned immediately, or the man would be brought to justice. The house was labelled Small-Pox." January 17: "A gentleman asserts positively that he counted 34 dogs, of divers breed and colour, last evening, on the corner of George and William Streets. People of that vicinity ought to be made to contribute severely to the "dog tax" fund." February 5: "A young lady in bloomers passed down Elgin Street this afternoon. The sight was novel and picturesque." February 6: "Mary LECLAIR, charged with forcibly taking possession of the Police Station and abusing the police, was fined $2 and costs, or 2 weeks imprisonment." February 10: "A collision occurred at two o'clock this afternoon at the Russell House corner (Sparks and Elgin Streets), but furtunately neither sleigh was severely injured. One whiffletree was broken." also called a "Whippletree". (There's a famous restaurant called "The Whippletree" in Calabogie, Ontario. ... Al) also posted on March 12, 2003: THE OTTAWA FREE PRESS - Marriages (July-Dec, 1872) July 1, by Rev. Aylsworth, John W. PATTERSON of Toronto, to Mary A. CALDWELL, daughter of R.N. Caldwell of Ottawa. July 26th paper (no wedding date given), by Rev. Cameron, Thomas BORBRIDGE, Merchant, Ottawa, to Eliza MCFARLANE of Knowlton, P.Q. Aug 1, by Rev. Pollard, L.K. CLISBY, Proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, to Sarah N., daughter of Henry LEE, formerly of London, England. Aug 6, J.M. George GERMAIN, to M.L. Sophronie(?) POULIN, eldest daughter of P. Poulin of Hull.

Toronto, Aug 15, by Rev. Septimus Jones, William J. TOPLEY, (photographer) of Ottawa, to Helena, only daughter of A. MCDONOGHE of Limerick, Ireland. Aug 19, by Rev. J.B. Aylesworth, John Charles WILLIAMS of Boston, USA, to Susanna, youngest daughter of the late Thomas WARREN of Ottawa. Buckingham, Aug 28, by Rev. R.N. Adams, William MCPHEE of Ottawa, to Cornelia, 2nd daughter of Thomas McKee FERGUSON, M.D., of Buckingham. Sept 10, by Rev. C.P Bliss, John W. CLEVERLY, to Miss E. DAWSON, both of Ottawa. Three Rivers, P.Q., Sept 18, Gustav LEVIN of Ottawa, to Frances, eldest daughter of the late Aaron E. HART of Three Rivers. Ashburnham Hill, Sept 25, by Rev. Gordon, Mary Ann, 2nd daughter of Charles HENEY, to F.S. WARWICKER, both of Ottawa. Oct 15, by Rev. J. Stewart, Dr. HENDERSON of Ottawa, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of J. SMITH of Torbolton. Burlington, Vermont, Oct. 17, by Rev. Mix, Mr. S.S. CUSHMAN, to Louisa C., eldest daughter of Jno. INGRAM of Burlington, Vermont. Oct 22, by Rev. John Johnston, Edward C. MALLOCH, to Gertrude Barbara, eldest daughter of Louis M. COUTLEE, Sheriff of the County of Ottawa. Brockville, Oct 29, by Rev. Williams, T.W. BUSH of Ottawa, to Mrs. J.J. COLE. Nov 21, by Rev. William Moore, W. WORKMAN, to Eliza, youngest daughter of John FORGIE, all of Ottawa. Nov 27, by Rev Meechel at St. Joseph's Church, Richard Henry, 4th son of Edward HAYCOCK of Ottawa, to Mary Helen, eldest daughter of the Hon. Justice LAFONTAINE of Fountain Val, County of Ottawa. Hull, Dec 4, by Rev. John Johnston, Thomas Tracy SHEPHERD of Ottawa, to Louisa Augusta, 2nd daughter of Sexton WASHBURN of Hull. Dec 17, by Rev. D. Gordon, Samuel ADAMS, to Sarah, daughter of Williams PALEN, all of Ottawa. Dec 31, by Rev. Hunter, Edwin AUST of Bristol, England, to Mary Emma FORSTER of Ottawa. More from Sue: Two notices of interest in the 1872 newspapers point to a bad smallpox epidemic in Ottawa in 1871 and 1872: "We are informed that within the last 8 days, 11 persons have died of smallpox" - January 12, 1872 edition and that, although registrations of births, death, and marriages was required - it was not enforced and many, many never got registered: " Only 1/3 of Births, 2/3 of Marriages and about 1/5 of Deaths are being registered" - March 8, 1872 edition. I'm pouring through these newspapers looking for my ancestors and thought that perhaps many of those mentioned may never have been registered, so hopefully the following information will help other searchers with "unregistered" events in their ancestors' lives. Names are as they appear (and are spelled) in the paper, all dates are the date of death, and all deaths are in Ottawa unless otherwise stated. ... Sue 1872 Deaths - from the Ottawa Free Press Jan 12, Archibald MACDOUGALL, Hardware Merchant. Interment in the R.C. Burying Ground. Jan 13, of smallpox, John Henry BORAEF, 22. When he contracted smallpox on Jan 10, Mr. Boraef was engaged to be married to Miss Mary A. EWING. They married on Friday, Jan 12 and he died the following day. His new wife, Mary Ewing Boraef, died of smallpox on Jan 16. (full obituary in the Jan 16 paper). Jan 15, Henry MCLAUGHLIN of Dalhousie St., aged 79. "Deceased was one of the oldest residents of the City of Ottawa, having settled in By Town 40 years ago". In January, of heart disease, aged 37, Joseph STOPLEBEN, Foreman Printer of the Parliamentary Printing Office. Jan 29, Mrs. John O'CONNOR, aged 76, relict of the late John O'Connor of Albert St. Jan 29, of croup, aged 2 years & 7 months, Nanny, 2nd daughter of George MURPHY of York St. Feb 1, of puerperal fever, aged 40, Charlotte, wife of James SLOCOMBE of Rideau St. Feb 5, from apoplexy, aged 19, Charles CHAMPAGNE, son of Isidore Champagne (full story in Feb 5 paper) Feb 6, of consumption, Isabella, wife of Dr. John SWEETLAND. Arnprior, Feb 6, aged 63, Daniel MCLACHLIN, late M.P. for South Renfrew. At the Chaudiere, Feb 10, Henry Marshall, infant son of H.M. MATNER(?) Gloucester, Feb 11, of heart disease, aged 24, Susan, eldest daughter of Archibald BOYD. Feb 25, of heart disease, Sarah, wife of Joseph SULLIVAN. Feb 26, at the Nunnery Hospital, aged 72, Alfred WADDINGTON of British Columbia. Village of Metcalfe, Feb 26, aged 55, Duncan ROBERTSON, tailor and clothier. Mar 1, of consumption, Mary, relict of the late Alexander MCDONELL and sister of Ald. F. MCDOUGALL. Mar 3, Elizabeth Catherine, infant daughter of George E. PRESTON, Merchant tailor. Hull, Mar 12, aged 22, Mrs. William LOUGH, Jr., eldest daughter of W.S. KIRBY. Interment at L'Orignal. Grenville, Mar 12, aged 34, James O'CONNOR of St. Patrick St. Interment at the R.C. Cemetery. Mar 15, of croup, aged 4 years & 9 months, Charles Henry, 2nd son of William YOUNG of the firm Young & Radford. Aylmer, Mar 14, Charlotte Elizabeth HODGES, wife of William ALLEN, Editor & Proprietor of the Aylmer Times. Hull, in March, aged 58, Dame. Marie Josephine Celanie Cousineau, widow of Denis de LAGRAVE. Mar 21, of congestion of the lungs, age 24, George SUTTON ***In the March 26 paper*** South Crosby, Leeds, Ont., December 21, 1871, in his 87th year, Chapman PENNOCK, eldest brother of Philemon Pennock of the Ottawa Post Office. Deceased was the son and grandson of United Empire Loyalists - UEL - and among the very first settlers in Grenville County. He leaves behind him 11 sons, 2 daughters, 58 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren. Mar 25, aged 72, Jeremiah GODWIN. Mar 27, Mrs. NAGLE, wife of R.F. Nagle. Early April, of consumption, aged 34, Andrew C. WILSON. Funeral on April 8. (full obituary in April 6 paper) Rochesterville, apr 10, aged 79, John ROCHESTER, Sr. Apr 11, of croup, aged 6 years & 9 months, Edith Anne, daughter of Francis GRAHAM, Turnkey of the County Carleton Jail. Apr 16, aged either 43 or 48, Christiana McGregor, wife of Archibald GRANT of Queen St., LeBreton's Flats. LeBreton Flats, Apr 17, aged 13 or 18 years & 7 months, Samuel MCGIBNEY. Apr 17, Bridget, relict of the late Michael CONWAY. Interment at the Catholic Cemetery. Apr 19, of inflamation of the brain, Sarah Augusta, eldest daughter of Michael KAVANAGH. Apr 20, of internal hemorrhage, aged 38, Nicholas Sparks of Albert St. Interment at Hull Cemetery. Deceased was born in 1831 in old Bytown, his father having emigrated from County Wexford, Ireland. He leaves a widow and 3 children, the eldest only about 4 years of age. (full obituary in the April 22 paper). LeBreton Flats, Apr 23, Premelia(?), wife of S. FLEMING, Millwright. Apr 30, aged 72, Catherine, relict of the late John RING. LeBreton Flats, May 1 or 2, of inflamatory rheumatism, aged 8 years & 1 month, Annie Ada, youngest daughter of Mrs. Edward A. GLASFORD. May 2, age 73, Elizabeth, wife of Patrick BATTLE (McCabe List) and mother of Martin Battle. May 2, aged 48, James WHITTY. Ashburnham Hill, May 3, aged 35, Eliza, widow of John FORD. May 9, of dropsy, aged 27, Emma Elisabeth, wife of George CRAIN. Interment at the Bath Cemetery. May 9, aged 69, Margaret Power, relict of the late Daniel O'CONNOR. May 11, aged 24, James, son of John CURLY / CURLEY of Bristol, Pontiac County. May 12, in her 10th year, Amy Adelaide, 2nd daughter of William PENNOCK. May 12, aged 69, Mary McGill, widow of John CAREY, formerly of Quebec. May 12, aged 13 years, 3 months & 7 days, Esther Eliza, daughter of James COOMBS. May 17, in her 8th year, Eleanor Amelia, youngest child of William PENNOCK. May 17, Jane DUFFIELD. Survived by her husband and son May 18, aged 3 years, Fred. Adams THOMPSON. Hull, May 20, Emma Labelle, wife of William FRECHETTE and daughter of Henry LABELLE of Ottawa. May 22, aged 24, Mary, wife of John CAMPBELL of Daly St. May 24, of congestion of the lungs, aged 53, Matthew LARKIN of St. Patricks Street. May 26, aged 3 years and 6 months, Emma, only child of Beavan MATHEWS of Bank Street. May 27, aged 19, Adelaide, daughter of John MCCARTHY of Queen Street. Picton, June 1, Col. MCCUAIG, father of J.S. McCuaig, M.P.P. of Prince Edward, Ontario, and father of Captain McCuaig of Ottawa. Buckingham, June 2, aged 24, Albert J. ARCHER. June 4, aged 30, Alphonse GAGNIER. June 4, aged 5 years & 8 months, Marie Cordelia, daughter of Vincent CHARBONNEAU. Manotick, June 10, aged 15 years & 3 months, Lydia Mary, 2nd? daughter of M.K. DICKINSON. Interred at Sandy Hill. New Edinburgh, June 28, aged 6 months, George Thomas, son of Mr. MUNRO, Gardener for Mr. Currier, M.P. At the Chaudiere, July 2, aged 6 months, Francis Xavier, son of John PELLIER (Peltier??) Toronto, July 2, aged 52, Robert BERRY of the Ottawa Militia Dept. July 2, aged 14 months & 10 days, Amelia Constance, daughter of the Rev. Daniel M. GORDON. Interment at the Hull Cemetery. July 5, Robert John, infant son of William WHILLANS of Rideau Street. Interment at Taylorville in Gloucester. Hull, July 9, aged 54, Ruggles WRIGHT, eldest son of the late Lieut. Col. Ruggles Wright and grandson of Philemon Wright, the pioneer settler of the Ottawa Valley (full obituary in the July 10 paper). Hull, July 11, aged 5 years, Elvinia MORGAN(?) July 15, aged 3 months & 21 days, George Watters Owen, infant son of A.F. COLEMAN of Rideau St. Chaudiere, July 15, aged 25, at the Duke St. residence of his brother, Francis MCNABB, M.D. Interment at the Aylmer Cemetery. July 16, aged 38, Charles AUSTIN, Licentiate Apothecary of Dublin and a member of the Choir of St. Alban's Church. Rockliffe, July 19, aged 24, Thomas, eldest son of the late John MCKINNON of Ottawa, and grandson of the Hon. Thomas MCKAY. Interment in Sandy Hill. Rockliffe, July 21, by drowning, aged 7 years, __?__ MILLS of LeBreton Flats. July 22, aged 80, George LITTLE of Maria Street (now Laurier Avenue), father of Capt. William Little. July 23, aged 80, John ROBERTSON. Chaudiere, July 23, aged 15 months, Bertha Jemima, only daughter of Frederick LAFLEUR. July 24, by drowning, an old pensioner named MANNERA who lived on Long Island. July 25, Elora Annie Isaabella, wife of William T. SMITH and eldest daughter of W. McEDWARD of Lancaster, Glengarry. July 28, Mrs. EVANS, wife of Frank Evans of Sussex Street. Died in fire of premises (full story in July 29 paper) The Evans' servant girls, Mary WILSON (died July 31) and Sophie CARDINAL (died Aug 23) subsequently died of burns received from the same fire. July 29, aged 47, Mary Ann Gray, wife of Christopher SWINBURN of Slater Street. July 30, aged 6 months, Louisa Emma, infant daughter of H.J. GARRETT. July 30, aged 8 years, Elizabeth Ann, youngest daughter of John BURNS of Ottawa Street. Interment at Catholic Cemetery. Riviere du Loup, July 31, in his 64th(?) year, Samuel Staples FINDEN, late of Ottawa. Hull, July 31, aged 13 months, Gertrude, infant daughter of the Rev. C.J. KAAPCKE. July 31, aged 3 months & 16 days, Flora Alice, infant daughter of Thomas D. TIMS. Chaudiere, Aug 1, by drowning, aged about 12?, James MCCARTHY, nephew of James McCarthy of Wellington Street. Rochesterville, Aug 2, William CLARY of Preston Street. Aug 4, aged 23, John DUNN of Biddy Street. Interment at the Catholic Cemetery. Aug 4, aged 17 years & 3 months, Miss Kate ORR, daughter of John Orr of St. Paul's Street. Aug 7, aged 4 years & 8 months, Johanna Mary, eldest daughter of W.G. CORDINGLEY, and grand-daughter of Phillip LOWREY of Market Square. Aug 7, aged 52, Helena Ross, wife of Abraham PAYNE of Richmond Road. Aug 8, aged 24, James WATERSTON of Theodore Street. Aug 9, Thomas, infant son of Bernard MULLIN of Duke St. Aug 10, aged 59, Patrick HENNEGEN of Nelson St., Sandy Hill. Rochesterville, Aug 12, aged 7 months & 6 days, Charles W. KIERNAN of Rochester St. Belleville, Aug 12, aged 4 months & 8 days, Gertrude, youngest daughter of James ASHFIELD of Duke St. in Ottawa. Utica, Ontario, Aug 22, aged 64, Ann, relict of the late William STEPHENSON, and mother of the Rev. Williams Stephenson of Ottawa. Arnprior, Aug 22, aged 43, Thomas STEWART. Aug 25, aged 50, Jonathan BEARDWOOD of Murray St. Interment at the Protestant Cemetery. Aug 28, Nathaniel Emmet, infant son of N. HELMER of Daly Street. Aug 30, aged 56, Dorothy, wife of Charles ROGERS of the Post Office Dept. Sept 7, aged 19 years & 6 months, Harriett H., daughter of contractor, Henry Y. READ. Sept 11, aged 77, James MATTHEWS of Bank Street. Sept 15, aged 41, Maria E., wife of William S. KIRBY. Sept 16, of a stroke, Henry FITZSIMMONS, yard foreman. Sept 17, in her 91st year at her son's Sparks Street residence, Mary, relict of the late Patrick HA--NEY(?), in his lifetime Barracks Master of York, now Toronto. Sept 18, Annie Sophia, eldest daughter of H.A. CRAIN of Merrickville. Belleville, Sept 21, aged 28, Anna Maria, wife of James ASHFIELD, and daughter of Miller BAKER. Sept 25, aged 75, Margaret, wife of James WADSWORTH of Slater Street. Deceased was a native of Coleraine, Ireland and a resident of the Ottawa country for the last 45 years. Interment at the Aylmer Cemetery. Oct 3, aged 26 years & 6 months, William H., oldest son of William TOMS / THOMS? of Parry St. Interment at Sandy Hill. Oct 4, aged 16 years & 8 months, John Arthur, 2nd son of Hugh DAVIES of Cumberland St. Interment at Sandy Hill. Oct 10, aged 49, James DOUGLAS of Biddy Street. Deceased was a native of County Monaghan, Ireland and had been a resident of this section of the country for 35 years. Rochesterville, Oct 10, aged 53, Frances Mercy, wife of Joseph BOURNE, a native of Dover, England. Interment at the Hull Cemetery. Oct 12, aged 57, Susan M. THOMAS, widow of the late Charles T. Thomas, and mother-in-law of D.W. COWARD of Main's Grove, King Street. Oct 13, in her 39th year, Ann Jane, youngest daughter of Thomas SLEEMAN of Slater Street. Oct 13, aged 85, Mark BISHOPRICK, Sr., a resident of Ottawa for over 37 years. Interment at the Spring Grove Cemetery in Ohio, USA. Oct 19, John George, and on Oct 21, Arthur, the 2 youngest sons of Thomas MCGILTON(?) of Mosgrove Street. Oct 21, aged 47, Gordon KENNEDY of King Street, formerly of Kingston. Deceased leaves a wife & 1 child. Oct 21, Mr. ETHIER of George street, one of the oldest residents in Ottawa. Oct 25 or 26, of scarlet fever, Bridget Johanna, youngest daughter of John MURPHY, sadler. Interment at the R.C. Cemetery. Oct 29, aged 25, Grace, wife of Thomas MATTHEWS of Victoria Street. Ashburnham Hill, Oct 31, aged 25, Michael, eldest son of Patrick O'DONNELL. Interment at the Catholic Cemetery on Montreal Road. Upper Wakefield, P.Q., Nov 7, aged 50, Ellenor McGoey, wife of Patrick FARRELL. Nov 10, in his 80th year, __?__ SLEEMAN. Interment at the Hull Cemetery. Nov 10, aged 78, Edward DUNN. Nepean, Nov 11, aged 2 years & 4 months, Matilda, daughter of John COOK. Nov 19, aged 15 months, Florence Gordon, infant daughter of William ROSS. Interment at Sandy Hill. Nov 20, aged 22, Mary, wife of William KERR and daughter of Dennis O'NEIL of Ottawa St. Interment at the R.C. Cemetery, Montreal Road. Nov 21, aged 45, Margaret, wife of Gordon GILCHRIST of Albert Street. Nov 26, aged 42 years, Robert VICARS of York Street. Nov 28, aged 3 years, 5 months & 13 days, Charlotte, daughter of George TURNER of Sherwood St., LeBreton's Flats. Nov 29, aged 1 year & 3 months, Sarah, daughter of William PRICE of Augusta & Franklin Streets. Nov 29, aged 1 month & 13 (?) days, Daniel William, only son of Robert REARDON of York Street. Nov 30, aged 43, J.H. BRAY of Theodore Street, a native of London, England. Dec 5, aged 22, Ryerson Chamberlain, eldest son of William PENNOCK of Ottawa. Funeral from the home of P. Pennock, Sr. of Daly Street. Interment at the Protestant Cemetery. Up the Gatineau, Dec 6, from injuries received by a saw log rolling over him, Patrick HOGAN in the 36th year of his age. Port Hope, at the Parsonage, Dec 7, aged 24, John B., eldest son of the Rev. J.B. HOWARD. Dec 9, aged 8 months, George Thomas, only son of Joseph COSTELLO. Dec 12, aged 3 years & 11 months, Eliza Amelia, eldest daughter of Dr. ROBILLARD of Murray St. Dec 13, aged 33, Miss Sarah Ann CHASE, sister-in-law of Robert REARDON of York Street. Gloucester, Dec 13, aged 71, William EAGLESON, a native of County Antrim, Ireland. Dec 16, Margaret TIERNEY of Cathcart Street, relict of the late Archibald MCMULLAN / MULLEN. Deceased was a native of King's County, Ireland. Interment at the R.C. Cemetery, Montreal Road. Dec 31, A.C. KELTY, Manager of the Bank of British North America.
March 14, 2003: More from Sue! Names are as they appear in the paper, Dates are of the actual weddings, and all marriages are in Ottawa City unless otherwise noted. OTTAWA FREE PRESS - MARRIAGES - 1874 **one late 1873 marriage in Ottawa: Dec 31, 1873, Elwin AUST of Bristol, England, to Mary Emma FORSTER of Ottawa. Jan 8, P.A. HODGSON, Architect, to M.A. MONTGOMERY, eldest daughter of R.S. Montgomery. Westminster, England, Feb 10, Glenny Scott ANDERSON of Dulwich, London, England, to Maria Louisa, 3rd daughter of J.B. STANTON of Ottawa. Feb 11, George G.N. COOKE of Ottawa, to Hattie E., youngest daughter of the late James VAN DUSEN of Glen's Falls, Nova Scotia. Feb 14, Alfred ALLARD of Pictou, Nova Scotia, son of Capt. N. Allard of Quebec, to Joanna Hermine, youngest daughter of M. KELLY of Quebec. Guelph, Mar 5, by Rev. David Wardrope (uncle of the bride), George Arthur GRIER of Montreal, to Hattie, 2nd daughter of Rev. Thomas WARDROPE of Chalmer's Church in Guelph. Mar 10, Daniel MCMILLAN of Ottawa, to Maggie, 2nd daughter of John MCNAIR of Louison Saw Mill, Restigouche, New Brunswick. Osgoode, Mar 11, Capt. R.C. MCGREGOR of Athol, Glengarry, to Eliza KENNEDY, late Principal of the Bank Street Public School in Ottawa; AND (double wedding!) Osgoode, Mar 11, John M. CAMPBELL of Vernon, to Esther Jane KENNEDY, daughters of David Kennedy of Vernon, Osgoode. Mar 18, Alfred ARDLEY, late of London, England, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Hugh OSBORNE of Newcastle, New Brunswick. Nepean, Mar 18, John SMILEY of Cumberland, to Isabella NESBIT of Nepean. Mar 31, Hugh DUNFIELD, to Mary Jane (Sellor?), only daughter of John BRADSHAW of Ottawa. Apr 14, L.N. RHEAUME, eldest son of J.P. Rheaume, Advocate, ex-M.P.P. of Quebec, to Cordelia, eldest daughter of Dr. J.E. DORION of Ottawa. Apr 22, P. Palmer BURROWS, M.D., late of Millbrook, to Charlotte, daughter of Walker NEEDLER of Lindsay. Apr 30, James IRVINE, to Hilda Elizabeth KENDALL, both of Ottawa. Apr 30, Richard TRACY, to Mary, youngest daughter of John ARMSTRONG, both of South March. May 6, W.A. JAMIESON, Druggist, to Isabella, daughter of Thomas ROSS of VanKleek Hill. May 6, Philip Anstruther MAINGY, youngest son of William Anstruther Maingy, to Louisa, eldest daughter of J.G.G. LAYTON. May 16, James PETERKIN, to Mary CAMERON of Cumberland. May 19, James DUNNET, to Barbara, eldest daughter of Alexander WATTERS of Ottawa. Hull, May 30, William J. RATH of Stittsville, to Ellen, eldest daughter of James FITZSIMMONS of Ottawa. Jun 3, Robert BROWN of Arnprior, to Sarah A. MOORE of Ottawa. Barrie, Ont, Jun 3, J. Stewart DURIE of Ottawa, to Mary, 2nd daughter of Joseph LOCKE of Barrie. Jun 9, Joseph ATCHISON, to Adelaide Amelia, only daughter of Mrs. J. TOUGH, all of Ottawa. Jun 10, George Milnes MCDONNELL, Barrister, of Kingston, to Barbara J.H. HOPKIRK. Perth, Jun 17, Robert Barclay WHYTE of Ottawa, to Emily Ruth, 2nd daughter of James PATTERSON of Perth. Jun 29, William EDWARDS, Merchant, to Ann WOOD, Dressmaker. Stittsville, Jun 30, Abraham SPARKS of Ottawa, to Mary Jane PATTERSON of Perth. Richmond, July 1, R. MOODIE of Ottawa, to Harriett J. REILLY of Richmond. July 6, J.H. SALMON, to Emma A., youngest daughter of the late W. BALDWIN, both of Ottawa. July 9, Archibald, son of James CONNER, to Mary PHILLIPS of Wales. July 14, Hammett Pinhey HILL, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Alexander CHRISTIE and grand-daughter of the late Dr. Christie, all of Ottawa. Brockville, July 15, Frank E. NYE of Ottawa, to Delia, youngest daughter of Paul MARTIN of Brockville. Aug 5, John MCGRATH, to Maria, relict of the late Robert VICKERS, both of Ottawa. Aug 6, William MALONE, to Mary Ann MOUNTNEAY, both of Ottawa. Aug 6, Charles MEDLOW, to Catharine KENNEDY of Templeton, P.Q. Aug 11, John SWEETLAND, to Caroline, relict of the late Nicholas SPARKS, Jr. (full write-up in the August 11 paper) San Francisco, Aug 13, C.S. SHAW of Ottawa, to Miss C. MUNRO, daughter of Mrs. J. Munro, late of Ottawa. Stittsville, Aug 19, John James LACKY, to Margaret WELLWOOD, both of Goulbourn. March Twp, Aug 19, Edward HAWKINS of Ottawa, to Jane, 2nd daughter of William RICHARDSON of March Township. Aug 31, Charles H. CARRIERE, to Mary Desmon, eldest daughter of William F. COFFIN. Ashburnham Hill, Sept 3, William CRAIG, Plasterer, to Jane, 2nd daughter of the late William CRUICKSHANK, all of Aberdeen, Scotland. Norfolk, Virginia, Sept 8, E.H. BRONSON of Ottawa, to Ella, only daughter of Prof. N.B. WEBSTER of Norfolk. Chambly, Sept 9, William HUTCHISON of Ottawa, to E. Blanche, eldest daughter of S. WILLETT of Chambly. Prescott, Sept 15, Hnery W. BENNETT, Merchant, Ottawa, to Ida Annie, daughter of the late William LEVIS of Prescott. New Edinburgh, Sept 16, N.W. BETHUNE of Ottawa, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the late Isaac MCTAGGART. Sept 16, John selkirk, 2nd son of Robert SKEAD, to Alice Maud, youngest daughter of the late Thomas JOHNSON, all of Ottawa. Sept 16, William TURNER, to Cornelia CAMERON, both of Ottawa. New Edinburgh, Sept 21, Richard NETTLE, Jr., to Emma, daughter of C.C. NEVILLE. Riviere Ouelle (in Sept paper), by the Rev. Dr. O'Connor (brother of the groom), Roderick Edward O'CONNOR, to Rose E., daughter of the Hon. L. LETELLIER DE ST. JUST, Minister of Agriculture. Sept 30, Edward Pepper REMON of Ottawa, to Mary Evelyn, only daughter of the late Major Robert DONALDSON and niece of the Rev. R. WHITE of St. Jude's, Montreal (full story in the October 1 paper). Oct 5 or 6, John C. ENRIGHT, to Alice, daughter of the late James MCCURLEY / CURLEY, both of Ottawa. Oct 7, William Anderson, 3rd son of John ALLAN of Montreal, to Alice Maude, youngest daughter of the late Hon. Henry SHERWOOD. New Edinburgh, Oct 7, Samuel BOURNS of Brockville, to Fannie, 3rd daughter of William HOLMES of New Edinburgh. Chichester, P.Q., Oct 12, Charles V. Forster BLISS of Ottawa, son of the late Rev. Charles P. Bliss, to Mary Letitia, youngest daughter of George H. PERRY. Merrivale, Oct 13, W.J. PAUL, to Mary Jane, only daughter of Matthew HARRISON, both of Ottawa. Richmond Road, Oct 21, Thomas Bird LETT, eldest son of A.J. Lett of Huntley, to Henrietta, 4th daughter of the late Thomas HYDE, lumber merchant of St. Mary's, Madawaska. Cuberland, Ont, Oct 26, Peter Hugh MCINTOSH of L'Orignal, to Louisa LIHOU, adopted daughter of G.G. DUNNING. Oct 29, John BLYTH of Ottawa, to Jennie, duaghter of William JOHNSTON of Brockville. Nov 4, Archibald GRANT, to Margaret Annie, 2nd daughter of James HOY of Ottawa. Montreal, Nov 9, William NICHOLS of Ottawa, to Charlotte Amy, eldest daughter of J. SCHAGEL of Chatham, Quebec. Hazeldean, Nov 11, William MAHON of Wakefield Twp, to Louisa Adelaide RICHARDSON of March Township. Nov 12, Andrew MUIR of Ottawa, eldest son of James Muir of Summerice Iron Works, Scotland, to Anne ROGER, only daughter of Charles Roger / Rogers. Chelsea, Nov 17, Michael TIERNEY of Gloucester, to Bridget, 3rd daughter of Patrick WELSH / WALSH of Chelsea, Gatineau Valley. Renfrew, Nov 24, William BLACKBURN of Ottawa, to Kate, 2nd daughter of John MUNRO of Renfrew. Nov 28, David MANCHESTER of Ottawa, to Helen, 2nd daughter of Samuel CALDWELL of Huntley Township. Grenville, Dec 2, George MACDONALD of Ottawa, to Louise, 2nd daughter of J.J. CROOKS of Grenville, P.Q. Morristown, Dec 4, Colin CAMPBELL, to Christina, 2nd daughter of the late Laughlan MACDONALD of Scotland. Metclafe, Dec 9, A.G. HAMILTON of Belleville, to Hattie, youngest daughter of A.P. EMPER of the Village of Metcalfe, Osgoode Township. Huntley, Dec 14, John HUMPHREYS of Carp Village, to Marion, youngest daughter of A.J. LETT of Huntley. Chichester, P.Q., Dec 21, Richard W.H. DAWSON of Belleville, to Sarah Sidney, daughter of Major G.H. PERRY of Ottawa. Dec 22, McLeod, eldest son of the late William STEWART, to Linnie Emma, daughter of Lieut. Col. Walker POWELL. Dec 22, John WALSH, 2nd son of the late James W. Walsh, M.D. of County Tipperary, Ireland, and nephew of the late Rev. Dr. ADAMSON, to Mary, only daughter of the late Israel W. POWELL of Norfolk County, and sister of Lieut Col. Walker POWELL. East Hawkesbury, Dec. 24, Henry H. LUCK of Tonawanda, New York, USA, to Olympus, 3rd daughter of Leonard BERTRAND of East Hawkesbury; AND (double wedding!) East Hawkesbury, Dec. 24, David BERTRAND, to Mary Jane, 2nd daughter of Christopher MANN of West Hawkesbury. Dec 29, William ALLAN, to Maggie, only daughter of Richard CAMPBELL of Rochesterville. Dec 30, George C. HOLLAND of Ottawa, to Allison H. ROBINSON of Downsview, Ontario.
March 20, 2003: Names are as they appear in the paper, dates are actual death dates (not the publication dates), and all deaths are in Ottawa unless otherwise stated. THE OTTAWA FREE PRESS - DEATH NOTICES, 1874 Hull, Jan 1, aged 66, Ralph SMITH. Jan 2, Lieut-Col. CORBETT of Kingston. Jan 2, aged 22, Lucy Jane, wife of Philip VARNEY. Jane 4, aged 2 yrs & 19 months, Angus, 4th son of Archibald HEUSTON. Jan 5, Mary, wife of William GRAHAM. Jan 6, aged 62, Edward GRANT, Watchmaker. Jane 7, Frederick Salmon WOODS. Jane 8, of croup, aged 4, Maggie, youngest daughter of Denis NOONAN. Hull, Jan 10, aged 68, Thomas REID. Jan 11, aged 4 yrs & 10 months, Mary, youngest daughter of Henry SPENCE. Jan 15, aged 72, Sergeant James CONNOR. Jan 15, aged 70, Francis ELLIOTT, a native of County Armagh, Ireland. Jan 15, aged 106, Teacle(?), wife of the late Miles REED and a native of France. Nepean, Jan 16, in her 27th year, Mary, wife of Louis WILLIAMS. Hull, Jan 19, aged 73, Roger SPARKS, a native of County Wexford, Ireland. Jan 21, aged 37, Ellen, wife of James DONOHUE. Jan 21, aged 8, Patrick, youngest son of Felix STEELE. Jan 23, aged 5, Charles Peter, youngest son of Peter DOYLE. Jan 25, aged 64, Robert KENLY, born in Fifeshire, Scotland. Jan 28, aged 17, William H., only son of the late William H. LETHERLAND. Jan 28, aged 18, Julia, daughter of the late Richard RAY. Jan 29, aged 37, Charles HUBAND. Richmond Road, Feb 2, aged 9, Daniel Keyworth Cowley, eldest son of Archibald SMIRL / SMIRLE. Rochesterville, Feb 2, aged 28, Daniel Lowry HUTTON, of Smith's Falls. Feb 2, aged 2, John, youngest son of Robert MCLENNON of Ashburnham Hill. Feb 3, aged 24 yrs & 6 months, Johanna Goody, wife of John CASEY. Pembroke, Feb 4, aged 7 months & 12 days, Amy Sanders, infant daughter of George E. SAYER. Feb 6, aged 23, Elizabeth, wife of William ROSE. Feb 10, aged 3, Adeline Louisa, youngest daughter of Michael O'BRIEN. Feb 10, aged 46, William KENNEDY. Feb 11, aged 28, Philip, son of the late H. MCLAUGHLIN. Funeral at his brother-in-law's house (John MCCLARY). Feb 12, aged 68, John COWAN. Feb 13, Mary Cummings, wife of P. COLEMAN. Feb 16, aged 38, Archibald HEUSTON, brass finisher, late of Montreal. Richmond Road, Feb 19, aged 6 yrs & 10 months, Ernest Mark, 5th son of R. BISHOP. Feb 21, aged 63, Richard CANAVAN, stone-cutter. Feb 23, aged 34, Andrew RIOPELLE, leaving a widow and 3 children. Feb 24, aged 3 yrs & 8 months, William Arthur, 4th son of Alexander DUFF. Feb 24, aged 23 yrs & 8 months, Miss Jeannie TAYLOR. Feb 25, aged 10, James Joseph, eldest son of Alexander DUFF. Nepean, Feb 25, aged 71, Elizabeth, wife of John MULLIGAN. New Edinburgh, Mar 1, aged 36, Hessie, wife of James STEVENSON, and late of Belfast, Ireland. Mar 2, aged 8, John Sylvester, son of Alexander DUFF. Nepean, Mar 4, aged 67, Walter SCOBIE. Mar 8 or 9, aged 8 yrs, William John, son of James HOLLAND of Nepean St. Mar 9, aged 6, Alexander Patrick, 3rd son of Alexander DUFF. Carp Village, Mar 9, aged 15, Lucy Amelia MCCURDY, born Jan 16, 1859 in Goulbourn Township (full obit in Mar 25 paper) Mar 9 or 10, aged 70, Rosanna, wife of Jeremiah SULLIVAN. London, England, Mar 11, aged 34, Percival WOODGATE of Ottawa, 3rd son of the late William Woodgate of Swayland, Penshurst, Kent, England. Hull, Mar 12, aged 2 yrs & 4 months, Gertrude A., daughter of H. MILLEN. Mar 12, aged 53, William STEWART, teacher. Funeral in Ottawa on Mar 15 of William HALFPENNY / HALPENNY. Fallowfield, Nepean, Mar 23, aged 75, Walter JOHNSTON / JOHNSON. Mar 23, aged 37, Mrs. Allan MCKINNON. Funeral from her sister's home (Mrs. A. MCDOUGALL of Besserer St.) Hull, Mar 26, aged 21, Mary Levina HALL. Mar 27, aged 22, William P. BROWN, carter. Funeral attended by about 60 members of the Carters' Union. Interment at Beechwood. Mar 31, aged 48, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas LACEY, butcher, of Cathcart St. Interment at R. C. Cemetery. Apr 1, aged 60, Margaret Thomson, wife of William PRODERICK, confectioner, of Sussex St. Interment at Beechwood. Apr 2, Ann, wife of James MCCULLOUGH, tanner. Apr 3, Mary Ann, only daughter of James A.M. JACQUES, printer. Apr 4, aged 6, Benjamin Holt, only son of Mr. & Mrs. H. MEADOWS. Apr 6, aged 66, George FISHER, late of the Civil Service. Apr 6, aged 27, Eliza Jane, wife of Alexander REED /REID, and daughter of Mrs. JOHNSON. Apr 6, aged 55, Jeremiah CROWLEY, of Cork, Ireland. Apr 8, aged 19, Catharine MAGUIRE / McGUIRE. Rochesterville, Apr 15, aged 28, John George MCLACHLIN. Interment at Hull Cemetery. Apr 15, in her 38th year, Margaret Jane, wife of James MCELROY of Ottawa, Interment at Beechwood. Apr 22, aged 4 yrs, 3 mos & 9 days, William, son of George SIMMS of Elgin St. Apr 22, aged 71, Ann Fagan, wife of Michael AMBROSE of Besserer St. Apr 23, aged 68, Mrs. Elizabeth CHURCH. Apr 23, aged 72, Mary Abbott, wife of Alexander WORKMAN, hardware merchant. Interment Beechwood Cemetery. Nepean, Apr 24, aged 52, Johanna STACKPOLE, wife of John MCCABE. Apr 24, aged 5 yrs & 5 mos, Alexander Cibb LEE, nephew of Alexander Lee, Barrister. Fitzroy Harbour, Apr 25, aged 69, William SOMERVILLE merchant, a native of Glasgow, Scotland and for 30 years a gardener at Rippenross(?), Dunblane. He emigrated to Canada in 1854. Apr 26, Williamina, wife of William MCCLYMONT of Slater St., and daughter of the late William STEWART. New York City, USA April newspaper, in her 31st year, Ellen Hennegen, wife of Patrick REILLY, formerly of Ottawa. Funeral from the residence of her brother-in-law in Ottawa (Patrick LUNNY of Clarence St.) May 9, aged 67, Honoria burke, wife of Patrick SULLIVAN of Clarence St. Victoria Island, May 12, aged 5 yrs & 19 days, Harriet Eva, only daughter of Robert and Elizabeth MCKENZIE. May 13, aged 1 month, Charles Nelson, son of W.H. SEXSMITH. Chaudiere, Mary 13, John O'CONNOR. (full obit in May 14 paper) Near Hull, May 13, by drowning, 13 yr old boy surnamed BISSON and Policeman surnamed DOBNEY, Head Constable & License Inspector for Hull (full story in May 14 paper). May 14, aged 54 yrs & 11 mos, Elspeth, wife of the late A. CRUIKSHANK of Cumberland. Deceased was a native of Macduff, Scotland. Hull, May 17, aged 26, Daniel BROWN. Gloucester, May 18, aged 35, Margaret H., wife of John H. MURPHY. May 19, aged 56, John HILLIARD, formerly of Kingston, Ont. May 19, aged 41, John ROBERTS, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland. May 20, aged 70, Eleanor, wife of Robert GILLIE, and mother of James Gillie of Henry St. May 25, aged 78, Robert BLACKBURN of Gleniffer (near New Edinburgh). Interment Beechwood. May 30, aged 14 months, John Howard, son of John EDWARDS. June 1, aged 54, Isaac BERICHON, Alderman for Ottawa for the past 15 years. (records at Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa) June 1, in her 50th year, Elizabeth Eales(?), relict of the late William WALL. June 1, aged 11 mos & 25 days, Harry Robinson, youngest son of W.H. WALKER, barrister. Interment Beechwood. June 2, aged 28, James, eldest son of James SHARP of Redpath St. June 5, aged 64, Michael BYRNES of Bolton St. June 6, in her 65th(?) year, Anastasia, relict of the late John PURCELL of County Wicklow, Ireland, and mother-in-law of R.J. O'NEILL, Supt. of the Dominion Police in Ashburnham Hill. June 10, aged 2 mos & 5 days, Archibald Ernest, youngest son of Archibald GRAHAM of Maria St. (now Laurier Avenue). June 15, by drowning, Mrs. WHEELER, wife of George Wheeler, and mother of 3 children. June 16, fatal accident at the E.B. Eddy Saw Mill, at Chaudiere Falls, aged 22, Louis CUSSON. June 20, aged 10 mos, Marie Louise Adelina Eva, only daughter of J.A. CHEVRIER of Church St. Gloucester, June 22, aged 32, Margaret, wife of Patrick MORAN, and oldest daughter of Mrs. Griffin of St. Andrew St. Interment at the R.C. Cemetery on Montreal Road. June 25, aged 55, Robert ATCHISON, Sr. Interment Beechwood. June 25, in her 56th year, Sophia Sidney, daughter of the late Lieut. Henry MONTGOMERY, and wife of William ELSON of Maria St. Richmond, June 25, accidentally drowned, about 7 yrs old, a son of Thomas BENNETT of Nepean. June 26, aged 59, Catherine, wife of the late James O'BRIEN of Botelier St. July 1, aged 3, Susan Mary, youngest daughter of J. PLUNKETT. Joliette College, P.Q., July 3, aged 18, D.A. MCDONALD, nephew of F. MCDOUGALL of Ottawa. July 6, aged 44, James KELLY, stonecutter, of Bank Street. Bearbrook, July 6, accidentally drowned, James Albert WELSH / WALSH, clerk. July 8, aged 31, Margaret Corrigan, wife of Michael STARR. July 8, aged 7 mos, Candide, youngest son of J.A. BELANGER. July 9, in her 33rd year, Jane Harkin, wife of Thomas CAMPBELL of Bolton St. Interment Beechwood. Coteau Landing, July 10, aged 6, Laura, eldest child of G.C. MCLAUGHLIN. July 15, aged 28, Helen Scobie, wife of William HOGG. Interment Merivale Cemetery, on Merivale Road. July 15, aged 3 mos & 21 days, George Watters Owen, infant son of A.F. COLEMAN. Chaudiere, July 15, aged 25, Francis MCNABB, M.D. Hull, July 15, aged 17 mos, Mary Ann, youngest daughter of Michael BARRETT, tailor. Hull, July 17, aged 44, Thomas BROWNLEE. July 18, aged 7 mos, George M., only son of Matthew REVELS of Ottawa. July 19, aged 76, Anthony SWALWELL of York St. Interment Beechwood. Detroit, Michigan, USA, July 19, aged 23, Kittie Warren, wife of James MITCHELL. July 21, aged 52, William SMITH. "The Lindens", Richmond Road, July 22, aged 17, Hugh Ronald, youngest son of John DURIE. Stanstead, Que., July 23, aged 25, Daniel WADE, Ottawa Barrister. July 24, aged 22, Samuel James SCOTT, late of Monaghan, Ireland. July 25, aged 9 yrs & 10 mos, Hugh, 2nd son of Francis CURRAN of Deep Cut. (Rideau Canal at Bank Street). July 26, Maria Whelan, wife of Alfred WEBSTER of Cumberland St. July 27, aged 20, Margaret Mary Carral, 3rd daughter of William MCKAY of Queen St. July 27, Wilhelmina, daughter of the late John MCLEAN, formerly Sheriff of Kingston. Interment Beechwood. July 28, Willoughby Gerald, infant son of H.G. DUNLEVIE. July 30, in her 36th year, Bridget Selina, wife of Thomas C. PIDGEON, contractor, of Cathcart St. R.C. Cemetery. July 31, aged 1 yr & 10 mos, Margaret, daughter of William TRIMBLE of Stewart St. Beechwood Cemetery. New Edinburgh, Aug 7, Elizabeth, infant daughter of John MCLATCHIE. Aug 12, aged 2 yrs, 8 mos & 21 days, Harry McIlmoyle, 2nd son of P. PENNOCK, Jr. of Marin St. Beechwood Cemetery Aug 12, aged 10 mos & 21 days, Charles Oscar Napolean, youngest child of Charles DESJARDINS of Bolton St. Nepean, Aug 13, Sarah, 2nd daughter of Archibald STEVENSON. Beechwood Cemetery. Aug 14, aged 1 year & 3 months, charles Worthington, only child of Dr. HUNTER. Aug 17, aged about 21, Michael NIDD of Prescott. Aug 18, aged 76, Philomen PENNOCK, born in Grenville in 1797. Beechwood Cemetery (full obit in Aug 18 paper). Aug 18, aged 1 yr & 5 mos, Joseph William youngest child of Patrick STRINGER of Dalhousie St. Aug 20, aged 65, Edward ROUTH, a native of England (full obit in Aug 20 paper) Aug 20, aged 3 months, William Joseph Henry, only child of Joseph NEELIN of Gloucester St. Aug 21, Esther, only daughter of William ESDALE of Bolton St. In Aug 22 paper, death notice of Francis SABOURIN of Gloucester. Aug 22, of typhoid fever, aged 10, Isaac CHAPUT, step-son of Leandre CHEVRIER of St Patrick's St. Aug 23, aged 6 months, Alfred Benjamin, infant son of Benjamin CARREL / CARROLL? of King St. Beechwood Cemetery. Nepean, Aug 25, aged 25, Hugh, only son of Archibald STEVENSON. Beechwood Cemetery. Aug 26, Ellen, youngest daughter of Edward BURNS of Cumberland St. Aug 27, Catherine Theresa, wife of the Rev. E.J.W. ROBERTS. Interment Hull Cemetery. Upper Wakefield, Aug 30, aged 28, Sarah RICE, wife of William FARRELL. Aug 30, Mr. S. SKINNER, senior Housekeeper to the Hon. Senate and a native of Barnstable, England. Emigrated to Canada in 1841. Aug 31, aged 56, Mary Amelia, relict of the late Paul HUGG of King St. Interment R.C. Cemetery Sept 1, aged 18 yrs & 10 mos, Catherine, only daughter of robert MATTHEWS. Beechwood Cemetery. In Sept 2 newspaper - funeral notice for Joseph MILLS. Wolfe Island, Sept 2, of consumption, Augusta Mary McKay, wife of J.T. SUTTON of Sussex St. and niece of William MCKAY. Sept 2, aged 57, George W. STEACY of Rideau St. (full obit in Sept 3 paper). Sept 3, aged 3, John Gillen, son of Patrick BATTLE (on 1829 McCabe List) of Deep Cut. Sept 4, aged 73, Christopher ARMSTRONG, Senior County Judge of Carleton County, born in 1801 in County Leitrim, Ireland, the oldest of a family of 8 sons. Emigrated to Canada 1819. Beechwood Cemetery (full obit sep 4 paper). Wellington, Ont, Sept 5, aged 94, Isabella BALFOUR, relict of the late Samuel Balfour of County Cavan, Ireland and grandmother of Messrs. W.G. and A.N. BEDARD of Ottawa. Sept 8, Francis Henry, youngest child of John WALLS. Sept 8, aged 38, Andrew James ELLIOTT of George St. Sept 9, Mary Catherine, infant daughter of D. MCLARTY. Sept 10, aged 63, John BULGER of Gloucester Street. Sept 11, aged 1 yr & 6 mos, Francis John, youngest son of Francis PRODRICK of Ottawa St. Sept 12, aged 15, Eda(?) Elizabeth, daughter of John FUKE of Goucester St. About Sept 13, John BAILIE, young boy, while working on the PURDY farm in Gloucester. Sept 15, Margaret Greer / Grier, wife of the late William TRACY of Ottawa and mother of James Tracy of Daly St. Upper Wakefield, (Gatineau), Sept 15, aged 25(?), Jane Armstrong, wife of Patrick RICE. Rochesterville, Sept 21, Sarah V., infant daughter of Joseph FOSTER. Sept 24, aged 25 yrs & 5 mos, Lucinda, wife of R.I. DAWSON of Mason's Mill, Richmond Road. Sept 24, aged 37, Julia Duffy, wife of Thomas MCGOEY, Jr. of Gatineau Point. New Edinburgh, Oct 1, aged 23, jane, wife of William TUBMAN. Oct 2, aged 35(?), Philip STAPLEDON / STAPLETON of Rideau St. Nepean, Oct 5, aged 27, Annie, 3rd daughter of Archibald STEVENSON. Beechwood Cemetery. Oct 6 or 7, Agnes Wilson, relict of the late J.S. BANGS. Oct 8, aged 1 yr & 15 days, John Henry, youngest son of Thomas BAILEY of Maria St. now Laurier Avenue. Nepean, Oct 11, aged 25, Bridget, 3rd daughter of John MCCABE. Oct 11, aged 26(?), D. PALMER HOWE, Ottawa correspondent of the St. John Tribune. New York, Oct 15, in his 51st year, H.O. BURRITT, late of New Edinburgh, son of C. Burritt of Burritt's Rapids, and brother of Alex. Burritt of Gloucester St.(town registrat or Ottawa). Interment at Beechwood Cemetery. Chaudiere, Oct 18, aged 4 months, Charles Arthur, infant son of E.P. WILLIAMS. Oct 19, aged 63, Alpitie(?) GRANT of Sandy Hill, a native of Glenmoriston, Invernisshire, Scotland. Oct 19, aged 13, Hattie A., eldest daughter of W.T. BUNNELL of Ottawa St. (Bonell ?) Oct 20, aged 77, Mrs. C. ANDERSON of Ottawa St., widow of the late Sgt. Anderson. Interment in Gloucester. Oct 21, in her 27th year, Sister Elizabeth RYAN (Sister Mary of the Annunciation, of the Grey Nuns of Ottawa). Born in Ottawa, a daughter of Rodrick Ryan (full obit in Oct 31 paper). Richmond Road, Oct 22, aged 1 year & 9 months, William Henry, infant son of John FERGUSON of Richmond Road. Oct 23, aged 33, Charles DUPUIS of Sussex St., former Captain of the Queen Fire Company. Interment in the Cemetery on Montreal Road. Oct 23, aged 37, William R. KENT of O'Connor St., eldest son of Thomas Kent of Terryglass, County Tipperary, Ireland, and late manager of the bank of Ireland. Beechwood Cemetery. Nepean, Oct 23, aged 28, Sarah Ann, wife of Matthew DUGGAN, and daughter of Thomas COSTELLO of Ottawa. Oct 27, aged 57, James B. REID of Deep Cut, Rideau Canal. Beechwood Cemetery. Oct 27, aged 19, Amelia Eleanor, eldest daughter of Robert Collins JORDAN of Wilbrod St. Oct 28, aged 24 yrs & 3 mos., Edmund James PICKUP of Slater St. In the Nov 2 paper, aged 2 yrs & 3 mos, Linded, only son of H.A. PALMER. Nov 3, aged 36, Bridget, wife of Michael MORRISSEY of Murray St. Nov 3, aged 5 yrs & 2 mos, of croup, George Francis, eldest child of George FORDE / FORD of Rideau St. Gloucester, Nov 6, aged 70 yrs & 3 mos, Henry AUGER, a native of Cornwall, England. Gloucester Cemetery. Nov 8, aged 58, Clara, wife of James BAKER of Nelson St. Nov 8, aged 53, Ormond Robert BENNETT. Cumberland, Ont, Nov 8, aged 28, of typhoid fever, John Rice MCLAURIN, Barrister and youngest son of Peter McLaurin (full obit in Nov 13 paper). Nov 9, Joseph James(?), infant son of Denis WHELAN of the corner of Dalhousie & Clarence Streets. Clinton, Ont, Nov 10, aged 19, Charlotte Dorman, eldest daughter of Thomas ILIFFE of Dalhousie St. Nov 12, in his 63rd year, of Bright's Disease, C.J. CORNELL, printer, of St. Patrick's St. Interment in Beechwood Cemetery. Nov 14, aged 32, of consumption, Joseph GRAHAM. Colorado, USA, Nov 14, aged 35, James A. BROWNE / BROWN, son of the late James Browne of Bell's Corners and brother-in-law of F.R. DAVIDSON, Druggist, Sparks St.(Funeral in Ottawa Nov 26). Nov 15, aged 27, Mary Ann Lowry / LOWERY, wife of William CORDINGLY. Nov 20, aged 4 yrs & 7 mos, Louis Francis Alfred, eldest son of L.F. DUFRESNE of Sandy Hill. Nov 21, aged 25, Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Charles T.G. HOY, Confectioner, of Wellington Street. Nove 22, aged 3 yrs & 6 mos, George thomas, youngest son of D.W. COWARD Nov 23, aged 3 weeks & 5 days, Maude Mary, infant daughter of G.P. BROPHY of Victoria St. Nov 24, aged 8 mos & 2 days, Mable, youngest daughter of J.W. WEBSTER of Wilbrod St. Nov 25, aged 64, James DEVLIN of Park St. Interment at the Montreal Road Cemetery. Nov 26, aged 29 yrs & 11 mons, James GIBB, M.D., of Rideau St. Nov 29, aged 55 yrs & 8 mos, Peter KILDUFF of Bolton St. Dec 3, aged 75, Hugh MCELROY. Billings Bridge, Dec 4, aged 59, James HALL, a native of Scotland. Dec 4, aged 33, Dankel MCLAREN, a native of county Antrim, Ireland. Dec 9, aged 58, Harriet SADLER, Matron of the Protestant Hospital. Pakenham, Dec 13, of brain disease, in his 21st year, Archibald Campbell, 2nd son of James TURNER of Templeton. Dec 14th funeral for Jane, wife of Jesse HERBERT of Nelson St. Deceased was aged 29 and interred in the Hull Cemetery. Gloucester, Dec 51, aged 61, Mary Stackpole, relict of the late Nicholas TREMBLAY. Dec 16, aged 9 mos & 8 days, Thomas John, infant son of E.I. MCEVOY, grocer. Dec 16, aged 16 years, Mathew PENDER of Augusta St., Apprentice to Mr. Thomas MCKAY. Deceased fell from a ladder while working on the new Parliament Buildings. In the Dec 17 paper, at Thurso, aged 55, Jessie Mowat, wife of R. SUTHERLAND. Deceased was a native of Caithnesshire, Scotland and emigrated to Canada in 1842. Dec 17, aged 24 yrs & 10 mos, John, eldest son of the Hon John O'CONNOR of Sandy Hill. Rochesterville, Dec 19, aged 19 years, William James, 3rd son of James MARK. At Wright, P.Q., Dec 19, aged 59, Mary Anne Foley, relict of the late G.F. WRIGHT, and wife of Joshua ELLARD. Interment at Visitation. Carleton Place, Dec 19, Miss Maggie LOWE, daughter of Mr. Lowe, Stationmaster for the B & O and C.C. Railways. Dec 20, aged 8 yrs & 7 mos, charles H., son of Thomas SWALWELL. Dec 21, aged about 28, Donald MCLEAN of Mechanicsville. Interment at Beechwood. (full story of accidental death in the dec 21 paper). Dec 22, aged 73 yrs & 8 mos, Etienne PARENT, late Under-Secretary of State (full obit in Dec 22 paper). Dec 23, Catherine DOGAN / DUGGAN of Nicholas Street. Dec 24, Harriett, youngest daughter of the late W.H. KILBORN of Kingston, and sister-in-law of N.W. CURTIS of Ottawa. Dec 24, aged 33 or 38, John DUNN, plasterer, of Ashburnham Hill. Intered in the R.C. Cemetery. Dec 27, aged 5 years, Lillie, 2nd daughter of Patrick MCKEEVER of Sandy Hill. Chelsea, dec 31, aged 4 yrs & 5 mos, Horace G., only son of H.A. CHURCH. ____________________________________________ From Sue, also posted on March 20, 2003: All names are as they are spelled in the paper, dates are of the actual weddings, and all marriages were in Ottawa unless otherwise specified.
Jan 1, William H. TIMBERS, to Marion, eldest daughter of John YOUNG, both of Ottawa. Jan 3, Alexander John MCDONALD, to Lizzie, 3rd daughter of Edward RING. Jan 4, James JAMIESON, to Philomela MCCALLUM, both of North Gower. Jan 5, Stewart W. GRAFTON, to Emma, eldest daughter of George SHOULDIS / Shouldice, both of Ottawa. In the Jan 7 paper, Robert MCMENIMA / McNemony, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of J. GAVIN, both of Ottawa. Jan 20, Alphonse, J. STEERS, to Lillie M., 2nd daughter of James BERMINGHAM, both of Ottawa. North Gower, Jan 21, Thomas RUTLEDGE, to Mary Jane COLE of North gower. Jan 26, Richard REINIGAR of Montreal, to Margaret, 3rd daughter of Robert WIGGINS of Manotick. Mar 3, James Brook, eldest son of the late Rev. A. HALKETT, to Mary Ann, only surviving daughter of Robert WHEATLEY. Montreal, Mar 8, Francis EDEY / EADY? of Stittsville, to Caroline, eldest daughter of Philip ORCHARD of Montreal. Mar 17, W. Eustace MAXWELL, son of the late Capt. Maxwell of London, England, to Lizzie M., eldest daughter of James DYKE, both of Ottawa. Gatineau Mills, Mar 25, Richard HALL, to Agnes EVANS, both of same place. Mar 30, Henry George ROCHE, to Kate MCDONALD, niece of Alderman MCDOUGAL, both of Ottawa. Thurles, Mar 31, Alexander MCCLAUGHRY of Bandon, county Cork, to Jane, only daughter of C. JOHNSTON of Thurles, County Tipperary. At Bic, P.Q., Apr 6, William J. MACCARTHY, 2nd son of Charles MacCarthy, Public Works Dept, and nephew of MacCarthy O'LEARY of County Cork, and nephew of the late Sir John HOWLEY of Dublin, to Mary, daughter of J.J. MCDONALD of Glengarry. Apr 7, John CARSON, to Debora CRAIG, both of North Gower. Apr 7, Andrew TRIMBLE, to Elizabeth CALENDER, both of North Gower. Clifton, Ont, Apr 13, Dr. M. TALBOT of Lockport, New York, USA, to Mary J., youngest daughter of James CAMPFIELD of Clifton. Elm Grove, Apr 21, George Albert, youngest son of Thomas FRASER of Kinburn, Fitzroy, to Elizabeth L., 2nd daughter of William MCFARLANE. Apr 27, Thomas THOMPSON, to Agnes, 2nd daughter of Walter SCOBIE, both of Nepean. Desert Village, Apr 27, Hiram MCKAY, to Annie E., 2nd daughter of John STEWART. Apr 28, William J. LOUGHREN / LAUGHRIN, to Jennie COLEMAN, both of Ottawa. Apr 29, Margaret Louisa, eldest daughter of William MACKAY, to I. de St. Denis LEMOINE, only son of Robert LeMoine, Clerk of the Senate. Nepean, May 6, Amelia MUTCHMOR of Nepean, to William GRIER of Ottawa. May 11, Andrew HOLLAND, to Margaret, only daughter of James GIBSON of Ottawa. May 24, Marie Louise Matilde, eldest daughter of S.P. BAUSET, to E. LARUE of Quebec. May 27, William ARNOLD of Bell's corners, to Georgie, 5th daughter of George W. EATON of Linden House, Richmond Road. May 29, Frederic, son of Thomas NICHOLS of London, England, to Florence Theresa Mary, eldest daughter of Capt. GRABURN of Ottawa. June 2, Frederick J. FALDING, to Mary Bradshaw, 2nd daughter of Thomas C. KEEFER Victoria, June 6, Eugene BERTRAND, to Delle Domitelle BEDARD, both of Victoria. June 7, Solomon LEVEILLE, to Maria Melina, 2nd daughter of Leon PINARD, both of Ottawa. June 8, Thomas T. STODDART, to Elizabeth BOYD, niece of William PORTER, all of Ottawa. In the June 8 paper, Aylmer, John PECK of Stittsville, to Bridget, 2nd daughter of Patrick MORAN of March Township. June 9, James EGLESON, to Amanda, only daughter of Richard STOCKDALE. June 14, the Rev. W.R. CLARK Head Master of the High School, Uxbridge, to Elizabeth Sophia, only daughter of the late William HUNTON of Ottawa (full write-up in the June 14 paper). June 14, S. MCLATCHIE of Gloucester, to Ellen HARRIS, daughter of John Harris of Templeton, Quebec. New Edinburgh, June 16, Thomas MCQUAT of Ottawa, to Annie, H., eldest daughter of Mrs. Andrew FRASER. Chippewa, June 24, William Horace LEE, son of W.H. LEE of Leeland Place, Ottawa, to Alice Jennie, daughter of J. SLATER of Chippewa. In the June 29 paper, John RINGROSE, to Henrietta O'BRIEN, youngest daughter of the late W.D. O'Brien of Quebec. Both of Ottawa. Barnhart's Island, June 30, J. Charles BOYCE of London, England, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late George ARMSTRONG of Ottawa. June 30, Robert CONLEY of Ottawa, to Caroline WATSON of Nepean.

Leeswater, June 30, William H. DEAN of Montreal, to Sarah, daughter of the late William MITFORD, and sister-in-law of M. HADWELL. Ogdensburgh, New York, USA July 3, William E. BROWN, Boot & Shoe Merchant, Ottawa, to Maggie MORGAN, youngest sister of Ira Morgan, Warden. Richmond, July 12, Edwin ELLIOTT of Ottawa, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Joseph FIRTH of Richmond, Carleton County ?. July 19, George SNELLING of Teignmough (Tynemouth?), England, to Jessie Walker, 4th daughter of the late Robert NEILL of Quebec and niece of J.R. MICHAELSON. July 22, L.P. Eugene ROBITAILLE, to Dilly M.G., 3rd daughter of the late Paul HUGG, all of Ottawa. July 27, Fredrick CORNISH, engine driver, C.C.R.R., to Bridget Mary, eldest daughter of John FITZPATRICK of Ottawa. July 27, Robert RICHARDSON, to jessie Olivia, only daughter of the late Robert VICARS, both of Ottawa. Aug 4, A.A. DELMEGE / DULMAGE of Ceylon, to Edith, 3rd daughter of W.A. GEDDES. Aug 16, Thomas DONAGHOUE of Quebec, to Marie Alzire, only daughter of Mr. J.B. BELONGE of Ottawa. (BELANGER ?) St. Catherines, Sept 8, John H. THOMPSON of the Ottawa Free Press, to Bertha OSBORNE of St. Catherines. Sept 9, J.C. TACHE, Jr., son of Dr. Tache, to Mary Leda, 2nd daughter of Stanislas DRAPEAU, both of Ottawa. Sept 9, William BIRCH / BIRTCH of Richmond, to Mary Anne BRIEN of Ottawa. Kentville, Nova Scotia, Sept 9, Seymour TOBIN, Royal Navy (retired), to Laleah, daughter of the Rev. E.A. CRAWLEY, of Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Sept 11, William SHORES of Ottawa, to Christina, eldest daughter of Henry MULLIN of Pendleton, Plantagenet Township. Sept 13, William SANDERS, late of Devonshire, England, to Mary Ellen SALMON, late of Liverpool, England, both of Ottawa. Buckingham, Sept 13, Charles PEARSON, to Mary S. PARCHER, both of the Village of Buckingham. Sept 14, W.J. NELSON of Montreal, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of William IRVINE of Ottawa. Stratford, Ont., Sept 15, G.A. MOTHERSELL of Ottawa, to Minnie, daughter of the late Sidney SMITH. Sept 15, at Rideau Hall, Robert FORGIE of Ottawa, to Ellen, eldest daughter of William ROBERTSON. Sept 21, William LEES, Jr., to Maria L., 2nd daughter of the late Robert BLAGRAVE / BELGRAVE?, and niece of W.W. BROWN of Sparks Street. Sept 29, James Samuel KINGSTON, son of Thomas Kingston of London, England, to Eliza Maud, daughter of Richard OLVAR, late of Cornwall, England. Oct 5, Thomas Laing FORTUNE of Saint Thomas, Ont., to Sarah CLARKE of County Sligo, Ireland. Oct 6, H. HUNTON, to Miss ORME, daughter of J. L. Orme. (Large write-up in the October 6 paper). In the Oct 6 paper - article on the "Silver Wedding Anniversary", celebrated October 5, for Mr and Mrs. F.W. WHITCHER. Nepean, Oct 12, John, youngest son of Alexander KENNEDY of Hartwell's Locks, Nepean, to Mary, 5th daughter of the late Lewis WILLIAMS of Nepean. Oct 26 ("double wedding"), Elbert P. LYMAN of Dubuque, Iowa, to Emma A., eldest daughter of A.W. SOPER of Bridge Street; and Edward CLUFF of New york City, USA, to Nannie J. YOUNG of Wiscasset, Maine (niece of A.W. Soper of Bridge St., Ottawa). Nov 8, Amos BURNELL (Bonell ?) of Rochesterville, to Elizabeth MACDONALD of Pontiac. Nov 9, William, son of George GOFF, to Phoebe, youngest daughter of the late Evan EDWARDS, both of Ottawa. Nov 10, Walter Reginald BAKER, to Jane, younger daughter of R.W. CRUICE of Ottawa. (large write-up in the Nov 10 paper). Nov 15, Frank ASKWITH, son of John Askwith, to Sarah, 3rd daughter of George WILSON, both of Ottawa. Nov 15, James FINN, to Mary Ann, only daughter of William CROSS, of Ottawa. Nov 17, the Rev. A.F. TULLEY of Bobcaygeon, Ont., to Lizzie MCKAY, niece of William MCDONALD of Hull. Nov 17, S.P. THOMSON, to Christina, daughter of David SCOTT. Nov 18, James S. COGHAN / COGAN? of Ottawa, to Jane, youngest daughter of William HONAN of Nepean. Nov 22, William BROWN, to Jane Ann, eldest daughter of John HEADLY, both of Torbolton. Nov 22, Peter LAPORTE, Jr., to Catherine KENWILL Hull, Nov 24, Charles Webster LORD of Albany, New York, USA, to Adelaide Louisa MARSTON, daughter of G.J. Marston, Mayor of Hull. Full write-up in the Nov 24 paper. Quebec, Dec 2, William C. MACDONALD of Ottawa, to Hattie C. FARR of Quebec. East Gloucester, Dec 14, John KETTLES, to Margret, eldest daughter of Nichol ANDERSON. Ninth Line of Fitzroy, Ont, William BAIRD, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Samuel STEVENSON, all residents of the Ninth Line of Fitzroy (in December paper). Dec 22, Herbert M. JARVIS, to Alexina, youngest daughter of the late Agar YEILDING. Goulbourn, Dec 22, George SMILEY, Principal Teacher Nepean Public School, No 12, to Mary Jane, 5th daughter of John SHILLINGTON of Goulbourn. Wakefield, Dec 23, G.S. MACFARLANE of Ottawa, to Sarah, daughter of James REID. Names are as they are spelled in the paper, dates are actual death dates, and all deaths took place in Ottawa unless otherwise indicated.
OTTAWA FREE PRESS - 1875 Death Notices
Montreal, Jan 3, age 17, Lizzie, 2nd daughter of John A. SNOW of Aylmer Road. Nepean, Jan 3, age 94, 9 months & 10 days, Pamelia Landon, relict of the late Capt. Stephen COLLINS and mother of Samuel Collins of Nepean. Jan 4, age 31, Francis Dillon Stannus of New Edinburgh, son of Col. BURROWES. In the Jan 6 paper, aged 49, Margaret, daughter of James SCOTT of Pakenham, and wife of John CALDWELL of Huntley. full obit in Jan 6 paper. Jan 8, 80 yrs & 8 mos, Mrs. Mary Anne KING, a native of Kent, England. In the Jan 9 paper, age 47, in North Burgess, William O'BRIEN, widower, died of accidental drowning in his well. Survived by 2 daughters, ages 11 and 12. Jan 12, age 35, of consumption, Zaccheus JONES of Sparks St., late of Chicago, Illinois. Beechwood Cemetery. Jan 12, age 90 yrs & 8 mos, James RUTHVEN, Sr., formerly of Montreal. Rochesterville, Jan 13, age 32, Sarah Ann, wife of Joseph FOSTER. Jan 15, 11 months, Annie, infant daughter of Michael MALONEY, master blacksmith. Funeral from her grandmother's (Mrs. GRIFFIN) St. Andrew Street residence. Richmond, Jan 15, age 35, John MCLAREN, clerk of the 2nd Div Court of Carleton County. Hull, Jan 16, at the residence of her son-in-law (James THOMPSON), Helen Oliver, aged 87, relict of the late John CLARK of Nepean. Merivale Cemetery. County Dorchester, Jan 17, age 92 yrs & 8 mos, Mary Levy, relict of the late Jeremiah KILDUFF of Quebec and grandmother of the late Peter Kilduff of Ottawa. Jan 18, age 36, Patrick BURGESS. Jan 19, age 52, John LITTLE of Sandy Hill, late landing waiter in Her Majesty's Customs. Jan 22, age 74, Jane Richardson, relict of the late Peter WELCH / WALSH, and mother-in-law of William MURPHY of Division Street (now Bronson Avenue). Jan 22, age 21, Julia PRESTLEY. Thurso, Jan 25, age 50, George W. CAMERON. Jan 27, age 4 yrs & 8 mos, Lucy Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James CRACK of Nelson St. Jan 28, age 10 yrs & 8 mos, Annie Ellen, 2nd daughter of Thomas MCEVEY / McEVOY? of Gatineau Point. Goulbourn, Jan 29, accidental death (full story in Jan 30 paper), Robert DOHERTY, agout 25 and unmarried, and Mark MCGIVERN / McGOVERN, about 40 and married. Feb 1, age 28, Joseph H. CAIRNS of Augusta St in Sandy Hill (full story in the Feb 2 paper) Feb 4, age 33 or 38, Joseph MOONEY of Maple cottage on Musgrove St. Feb 4, age 53, D. WHELAN, merchant. Feb 4, age 26, Catherine FREEMAN, a native of County Wexford, Ireland, and a niece of William DORAN of Ottawa. Feb 5, in his 28th year, William H. ST. GEORGE, eldest son of William O. St. George of Boteler St., and grandson of the late Sir Richard B. St. George, Baronet of Woodsgift, County Kilkenny, Ireland. Dalesville, P.Q., Feb 5, age 94, Letitia Ann CARPENTER, mother of T. W. Carpenter of Ottawa. Feb 6, age 57, William SUTHERLAND. Feb 6, age 16 yrs & 6 mos, Agnes, 2nd daughter of James WINGFIELD of the Senate. Feb 10, age 4 yrs & 7 mos, Francis William, only son of John B. ABBOTT. Goulbourn Cemetery. Prescott, Feb 11, of consumption, Miss Sarah SCOTT, youngest daughter of Dr. Scott, and sister of the Secretary of State. Feb 11, Letitia, youngest daughter of Mr. CARPENTER. Kingston, Feb 13, age 78, Mrs. SWEETLAND, relict of the late S. Sweetland, and mother of Dr. J. Sweetland of Ottawa. Feb 13, age 53, Thomas HUNTON of Metcalfe St., Gloucester, Feb 14, age 94, William DUGGAN of County Donegal, Ireland. Feb 17, age 21 yrs & 1 month, Thomas H., 5th son of Francis ABBOTT of Wellington St. Goulbourn Cemetery. Feb 17, age 1 yr & 5 mos, Elizabeth P., youngest child of W.H. ALEXANDER of Victoria Terrace, Richmond Road. Gloucester, Feb 17, Mary Bourne, relict of the late R.L. JAMES, of Lissadell, County Sligo, Ireland, and mother of R.L. James of Ottawa. Beechwood Cemetery. Feb 17, age 3 yrs & 9 mos, Anne Jane Isabella, daughter of Fergus PARK of Clarence St. Feb 18, age 6 mos, Nellie, only daughter of thomas BIRKETT of Metcalfe St. Feb 18, age 72, Mrs. Edward CORRIGAN of Biddy St, Ashburnham Hill. Feb 19, age 29 yrs & 26 days, John Oliver BEDARD, merchant. Feb 19, age 44, Ellen BUSH. Feb 20, age 58, Jane Cummings, wife of Lieut-Col Joseph AUMOND (story of her sudden death in the Feb 20 paper). Feb 21, age 40, of congestion of the lungs, William IRVIN. Feb 22, Annie, infant daughter of William PEAT of Rideau Street Nepean, Feb 23, age 72, Thomas NELSON. Merivale Cemetery Feb 23, John J. JOHNSTON of St. Andrew St, formerly Bandsman in H.M. Royal Rifles and late member of the Gov. Gen Foot Guards Band. Buried with Military Honours. At St. Louis Dam (Dow's Lake), Nepean, in February, age 4 yrs & 8 mos, Oscar, son of Francis DUHAMEL. In the Feb 24 paper, the funeral notice of F.B. CROMBIE of Lisgar Terrace. Feb 26, in her 73rd year, Theodora Foulks BERNARD, widow of the late Honourable Thomas James Bernard of the Island of Jamaica. The funeral will leave the residence of Sir John A. MacDonald for St. Alban's Church. Mar 1, age 21 days, Florence, only daughter of James A. JACQUES. Beechwood Cemetery. Nepean, Mar 1, age 75, Michael LEAMY, a native of Tipperary, Ireland. Emigrated to Canada "some 50 years ago". Large notice with many details in the March 10 paper. Mar 2, age 6 weeks, Ella, youngest daughter of George and Sarah MAYNARD of Elgin St. Mar 4, age 5 months, Joseph Nicholas, youngest son of John ROOS of Alice St, Deep Cut. Beaumont Farm, Gloucester, Mar 5, Henry, 5th son of the late Rev. Charles CODD of Ottawa. At Clinton(?), Mar 11, in his 56th year, James Galt ELWOOD. New Edinburgh, Mar 12, age 34, Jean Smart, wife of A.G. PEDEN. Interment in Brockville. Mar 12, age 50, Bridget Ann KENAUGH / McKENNA?(?) of Dalhousie St. Mar 12, age 37, William A. MCDONELL, a native of Glengarry, Scotland. Mar 17, age 51, Grace B. ROBINSON of Richmond Road, wife of N.G. Robinson of Britannia. Montreal, Mar 18, of pltheses (??), Mary, 2nd daughter of Robert KIRBY, and sister of Thomas Kirby of the Merchants' Bank, Ottawa. Mar 22, age 35, Robert HAMILTON of Dalhousie St. Mar 24, age 63, Gordon GICHRIST of Albert St., millwright Mar 24, age 9 mos, of pneumonia, George E.R., infant son of Ira W. STORR of Queen St. Beechwood Cemetery. Onslow, Que., Mar 24, Catherine Woods, wife of Walton SMITH. Carillion, Mar 25, age 22 yrs & 10 mos, Francis Thomas, son of James BARCLAY Mar 26, age 70, Dr. Edward VAN COURTLAND of Wellington St. Hull Cemetery. At Maple Villa, Billings' Bridge, Mar 26, age 56, Sarah, wife of Henry LEE, late of England. Three Rivers, Mar 29, age 32, Marie Cecile, youngest daughter of the late Hon. Judge Dominique MONDELET, and wife of John Frederick GAUDET, and sister-in-law of Mrs. J.R. AUDY of Ottawa. Mar 30, age 2 yrs & 5 days, Chester Madison, 2nd son of J.A. TUPPER of Maria Street (now Laurier Avenue) Mar 30, age 32, of consumption, Herman D. WATSON, late of Rochester, New York, USA. Funeral from the home of his brother S.E. Watson of Hugh St. Beechwood Cemetery. Apr 3, age 66, James CROGAN of Broad St, LeBreton Flats, a native of County Limerick, Ireland. Apr 6, age 59, Jane, relict of the late Carroll FITZGERALD, a native of County Fermanagh, Ireland, and sister of John MURRAY of Ottawa. Apr 6, age 9 mos, Alexander Kenneth, infant son of Frank MCDOUGAL of Dalhousie St. Apr 7, age 8 mos, George Hugh, youngest son of Thomas MCKAY. Apr 8, age 57, Barbara Dawson, wife of P. LESUEUR. Apr 8, age 2 yrs & 3 mos, Charles, youngest son of the late Archibald HEUSTON, formerly of Montreal, and nephew of James ANGUS of Bank St. Apr 12, age 20 yrs & 3 mos, James W. STAFFARD / STAFFORD?. Apr 13, age 54, Mrs. Elizabeth Kelly, mother-in-law of Thomas KEAOUGH / KEOUGH of St. Patrick St. Apr 16, age 66 yrs, 11 mos & 25 days, Mr. Hilaire PINARD of Ottawa. Apr 17, age 35, Mary Anne, wife of Robert TANNEY, and daughter of George FRANKLIN. She leaves 4 young children. Apr 18, Maria Anna, daughter of Jos. E. LEMIEUX of the Dept of Agriculture. Apr 20, age 39, Eleanora Mary, wife of Alonzo TITUS. Aylmer, Apr 20, age 70, Peter Howard CHURCH. Apr 21, age 2 yrs & 7 mos, Michael, eldest son of Michael HARRINGTON of Dalhousie St. Apr 22, Alexander, infant son of Dr. A.A. HENDERSON of Duke St. Apr 23, age 53, Edward FARRELL of York St, a native of County Wexford, Ireland. Apr 24, age 77, at the residence of her late son-in-law (James KELLEY of Bank St), Margaret MacNamara, widow of the late William GOLDSMITH of Kingston. Apr 29, age 60, Eliza, wife of H.Y. READ. Bear Brook, Apr 29, age 19, Mrs. J.B. SMILEY, 4th daughter of Mrs R. NESBITT of Nepean. Large obituary in the May 12 paper. Apr 30, age 50, William Charles COTRELL of Hugh St. Clevedon, Somersetshire, England, May 2, age 66, William SADLER, brother of George Sadler, Steward of County Carleton, Protestant Hospital. Nepean, May 3, age 68, Lewis WILLIAMS May 5, age 21 yrs & 2 mos, Thomas Yates, youngest son of Thomas O'NEILL, Stevedore, late of Quebec. May 6, age 68, Mary, widow of the late Michael GRIFFIN of St. Andrew St. Fontain-Val, May 7, age 63, Mary Ann DURHAM, for over 30 years the faithful friend and housekeeper of Judge LAFONTAINE and family. Aylmer Burial Ground. May 7, age 70, of heart disease, Thomas GARLIC of Stewart St, suddenly in the Parliamentary Library. Hull Cemetery. May 7, age 78, John LANG. Born at Killala, County Mayo ?, Ireland on Jan 14, 1797 (many details in his obituary in the May 8 paper) May 11, age 22, from hemorrhage of the lungs, James WATT. In the May 11 paper, at Stanfold, P.Q., of neuralgia, Mary Jane, daughter of John YOUNG of Ottawa. Nepean, May 12, James MANN, Lumberman. May 12, age 19, Annie MATTHEWS. May 13, age 23, Catharine Laura MCLAUGHLIN, wife of George A. ROOF of Big Rapids, Michigan, USA. Nepean, May 13, Jane Thomson, relict of the late John HICKEY. Victoria Island, Chaudiere, May 14, age 4 yrs & 10 mos, Annie, daughter of Aaron CARRUTHERS. Kingston, May 15, age 52, James O'REILLY, Q.C., born 1823 in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland and at age 19, with his father, emigrated to Canada. Large obituary in the May 15 paper. May 16, age 38, Ellen Wade, wife of Patrick SMITH of Rideau St. May 16, age 60, Mary, wife of James CAMPBELL of Theodore St. May 18 funeral of William MORRISON of Ottawa. May 21, age 48, Arthur R. SOWDEN, City Engineer, of Dalhousie St. Beechwood Cemetery. May 27, age 4 yrs & 7 mos, Alexander, youngest son of John SHEPHERD of Rideau St. May 28, age 18 yrs & 6 mos, Hugh, 2nd youngest son of the late Edward HENRY. Kemptville, May 31, age abt 50, William ANDERSON, merchant tailor (full story in May 31 paper). May 31, age 79, Jane Welsh, relict of Isaac SMITH, one of Ottawa's oldest residents. May 31, age 18, Charles Hudson WRIGHT, brother of Thomas ELMITT, and brother-in-law of Thomas CAMPBELL (merchant of Gloucester St.). June 1, age 33, John CAMPBELL, brother of Mrs. ROSS. June 3, age 14 mos, Francis, youngest son of John CORBETT. June 5, Johanna, wife of Angus MCDOUGAL of Stewart St., late of Chambly, Quebec. In the June 12 paper, age 21, Mary Libbie, wife of John YOUNG and daughter of R.B. MACDONALD, formerly of Ottawa. June 13, age 20, Alicia, daughter of Thomas WESTGATE. Chelsea Cemetery. Longueuil, June 13, Charlotte Anna, wife of Arthur M. PERKINS of Montreal, and daughter of the late Robert CONROY of Aylmer. June 15, age 1 yr & 10 mos, Jane, only daughter of J.W. LITTLEFIELD of Clarence St. June 17, age 8 mos, Robert James, infant child of Samuel JOHNSON. June 20, Mary Katharine, wife of William A. LLOYD and only surviving daughter of William PENNOCK of Ottawa St. June 21, age 4 mos & 6 days, Robert Sarsfield (?), and on June 25, age 4 mos & 9 days, Julia Agnes Maude, twin children of William MCEVELA of Church Street. June 29, age 2 yrs & 6 mos, Katie Anna Stella, daughter of Alexandre GAUTHIER. June 30, age 16, Sarah Augusta, youngest daughter of H.P. BRADLEY. Nepean, July 1, age 25, Elizabeth Beatty, wife of John SCOTT. Bell's Corner Cemetery. July 2, age 29, Eliza, wife of Haryy HARRISON. Hull, July 3, age 20 yrs, 3 mos & 7 days, Mrs. Marie Alizia Valerie FRECHETTE, wife of E.H. ST. DENIS. Richmond Road, July 5, age 42, S. JOHNSTON, brother of Michael Johnston. Hull Cemetery Richmond Road, July 6, age 1 yr & 2 mos, Annie MacKinnon, only daughter of A.M. & Maggie B. BURGESS. Chaudiere, July 7, age 7 mos & 2 weeks, Mary, only daughter of M.J. & Bridget WYMS of Queen St. July 7, age 24, Elizabeth, wife of William WILSON of Nicholas St., printer. July 8, age 2 yrs & 9 mos, Mary Kennedy, youngest daughter of James DALGLISH / Dalgliesh/ Dalgleish. July 9, Louis JETTE, stone cutter, of Gloucester St. July 10, Frederick Thomas, only son of R. LESTER, Jr., contractor, of Richmond road. Hull Cemetery. July 12, Rachel Johnston, wife of John MOORE. July 15, age 28, Mary Ann McMullen, wife of Robert BOTHWELL of Victoria St. Interment at Mrs. Conroy's Burying Ground on Aylmer Road. Ashburnham Hill, July 16, age 6 mos & 3 days, Walter James, youngest child of Henry SMITH of Percy St. July 19, age 25, of consumption, Thomas C. DUNN, tinsmith. Chaudiere, July 20, John P. DOUCETTE of Broad St. (Lebreton Flats) Chelsea Cemetery. Chaudiere, July 21, age 3 mos, Milton Horace, only child of Milton W. MERRILL of Duke ST. July 22, age 7 yrs & 9 mos, Minnie Louisa, daughter of Alex. GAUTHIER. St Andrews, New Brunswick, July 22, age 72, Jane, relict of the late Charles V. FORSTER, and mother of Mr. Charles P. BLISS of Ottawa. July 23, age 8, Ethel Maud LEWIS, youngest daughter of the Lord Bishop (Anglican ... John Travers Lewis) of Ontario. July 23, age 10 yrs & 6 mos, Mary Caroline, only daughter of Stephen H. FOWLER of Maria St., Beechwood Cemetery. JUly 23, in her 42nd year, Mary Jane, wife of Philip BRADY of York St. Kingston, July 24, age 3 mos & 15 days, Henry Norman, infant son of H. ALEXANDER of the Privy Council Office. July 25, age 68, George BASKERVILLE of Rideau St, a native of County Tipperary, Parish of Loughal, Ireland, and father of Messrs. Baskerville Brothers of Ottawa. July 26, Thomas Richard Adolphe, son of R.E. CORCORAN of Maria St. Nepean, July 26, age 35, Mrs. Edward MURPHY, killed by a falling tree during a storm. Leaves 4 small children (story in July 27 paper). July 26, age 7 mos & 21 days, Thersile Aurore, infant daughter of Joseph MARIER of King St. July 26, age 37, Dominick O'DONNELL of Clarence St. Burial in Buckingham. July 26, age 23, Catharine McKay, wife of John SINCLAIR of Deep Cut. July 31, age 4 mos & 29 days, Florence Manson, daughter of J. JOHNSON of Ottawa St. Aug 2, age 3 mos, Eugene Edmund, infant son of Edmund CHEVRIER of Murray St. Mount Sherwood, Aug 3, age 53, Archibald GRANT, formerly of River Rouge, Argenteuil. Hull Cemetery. Wakefield, P.Q., Aug 3, age 87, Elizabeth Barnard, relict of the late David MACLAREN. Aug 3, age 53, Mr. C.P. CAMERON, lately of Sacramento, California, USA and brother-in-law of Mr. JAMIESON of Albert St. Aug 4, age 3, William Herbert, eldest son of W.A. LAMB of Sparks St. Aug 5, age 38, Mary Ann, wife of William THORNTON, Contractor. Aug 6, age 66, William HUTCHISON of Maria St., Public Works Dept. Aug 8, age 19 yrs & 4 mos, Martin J., son of James BARRY of Daly St. Aug 8, age 83, Thomas G. BURNS (full obit in the Aug 10 paper) In the Aug 9 paper, in Hull, Catherine, youngest daughter of Michael GRIMES of Hull, and sister of John Grimes. Aug 11, age 18 days, Jeremiah John only child of J.C. ENRIGHT of Bay St. Aug 11, age 40, during childbirth, Mary, wife of James MURPHY of Clarence St. (story in the Aug 11 paper) Aug 12, age 80 yrs & 6 mos, Edward CORRIGAN of Biddy St, a native of County Kilkenny, Ireland. Aug 13, age 1 month & 21 days, Percy Lonsdale, infant son of J.H. PATTERSON, of Rear Street. St. John, New Brunswick, Aug 16, age 13 months, Elvira Winefred Blair, 2nd daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G.M. HANEY / HENEY? of Ottawa. Aug 17, in his 81st year, Patrick SLATTERY of Clarence St., a native of Parish of Knockaney, County Limerick, Ireland. Aug 18, age 85, William ATKIN of St. Paul St., a native of Cork, Ireland, emigrated to Canada over 40 years ago and an old resident of Bytown (obituary in the Aug 19 paper)/. Aug 19, age 8 mos, Margaret McQueen, daughter of Alexander FRASER of Besserer St. Beechwood Cem. Aug 20, age 7 mos & 18 days, Rowland James, only son of Thomas GAMMAN, Jr. of Ottawa. Aug 21, age 5 mos & 8 days, Agnes Charlotte Berthe, daughter of L.A. MONGENAIS, merchant, of Rideau St. Aug 21, age 19, Joseph FORRESTER of Nicholas St. Aug 21, age 40, Thomas Moore DOUGLAS, son of the late Major Douglas. Aug 23, in his 65th year, the Rev. Daniel MCPHAIL, late Pastor of the Baptist Church in Ottawa. Aug 24, Elizabeth, infant daughter of Mr. D. HAMILTON. Aug 24, age 21, Helen, daughter of Mrs. Anne HICKEY of Ashburnham Hill, and sister-in-law of John CASEY of Nepean St. Gloucester, Aug 24, age 7 yrs & 7 mos, Caroline, 4th daughter of the late Henry CODD. Aug 26, age 58, Miss Bridget MAHON, a native of County Limerick, Ireland, and sister of Martin Mahon of King St. Aug 27, aged about 55, murdered, Edward BURNS of York St., brother of ANN ANDERSON (Mrs. Donald Anderson), all of Ottawa. Full story in the Aug 26 & 27 papers. Aug 30, age 6 yrs & 3 mos, Maggie, eldest daughter of George & Catherine STOCHAND(?) of Rideau St. Aug 30, Evirilda, eldest daughter of Lieut-Col. WILY of Daly St. Hull, Sept 1, Susan Cunningham, wife of C.B. WRIGHT Sept 2, age 18 mos, Marie Edwidge, youngest daughter of Victor LAPORTE, merchant. Sept 3, age 10 mos, Bartholomew, only son of Michael GALLAGHER of Clarence St. Sept 7, age 5 mos, John Matthew, son of John Allen LONG of Stewart St. Sept 7, age 32, F.X. Thomas MORIN of Ottawa. Sept 8, in her 70th year, Sarah Barns, widow of the late William ADDISON, formerly lockmaster, Ottawa, and mother-in-law of G.S. SUTHERLAND of Besserer St. Osgoode, Sept 8(?), age 18 yrs & 4 mos, Mary Jane, wife of Joseph A. YORK, and 2nd daughter of Capt. Robert GRANT. Sept 9, age 66, Sarah, wife of Hugh J. WILLIAMS of Slater St., and mother of Mr. D.P. Williams. Interment at L'Orignal. Sept 10, age 6 mos, Mary Ann, daughter of James WILSON of Ottawa. Sept 12, age 51, Edward GURRY of Cumberland St. Sept 14, age 1 yr, 2 mos & 19 days, Richard William youngest son of Robert O'REILLY of Church St. Rochesterville, Sept 14, age 6 mos, Sarah Jane, daughter of James MUNSON of Preston Street (now the center of Little Italy) Sept 14, age 1 year & 7 mos, John, 3rd son of Thomas LYONS of St. Andrew St. Sept 15, age 16, Mary Ann Weddell, 2nd daughter of Mr. J. BAINE, Dept of Public Works. Sept 21, age 70, Margaret, widow of Pierre RIVET. Sept 22, age 57, Roderick MACDONALD of Sussex St., late of VanKleek Hill. Sept 23, age 1 yr, 7 mos, & 12 days, Bertha Eveline Hamilton, only child of W.C. LYONS of Richmond Road. Sept 25, Margaret, 4th daughter of the late T.E. BURNS. Sept 26, age 56, Patrick O'DONNELL of Biddy St., a native of Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland - for 30 years a resident of Ottawa. Chaudiere, Sept 27, of diptheria, age 12 years, David Ayledworth, son of Andrew D. FRASER, hardware merchant. Sept 28, age 78, George TYRRELL. Thorold, Ont, Sept 28, age 18 yrs & 7 mos, Matthew Joseph BATTLE. Oct 1, age 82 yrs & 11 mos, John CHALONER of Clarence St. Hull, Oct 1, age 4 yrs & 6 mos, Ellen Sophia, only daughter of George NEWELL. Oct 1, age 28, wife of Thomas HIGMAN of Besserer St. New Edinburgh, Oct 2, age 5 mos & 6 days, Willie, infant son of John HENDERSON Picton, Nova Scotia, Oct 3, age 72, William GORDON. Chaudiere, Oct 3, of diptheria, age 3 yrs & 2 mos, Andrew, 3rd son of Andrew D. FRASER. Note: article in paper says his other 2 children, ages 16(son) & 14(daughter) are "both in a hopeless condition from diptheria". Oct 3, age 13, Margaret Ada, eldest daughter fo Robert CUMMINGS of Cummings Island. Beechwood Cemetery (There was a house and a store on Cumming's Island in 1879 ... Al) Oct 4, age 60, Patrick LEONARD of Emma St., a native of Tipperary, Ireland. New Edinburgh, Oct 6, age 7 mos & 5 days, Maud Louisa, youngest daughter of Dr. T.B. BENTLEY. Oct 6, age 30 or 80, Esther, wife of Pierre DESLOGES. Oct 6, age 57, Matthew HARRISON, father of John & Williams Harrison (Inquest in Oct 7 paper). Oct 9, age 16 yrs & 9 mos, Marie Louise Josephine, youngest daughter of Joseph BOILY of Augusta St. Oct 10, age 3 yrs & 5 mos, Marie Mathilde Edna, eldest daughter of Ephraim CHEVRIER of Rideau St. Oct 13, age 22 yrs & 3 mos, Roxie Ann, wife of George GRAVES of Cathcart St. Oct 13, age 1 yr & 10 mos, Robinson, youngest son of Robinson LYON of Albert St. Nepean, Oct 13, age 32, Eliza, wife of Robert J. HINTON of Richmond Road and 2nd duaghter of the late Thomas B. HYDE. Beechwood Cemetery. Nepean, Oct, 13, age 77, Elizabeth O'NEILL of St. Louis Dam (Dow's Lake). Oct 20, age 48 yrs 7 6 mos, Jane, wife of Alex. TAYLOR. Oct 22, age 30, Jane O'Mealey / O'Malley / Maley, wife of Thomas BAMBRICK. Richmond Road, Oct 22, age 16 mos, of congestion of the brain, Florence Ethel, youngest daughter of R.L. JAMES. Oct 30, age 22 yrs & 4 mos, William, son of Andrew O'CONNELL of Ottawa St. Oct 30, age 79, Henrietta Jones, relict of the late Captain John Bower LEWIS of Richmond, and mother-in-law of C.H. PINHEY of Ottawa. Obituary in the Oct 30 paper Rochesterville, Oct 30, age 1 yr & 4 mos, Laura J., youngest daughter of J.W. MITCHELL of Elm. St. Oct 31, age 28, John DOUCET of Ottawa. Nov 1, age 1 yr, 5 mos & 13 days, Thomas, youngest son of Michael HARRINGTON of Dalhousie St. Nov 1, accidental drowning, aged about 25, Andrew GURRY, son of the late Edward Gurry of Cumberland St. (full story in the Nov 5 paper). Hull, Nov 2, age 62 yrs & 2 mos, Marie Anastasie BRAZEAU, wife of J.B. RICHER. At Bell's corner, Nov 6, age 22, Hannah, wife of John SULLIVAN. Nov 10, age 33, Ann, wife of John KIRSOP of Nepean St. Nov 10, age 65, Jane, wife of Hugh DEWAR of Gloucester St, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and lately a resident of St. Andrew's, Quebec Rochesterville, Nov 12, age 31, Margaret, wife of John MCRAE of Spruce St. Nov 16, age 47, Abraham WARDLE, known by the sobriquet of "Long Tom", a native of Cheshire, England. Full obituary in the Nov 16 paper. Nov 16, age 56, Kenneth MCINTOSH of Bolton St., a native of Rosshire, Scotland. Maniwakie, Nov 16, in her 24th year, Mary Ann, wife of Charles LOGUE, daughter of Mr. P. FARRELL of Upper Wakefield. Birkenfels, Nov 22, Annie Creichton, eldest daughter of Thomas C. KEEFER. Nov 27, John Angus, infant son of Donald CAMERON of Cathcart St. Nov 28, age 60, Agnes, wife of James MONTGOMERY of Wellington St. This poor woman's grave was dug up and her remains stolen from the Beechwood Cemetery (full story in the Dec 3 paper). Nov 30, age 80, Margaret McDonald, relict of the deceased James Campbell STEWART of Stewart Hall, Bute, Scotland. Dec 2, age 22, of inflammation of the lungs, George, 2nd son of Patrick HIGGERTY of Burrowes St. Dec 2, age 8 days, Peter, infant son of Michael GALLAGHER, Fruit Merchant, Clarence St. Dec 7, age 40, Louisa Perkins, wife of Phillip THOMPSON. New Edinburgh, Dec 15, age 29, W.P. SCOTT, Engineer, CPR, formerly of Stromness, Orkney Islands. Dec 16, Mary, infant daughter of Michael CASEY of Clarence St. Dec 18, Harriet Cunningham, wife of Lieut-Col. WILY, Militia Department. Dec 21, age 4 weeks, Eliza Mary Emelia, infant child of Dr. ROBILLARD. Dec 21, age 25, Henry LORD, formerly of Liverpool, England. Kemptville, Dec 23, age 24 yrs & 6 mos, Joseph PRATT. Dec 25, Elizabeth Campbell, relict of the late James BLACKBURN of Aylmer, and youngest sister of Sir James CAMPBELL of Stracathro, Glasgow, Scotland, and mother-in-law of Henry CHEPMELL of Ottawa. Dec 27, in his 67th year, James LAUGHTON of George St., a native of Orkney Island, Scotland. Dec 28, age 35, Charles S. CUMMINGS, late of Somerville, New York, USA. The funeral will leave his brother's residence on Cummings Island. Nepean, Dec 29, age 75, Isaac PLUNKETT, formerly of Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland and a resident of Nepean for over 40 years. Dec 29, age 28(?), of dropsey, Susan Sarah, wife of D.W. COWARD. Dec 29, age 77, Anne Robinson, relict of the late Joseph COOMBS. Dec 30, age 17 yrs & 4 months, Hugh Gordon MCPHERSON. At North Nation Mills, Quebec, Dec 30, age 45 yrs & 6 mos, of inflammation of the lungs, Donald A. CAMERON of the firm of John A. Cameron & Co. _________________________________________________ For the time being, this is the end of the deaths and marriages from various newspapers that I will be submitting. I hope someone out there was able to find a little bit of information which they didn't know before - sometimes the only records which exist now are in these old newspapers. Sue ========================================= Thanks Sue, your newspaper notices which you have contributed are an excellent aid to all of us. There are a lot of streets and neighbourhoods mentioned - some of the names are no longer used. Here are a few: 1. Maria Street is now Laurier Avenue, renamed after Wilfrid Laurier in the 20th Century. This was the southern boundary of the Nicholas Sparks estate. 2. Alice Street and the Deep Cut refers to the area on the banks of the Rideau Canal where Somerset Street West intersects today's Queen Elizabeth Driveway (across the Canal from Ottawa University). I don't know why it was called the "Deep Cut" - there are lots of places where the excavation was a lot deeper. 3. Biddy Street was in Ashburnham Hill which was a small settlement on the east side of Bronson Avenue, I believe at the present site of Gloucester / Nepean Streets and Bronson Avenue. Many of the residents of Ashburnham Hill moved there c. 1850 when the section of the By Ward Market (Lowertown) north of Cathcart was surveyed. The residents had the choice of moving their houses to coincide with the new street alignment or buying the new surveyed lots in Lowertown. Many just packed up and moved to Ashburnham Hill. November 7, 2003: Hi Al; I was just browsing the Bytown or Bust web site and reading the list of births, etc from the Ottawa Times and Ottawa Free Press that you posted. Biddy street in Ashburnham Hill is now Lisgar street (Source: Ottawa Capitale du Canada, Lionel Brault, M. A., D. Ph. 1942). My grgrgrandfather Samuel ALBERT lived at the corner of Biddy and Bay in the 1870's. Frank Watters E-Mail: 4. Rochesterville, named after early industrialist John Rochester, and Mount Sherwood were west of Booth Streets, between Carling Avenue on the south and Lebreton Flats to the north. 5. Orangeville was north of Dow's Lake, near Preston Street today. 6. The St. Louis Dam was a small settlement on Dow's Lake near the dam built by the St. Louis family when the canal was constructed, 1826-1832. 7. There was originally a cemetery south of Lowertown where Ottawa University is today. It was called the "Sandy Hill Cemetery" and was Catholic but I believe there was a Protestant section. A few times, Protestants were exhumed and re-buried in the Anglican Cemetery in Hull. Later, during the 1850's, before the present day Beechwood and Notre Dame Cemeteries were established, there were two city blocks north of Rideau Street at Coburg Street (close to the Rideau River) set aside for 4 cemeteries - RC, Presbyterian, Methodist and Anglican. These cemeteries were adjacent to each other. ... Al
More from Sue:
1881 Ottawa Free Press
Jan 5, 1881 issue: Deaths from Small-pox in Ottawa and Vicinity: 1878 = 14 1879 = 219 1880 = 103 (the last death from smallpox was in May of 1880) Feb 1, 1881 issue: Honor Roll for January, Bell's Corners, School Section No. 4, Nepean - David D. Keenan, Teacher 6th Class - Preston Spittal 5th Class - 1.Catherine Hamill / Hammell, 2.Nellie Spittal, 3.Lilla Dawson 4th Class - 1.Ed Connor, 2.Geo. Goodfellow, 3.Charlotte Johnston 3rd Class - 1.Daisy Spittal, 2.William Foley, 3.Sarah A. Heanin (Reanin?) 2nd Class - 1.Jessie Johnston, 2.Angelina Reanin(?), 3.Ed Cowan Feb 5 Issue: Honor Roll - January, New Edinburg Model School: 4th Class senior: 1. Seignally Culbert, 2, Fred. Reed, 3. Samuel Short. 4th Class junior: 1. Charles Sharpe, 2. May Hillman, 3. Percy McNaughton & Carrie Hawkin. 3rd Class senior: 1. William Stevenson, 2. John Ferguson, 3. Esther Short. 3rd Class junior: 1. William Ferguson, 2. Alger Hillman, 3. Ida Weatherhead. 2nd Class senior: 1. Clinton Avery, 2. Robert Savage, 3. Stewart Culbert 2nd Class junior: 1. Joseph McNabb, 2. Jessie Rankin, 3. John Bisgard. March 2 issue: "Mr. Peter A. MCPHERSON, formerly of Ottawa, has gone into the restaurant business at Clay Center (Clay Carter?) in Kansas, USA. He calls it the "Occidental" and reports doing well" March 2 issue: "A family named BROUSSEAU, residing on Water Street, Lower Town, yesterday lost a 4th member from diptheria. One of the deceased was a promising boy of 16 years." March 24 issue: "Capt. James DICK, of Toronto, the first man who navigated a steamboat on Lake Superior, is at the Grand Union, looking as hale and hearty as ever. He can "haul, reef and steer" with any A.B. (able-bodied?) afloat yet." March 29 issue: CAUTION. I hereby forbid anyone from giving credit to my wife, Maria ROONEY, as I will not pay any debts contracted by her. John ROONEY March 30 issue: "Charlie WILLMONT, the Ottawa youth who a year and a half ago eloped with two "sweet sixteeners" from Ottawa, creating quite a sensation at the time, was married a couple of days ago, at Utica, to Miss Jennie NOBLE, of Watertown, Judge Pratt officiating. The Utica papers had it that he was married to his Ottawa sweetheart, whom he had induced to cross the lines, but such is not the case. The new love was more than Charlie could stand, so he got married. His Ottawa friends will wish him well." This one is for Al Lewis, of BYTOWN OR BUST: a death notice (maybe a relative?): Died on February 7, 1881, Jane BYRNE of No. 13 Water Street (formerly Bolton), aged 68, relict of the late Michael Byrne, and mother-in-law of Mr. P. FITZSIMMONS, Merchant. She had resided in Ottawa for 28 years (Funeral notice in the Feb 9, 1881 paper, page 3). Sue
posted on March 24, 2003: NOTE*** Names are spelled as they appear in the newspaper, and if not very legible, there will be a question mark after the name. Also, the dates given are the ACTUAL dates of the events (Birth or Marriage - NOT the date of the newspaper article). Also, unless otherwise indicated, all the events took place in Ottawa. _____________________________________________ The Ottawa Free Press - 1871 1871 MARRIAGES: Bath, Ontario, Feb 15, George CRAIN of Ottawa, to Emma Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William AYLSWORTH of Bath. Mar 20, Richard WOODLAND, to Charlotte Elizabeth LANGRELL, niece of Thomas Langrell, all of Ottawa. Apr 26, Jane Ann BOYD, to John FOSTER, both of Ottawa May 9, Thomas HEWLETT, to Nancy, 2nd daughter of Joseph MULLIGAN, all of Ottawa. Hamilton, July 5, Charles BRYSON of Ottawa, to Miss Oddie, youngest daughter of the late F. BEARMAN of Nepean. At Union Chapel, Stratford, Manchester, England, July 4, the Reverend W.C. RUSSELL, to Susan, eldest daughter of Alexander FLECK of Ottawa. July 4, John BASSETT to Mary R. GRAHAM, both of Ottawa July 26, Anson M. STORR of Ottawa, to Mary Ann MCLEOD of VanKleek Hill Aug 1, John W.H. DOBIER, to Grace, only daughter of the late robert GEDDES, both of Ottawa. In August at the Chapel of Ease, R. BROWN, late of Brixton, Surrey, England, to Jane JONES of Ottawa. Aug 8, John YORICK of the Ottawa Post Office Dept., to Lizzie A. JARVIS, eldest daughter of John Jarvis of Marchmont, Que. Aug 17, David WOODIE(?), to Mary SPITTAL, both of Bell's Corners. Montreal, in August, J.F. WULFF of Montreal, to Frances M., youngest daughter of James A. EGLESON / Eagleson ? of Ottawa. Greenbush, Aug 16, Allan Napier ROSS of Albany, New York, USA, to Grace, daughter of Jefferson MAYELL of Greenbush. Nepean, Aug 28, Emma TAYLOR, youngest daughter of Richard Taylor of Nepean, to William WEST of Almonte. Sept 7, Philander S. STIFF, to Eliza M. SMITH, of Ottawa. Winnipeg, Fort Garry, Manitoba, Sept 28, Frederick T. BRADLEY, Deputy Collector of Customs, North Pembina, son of Col. Bradley of Gloucester, Ontario, to Caroline Maria, eldest daughter of Charles W. JENKINS of Ottawa. Oct 4, Edwin PARLOW, to Isabella JOHNSON, of Ottawa. Oct 4, Capt. Daniel MOWATT, to Amelia Mary, daughter of James HOY, all of Ottawa. Buckingham, Oct 4, Ella GORMAN, to James MARTIN. Ashburnham Hill, Oct 11, James MCINTOSH, M.D. of VanKleek Hill, to Sarah Jane, youngest daughter of Charles HENEY of Ottawa. Oct 12, Richard Austin BRADLEY, Barrister, son of Col. Bradley of Gloucester, to Alice Maude Louise, youngest daughter of Charles W. JENKINS of Ottawa. Hull, Nov 15, Alexander W. CROMBIE of St. Thomas, to Mary Eleanor, 5th daughter of F.P. RUBIDGE(?) of Ottawa Nov 22, W.C. SNOWDON of Montreal, to Annie, 2nd daughter of the late Arch. GRANT. Nov 30, William W. WELCH, to Annie K., youngest daughter of the late Edward E. HOLT of Montreal. Nov 30, George SUTTON of Carleton Place, to Helen Barbara FRASER of Ottawa. Dec 5, Frederick WHITE of the Civil Service, to Clara Olivia, elder daughter of E.W. CRUICE. Dec 25, George Morrison PATRICK of the Post Office Dept., to Mary CALDER of Ottawa. Dec 25 or 26, James T. SUTTON, to Augusta Mary, daughter of the late Henry MCKAY and niece of William McKay of Ottawa. __________________________________________ Some notices in the 1871 newspapers: January 9: "Two females fell on the Sappers' Bridge last night by their feet slipping into one of the holes in the sidewalk. They were not above blaspheming against the Corporation, and passersby withdrew their sympathy in consequence." February 6: "Reverend Dr. Jones delivered a sermon in the St. Alban's Church yesterday directed against the passion for balls, parties, and dancing clubs, existing amongst the young ladies of the city at present." April 18: PERSONAL "CHILD STRAYED. Roderick, aged about 3 years, son of Mr. Alexander BEGG, Ottawa St., strayed this morning between 10 & 11 o'clock, from his father's residence. He had on a blue frock, seal skin cap, and rubber overshoes. Any information regarding him, given either to his parents or any of the police force, will be thankfully received." May 22: LITTLE BOY LOST "Boy aged 5 years old named Dennis DUFFY; his father William Duffy, resides on Rideau St., Sandy Hill. Child wore dark straw hat, dark coat. Finder will please take him home or to the police station." _______________________________________ 1871 BIRTHS: Jan, a daughter to the wife of T.W. CURRIER. Feb 18, a son to Mrs. James BUCHANAN. Rochesterville, Feb 26, a daughter to the wife of John FOWLER of the inland Revenue Dept. March 11, a son to the wife of George BLISS Apr 7, a daughter to the wife of Lieut. Colonel CHAMBERLIN May 9, a son to the wife of James Alex M. JACQUES, Printer May 18, a daughter to the wife of John PENNOCK May 20, a daughter to the wife of G. MANN May 27, a son to Mrs. F. SATCHELL Hull, May 31, a son to the wife of C.B. WRIGHT June 13, a daughter to the wife of F. HALLANDAL June 22, a son to the wife of Aime NAUBERT New Edinburgh, July 7, a son to Mrs. William WOODBURN July 9, a daughter to the wife of Edward C. BARBER July 13, a daughter to the wife of Edmund A. MEREDETH, Under Secretary of State for the Provinces. July 17, a daughter to the wife of Dr. J.A. GRANT, M.P. Buckingham Village, July 17, a son to the wife of Hugh GORMAN, Jr. Aug 5, a daughter to the wife of E.E. LAUZON Aug 24, a son to the wife of George MURPHY Aug 27, a son to the wife of M. ESDLE Oct 14, a daughter to the wife of William HOWE Oct 25, a daughter to Mrs. D. MURPHY Nov 7, a daughter to the wife of T. MCGARITY Nov 22, a son to the wife of P. PENNOCK, Jr. Nov 23, a son to Mrs. Charles MAGEE Dec 10, a son to the wife of William FINLEY Hull, Dec 30, a daughter to the wife of Dr. C.E. GRAHAM. _______________________________ Names are as spelled in the paper and dates are actual dates of death, not the newspaper publication dates. All deaths are in Ottawa, unless otherwise noted. Note: There was a bad outbreak of smallpox in Ottawa in 1871/1872 THE OTTAWA FREE PRESS 1871 DEATH NOTICES; Jan 9, suddenly, at Mr. Graham's Hotel on Clarence Street, Mr. BRADLEY of Prescott. Upton, Quebec, Jan 16, Roderick ROSS of Ottawa. Montreal, Jan 21, Arthur ROSS, Seign. of St. Giles de Beaurivage. In Portland, Ottawa County, Jan 25, in his 60th year, William JOHNSTON, late of Gloucester. Feb 6, Christopher William SWINBURN, aged 17 years and 10 months. Feb 15, Jonathan OFFORD of Ottawa, aged 48. Deceased was born May 22, 1833. (Full obituary in the Feb 20 paper) March, Duncan CHISHOLM, aged 42. Caldonia, Minnesota, USA, March 17, Lucy Audabon, wife of the Reverend C. Frederick STREET and youngest daughter of Mrs. F. KENDALL of Ottawa. March 28, Williamd WOODLAND, aged 21 March 29, Hannah Ayers, aged 80, widow of the late James GUZNER. Buckingham, Apr 1, Samuel Pyke FINCH, 64, late of Quebec. New Edinburgh, Apr 9, John LUMSDEN, 57. Apr 12, Maria Agnes, aged 28 years & 7 months, wife of Joseph DUROCHER. Goulborne, in April, Peter Claud, aged 1 year and 10 months, 2nd youngest son of C.M. CHURCH, M.D. Rochesterville, Apr 18, Caroline Amery, 23 years & 6 months, wife of John G. MCLACHLIN. Apr 20, Charlotte, 10 years and 7 months, 3rd daughter of G. STEPHENS, late of Quebec City. Apr 23, Annie Lillian, 10 months & 21 days, daughter of M.F. HUNTLEY of the Chaudiere. Apr 25, Elizabeth PALEN, aged 82(?), mother of William Palen, Contractor. Apr 26, Jane, wife of Thomas LUSK of Deep Cut, Ottawa. Apr 30, Donald DOW, 56 May 1, George PATTERSON, 70 May 1, Daniel MULLINS, 64 May 1, James McJanet, aged 16 years, 6 months & 20 days, 4th son of D. COWLEY. May 8, Major PATTERSON, 70. born near Bantry Bay in County Cork, Ireland, emigrated to Canada at an early age, settling in Ottawa, then a village, in 1837, where he was a baker and general merchant. Became Capt of #1 Company of the Ottawa Rifles in 1855 and retired a Major. (full obituary in the May 9 paper). May 9, Jane, eldest daughter of the late James Wellington WALSH, M.D., of Kennetty, Ireland. Rochesterville, May 12, Caroline Matilda, 1 month and 10 days, infant daughter of John G. MCLACHLIN. May 12, Robert HICK, Sr., 73 At Mr. Baldwin's Mill at Chaudiere, May 12, by accident, John MCCURLEY / CURLEY of Ashburnham Hill, Ottawa, aged 23 years, member of the Ottawa Fire Department. May 12, Benjamin FARMER May 24, Robert MCLAUGHLIN, 71, father of S. McLaughlin of Maria Street. May 25, Rose Mary, 55, wife of Thomas SPENCER. May 26, Charles, aged 6, eldest son of Alexander FRASER, Photographer. May 26, John HERON June 1, Ann, 37, wife of William PORTER June 3 Funeral of James Abbott BOUCHER, son of William Boucher of Ashburnham Hill. Interment at March Corners. June 3, Jane, aged 19, 2nd daughter of R.S. MONTGOMERY June 11, Miss Margaret MCCLYMONT, aged 20, of Cumberland, niece of Robert LOUGH of Ottawa. June 17, Robert JACKSON, Printer, aged 30 June 29, Paul HUGG, late of Kingston, aged 61 June 30, Catherine, 68, wife of John GELHAUSEN Elm Grove, Richmond Road, July 5, William HUNTON, in his 54th year July 6, Maria Esther Grenier, 79 years & 2 months, widow of the late Louis Pierre BAUNET. July 6, Annie Elizabeth, 15 months, daughter of Peter and Sarah COLLINS Gloucester, July 9, William GRAHAM, 46 Sandy Hill, July 10, Elizabeth Balfour, 59, relict of the late John BEDARD. Wakefield, July 15, George COCKER who leaves a widow and 7 children, was thrown from his buggy and died of injuries received. Deceased was a merchant in Ottawa. New Edinburgh, July 16, Margaret, 39 years and 4 months, wife of John JONES July 17, Carrie A.P., aged 1 year, youngest child of Mr. N. HELMER. July 19, William, aged 7 months, youngest child of W.H. SMITHSON of the Post Office Dept. July 20, Evan Pennington, 1 year & 4 months, youngest child of J. Pennington MACPHERSON. July 20, infant daughter of George STOCKAND. July 25, John SHEN, 91, father of Mrs. SIMS. July 28, Naomi Cox, 10 years, 10 months, & 18 days, eldest surviving daughter of William MCGOUN, Engineer. July 29, Mary Ann, 6 weeks & 4 days, infant daughter of F. HALLANDAL. July 30, infant daughter of H.S. MAINGY. Quebec, Aug 3, Bernard GRAY, Printer, aged 38 years. Montreal, Aug 6, William, 22, eldest son of William MCKAY of Ottawa (full obituary in the Sept 6 paper) Quebec, Aug 8, George Ambrose John, 9 months & 15 days, infant son of George VERRET of the Public Works Dept in Ottawa. Aug 10, St. John Norrison Robert, 7 months and 21 days, youngest son of the late Robert STEWART of Belfast, Ireland. Nepean, Aug 22, William FOSTER, 66. Interment at Bell's Corners. Aug 28, Mary Barton, 47, wife of Francis LINK Aug 29, Alexander, 6 years & 8 months, only son of J.J. RADFORD. Sept 2, Mary Young, 31, wife of William LECLAIR. Sept 4, Richard DeWarren WALLER, 33, 2nd son of the late Robert Alfred Waller of Castle Waller, County Tipperary, Ireland. Sept 9, Jessie, 4 years & 4 months, 2nd daughter of J.J. RADFORD Oct 5, Lawrence O'CONNOR, aged 6 weeks, infant son of James O'Connor. Oct 11, John DONOVAN, a native of Quebec and late Express Messenger to the Queen's Printer's & Stationery Depts. He leaves a wife and 7 children. Montreal, Oct 23, of scarlet fever, Ida, 3 years & 4 months, youngest daughter of H.A. PALMER. Oct 28, Grace Charlotte, 20, 3rd daughter of J.B. STEACY. Oct 29, William HUTCHISON, 64, a native of County Down, Irelnad. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Oct 23, Thomas Andrew, 23, youngest son of the late Thomas Andrew CHRISTIE of Ottawa. Rochesterville, Oct 30, William T. AYLEN, 46 Richmond Road, Nov 2, Nicholas BARRIE, 37 Nov 8, Annie, 32, wife of John DYKE, Feathers Saloon. Nov 9, John LITLE, 85, a antive of county Fermanagh, Ireland. Nov 10, William BRENNAN Nov 10, Almira, 23, wife of Edward PRICE Nov 23, of croup, Agnes Evaleen, 4 years and 10 months, youngest daughter of John O'REILLY. Nov 23, of water on the brain, Mary Ann, only daughter of Michael STARRS / STARR . Nov 24, Rebecca, 19, youngest daughter of J. WOODLAND. Nov 25, of smallpox, James MARTIN, carpenter, a native of Penryn, Cornwall, England. Deceased recently arrived from England and was a member of the Ancient Order of Friendly Foresters, Ottawa Court Pioneer 5607. He leave a wife and family in England. (full obituary in the Nov 27 paper) Nov 26, Margaret, 11, last surviving daughter of Joseph COTE. Nov 30, Elizabeth, 16 years & 8 months, eldest daughter of John NEVILLE, at the Head of the Deep Cut (Rideau Canal). Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Nov 30, Lawrence PHINNEY, father of Mrs. R.W. STEPHENS of Bank Street in Ottawa. Dec 5, Mrs. SPARKS, 81, relict of the late Nicholas Sparks. Dec 6, Matthew, 5 years & 4 months, youngest son of Martin BATTLE of the Inland Revenue Dept. Hull, Dec 6, Christiana Wright, widow of the late Jacob MORRISON and youngest daughter of the late Philemon WRIGHT. Interment at the Hull Burying Ground. Dec 7, Mary Jane, 24, wife of William John JOYCE and daughter of Thomas MCGILTON. Dec 12, of croup, Agnes A.F., 4 years & 1 month, only daughter of C.W. MITCHELL of the Ottawa Free Press. Dec 16, Lottie, aged 6 months, infant daughter of Alex. MARTIN, assistant to Dr. O. Martin. Dec 17, of pleurisy, Bridget MCCABE, aged 24. _____________________________ >From the 1881 Ottawa Free Press Feb 14: Mr. and Madame Paul RAJOTTE of Sorel, parents of Mr. T. Rajotte of Ottawa, celebrated their golden wedding last week. April 20: Thomas COSTELLO of Murray Street, who has been a resident of Ottawa for over 40 years, leaves April 21 to take up residence in the city of New York, USA. May 2: Mr. George LUSSIER, a son of Mr. L.J. Lussier, carriage maker, of York Street, has graduated from the National Business College and received his diploma. June 2: Mr. J.P. WISER, M.P., left Prescott today for the Northwest. He will go direct to Bow River, where he will select a 100,000 acre cattle ranch. Colonel STODDART, a brother-in-law of Mr. Wiser's, has just left for Texas, USA. June 16: One June 14, John VINCENT of Church Street, celebrated his Golden Anniversary and his son turned 25 and entered the ranks of the benedicts. July 18: At 7:30 tomorrow, at the Basilica, the Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. G. BARTHEAUME / Berthiaume will be celebrated. The bridegroom is now 77, the bride 66. July 23: Mssrs. Ed. O'MEARA and Peter DUNCAN, who left Ottawa early last spring and launched out into business as grocers and liquor dealers at Cohoea(?), New York, USA, have quit business. Mr. Duncan is at present on a visit to friends in New York, and "Ed" has gone to Chicago, Illinois. __________________ Ottawa Free Press - 1881: Oct 28: At Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, Charles A. VAN DUSEN, son of James W. VanDusen of Ottawa, has been engaged as clerk in the drug store of Mr. Ed Rowan of Eau Claire. Nov 17: W.J. GIBSON, son of J. H. P. Gibson, and John MCFARLANE, graduates of the Ontario Agricultural College, leave for Florida in the course of a few days. They spent the past year in Minnesota, USA farming. Leesburgh, Florida, USA, is their destination. Nov 24: Mr. Denis KEHOE, of York Street, while engaged in shingling a house on Nicholas Street, fell off the roof, severely fracturing a leg. Nov 24: The contract for removing snow from Parliament Hill has been awarded to Mr. Francis MCKENNA. Mr. Alexander DEVLIN has been awarded the contract for Rideau Hall and grounds. This page is continued. See also The Bytown Gazette, 1836-1843 and the Union Newspaper.

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