Timothy Michael BURKE
Province of Munster, Ireland to Drummond Township, Ontario, Canada
(Town of Perth)

July 5, 2002:
Hi Al,
Thank you so much for the information on George Thew Burke. It was greatly appreciated. 
I'm not to sure now he is the fellow I'm looking for to be my GGG Grandfather, but it was 
worth the shot. Timothy Michael Burke, my GG Grandfather came here from Ireland as a young boy 
(I'm led to believe) and settled in Perth as a cordwainer (shoemaker). He died in 1883 
at home on the 2nd line of Drummond Township just outside of Perth, and I am still trying 
to locate where he and his wife are buried. I thought it would be nice to try and identify 
his parents and brothers and sisters, if any, and what part of Ireland they came from. 
Again we believe it was from County Tipperary. We were all raised as protestants, so I 
believe we can rule out any Catholic background.
I have most of the backgound on TMB's family, so let me know if I can help. Some of his 
children migrated down to Nebraska.
Thanks again.
Randy Burke
January 26, 2003: I am a descendent (great-great granddaughter) of Timothy Michael Burke through his son Jacob who settled in Nebraska, USA. I am also trying to locate exactly what part of Ireland he came from. I know that his wife's name was Sarah (maiden name???) and that she came from county Wexford, Ireland. I also have it that there were 14 children, 12 of whom lived to adult-hood. I have only found 10 so far. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Sherri McConnell

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