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February 23, 2009: (new photographs of John Tierney and Ann Murray added) Hi Al; Thought I'd get these pictures of the John Tierney and Ann Murray family off to you to put on their page. They have come from various descendants of John and Ann's and I don't think they will mind as it would be a shame to lose these pictures of almost the entire family. Thanks, Al ... Sue
John Tierney Ann Murray John Tierney Photo Photo of Ann Murray Tierney
May 1, 2008: Hi Al; I'm doing some updating and was wondering if you could start a page on my family of Tierneys. At the same time, if you wouldn't mind, you could remove the 'old' John Tierney and Ann Murray information which is currently on the Charles Christian page. I'm going to do a page on the immigrant (1825) of Denis Tierney and his wives as well. I'd sure like to see a link to his upcoming page on your home page as his family was such an integral part of the Nepean community and St. Pat's church. ... Sue John Tierney, son of Denis Tierney and Margaret Egan, and Ann Murray had 11 children, all born in Nepean.
1) Elizabeth Tierney (1833 - 1919) married Charles Dubreuille in 1854, a son of Hyacinthe Dubreuille and Marguerite Charlebois of Quebec. Charles changed his name to Dubruille in 1866 when they moved to Oregon, USA. They had 10 children, the first 6 in Ottawa. Eight lived to adulthood. Photo of Elizabeth Tierney Dubruille 2) Margaret Tierney (1835 - 1920) married John Gleeson in 1858, a son of Martin and Ann Gleason. They moved to South Dakota, USA in 1879, then to Oregon in 1908. They had 10 children, all save the last, born in Ontario and all lived to adulthood. Photo of Margaret Tierney Gleeson 3) William Tierney (1837 - 1899) married Catherine McSherry in 1861, only child of Bernard McSherry and Ann Doran. They moved to British Columbia in 1871 after a few years living in Portland, Oregon, USA. They had 9 children (the first 3 born in Nepean, 1 in Vancouver, Washington, and the remaining 5 born in Victoria, British Columbia). All lived to adulthood, although one daughter died at age 20. Photo of William Tierney 4) Michael Tierney (1841 - after 1867). Nothing known about Michael. 5) Jane Tierney (1842 -1922) married Thomas O'Sullivan in 1873. Nothing known about Jane and Thomas. 6) Mary Ann Tierney (1845 - 1897) married Charles Christian in 1868, a son of John Christian and Sarah McConvey. They had 4 children in Ottawa, 2 of whom, Mary Margaret & Celina Mary, lived to adulthood & married. Photo of Mary Ann Tierney Christian 7) Ellen Mary Tierney (1846 - 1882) married Philip Lowrey in 1873, son of Philip Lowry and Mary Margaret Hedden. They had 4 children, daughters, 2 of whom, Ethel Florence and Ellen Mary Augusta, lived to adulthood and married. Photo of Ellen Mary Tierney Lowry 8) James J.Tierney (1854 - after 1901) married in 1899 at St. Bridget's in Ottawa, Mary Elizabeth Monahan (born New York, USA and a daughter of Malachy Monahan and Margaret Jane Haney). One known child, Muriel Annabelle Tierney, born 1900 in Carleton county. Photo of James J. Tierney 9) Catharine Mary (1852 - after 1901) married John Joseph Whelan in 1892, son of Edward Whelan and Ellen Homes. No children. 10) Teresa Mary (1855 -1915) married Francis McKenna in 1882, son of Charles McKenna and Bridget O'Connor. 5 children (Charles Austin, Cecilia Mary, Johanna Christina, Martha, and Reuben Francis) Photo of Teresa Mary Tierney McKenna 11) Martha Mary (1857 - 1950) became "Sister Melanie" of the Order of the Grey Nuns of the Cross in Ottawa. Photo of Sister Melanie (Martha Mary Tierney
... Sue
November 7, 2010: Hi Al; As the days get darker, it's time to get back into genealogy and tidy up some loose ends. Can you add this information to my page (above listed) and this should finish it off. I am enclosing a picture of Catherine Mary Tierney (1852 - 1940) who married John Joseph Whelan. I don't know why I didn't send her picture before, so this should pretty well complete the set. Also, she died in 1940 in Ottawa. Finally found out what happened to John and Ann's son, James J. Tierney (abt 1850 - 1932). He married Mary Elizabeth Monahan as stated, but had 3 children: Muriel Annabelle, John V., and William Harvey Tierney. He moved to Oregon, USA, about 1907, finally settling in Bend in Deschutes county in Oregon where he died and is buried. ... Sue
Catherine Mary Tierney, 1852-1940 Catherine Mary Tierney, 1852-1940

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