James "Gold Dust" TIERNEY, 1846-1931
Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

May 22, 2008:

Hi Al;
A new book has appeared on the "Our Roots" website, entitled "Hello Nepean", 
published in 1974 by the Merivale Pioneer Historians and written by Sara B. Craig,
(a descendant of Gervais Craig from County Tyrone). 

The book is searchable at http://www.ourroots.ca/e/toc.aspx?id=12342
The book mentions a "Gold Dust" Tierney (official name, James Tierney) who lived on 
the Richmond Road.  He died a very old man but I am not sure who his parents were.  Do 
you have any idea who he was or why he was nicknamed "Gold Dust"?

Here is the story from "Hello Nepean":

Gold Dust Tierney
Source: Sarah B. Craig, Hello Nepean, page 45.
... Sue

Hi Al;
I think I found him.. He was an old bachelor, a son of William Tierney and Bridget Maher
/ Meagher.  He was born in 1846 and "Gold Dust" Tierney (James Tierney) died in July of 1931.  
He was an 'inmate' in the St. Pat's home and had 'strayed away' from the home that night.  
He was struck by an automobile on the Richmond Road near the old Villeneuve Hill and 
died of "old age and his injuries".  He was buried at St. Patrick's (in Fallowfield) on 
July 6, 1931 (notation of "known as 'Gold Dust') in the church registry margin.
Apparently the old rumours were that the Tierneys, who had accumulated a bit of wealth, 
stored their gold in barrels, so perhaps this is how the nickname came about....?

He is the only one who fits, as all the other 'old' James died earlier and were married.  
James is mistakenly listed as married in the 1911 census, but that is indeed just a mistake.  
He is living with his brother Thomas Tierney's widow, Mary Elizabeth Burrows, and her 
children.  He just seems to be an old bachelor who, according to the book "Hello Nepean", 
rode his old horse around and was quite a character.  I wish I could find a July 1931 
newspaper of the area which carried his obituary.  If you are ever someplace which might 
have something like this, please remember to look up "Gold Dust" Tierney.
... Sue
August 20, 2009: Here is a photo of the Tierney Homestead. I'm pretty sure that this stone farm home was on the west side of Richmond Road, between Bells Corners and the Hope Side Road, in what is now part of the Bridlewood subdivision. Tierney Homestead, Richmond Road, Ontario, Canada. Also Gold Dust Tierney's Log Cabin The photo source is Source: Sarah B. Craig, Hello Nepean, page 46
September 6, 2013:
The Tierney Farms along Richmond Road
Map Source: McGill Digital Atlas for Nepean Township in 1879 There are five Tierney farms shown here on the west side of the Richmond Road between Bell's Corners and Fallowfield.
Tierney Farms on Richmond Road, 1879
I believe that the Hope Side Road is located between the farms of Hugh Davidson and Samuel Davidson. The "Family Brown House", I think, was the farm of Hugh Davidson. Between the Davidson House and present-day Bridlewood are several Tierney farms. The Bridlewood Subdivision runs east and west between Eagleson Road, which is the boundary between Goulbourn Township and Nepean Township, and the Richmond Road to the east. Eagleson Road is shown in red to the extreme left of the map. ... Al
September 9, 2013: Al and Sue; Here is the obituary for James Tierney, published in the Ottawa Citizen, July 3 & 4, 1931: OBITUARY: TIERNEY: Suddenly as result of accident on Friday July 3, 1931, James Tierney, aged 85 years. Funeral from McEvoy Bros. Funeral Home, 471 McLaren Street, on Monday the 6th inst. at 8:15 a.m. (DS time) for service and interment at Fallowfield R.C. Church and cemetery. (Published in the Ottawa, Citizen, Page: 6, July 3, and Page: 8, July 4, 1931) Kenneth Armstrong
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