Sergeant Francis Otterson TIERNEY
Prisoner of War, December 23, 1942

New May 13, 2012:

Dear Al Lewis,
In my volunteer WWII reseach Ik do have the name of Sgt. Francis Otterson Tierney
his mother was Theresa Otterson.
Like to contact Otterson or Tierney relatives who do know someting of Francis O. Tierney
has he shows up in a 1916 photo on his mother's knee ... I assume he is likely deceased.
From his crew we do now have 5 out of 7 Airmen "pictured" 
Feel free to forward this to any of interest.
Kind Regards Teunis Schuurman  - aka - PATS
Volunteer WWII reseacher - area Vollenhove- The Netherlands
Teunis Schuurman
Weg van Rollecate 38
8325 CR Vollenhove
The Netherlands
Things I do have so far :
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Old Catholic Cemetery, Brockville, Ontario, Canada
 James J. Tierney - b. 1888 - d. 1951 - Age ~63 
 Theresa Otterson Tierney - b. 1896 - d. 1944 - Age ~48 
 Thomas Bernard Tierney - b. 22 Aug 1922 - d. 04 Oct 1944, UK - Age 22
The Gloucester Historical Society -  (Photos may be viewed at the Ottawa City Archives)
00880031354 John Collins family.  Bowesville  1916
Four generations at the farm home in Bowesville. 
On the right Mrs. John Collins, 
middle  Mrs George Otterson (nee Mary Ann Collins), 
left Mrs. James Tierney (nee Theresa Otterson) baby is Frank Tierney on mothers knee
 Crew: Halifax Mk.II W7775 - 23 Dec 1942 - Mission: SOE "MARROW 12" near IJhorst
R/82760 - Sgt. - Rear Gunner - Francis Otterson Tierney - RCAF - Age .. - POW
 Sgt. F. O. Tierney in Camps 9C/L6/357 - POW No. 42677
 Son of Mr. James J. Tierney and Mrs. Teresa O. Tierney of Toronto, ON, Canada
 Brother of J/92476 - PO - Thomas Bernard Tierney - KIA - 04 Oct 1944, Barwick, Scotland
 Mrs. Maureen Tierney ( ne Hinds ) (wife), Poole, Bedfordshire Co., England
 - Globe and Mail 1943/01/19 - POW - 
 WO - Francis Otterson Tierney, Brockville, Ontario, Canada
 - Globe and Mail 1945/05/25 - Liberated - 

 Enlistment: July 1940
 Marriage: June 1942 - Mr. Francis O. Tierney and Ms. Maureen Hinds - district: Poole, Dorset Co., UK
 1943 - Bernard Tierney (brother) also in the Air Force and is training at Edmonton, AB

 Sgt. Francis O. Tierney Now War Prisoner in Europe
 Brockville, Ont. - Manager H. P. Wilson of the Regent reports that Sergt. Francis O. Tierney,
 formerly an usher of the theatre, has been officially reported a prisoner of war and wounded.
 Previously he had been listed as missing after an operational flight.
 He enlisted in the air force in July, 1940, and was married in England last June to Maureen Hinds.
 Bernard Tierney, a brother who had been an usher at the Regent for 18 months, has also enlisted in
 the air force and is training at Edmonton
- transciption of newsclip - 1943 -
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 419 Squadron RCAF - Motto: "Moosa aswayita" - 
 Lancaster X KB-745 coded VR-V, crashed on return - 04 Oct 1944, near Barwick in Scotland
 Mission: U-boat pens and dock area of Bergen, Norway
 All (7) were killed

 Crew: Lancaster X - KB745 - VR-V  - 04 Oct 1944 - Mission: Bergen
 J/35615 - FO - Pilot - George Ross Duncan - RCAF - Age 21 - KIA
 179851 - PO - Flight Engineer - John William Frank Hall - RAF - Age 20 - KIA
 J/38188 - FO - Navigator - William George Layng - RCAF - Age 21 - KIA
 J/35101 - FO - Air Bomber - Andrew Gaddess - RCAF - Age 21 - KIA
 J/92361 - F/Sgt. - Wireless Operator - William Russell Karstens - RCAF - Age 22 - KIA
 R/201675 - J/92914 - Sgt. - Mid Upper Gunner - Donald Alexander Trott - RCAF - Age 19 - KIA
 R/188974 - J/92476 - Sgt. - Tail Gunner - Thomas Bernard Tierney - RCAF - Age 22 - KIA

 R/188974 - J/92476 - P/O - Tail Gunner - Thomas Bernard Tierney - RCAF - Age 22 - KIA
 Buried at Parkstone Cemetery, Row R Grave 50 in Poole, Dorset County, UK

 A I R - F O R C E - C A S U A L T I E S
 Ottawa , Oct 20. - The Department of National Defense for the Air today issued Casualty List No. 1019
 of the Royal Canadian Air Force, showing next of kin of those named from Ontario as follows:
 OVERSEAS: Kiled on Active Service

TIERNEY, Thomas Bernard. Sgt.
 J. J. Tierney (father), Ontario Hospital Farm, Concord, Ont.
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Globe and Mail, 1944/10/21
Concord is an unincorporated suburban industrial community in the City of Vaughan in York Region,
located north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

... Teunis Schuurman, aka PATS
The Netherlands

Good morning, Mr. Schuurman:
Thanks very much for your interesting e-mail regarding Sgt. Francis Otterson Tierney.
I am sending a copy of your e-mail to Mr. Kevin Collins whose family were pioneers in the Ottawa area. 
They lived in Gloucester Township near the early Otterson family. He may have some information for you. Hi Kevin.
Mr. Collins is likely related to the John Collins referred to in the photograph in your e-mail.
Below is a portion of the 1879 Belden map of Gloucester Township. On the map, you will see near the top, several farms 
owned by the Otterson family. At the bottom of the map are three or four farms owned by the Collins family.
To the east of the Collins family is the village of Bowesville.

Otterson and Collins map in 1879, Gloucester Township, Ontario, Canada
Kevin also has two web pages on our site at and . On one or both of these pages you will find a link to his own web site. If it is OK with you, Id like to set up a new web page on our web site, for Francis Otterson Tierney, in hopes that we may hear from his descendants who have information regarding Mr. Tierney. Please let me know if this is OK with you. You may find it useful to use the dedicated Google search engine located at the bottom of each of the pages on our site to search (one at a time) for Tierney, Otterson and Collins. There were quite a few unrelated Tierney families in the 1800s in the Ottawa area. I am related to a Thomas Tierney and his wife Alice Flynn who lived about 5 miles south of Bowesville. Good luck in your research. ... Al Lewis _______________________________________ Thanks to Kevin Collins for the following: Thanks for passing on this info about Francis Otterson Tierney. I will ad it to my family tree - a "work in progress" if there ever was one. I have quite a few Tierney connections in my family tree, but unfortunately, I have no contact with any living Tierneys - if all my cousins were ever gathered in one place, it would be quite a crowd. Francis (Frank) Tierney was a second cousin (once removed, as they say) of mine. The John Collins in the 1916 photograph you referred to is my grand uncle (married to Elizabeth Reynolds). Their daughter - Mary Ann Collins - married George Otterson, and their daughter Theresa married James Tierney - Frank's parents. John Collins would have died only a few years after the photo was taken. It is also interesting that John Collins' sister - Ellen Collins - married one Michael Tierney and they lived out in the Carlsbad Springs area. I am not aware that these Tierneys are related to the other Tierneys. As Al has said, there are many strains of Tierneys around the Ottawa area. It really is disappointing to me that I have no active connections with descendants of the Tierneys - and other branches as well - in my family tree - but we will keep working on it. Every once in a while I do get an email from some young person who has taken up the job of working on a family tree - but not often. Good luck in the great work you are doing. ... Kevin Collins

E-mail Teunis (aka PATS), Kevin Collins and Allan Lewis

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