Denis TIERNEY and (1) Margaret EGAN and (2) Judith QUINN
County Tipperary, Ireland to Jockvale, Nepean Township, Ontario, Canada in 1825

May 1, 2008:

Denis Tierney from Tipperary 

Denis Tierney was first married in Tipperary to Margaret Egan.  After her death in 
Tipperary, he married Judith Quinn about 1816.  In 1825, with some children from his 
first marriage plus those born in Ireland from his second marriage, he and wife 
Judith emigrated to Canada.  The 1825 year is from the 1842 Nepean census where Denis 
states that he has been in Canada for 17 years.  Denis was born approximately 1777 and 
died in Nepean 29 Jan 1856, 2 weeks after his namesake son was murdered at Burden's Tavern at Twin Elm. 
(I have a copy of the newspaper account of the trial ... Al)
His known children with first wife Margaret Egan were as follows:

Denis Tierney and Margaret Egan, children all born in County Tipperary, Ireland:

1)	John, born 1803, married 27 Nov 1832 in Notre Dame Basilica, Ann Murray (1813 - 1899), 
probably a daughter of John and Jane Murray of Goulbourn.  Ann was also a native of Tipperary.  
John and Ann had 11 children.  Their family can be found on another page at this website.  
John died in Nepean 14 Dec 1891 at age 88.

      2)   William, born 1808, married 23 Sep 1835 in Notre Dame Basilica, Bridget Maher 
            (1816 - 1880), a daughter of William Maher.  Bridget was also born in Tipperary, in 
            the Parish of Monsea.  William and Bridget had 10 children:  Hannah(married John 
            Burrows); John (married Mary Ann Burrows); Thomas (married Mary Elizabeth 
            Burrows); William (never married and died in Pine City, Minnesota, USA, in 1923); James 
            (never married and died in Carleton county); Denis (no information, may have died 
            young); Mary Margaret (never married and died in Ottawa in 1928); Bridget (no 
            information); Elizabeth Marion (married Patrick F. Manion); and Daniel (no 
            information and presumed to have died young).  William died in Nepean 10 Jan  
            1883 at age 75.
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      3)  Ellen, born 1809, married 23 Oct 1825 at Perth, Ontario, Thomas O'Meara (1797 - 
           1871), a son of Thomas O'Meara and Mary Grady.  Thomas was born Bellevue, 
           Kilbarron Parish in county Donegal, Ireland.   Ellen and Thomas had 12 children, 
           surnamed O'Meara:  Mary Ann (never married); Ellen (married John Burns and  
           had 16 children!); Hanorah (married Patrick Muldoon); Elizabeth (married Patrick 
           O'Meara, a son of Michael O'Meara and Catharine Foley); Jane (married Richard 
           Muldoon); John (married Rose Ann Slaven and moved to Iowa); Bridget (married 
           Duncan McMaster); Thomas (no information); Catharine (married John Slaven); 
           Denis (no information); Rose Ann (died very young); and Martin (married Helena 
           Frances Phelan).  Ellen died in Carleton county 31 Jan 1891 at age 82.

      4)  Denis, born 1811, married 2 Feb 1845 at St. Philip's in Richmond, Bridget Kilroe 
            (1820's - abt 1850), a daughter of  Lawrence Kilroe and Mary Dunn.  Denis and  
      		Bridget had 2 children: John (no information) and Mary (married William Thomas 
      		King).  Denis' 2nd wife was Mary Ann Kitt (1817 - 1901), whom he married 15 Nov 
      		1852 at St. Philip's.  Mary Ann was born in Montreal and was a daughter of 
      		Charles Kitt and Elizabeth Bryson.  Denis and Mary Ann also had 2 children: Eliza 
      		(no information) and Denis (born 6 months after his father's murder, married 
      		Catherine Dunn).  Denis was murdered at William Burden's house shortly after 
      		voting in the 1856 township elections on 15 January.  He was 45.
5)	Jane, born about 1815 and died abt 1844, married 9 Feb 1836 at Notre Dame 
      Basilica, Charles McKenna (1811 - 1890), a son of unknown McKenna and    
      Catharine.  Charles and Jane had 4 children, surnamed McKenna: Catharine 
     (married Thomas O'Grady); Margaret (married Patrick Quinlan); James (married 
      Margaret Burrows); and Samuel (married Hanorah Cawley).  After Jane's death, 
      Charles McKenna married Bridget O'Connor and fathered at least 8 more children, 
      one of whom, son Francis, married a granddaughter of Denis Tierney and Margaret    

After Margaret Egan Tierney died in Tipperary, Denis married abt 1816 Judith Quinn 
(born abt 1802 and died before the 1851 census).  In Tipperary, Denis and Judith had 2 
children, then set sail for Canada, arriving in 1825.  The rest of their children were 
all born in Nepean.  Denis' children with Judith Quinn were as follows;

1)	Ann, born about 1818 in Ireland, married 16 Oct 1837, James Rourke (1808 - 1891) 
      and had 13 children, surnamed Rourke, the first 11 born in Nepean before they 
      moved to Minnesota in 1859 where they had 2 more children.  Ann died 9 June 1882  
      in Cascade, Minnesota.

2)	Murtagh, born abt 1820 in Ireland.  Nothing is known about Murtagh after 1867.  

      3)   James T., born 12 Jan 1827, married 1857 Elizabeth Burrows (1841 -1921), a 
            daughter of James Burrows and Elizabeth Stanley and had 9 children.  James died 
            in Ontario in 1901.

3)	Catherine, born 15 Jan 1830, married 18 Feb 1849, Arthur Goodall (1819 - 1904).  
      Arthur and Catherine had 12 children, surnamed Goodall, the first born in Canada 
      and the next 11 in Iowa, the parents having emigrated there in 1850.  Catherine died 
      30 Jan 1917 in Petersville, Iowa.

4)	Julia, born Oct 1831, married 2 Nov 1853, Michael Spain (1825 - 1869), a son of 
Cornelius Spain and Sarah Oakley.  Michael and Julia had 9 children, surnamed Spain.  
Julia died sometime between 1910 and 1920 in Maynard, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.

5)	Nancy, born 25 Oct 1833, married 30 Oct 1854, John O'Brien (abt 1820 - 1887), a 
            son of Patrick O'Brien and Hannah Catharine Maylon.   John and Nancy had 14  
            children, surnamed O'Brien, all born in Minnesota, USA, the parents having 
			moved there right after their marriage.  Nancy died 22 Jan 1894 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

6)	Bridget, born 2 Oct 1837, married 10 Nov 1856, John Manion (1830 - 1889), a son 
      of James Manion and Margaret Tierney.  John and Bridget had 6 children, 
      surnamed Manion.  Bridget died 12 July 1908 in Ontario.

7)	Patrick, born abt 1837.  No information and presumed to have died young.

The 2 Thomas O'Mearas who both married Tierney women.

Both of these Thomas O'Mearas were born in Ireland and both about the same time.  
The one who married Ellen Tierney in 1825 in Canada, and covered in detail above, was 
born in county Tipperary, Parish Kilbarron about 1797 and died in Nepean, Ontario in 1871.  
He was a son of Thomas O'Meara and Mary Grady.

The other Thomas O'Meara was also born in Ireland about 1800. He married Elizabeth 
Tierney in Ireland about 1822 (this date is a guess and estimated from the birthyear 
of their first child who was born in Ireland in 1823).  They had 14 children, surnamed 
O'Meara, the first 2 born in Ireland (William abt 1823 and John abt 1824), the next 11 
in Carleton county and the last child was born in Iowa, the family having moved to Iowa 
in 1852.  The other 12 children, in order of birth, were: Mary Ellen, Elizabeth, Thomas, 
Margaret, Catharine, Ellen, Patrick, Daniel, Jane, James, Annie, and Denis (this 
latter child being the only one born in Iowa).  This Thomas O'Meara died in the 1870's 
in Clinton county, Iowa, USA.  His wife Elizabeth Tierney O'Meara died in Iowa sometime 
in the 1850's.

It is unknown how or if these two families are related.

The Tierney- Wat(t)ers Marriage
Another bit of Tierney confusion arises with the marriage of a Tierney to a Catherine Mary Waters. The Tierney that this girl married was John Joseph Tierney, who was a son of John Tierney and Bridget Nash. Catherine Mary Waters was a daughter of Martin P. Waters and Ann O'Grady. John Joseph Tierney married Catherine Mary Waters at St. Patrick's in Fallowfield on 8 January, 1902. ... Sue
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