Alexander THOMPSON
from Ireland to Cornwall, to Osgoode Township, to Maniwaki, Quebec

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

September 10, 2005:
Thanks to Michael and Betty Daley for the following interesting material:

When searching for the Thompson ancestors of my wife Beatrice Muriel Thompson I found myself visiting the village of St. Andrews West, situated on the banks of the Raisin river in Cornwall Township, Stormont County. There in the shadow of the towering spire [212 feet] of St. Andrews Roman Catholic Church, stood the former church, now used as a parish hall; it was in this church built 1788-1802, that Father William Fraser performed the marriage ceremony on July 1, 1834 uniting Alexander Thompson and Eleanor Casserly, Alexander born 1805 in County Cork, [probably of Scotch ancestry], Eleanor is presumed to be the daughter of John and Mary Casserly of Cornawll Township. Some of the children of Alexander & Eleanor were born in Cornwall Township, but the family moved to Osgood, sometime in the 1840s, settling on the East half, of lot 13, concession 6. John and Mary Casserly of Cornwall, bought the east-half of lot 15, and all of lot 16 on January 18, 1849, (300 acres) for 120 pounds from John McDonald of Cornwall Township. The agreement was witnessed by Alexander Thompson, on February, 12, 1849. Alexander bought the East half of lot 15,from his father-in-law for 50 pounds, The Agricultural census for 1851 states Alexander Thompson owns 100 acres, 20 acres under cultivation and 80 acres of bush. The Assessment for 1872 states 40 acres clear, 6 cattle, 8 sheep, 3 hogs, 2 horses, 5 dependents, known childrenare: Peggy, Mary, John, Catherine, Anne and Jane. Peggy Thompson, was born November 1, 1836, in Cornwall Township. No further information. Mary Thompson, born September, 29, 1838, married 1862, a widower, John Murray, who had a family of 4: - Michael - John - Margaret - Eline - Margaret who married John Fitzsimmons of Metcalfe. John Murray's first wife was Honora Foran. John Murray (born in 1826) and Mary Thompson (died July 7, 1891), farmed on lot 10 concession 6, and had 12 children: - Elizabeth (born 1862) married John Malone (born 1856) son of John Malone and Ellen Meagher/Maher who lived on the lot 11 concession 6, - Catherine, married Michael O'Brien, son of Michael O'Brien & Mary Ann Nolan, - Michael was unmarried and died 1890 - Alexander no information, - William married a Sloan - Mamie married Joe Lauzon - Teresa married Walter Johnson - Paddy was unmarried - Mary Ellen was unmarried - James Christopher (no information) - Peter Joseph was unmarried - Frances (no information) John Thompson (born 1842) married Jane Moran and left Osgoode in the early 1860s traveling north over hills and through beautiful valleys, oftentimes overlooking the fast flowing picturesque Gatineau River. They settled near St. Theresa, Quebec, and had 6 boys and 4 girls. Catherine Thompson, on January, 9, 1855 married in Our Lady of the Visitation church, South Gloucester, to Patrick Keany, born in Osgoode, son of Michael Keany and Helen Kelly. Legend has it that Patrick Keany followed his brother-in-law to St. Theresa, [near Maniwaki], leaving his wife Catherine [Thompson] and two young sons to come later, walking two cows to St. Theresa, to his lot. They raised a family of 12 children. Anne Thompson, born 1846, married June 18, 1889 in South Gloucester to William Burns of Temiskaming. Jane Thompson, married a Brunet Their Mother, Eleanor Casserly who died about 1855 or 1856. SECOND MARRIAGE On November, 3, 1857, Father Thomas O'Boyle married Alexander Thompson, a widower, and Julia Murphy, the widow of Michael Sweeney in the Lady of Visitation church, in South Gloucester. Widow Sweeney had 6 children: - Elizabeth 1850-1916 - Michael - Minnie - John - Mrs. Cain - Mrs. Hurly/Hurley - and a daughter who died young There were 2 boys born to Alexander Thompson and Widow Sweeney: - William, born 1863 and was killed while working on bridge construction in the State of Montana, USA - Alexander, born September 7, 1860, left his home in Osgoode in 1878, heading north on the same trail that his half brother, John Thompson had traveled 18 years earlier, settling on lot 3, Kensenten Township, near Maniwaki. On July 8, 1885, Alexander, married Stephanie Keega , daughter of John Keegan and Alice Huggart in the Assumption Church in Maniwaki. The Keegan family first settled in Osgoode Township. Nine children were born to this couple. Alexander Thompson, Sr; five years before his death on June 26,1899, at the age of 94 years, had moved up to his son's home. Here his body was laid to rest in Assumption cemetery, on the banks of the fast flowing Gatineau River, so far from the land of his birth. His wife Julia Murphy Sweeney Thompson died April 1, 1903. Her body was returned to Osgoode, to be interred with that of her first husband, Michael Sweeney, in St. Catherine of Siena Cemetery in the village of Metcalfe. Little would Alexander Thompson have ever realized that years later many of his decendants would return to Osgoode Township, in this beautiful Ottawa Valley from across this continent. Ironically I fall into bed every night with a great grandmother, a Great-Great-Granddaughter of Alexander Thompson and widow Sweeney. My wife Betty is one of 12 children, daughter of William Thompson and Edith Mahoney. A note of interest: Father John Regis Deleage, O.M.I., was born December 15, 1821, in Sant Sigolene, France, to Francis Deleage and Jeanne Romeyer, farmers. He was ordained in Canada by Bishop Guigues of Bytown on October 29, 1848 and appointed to South Gloucester from 1848- 1853. Due to the efforts of this young priest, the church, which was built of stone, was formerly blessed July 1852. Father Deleage was transferred to Maniwaki on April 4,1853. Shortly after taking up residence in Maniwaki he returned to South Gloucester and unscrupously interested 17 families from Osgoode and Gloucester in moving to his new parish to populate a new land. This young man's untiring dedication to those he served merited having two lakes, one bay and one village be named after him in the lands of which he served. ... Michael Daley

November 10, 2005: Just discovered this site. My mother is Alice Daley who is the daughter of Kathryn Thompson (d. 1922), daughter of Alexander Thompson and Frannie Keegan. Kathryn married Walter Daley. Alice married Louis Beland (b. 1920 & d. 2005, of Cobalt Ontario) in 1947. We have been to the grave site of Kathryn (and Alexander and the other Thompson clan) in Maniwaki very recently. Anyone with information on the very young Kathryn (known as Katie) would be welcome. ... Mary O'Neil ____________________________ From Michael and Betty (Thompson) Daley: Hi Al, Hello to Mary O'Neil, welcome to the "Thompson clan". Your Mother Alice [Thompson] Daley, was a first cousin to my wife Beatrice [Betty] Muriel Thompson, one of 14 children, daughter of William Thompson, and Edith Mahoney. Betty changed her name to "Daley", 55 years, 4 months, 9 days ago. Mary if you go to our web site , "What's New", look for Alexander Thompson, for a brief review of your Thompson ancestors. We too live in Ottawa [Rural] and would be glad to hear from you, and review the missing link. ... Michael Daley
January 27, 2006: Hello Distant Relatives, My name is James Vincent Thompson (Vince is the name that my parents decided to use). My father was Arnold Vincent Thompson (born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; died in Saskatoon, Sask.) and his father was James Vincent Thompson (born Maniwaki area; died in Sault Ste. Marie). His parents were John Thompson and Jane Moran. I had been doing some ancestry research two years ago and had come to a halt on the Thompson side at John and Jane; so thank you for finding the Irish connection in Alexander. I've been scouring the county Cork records at and found a James Thompson who married a Miss Long of Patrick Street in Cork on Jan. 11th, 1802. Since Alexander was born in 1805, I thought that this might possibly be his parents. The 1810 directory of Cork businesses shows a James Thompson, Merchant, Patrick Street. The 1787 directory shows a John Thompson, Merchant, Patrick's Street - possibly James' father who turned the business over to his son ? It's fun speculating, but would sure appreciate any further research done by anyone else that would help take this lineage back as far as we can get. Would like to make the trip out to Maniwaki as both of my parents (even though they met in Saskatoon) have ancestral connections there. ... Vince Thompson

October 17, 2006: My name is Frank Quinn John Thompson and Jane Moran were my great grandparents. John Thompson and Bridget Capeless also of Maniwaki were my grandparents. They moved to Timmins, Ontario where John Thompson worked at the McIntyre Mines for many years. John and Bridget are buried in the Timmins cemetery. My mother knew that her grandfather came from Cork City, County Cork, Ireland. In 2004 while travelling through Ireland I attempted to find the Thompsons on a Saturday afternoon and was somewhat successful. I met by chance a Gillian O'Sullivan (nee Thompson) who related her name was a Cork city name and very old historically. She says the Thompsons' were Irish descent and bakers by trade for many, many years. They were members of St. Finbar's Parish Church, on Dunbar St, Cork Ire. The rector Father Joseph O'Reilly could not open the records I was seeking on a Saturday. I should get busy and write to see if we can get more documents at that end. We have photographs of my mother attending school in Maniwaki around 1920. Jennie Thompson is middle on right and her sister Marjorie is in the back row directly under the map of Canada. Incidentally, the girl I met in Cork City bears an uncanny resemblance to my mother and aunt. I would appreciate any more information anyone has. My mother Jennie married my father Wm Harvey Quinn and I was born in Vinton Quebec. His mother was Mary Ann Daley and I see where Michael Daley married a Thompson......just wondering if any Vinton connection as well with the Daleys'. ... Frank Quinn _______________________ Reply from Michael Daley: Hello to Frank Quinn, wellcome to another link to the vast Thompson clan. Yes I married Betty Thompson, daughter of WILLIAM THOMPSON & EDITH MAHONEY, of the Maniwaki area, G.G.G.Granddaughter of Alexander Thompson, and, Julia Murphy, widow of Michael Sweeney. More on the Thompson family later on. Are you the Quinn that played with the The "Flying Fathers" Hockey Team, back when? To answer, DALEY, NO RELATION TO ME, to my knowledge. 'Til we meet again. sincerely ... Michael Daley
Photos from Frank Quinn:

March 18, 2007: I am afraid I know nothing about her except that she had a son John C. who was born in 1842, and that she was born in Ireland. One of my cousins has a copy of a letter John sent to his mother - calls her Mother of course instead of her given name which would be so much more helpful to me! - and mentions that Michael should come to Chicago, so I know there is a Michael somewhere. I'm afraid that's it. It's been one of those dead ends in my family tree for many years and it has frustrated me no end. My great-aunt, now dead, knew that she had remarried in Maniwaki and had a son, Alec Thompson. Does this help at all, or are there too many Sweeneys and Thompsons? Thanks for helping! ... Susie Spoo ________________________ Thanks, as usual, to Michael and Betty Daley for the following reply: Hi Susie. John Sweeney was the son of Michael Sweeney & Julia Murphy. Michael died in Osgoode Township [date unknown]. Julia married Alexander Thompson [widower] November 3, 1857, in our Lady of the Visitation church South Gloucester, not in Maniwaki. Two children, were born to this couple, Alexander and William Thompson. Family of Michael Sweeney and Julia Murphy: - Elizabeth born June 5 1847, never married - Michael born 1853, married Minni-?? - John - Mrs. Cain - Mrs. Hurley I hope this helps. Michael & Minni had a daughter Frances living in Chicago, Illinois, USA, she used to visit the Thompson family at Maniwaki, Osgoode, Ottawa. What part of the world are you in ? ... Michael Daley, my wife Betty Thompson is Great Granddaughter of Julia [Murphy ] [Sweeney] Thompson
January 15, 2008: Thompson pictures you may not have. Enjoy! John Patrick Thompson & Jane Moran are my g-grandparents. John Thompson in family photo is my grandfather.
Thompson Family of Maniwaki, Quebec
... Frank Quinn
New September 1, 2013: Hello Daleys! I hope you are doing well. I found this picture. My great-grandparents (Matthew and Carrie Sweeney Thorneycroft - she is the granddaughter of Julia Murphy and Michael Sweeney) are the older couple in the back, but I haven't got the faintest idea who anyone else is. On the slim chance they are visitors from Canada, do any of them look familiar to you? I also contacted St. Catherine of Siena Church about Julia and Michael, but they have no record of them being buried there. I imagine it was too long ago for them to have accurate records at the church, so another dead end about where in Ireland they are from! I am also enclosing a transcription of a letter that John wrote his mother Julia, so somehow he had aunts and uncles up there and it looks like there was another John Sweeney and Mary Ann Sweeney at the time. Cousins, perhaps, so I will see what I can find out about them. Thank you!! Susie Spoo Sweeney/Thorneycroft Family Photograph Sweeney Letter

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