May 1, 2003:
(continued from the Goulbourn page (MAGEE / McGEE family)
Thank's for posting that for me.  I am fairly new at the research for the Ottawa Valley 
but I might be able to help a few people out.  My Thomas last name is actually 
Thomas Dit Tranchemontagne so it might be hard to find any that might be related in Ontario.  
I had found a Book though that was created for the Founding Families of Papineauville and that is 
where my Thomas started pretty well.  I only found out how to spell Tranchemontagne when my 
father passed away two year's ago.  He was buried in the family plot in Rockland.  I never 
new there was a family plot there.
I do have a bit of information on KNOX family in Nepean (Knoxdale Road) as well. There is a site 
already on the internet for the Knox Family a Distant cousin created it.  The Moore Family of Richmond 
is in my Family Tree also,  I have bits and pieces on them.  There was a James Scott Moore who married 
my Great Aunt Rebbeca Thomas" Tranchemontagne".  She used Tranchemontagne in the Marriage Certificate.  
She is buried in Rockland but I can not find James or his Parent's burial anywhere. James' 
Grand Father was David  Moore married to Mary Ann Clark.  They are buried in Richmond.
Most of my road blocks are because of death's it is hard to find an age if you do not have 
birth or Death.  Even this Magee McGee family the only McGee I found was in 1821 Census for 
Archibald Magee in 1822 he change is last name to McGee he is also a son of the Alexander William Magee.  
If I could figure out an age when most of the Brother's and sister arrived in Canada I might find 
out where they moved to ?   
Thank's again 
(the Late) Cheryl Thomas

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Hi Cheryl:
Thanks for your e-mail - this is interesting. Was Tranchemontagne a French and Catholic 
surname? If so, I have some Tranchemontagnes who were in Bytown real early, 1830's. They were 
related to some of the main French families (Potvins, Alberts, etc.) who later married into a 
lot of the Irish Catholic families.
How about the Moores and Clarks - some of them were Catholic and some were Protestant in the 
Richmond area. We have most of the Catholic records from Richmond, going back to 1836, thanks 
to Ellen Paul who has transcribed them. She is interested in the St. Denis and Shannon surnames.
Frank Watters has a lot of info regarding the Chartrand and Potvin families. He's also 
interested in the family of Edward Dodge (French or Irish?). I have a feeling that all of these French 
families are related and they seem to have a pattern of coming from Quebec to the Ottawa area and then working west of Ottawa (Fitzroy, 
Madawaska areas and they had ties to Western Quebec later on - Fort Coulonge area maybe? 
I know from oral history (from Art Albert)  that they worked in the winters in the timber shanties in that area for generations.
Art Albert drove the first bulldozer on the Dumoine River.
Here's a record from Ellen's database of Notre Dame (Sussex Street, downtown):
27 Apr 1844  After three publications of banns, marriage of Joseph Potvin, a minor and natural 
son of Marie Potvin, resident in Bytown, to Victoire Brule, minor daughter of Alexis Brule 
and Genevieve Thomas dite Tranchemontagne of the parish of Notre Dame de Bon Secours of the 
Petite Nation in Lower Canada.

Witnesses: Thomas Brule & Leon Chauvin

Frank's page regarding Edward Dodge is at

I'm sending a copy of this e-mail to Ellen and Frank, as they're both interested in these families.

... Al
Hi All (and Al of course);
Should anyone want more information on the Thomas dit Tranchemontagne family, I have lots on them 
from the 1700's onward.  At that time, the family was in Trois Rivieres, from there they 
went to St Cuthbert, Qc., and then on to Rigaud, Qc. Montebello (La Petite Nation, which 
includes Papineauville) and finally Ottawa.
I've also continued to update my Dodge family info as well.
On another subject Al, I know I'm late on my promised add'l info on the Potvin, and other 
Ottawa French early families, but I've been busy trying to complete my Watters family from 
the 1800's and early 1900's.  Have found a few married in Church of England, which is unusual 
as they were all originally R. C..  Found a few other connections to my Albert family up 
around Masham in the Gatineau Valley, as well.
Have also added to some of the early French families around Osgoode and Metcalfe, some of 
whom married into the Turner and Collins families, including the Potvin's.  Some came from 
St Jerome and others from Ste Therese.
Also noted a Durkin family from Osgoode that wound up in Perth later on. (Lanark County).
Will add the McGee Magee families to my "research" list. 
Best regards
Hi Francis and Al
I took a Quick look at for Genvieve Thomas Dit Tranchemontagne and Alexis Brule but could 
not find them in the Book I purchased for the 19 founding Families of Papineauville.  Odd enough 
I know I have seen these names numerous times but can not figure out where?? 
I have not included all of the names from the book into my file but have any that a living 
individual sent me.  My site at Tribal pages may have a few different families you might be 
interested in.  if you know who Genvieve's parent's are let me know I can add the information 
from below to my file.  (Lots of names here ... Al)

I am Descendant of Francoise Thomas Dit Tranchemontagne and Catherine Ribard married 
31 December 1706 Rouen Normandie, France!

Hi Cheryl;
Alexis Brulé, s/o Alexis and Marie Lamy married Genevieve Thomas dit Tranchemontagne, 
d/o Joseph Thomas dit Tranchemontagne, and Marie Sylvestre in Ste-Madeleine, Rigaud, Qc. 
on Jan. 9, 1786.(see below for date change ... Al)  (Source:  PRDH).
One of their daughters, Victoire aka Victorine, born and baptised in Montebello in 1832, 
married Joseph Payment (Paiement) whose son Thomas was Mayor of Ottawa for a couple of 
years about 1900.  Victorine died of fright just a few days after the Great Fire in Hull 
in 1900 while visiting her son-in-law F. X. Leroux in that City.
F. X. Leroux and his wife, Victoria Payment were married in Osgoode on May 25, 1886.
The above Victoire Brulé should not be confused with her sister, also christened Victoire, 
born in 1827, who married Joseph Potvin, son of Marie Ovide Potvin.  
You may already be aware of all the above, but in case you didn't I thought I'd mention.
Hi Cheryl and Al;
A correction to my last message.  The date of the marriage of Alexis Brulé and Genevieve 
was 10 Feb., 1812, in Rigaud, not the Jan. 9, 1786 as I wrote.  
That last date was that of the marriage of Genevieve's parents in the same place. 
Sorry about that error. 
June 23, 2003: Hi, my name is Pam. I was also wondering about the Thomas line. My mother was a Thomas. My Grandfather's name was Raoul Thomas He was born September, 4 1904. He married Ide Delaurier / Deslauriers, her birthday was July 2, 1907. My grandfather was born in St. Remi d'amherst. His parent's names were John Thomas and Angeline Proulx. If you have any information on any of the Thomas/Delaurier families i would really like it. I am trying to do a family tree for our family reunion. Thank you very much.
September 4, 2003: HI There is also the thomas dit Tranche montagne in my family so,am familiar to the name.,also i have here the series: Né d,une race fiere; par Jean Roch Rochon that mentions. François Thomas (dit tranc....)Married Catherine Mondoux 13 -05-1734 a trois rivueres Quebec François Tranchemontagne to Petronille Boulanger 20-11-1756 Trois rivieres Quebec And on to Married to M.Anne Denomme Zoe Lalonde Oliva Legault Claire Ida Seguin Alice Seguin Gisele Tranc.... To Raymond Lefebvre at Rigaud Lots More information François E. Guenette E.Mail
March 24, 2004: Hi, my name is Eric Tranchemontagne. My Grandfather's name was Charles Edward Tranchemontagne born in 15 mars 1896. Claude had one brother who is still alive, his name is Roland Tranchemontagne. We would like to know if you could provide us some information, of any kind, related to our family. We are very excited of what we have seen so far. Many thanks. Eric Tranchemontagne E-mail:
December 6, 2004: Hello I would love to add a note to all those email's I just received for the Brule and Potvin lines but most of my information came from Francis Watters. I can add information on the Thomas family though. Genevieve Tranchemontagne had a sister Marie Josephte Tranchemontagne. There Father connect's me to both of my GGreat Grand Parent's Francois Tranchemontange and Euphrasin Lavallee. Confusing but here is the smaller picture Francois Thomas Dit Tranchemontagne Married Marie Josephete Sylvester on 09 Jan 1786 in St. Cuthbert, Quebec Their Daughter Josephte-Marie Thomas Dit Tranchemontagne Married Pierre Chamaillard on 25 Nov 1804 in St. Genvieve, Quebec . Josephte-Marie and Pierre had a Daughter Victoire Chamaillard who married Pierre Lavallee on 30 Oct 1826 in Rigaud Québec Pierre and Victoire had a Daughter Euphrasine Lavallee She is my GGreat Grand mother With my GGreat Grand father Francois Whom married Marie Josephete Sylvester after she passed away He then married Marie Ann Denomme on 26 Nov 1798 in St.Cuthbert. Quebec There Son Andre Thomas Dit Tranchemontagne Married Marie Louis Urbain Dit Foucault on 04 Aug 1828 in Montebello, Quebec Andre and Marie had a son named Francois Xavier Tranchemontagne he is my GGreat Grand father. Pretty Interesting I thought when I found all these Additional famillies to make this even Stranger Andre Tranchemontange who married Marie Louis Foucault is my hubbies 5th Great Grand Aunt. Marie had a Brother Louis Foucault this is my Hubbies 5th Great Grand father. 200 year's later the Foucault Thomas lines meet again. ... Cheryl Thomas
December 17, 2004: Hi, I am looking for info with regards to the Thomas-Tranchemontagne families that lived in Montebello. My great-grandmother was Alexandrine Thomas, b. 1864 died 1953. She was the daughter of Edouard Thomas and Eleonore Bélanger. She was married to Hillaire Carrière in Montebello in 1883. Hillaire Carrière's brother, Joseph, married Saladine (Emilie) Thomas (dit Tranchemontagne) the daughter of François-Xavier and Marguerite Fortin. She was born in Montebello in 1836, and married in Montebello Feb. 15, 1858. She died in 1888 in Montebello. Saladine Carrière (Hillaire's sister), married Tréflé Thomas dit Tranchemontagne, son of F. Xavier Thomas dit Tranchemontagne and Marguerite Fortin, in Montebello, on July 29th, 1873. I believe Saladine and Tréflé Thomas dit Tranchemontagne must have been related to my great grandmother Alexandrine Thomas. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sue
January 1, 2005: Thanks to Frank Watters for this reply to Sue: > Hi Sue; > > From the repertoire of bms Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, Montebello, > 1815-1900 by the S.G.O. 2nd edition, 1992: > > Alexandrine-Elene, d/o Edouard THOMAS, farmer, and Eléonore BÉLANGER was > born on 23-02-1865 and baptised on 26-02-1865 in Montebello, with > François Aubry and Reine Beauchamp as sponsors; > > Hilaire JEAMME, voyageur, s/o Norbert JEAMME, farmer, and Julie RACICOT > married Alexandrine THOMAS, d/o Edouard, farmer, and deceased Eléonore > BÉLANGER in Montebello on 29-01-1883; > > Joseph CARRIÈRE, minor s/o Joseph and Julie RACICOT, married > Emélie-Saladine THOMAS-die-TRANCHEMONTAGNE, d/o François-Xavier and > deceased Marguerite FORTIN on 15-02-1858; > > Saladine-Emélie THOMAS, d/o François-Xavier and farmer, and Marguerite > FORTIN, from Lake George, Upper Canada, was born on 15-04-1836 and > baptised on 17-04-1836. Sp. Hyppolite Fortin and Emélie Dubreuil; > > Trefflé THOMAS, s/o age of Xavier and deceased Marguerite FORTIN, > married Saladine JEAMME, minor dau. of Joseph JEAMME, farmer, and Julie > RACICOT on 29-07-1873; > > Edouard THOMAS-dit-TRANCHEMONTAGNE, son of age of Edouard and Euphémie > GOYER-dite-BELISLE married Eléonard BÉLANGER, minor d/o Justinien and > Rose QUESNEL from Alfred, On. on 13-11-1854; > > Edouard THOMAS-dit-TRANCHEMONTAGNE, s/o Edouard and Euphémie > GOYER-dite-BELLISLE was born on 17-02-1831, bapt. the same day. Sp. > Michel Beaudry and Marguerite Marcotte; > > Edouard THOMAS-DIT-TRANCHEMONTAGNE, widower of deceased Marguerite > Sabourin, married Euphémie GOYER-dite-BELLE IlLE, minor d/o Augustin and > deceased Louise Aubry on 01-08-1827; > > Edouard, THOMAS-DIT-TRANCHEMONTAGNE, son of age of deceased Joseph and > Mrie-Anne DÉNOMMÉE, married Marguerite Sabourin, minor dau. of age of > Jean-Baptiste and Marie Josephte Charlebois on 24-01-1825; > > François-Xavier THOMAS-dit-TRANCHEMONTAGNE, son of age of deacesed > Joseph and Marie-Anne DÉNOMMÉ married Marguerite FORTIN, d/o age of > François-Xavier and Marie-Rosalie LEMIEUX on 01-08-1827 > > So, as you can see, there was a definite relationship between > Alexandrine and Trefflé Thomas. > > From the PRDH I have: > > Joseph THOMAS-dit-TRANCHEMONTAGNE s/o François and > Marie-Louise-Pétronille BOULANGER married Marie-Anne DÉNOMMÉ, d/o Joseph > and Marie-Anne DUBOIS in St-Cuthbert, Comté Berthier, Qc. on > 26-11-1798. > > Hope this helps > > Frank Watters __________________________ also posted on January 1, 2005 from Cheryl: Hi I am not sure how to do this but wondered if there was a way you could use this file (.pdf attachment) in your site? I update my file at least once a week with new families so I never now who I will be adding to, It may help many people looking into this family if they are not sure where there Thomas line came from and the Odd names that married in to them. This file is 22 pages printed but if I turned it into a Genealogy Report it is 96 pages printed, almost have my own Book LOL . If you are not able to put it online not to worry but if you find someone else asking and recall this file by all mean's let them no about it. You might find some one in there you yourself was wondering about? Cheryl Thomas E-mail: Our work is never done.
January 15, 2004: Hi My mom is a Thomas dit Tranchemontagne.I have been doing my family tree for the past five years. I have most of my straight line, but I have a problem with Octave Thomas married to Marie Anne Hervieux.I don't know where they got married, were born, or died. If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it. I'm from Hearst, Ontario. My grandfather Edmond came from the Mont-Laurier, Mt-St-Michel, Ferme Neuve, St-Anne-Du-Lac area. (near Maniwaki). Good Luck in Your Search. Dany
February 4, 2005: Hey folks! I've been in contact with some of you in the past, but I notice a few new posts in Bytown or Bust, notably Sue's and Frank's, who both seem to have a good deal of information on the Thomas/Tranchemontagne family. I would be interested in sharing what info I have (Andre Thomas dit Tranchemontagne, who married Marie-Louise rbain dit Foucault, is one of my Thomas ancestors). Feel free to add me to the list at the website. Thanks, and take care! Martin Lacoste
September 17, 2005: To All, Edmond Thomas married Marie-Anne Hervieux on 06/01/1918 at Ferme Neuve (Mont Laurier area). Octave was his father. Edmond b 28/04/1898 in St Rémi d'Amherst, QC (see next ... Al) Please correct the mariage of Edmond and Marie Anne Herveux dit Therrien. It should be Octave married to Marie Anne Herveux dit Therrien on 03/10/1897 in St Rémi d'Amherst. Edmond was their son and he was baptised on 28/04/1898 in St Rémi d'Amherst. He married Yvonne Pilon on 0/01/1918 in Ferme Neuve. ... André Lefort __________________ Hi André: Thanks for your e-mail regarding Edmond Thomas and his marriage to Marie_Anne Hervieux. Do you mind if I add it to our web site, along with your e-mail address as a contact for other researchers? Please let me know. Small world. I was in Mont Laurier and Ferme Neuve early last month for a couple of days. Real nice area. Thanks again. ... Al __________________ Al, Be my guest.....I found this marriage in the MFM microfilm of St Remi d'Amherst where a lot of Thomas went from Montebello. It is the best source as it is a copy of the original document that were written by a parish priest. I have a lot of Thomas dit Tranchemontagne in my data. I use BROTHER'S KEEPER as my software. Not all have been entered but with time I'm confident I will succeed. I have personnally visited many of the Thomas family in Mont Laurier, St-Remi d'Amherst, St-Marguerite du Lac Masson, St Jerome, Iroquois Fall, Ontario, Driftwood, Ontario, Cochrane, Ontario Harrington, QC etc. ... André Lefort
December 4, 2005: Hello Al, While visiting your site tonight, I noticed that many people were looking for info on the Thomas Tranchemontagne family. In my Villeneuve website, I have a PDF on the Thomas Tranchemontagne family tree. The URL is Pierrette (Note: This tree goes back to the 1600's ... Al)
January 22, 2006: Hello.......I found your entry on Tranchemontagne while doing a Google search of that name. I have Genevieve Thomas dit Tranchemontagne married to Jean-Baptiste Major. Their son David Major married Eugenie or Elegina Major on Aug. 4 1884 in St. Andre-Avellin, Quebec. I also have Jean-Baptiste's & Genevieve's daughter Emma Rose Major marrying Emile Major on July 30 1883 in St. Andre-Avellin, Quebec. They may have been distant cousins? I can tell you that it makes the Majors rather difficult to trace as Majors married Majors & then in a later generation Majors married Gareaus. Genevieve Thomas dit Tranchemontagne & Jean-Baptiste Major are my great great great grandparents. I descend from Genevieve & Jean-Baptiste's son Emile Major & Emma Rose Major are my great great grandparents. Their son Ovila Major married Albina Venne & that couple would be my great grandparents. Ovila Major's & Albina Venne's son Donat Major married Marie Mable Pamela Gareau & that couple are my grandparents. I am a direct decendant of Genevive Thomas dit Tranchemontagne & Jean-Baptiste Major. I've really just begun working on the ancestry & any further info would be a great help. I in turn will try & help you out with what I'm able too. As I said, it's a tough job tracking the Majors! Sincerely & with thanks Susan Major Conrad
January 23, 2007: Hi Everyone, My name is Sandra and I am a descendant in the Brule / Parent line. My cousin , Sandy has been working for over 2 years on that line and has over 4,000 names in her file dating back to Seigneur Du Fief, Bernard, B: 1390 As I was browsing I came across your emails to each other and noticed we had many of the same lines in our families. I have downloading Sandy's GEDCOM. file to my site on I have many pictures, not alot of old ones except for the Sabourin wedding picture and Victoire & Ovilla Marsolais and of course a family picture of Jean Baptiste Parent and Lucinda Brule with all their children. I would very much like to hear back from any of you for any feedback you may have. Sandra (Cummings) Corvo
February 14, 2004: Added e-mail address for Dennis Moore to the list below ... Al
July 3, 2007: Hello, Raoul Thomas was my grandfather. He lived on a farm with his wife Ide Deslaurier. They had 7 children, my mother being one of them. I will ask my mother about her aunts and uncles. I will find out if there was any more children and when Blanche was born. ... Pamela _______________________________ Hi Everyone, I have been researching my Villeneuve and Bourguignon ancestors since January. I saw the name Thomas-dit-Tranchemontagne in Ste-Madeleine Parish records from Rigaud, Vaudreuil, Québec. I am a descendant of Lisette Thomas-dit-Tranchemontagne and the daughter of Joseph Boivin, Sophie b. 3 Nov. 1835 in Rigaud. This fact was verified in Drouin. Sophie married Narcisse Bourguignon in July of 1854 at St-Patrick of the Mount, (Mount St. Patrick), Renfrew County. Sophie and Narcisse's daughter Julie is my great-great grandmother. I have also seen the name Tranchemontagne while I was researching my Villeneuve ancestors from Glengarry County. This family also goes back to Rigaud, Vaudreuil. Lise Hébert email: ________________________ Hi Sylvia, Al, and others; Your grandmother Pauline Thomas (dit Tranchemontagne) was the d/o Mederic Thomas and Angelina Proulx. She was baptised under the names Marie Apoline in St Rémi d'Amherst, on 11 March, 1906, born the same day. She married Russell McCutcheon, s/o age of deceased Joseph McCutcheon and Margaret Young, from Rivington per the marriage record, in Pointe-au-Chêne on 27 November, 1920. Rivington is not far from Harrington, both in the County of Argenteuil. Russell McCutcheon was a Protestant while Pauline was a Catholic, and thus a special dispensation was obtained. Mederic was the son of Adolphe and Lucie Desormeaux, and he was born on 11 June, 1879, and baptised in Montebello on 10 Sept., 1879. This family went by the name of THOMAS. Adolphe Thomas, widower of Julie Racicot, s/o Joseph Thomas and Emelie Dubreuil married Julie Desormeaux, d/o deceased Ambroise Racicot and Angelique Chalifoux in Montebello on 10 July, 1876. I found children of Mederic and Angelina Proulx as follows: Joseph Raoul, born 4 Sept., 1904 Marie Apoline, born 11 March, 1906 Marie Yvonne Valentine, born 16 Nov., 1919 (see next e-mail from Frank) Joseph Eugene Zotique, born 10 Sept., 1912 (This baptism was performed at Harrignton, Qc. which was a mission of Pointe-au-Chêne) Albert Leopold, born 16 Sept., 1916 Joseph Lambert, born 26 March, 1920 William Jean, born 21 Sept. 1923. Marie Blanche, date of birth unknown, but born after 10 June 1903 Jean Baptiste, about the same age as Marie Blanche perhaps I can't be sure that there were no more children. All the children except for Joseph Raoul who was baptised in Ponsonby, and Pauline who was baptised in St-Rémi d'Amherst were baptised in Pointe-au-Chêne, a little hamlet on the Ottawa River just a few miles from Calumet. Seems the family lived at least for a certain time in Harrignton. That's not far from Rivington, Lost Valley, and other small places with picturesque names in Argenteuil County, Quebec. All the above from the microfilms by Drouin for Pointe-au-Chêne, St-Rémi d'Amherst and Ponsonby. Hope this helps ... Frank Watters. _______________________________ Thank you Al for your encouraging words; However I made an error in a year of birth, and have since found more children for Mederic Thomas and Angelina Proulx. First the correction: Marie Yvonne Valentine was born on 16 Nov., 1919, not 1910; Then I added: Mederique Thomas born on July 7, 1901 nd died on17 Nov., 1901; Marie Cécile Anne Thomas was born on 6 May, 1908; Joseph Hubert Lionel Thomas was born on 25 June, 1910; Marie Annette Blanche Desneiges Thomas was born on 17 November, 1907. I wasn't able to find Jean Baptiste's birth, but André Lefort says he was born on 1 July, 1903. André also gave me the names of the first three missing children above and I found their baptisms in Boileau (Ponsonby) (Mederique) and St-Rémi d'Amherst (Cécile, Lionel and Blanche) through the on-line Drouin Colection. From what I could see, the Thomas family and their related families must have kept the St-Rémi d'Amherst church going all by themselves since the majority of the church services involved the Thomas family, the Chalifoux, Proulx, Zandre / Zanth, etc. who were related. I've added the previous exchanges below and all the names of those who are interested since some Thomas enquirers were not copied previously. Regards Frank
New January 19, 2009: Hello Cheryl, Martin, Pamela and all. Further to my email to you last February 29th, Eric Mardoc has prepared a Newsletter (in French) for the ancestors of François THOMAS dit Tranchemontagne to which you can subscribe, if interested. Subscription orders can be placed through me as is described on the webpage at:çois-thomas-dit-tranchemontagne/ The subscription will entitle you to receive updates. Enjoy the search for our roots, ... Bob

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