Terryglass, County Tipperary, Ireland
Emigration to Canada in the 1800's

May 1, 2002:

Quite a few of the Irish Pioneers in the Ottawa, Canada area came from Terryglass Parish,
County Tipperary, Ireland beginning in the 1820's.

Thanks to Taylor Kennedy who has sent us these great pictures.

His GGGrandfather, William Kennedy came from Terryglass, as did Patrick Muldoon
and James MANION (ML# 45). Patrick Muldoon's wife was Margaret Ballard. Luke Hogan's wife
was Elizabeth Ballard -- maybe sisters?

I have some pictures from Ireland for you to view. They arrived today. I'll send you a map first, Parish Bulletin second and the actual Catholic Church in Terryglass, where William Kennedy was baptized. The easy part of my knowledge, it's the ONLY Catholic Church in Terryglass. Please expect a couple of emails. Take care ... Taylor

May 14, 2002: Taylor found this interesting link to photographs of churches in Ireland.

May 16, 2002: This morning I had the pleasure of picking up the phone and calling Father Thomas Seymour, on his cell phone, parish priest of Terry Glass parish. I called at 5:30 am our time and it was 10:30 am his time in Ireland. Loved that heavy Irish accent. We flopped our gums for a few minutes. He just had a hip replacement and is on the mend. I kinda caught him off guard. Anyways, the Church in the picture I sent is the present and only Catholic one there. There is a cemetery behind it and also one at the ruins of the original one where the Kennedy Lads would have been born. Pictures to follow when Martha gets them to me. Father Seymour will also do some digging for me. The present records only go back to 1842. The earlier ones were destroyed during the emancipation. Also in Terry Glass is St. Columbia and original Monastery. The original church where the Kennedy lads where baptized is now a gift shop. The word "Terry Glass" means in gaelic, "THE LAND OF TWO STREAMS". Father Seymour said " We found one, but can't find the other" as he snickered. It was a memorable experience for me. They will be setting up a web site for Terry Glass, and is in progress as we speak. Terry Glass is a small village of about 450 families he stated. I got his mailing address and will be sending him the Kennedy Lads that left Terryglass for Canada, all the descendents, pictures etc. He'll touch base with the parish Kennedy's. Who knows, may be cousins still there. I will also be adding your web site for them to browse. I trust this would be favourable to you. Just think of the connections that could be made. ... Taylor
May 16, 2002: Taylor: Here's another of our usual suspects in the Ottawa area who came from Terryglass -- James MANION , on the McCabe List, ML# 45. In 1829 he had two brothers-in-law in Terry Glass, Santa Cruiz - Martin Kelly and James Ryan. ... Al
August 29, 2002: Hi from Australia, I was just surfing the net looking for my Kennedy / Manion family from Terryglass Tipperary and what a surprise!!! Well they have to be cousins for sure. I am descended from James KENNEDY and Mary MANION from Terryglass, Tipperary. I don't know when they were married but they had at least 2 children, Edward and Michael that immigrated to Australia in 1860. They were 20 and 21 years old on arrival here. Their children had similiar names to the JOhn and Margaret on your site. Lawrence, Bridget, Catherine. This is the first possible connection that I have had with the Kennedy/Manion's. I have been unable to find anything in Ireland. If anyone has any info on the Terryglass side of things I would love to hear from someone. Bye for now Jenni
August 19, 2007: Hello! My name is Jim and just got back from Ireland in April of 2007. I was just surfing around and found this site, and a picture of the Catholic Church in Terryglass. An interesting story for you all. Upon our arrival in Terryglass, Oliver Darcy (a relative) directed me to a place that was a farm equipment repair shop. It was owned by the Kennedy's. I found these two gentleman, both on hands and knees working on a tractor. I asked them if they knew where the Darcy's used to live. Not only did they direct me to the house, they also directed me to the resting site of my Great Grandparents which is at the church pictured in the link below. Attached is a pic I took of the Church from a different angle. Thought you would get a kick out of it. What a small world. Regards, ... Jim (Jim has a full colour copy of this photo)
May 23, 2012: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following photo, taken by his son who was in Terryglass in 2012. There are 6 generations from Taylor's Great Great Grandfather to Taylor's son, covered by this photo. Terryglass Church, County Tipperary, Ireland, built in 1880 more photos to come.

December 5, 2013: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following pictures!
Terryglass Church, County Tipperary, Ireland, built in 1880
Terryglass Church, County Tipperary, Ireland, built in 1880
Terryglass Church, County Tipperary, Ireland, built in 1880

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