Michael TERRY and Margaret TIERNEY
County Waterford, Ireland to
East Lot 18, Con. III, Osgoode Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

ML# 530 on the McCabe List

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

 July 16, 2016: (added new image below)

ML# 530 in Bruce Elliott's Book, The McCabe List, Listed as Michel TONY The image below is available at ancestry.ca at http://interactive.ancestry.ca/3709/41411_307311-00713?pid=2545&backurl=http://search.ancestry.ca//cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv%3D1%26_phsrc%3DYNp8%26_phstart%3DsuccessSource%26usePUBJs%3Dtrue%26db%3DCAEmmigrationCorrespondence%26gss%3Dangs-d%26new%3D1%26rank%3D1%26msT%3D1%26gskw%3DMcCabe%2BList%26msrdy%3D1829%26MSAV%3D0%26uidh%3D000%26pcat%3D40%26fh%3D656%26h%3D2545%26fsk%3DBEIeEuMIgAAOfQAATFM-61-%26ml_rpos%3D657%26requr%3D11540491241816064%26ur%3D16777216&treeid=&personid=&hintid=&usePUB=true&_phsrc=YNp8&_phstart=successSource&usePUBJs=true

Subject: TERRY's in Ottawa area Hi Al, I recently received a file containing 1400 descendants of Michael Terry and their families. Below is a short Gen. report. I, too, use Family Tree Maker. Patrick Terry, son of Michael , was to have served in the American civil war out of New York, USA. Remember, all this info was passed on to me. Generation No. 1 1. MICHAEL TERRY was born Bet. 1795 - 1799 in County Waterford, Ireland, and died July 07, 1873 in Osgoode Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada. He married MARGARET TIERNEY. Children of MICHAEL TERRY and MARGARET TIERNEY are: 2. i. PATRICK TERRY, b. 1823, Waterford Co., Ireland; d. December 02, 1880, Eaton, Brown, Wisconsin, USA. ii. JULIA TERRY, b. 1832, Bytown; d. August 20, 1892, Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario, Canada. Baptized at Notre Dame Cathedral, Sussex Drive, Bytonw now Ottawa iii. BRIDGET TERRY, b. March 12, 1833, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada; d. October 21, 1857, Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario, Canada. 3. iv. MARY TERRY, b. February 1835, Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario, Canada; d. July 01, 1916, Ludington, Mason, Michigan. v. MICHAEL TERRY, b. February 19, 1840, Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario, Canada; d. November 13, 1889, Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario, Canada. vi. EDWARD TERRY, b. September 1842, Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario, Canada. vii. MARGARET TERRY, b. July 1846, Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario, Canada. Generation No. 2 2. PATRICK TERRY (MICHAEL1) was born 1823 in Waterford Co., Ireland, and died December 02, 1880 in Eaton, Brown, Wisconsin. He married MARY JANE MURPHY October 27, 1846 in Notre Dame, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada, daughter of NICHOLAS MURPHY and CATHERINE COSTIGAN from County Kilkenny. Children of PATRICK TERRY and MARY MURPHY are: 4. i. MARGARET ANNE TERRY, b. July 26, 1847, Bytown, Carleton, Ontario, Canada; d. July 02, 1929, DePere, Brown, Wisconsin. 5. ii. CATHERINE TERRY, b. August 28, 1850, Watertown, Jefferson, New York, USA; d. April 16, 1922, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. 6. iii. BRIDGET AGNES TERRY, b. December 17, 1851, Watertown, Jefferson, New York, USA; d. April 09, 1920, Pound, Marinette, Wisconsin. 7. iv. MARY STELLA TERRY, b. August 20, 1856, Watertown, Jefferson, New York, USA; d. August 05, 1916, Cedarville, Menominee, Michigan. 8. v. JULIA TERRY, b. October 14, 1857, New York; d. September 28, 1933, Menominee, Menominee, Michigan, USA. 9. vi. NICHOLAS JOSEPH TERRY, b. April 06, 1861, Watertown, New York; d. April 05, 1933, Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin, USA. 10. vii. EDWARD TERRY, b. September 07, 1864, Watertown, Jefferson, New York; d. October 27, 1949, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, USA. viii. ? TERRY, b. Bet. 1865 - 1872. ix. ? TERRY, b. Bet. 1865 - 1872. 11. x. PATRICK HENRY TERRY, b. July 13, 1872, Montpelier, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. March 28, 1933, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. xi. ? TERRY, b. Bet. 1865 - 1872. xii. ? TERRY, b. Bet. 1865 - 1872. 3. MARY2 TERRY (MICHAEL1) was born February 1835 in Osgoode, Carleton, Ontario, Canada, and died July 01, 1916 in Ludington, Mason, Michigan. She married JAMES. H. BRITTON. Child of MARY TERRY and JAMES. BRITTON is: i. ?3 BRITTON, d. November 01, 1875, Ludington, Mason, Michigan. Generation No. 3 4. MARGARET ANNE3 TERRY (PATRICK2, MICHAEL1) was born July 26, 1847 in Bytown, Carleton, Ontario, Canada, and died July 02, 1929 in DePere, Brown, Wisconsin. She married JOHN GAFFNEY 1868.
Children of MARGARET TERRY and JOHN GAFFNEY are: i. MARY MARGARET4 GAFFNEY, b. April 05, 1869, New Denmark, Wis.; d. August 07, 1952, Pound, Marinette, Wisconsin; m. MICHAEL C. MALONEY, Abt. 1887. ii. JOHN GAFFNEY, b. May 1872, Wis.; m. MARY M. SCALLEN, January 31, 1894, Beaver, Wis.. iii. EDWARD ARTHUR GAFFNEY, b. September 15, 1875, Denmark, Brown Co.; d. Bef. 1952; m. KATHERINE C. SCALLION, November 24, 1897, Coleman, Marinette, Wisconsin. iv. MARSELLA MARY GAFFNEY, b. October 12, 1878, Eaton, Brown, Wisconsin; m. CHARLES JOYCE. v. ? GAFFNEY, b. Abt. 1881. vi. NICHOLAS T. GAFFNEY, b. June 08, 1882, Denmark; d. September 20, 1939, Town of Stephenson, Wis.; m. MARY MURPHY. vii. LOUIS GAFFNEY, b. February 1885. viii. MARGARET GAFFNEY, b. September 1888, Pound, Marinette, Wisconsin; d. September 19, 1938, DePere, Brown, Wisconsin; m. JAMES M. JOYCE, April 12, 1910, St. Leo's Catholic Church, Pound, Marinette, Wisconin. ix. WILLIAM JAMES GAFFNEY, b. April 18, 1890, Pound, Marinette, Wisconsin. 5. CATHERINE TERRY (PATRICK2, MICHAEL1) was born August 28, 1850 in Watertown, Jefferson, New York, and died April 16, 1922 in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. She married PETER BLANEY. (see e-mail from Don Blaney posted January 13, 2004 ... Al) Children of CATHERINE TERRY and PETER BLANEY are: i. WILLIAM EVERETT4 BLANEY, b. October 01, 1869, Waukechon, Shawano Co.; d. January 06, 1940, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. MARGARET ELIZABETH HOGAN, November 29, 1899, St. Patricks Catholic Church, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. ii. EDWARD J. BLANEY, b. October 22, 1872, Shawano Co.; d. March 29, 1939, Neenah, Winnebago, Wisconsin; m. JANE RYAN, October 23, 1893, Fort Howard, Brown, Wisconsin. iii. J. SARAH BLANEY, b. July 22, 1874, Kewaunee Co.; d. January 08, 1938, Milwaukee; m. (1) ? O'BRIEN; m. (2) THOMAS DAVERN, August 24, 1892, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. iv. SAMUEL JAMES BLANEY, b. October 15, 1876, Eaton, Brown, Wisconsin; d. April 07, 1931, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin; m. ELIZABETH MARY HOGAN, June 27, 1900, Green Bay. v. JOSEPH WALTER BLANEY, b. October 29, 1878, Montpelier, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. November 19, 1920, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. vi. MARY LENORA BLANEY, b. July 22, 1881, Green Bay; d. July 30, 1954, Fond du Lac, Fond duc Lac, Wisconsin; m. ALFRED HENRY BAUER, October 14, 1908, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. vii. GEORGE BLANEY, b. August 05, 1883, Montpelier, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. March 27, 1952, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. SUE HERALD, July 07, 1924, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. viii. CATHERINE E. BLANEY, b. October 12, 1885, Montpelier, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. October 08, 1961, Allouez, Brown, Wisconsin; m. LEO THOMAS HOBBINS, October 23, 1907, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. 6. BRIDGET AGNES3 TERRY (PATRICK2, MICHAEL1) was born December 17, 1851 in Watertown, Jefferson, New York, and died April 09, 1920 in Pound, Marinette, Wisconsin. She married PETER L. DONOVAN June 11, 1878 in Casco, Kewaunee, Wisconsin. Children of BRIDGET TERRY and PETER DONOVAN are: i. PATRICK JOSEPH4 DONOVAN, b. October 26, 1879, Montpelier, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. February 08, 1880, Montpelier, Kewaunee, Wisconsin. ii. JULIA DONOVAN, b. December 23, 1880, Pierce/Montpelier; d. October 22, 1953, Milwaukee; m. THEODORE F. KNAPPMILLER, November 26, 1908, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Kewaunee, Kewaunee, Wisconsin. iii. ? DONOVAN. iv. MARIA DONOVAN, b. January 13, 1883, Pierce, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. May 25, 1911, Vermont, Dane, Wisconsin; m. ALBERT LEOPOL PEROUTKY, November 17, 1905, Alaska. v. MARGARET DONOVAN, b. October 28, 1884, Pierce, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. January 02, 1949, Algoma, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; m. ALBERT JOSEPH CMEYLA, June 28, 1911, Alaska. vi. BARBARA I. DONOVAN, b. August 08, 1887, Pierce, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. July 30, 1967, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. HENRY PETER SEIDL, June 23, 1915, St. Leo's Catholic Church, Pound, Marinette, Wisconsin. vii. KATHERINE ELIZABETH DONOVAN, b. November 17, 1889, Pierce, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. March 02, 1963, Manitowoc, Manitowoc, Wisconsin; m. JEREMIAH C. STANGEL, October 19, 1915, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Kewaunee, Kewaunee, Wisconsin. viii. ? DONOVAN. ix. ? DONOVAN. x. ELLA DONOVAN, b. May 08, 1896, Pierce, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. June 12, 1980, Milwaukee. xi. ? DONOVAN. xii. ? DONOVAN. xiii. ? DONOVAN. 7. MARY STELLA3 TERRY (PATRICK2, MICHAEL1) was born August 20, 1856 in Watertown, Jefferson, New York, and died August 05, 1916 in Cedarville, Menominee, Michigan. She married JOHN D. DONOVAN 1887 in Pierce,. Children of MARY TERRY and JOHN DONOVAN are: i. JEREMIAH M.4 DONOVAN, b. April 30, 1888, Wis.; d. July 04, 1968, Menominee, Menominee, Michigan; m. ANNA FELLNER, October 15, 1912, St. Fredericks Church, Stephenson, Menominee, Michigan. ii. JOHN DONOVAN, b. December 14, 1889, Pierce, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. 1912, Michigan. iii. EDWARD P DONOVAN, b. 1891; d. 1912, KIA, WWI, Argonne Forest. iv. STELLA MARY DONOVAN, b. April 20, 1893, Pierce, Kewaunee, Wisconsin; d. November 1979. v. GEORGE DONOVAN, b. June 24, 1894, Pierce, Kewaunee, Wisconsin. vi. JULIA C DONOVAN, b. August 19, 1895, Alaska; d. August 22, 1977, Stevens Point; m. JOSEPH HEURING, June 17, 1924, St. Fredericks Church, Daggett, Menominee, Michigan. 8. JULIA3 TERRY (PATRICK2, MICHAEL1) was born October 14, 1857 in New York, and died September 28, 1933 in Menominee, Menominee, Michigan. She married DENNIS DONOVAN October 21, 1881 in Sturgeon Bay, Door, Wisconsin. Children of JULIA TERRY and DENNIS DONOVAN are: i. MARGARET4 DONOVAN, b. February 1883, Michigan; m. EDWARD THOMAS LEMIEUX, November 19, 1906, Marinette, Marinette, Wisconsin. ii. DENNIS DONOVAN, b. December 02, 1884, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin; d. May 29, 1967, Peshtigo, Marinette, Wisconsin. iii. CATHERINE DONOVAN, b. June 10, 1888, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin; d. Aft. 1967; m. DAVID CHEVALIER, Aft. 1933. iv. ALICE DONOVAN, b. June 27, 1890, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin; d. April 22, 1979, Racine, Racine, Wisconsin; m. FRANK LANNOYE. v. LEONA DONOVAN, b. August 04, 1892; d. June 1976, Austin Texas/New Orleans; m. JOSEPH T. DONNELLY, December 28, 1915, Walsh, Marinette, Wisconsin. vi. FRANK EDWARD DONOVAN, b. August 1896. vii. JOSEPH FREDRICK DONOVAN, b. January 14, 1900, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin; d. February 10, 1976, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin; m. RUTH HELEN RAKERS, June 21, 1933, Porterfield, Marinette, Wisconsin. 9. NICHOLAS JOSEPH3 TERRY (PATRICK2, MICHAEL1) was born April 06, 1861 in Watertown, New York, and died April 05, 1933 in Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin. He married MARY AGNES O'BRIEN November 18, 1890 in St. Josephs Catholic Church, Eaton, Brown, Wisconsin. Children of NICHOLAS TERRY and MARY O'BRIEN are: i. JAMES THOMS4 TERRY, b. August 26, 1887, New York; d. October 14, 1969, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; Adopted child. ii. IRENE TERRY, b. July 15, 1889, New York; d. February 18, 1968, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; Adopted child; m. (1) GEORGE OCKSTADT; m. (2) HENRY CLAUSEN, November 09, 1909, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. (3) LEO MICHAEL KOHLBECK, May 09, 1961, Grace Lutheran Church, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. iii. ? TERRY, b. Bet. 1890 - 1893. iv. ANNE LORETTA TERRY, b. June 27, 1893, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. November 28, 1984, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio; m. WALTER WILLIAM MANSKE, September 23, 1914. v. ESTER BERNADINE TERRY, b. September 18, 1895, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. Bef. 1900. vi. SHERMAN JOSEPH TERRY, b. April 16, 1897, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. May 27, 1955, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. MILDRED AMELIA KNUTE, Menominee, Menominee, Michigan. vii. LORRAINE MARY TERRY, b. September 27, 1899, Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin; d. February 02, 1984, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. DAVID FRANCIS BLASER, September 27, 1921, SS. Edward & Isadore, Flintville, Brown, Wisconsin. viii. ? TERRY, b. Bet. 1900 - 1910. ix. ELIZABETH MARIE TERRY, b. April 02, 1902, Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin; d. July 01, 1902, Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin. x. MARGARET MAE TERRY, b. May 28, 1903, Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin; d. March 08, 1987, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. JULES JOSEPH DEMENY, February 12, 1923, SS. Edward & Isadore, Flintville, Brown, Wisconsin. xi. DOROTHY AGNES MIRIAM TERRY, b. September 07, 1906, Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin; d. October 06, 1994, Ashwaubenon, Brown, Wisconsin; m. ARNOLD W. PHILLIP KUHN, June 18, 1929, SS. Edward & Isadore, Flintville, Brown, Wisconsin. xii. NORBERT NICHOLAS TERRY, b. July 17, 1909, Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin; d. June 30, 1969, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. EVELYN JESSIE THYES, September 01, 1936, SS. Edward & Isadore, Flintville, Brown, Wisconsin. xiii. NORMAN WALTER TERRY, b. October 25, 1912, Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin; d. March 23, 1964, Pittsfield, Brown, Wisconsin; m. JOYCE MARTHA LACOUNT, June 15, 1938, SS. Edward & Isadore, Flintville, Brown, Wisconsin. 10. EDWARD3 TERRY (PATRICK2, MICHAEL1) was born September 07, 1864 in Watertown, Jefferson, New York, and died October 27, 1949 in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. He married BRIDGET COLEMAN June 07, 1892. Children of EDWARD TERRY and BRIDGET COLEMAN are: i. WILLIAM PATRICK4 TERRY, b. October 07, 1893, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. October 21, 1894, Green Bay. ii. MICHAEL JOHN TERRY, b. January 11, 1895, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. August 07, 1904, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. iii. MARY ELLA TERRY, b. March 29, 1897, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. November 10, 1966, Milwaukee; m. JOSEPH AMRHEIN, July 28, 1925, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. iv. JULIA A TERRY, b. April 28, 1900, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. March 1992, Milwaukee; m. PAUL DINEEN. v. MARGARET LUCILLE TERRY, b. February 07, 1902. vi. STILLBORN TERRY, b. May 04, 1904, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. May 04, 1904, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. vii. JOSEPH EDWARD TERRY, b. September 13, 1906, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. March 22, 1991, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. ARLINE MARY AGAMET, July 11, 1935, Chicago. viii. CATHERINE MARCELLA ELIZABETH TERRY, b. June 02, 1909, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. April 22, 1985, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. GEORGE JOHN BOEHM, May 08, 1943, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. 11. PATRICK HENRY3 TERRY (PATRICK2, MICHAEL1) was born July 13, 1872 in Montpelier, Kewaunee, Wisconsin, and died March 28, 1933 in Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. He married ALVINA E. MCLAUGHLIN September 16, 1902 in St. Patricks Church, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin.

Children of PATRICK TERRY and ALVINA MCLAUGHLIN are: i. MARY EVELYN4 TERRY, b. May 09, 1903, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. June 05, 1964, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. (1) ALFRED P. VANDERKELEN, November 19, 1925, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. (2) EMIL JOHN DUPONT, October 10, 1959, Green Bay. ii. EMMETT EDMUND TERRY, b. March 31, 1906, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. January 20, 1966, Ft. Meyers Florida; m. (1) HILARIA ROSALIA NEJEDLO, September 26, 1929, SS Peter & Paul, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; m. (2) ANN WICK, November 26, 1955, Holy Cross, Scott, Brown, Wisconsin. iii. CLARENCE PATRICK TERRY, b. August 15, 1908, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. July 01, 1949, Antigo; m. HELEN HYACINTHE CHRISKE, November 06, 1930, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. iv. ALICE CAMILLE TERRY, b. June 14, 1911, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. April 25, 1992; m. HAROLD PHILIP STRAM, November 29, 1934, Anunciation Church, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin. v. MARGARET CECILIA TERRY, b. May 24, 1916; m. BLAKE POSEY, Bet. 1933 - 1957. vi. JOHN ROBERT TERRY, b. June 03, 1919, Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin; d. August 1979, Coshocton, Ohio. ... Doris Hunsinger
October 18, 2002: Hi I recently found your name while researching my relatives. I, too, am a descendant of Michael Terry and Margaret Tierney. My line is thru their daughter Catherine, her son Joseph Walter and then on thru his son George B. Blaney who was my grandfather. I was wondering if you've found any old photographs or other websites that would provide further information about our family. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Steve Turek
Note: The Terry family was located on Concession 4, Osgoode Township. Their farm had a natural all-year spring from which many of the neighbours drew water in the 1800's. A descendant of Michael Terry (Ken Terry) was best man at my wedding in 1970. There was a Patrick BLANEY from County Antrim in the Ottawa area in 1829. He is ML# 90 on the McCabe List (may not be related)
November 18, 2002: Greetings, I am not sure where this is intended to go but I respond with faith that it has purpose. I was just doodling on the machine and came across this lineage. I read it with interest and suddenly realized you were writing about people with whom I am familar. My first name is Terry last Dineen. My mother is the julia identified here correctly as a daughter of edward terry and bridget coleman. So as I said, was doodling and came across you, if you seek any information please contact. peace, tdineen@wi.rr.com.
March 11, 2003: Looking around the net came across my grandmothers information. Julia Terry past resident of Milwaukee Wisconsin was my grandmother she died in 1992. She was married to Paul Dineen who was a Milwaukee Police officer for many years, they had two sons one of which is my father Terry Dineen. My father moved the family to Chicago in 1972 now many Dineen's in area. Well it was great taking to you, hope life is treating all past family well. Paul Dineen ... Al
May 22, 2003: 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 1 Page 58 Family 253 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace (surname spelled TASSY on the census - should be TERRY) Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Micheal TASSY M 40 Irish Ontario Farmer Catholic Margaret TASSY F W 82 Irish Ireland Catholic (nee "Peg" Tierney) Julie TASSY F 48 Irish Ontario Catholic Edward TASSY M 27 Irish Ontario Catholic Note: There are some early records at Notre Dame for the TERRY family, starting c. 1830)
January 13, 2004: Hi, my name is Don Blaney and Catherine Terry was my great great grandmother. She was married to Peter Blaney. Someone here has done some really great research. I'm wondering if anybody has any information about Peter Blaney, or how to go about locating more. I've tried several different avenues, and keep coming up blank. He's like a man of mystery who just appeared. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks, Don Blaney
January 14, 2004: Hi Don: Thanks for your e-mail. There may have been a connection between the Terry family of Osgoode (now part of the City of Ottawa) and a family named Blaney . Here' a record from Notre Dame Church in downtown Ottawa: 25 Nov 1842 Baptism of James, aged 4 mos., son of Richard Mulhall, farmer, and Jane Wilson of Osgoode Township Witnesses: John Palmer & Elizabeth Blaney (married) Source: Ellen Paul This Palmer family lived close to the Terry's in the 1800's. There was a Patrick Blaney in this area also, before 1830. He came from County Antrim in Ireland. I'll keep an eye out for other possibilities. ... Al Lewis, Ottawa _________________________ Hi Al, thanks for the help. I'll take any I can get when it comes to Peter. There just might be a connection. Because I also found Blaneys that were in the Civil War from Washington County which is the county Pat Terry moved to from Canada and before coming to Wisconsin. By the way, Pat Terry was a subsitute during the Civil War. He was with the 14th Wisconsin and was a teamster for them. If I can be of any additional help, let me know. Thanks again for your help. Don
March 18, 2004: Hi all, I don't know whether you're all still keeping up with the Terry family tree outlined so well at www.bytown.net/terry.htm, but I'm a leaf on that tree, so to speak. My father's parents were Lorraine Terry and David Blaser. I've traced the Blaser family geneology, but this is the first time I've seen any information on the Terry family. If you wanted to add a new generation to the list, I could give you information on Lorraine and David's 4 children, 27 grandchildren, and multiple great-grandchildren. I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA where most of the Terrys ended up, it seems. Anyway, thanks to whoever put this geneology together. It was fun to read about my ancestors. I'd never heard that any of my ancestors came from Canada. I always thought they came straight to the U.S. from Ireland. John Blaser jblaser13@comcast.net

September 29, 2004:
Another TERRY family - from County Waterford to Wisconsin, USA
From Ann Smiddy: Hello all, I have seen ye're web-site on Michael TERRY and Margaret TIERNEY and was wondering if our families could be related. I have more dates a if you need them. Please let me know if we are, your sincerely Ann Smiddy TERRY FAMILY WATERFORD, IRELAND: 1. William TERRY (born 1801 - died 1877) m Ellen TROY 2. Walter TERRY (born 1822 - died 15/6/1899)(Ardo) m Mary KIELY / KEILY (died 27/5/1907) Their Family: 3. James TERRY (died 23/11/1926) (Clashannahy) n.m. 3. Peter TERRY (born 1847) (Shanbally) m Mary DUCEY, (she died giving birth to twins, and he remarried an O'NEILL lady. 3. Ellen TERRY (born 1849/1859 died 1923) m Patsy GEE 3. John TERRY (born1851 - died 7/9/1911/1912) m Bridget FLEMING (Friary House, Aglish, Co. Waterford) Parents of - 4. Mary TERRY (born - died ) m Maurice COLBERT (Crossford, Ardmore, Co. Waterford) Parents of - 5 Bridget (Bree) COLBERT m Bernard SMIDDY 5 John COLBERT m Mary DALY 5 Maurice COLBERT m Shelia TWOMEY 5 Frank COLBERT m Kay DALY 4 Walter TERRY m Lil BARRY 4 Anna TERRY n.m. 4 Michael (Mick) TERRY n.m. 3. Brigid TERRY (born 1858 - died 19/7/1917) n.m. (lived in Ardo first, when Walter married she moved to Clashannahy to her sister Kate and her brother James). Mary TERRY (b 1898) Walter TERRY (b1898) m Helen CONDON 3. Walter TERRY (born 6/5/1864) (Ardo) m Helen/Ellen CONDON (Dungarvan, County Waterford) (died 3/5/1948) aged 64 yrs. 3. Phil TERRY (born 1866) (I am sure he lived in Peter's house also). 3. Mike TERRY (died 10/12/1922) (Ardo) n.m.. 3. Catherine (Kate) TERRY (born1869) (Clashannahy). Kate buried beside Ardmore sacristy, July 1917, headstone erected by Uncle James Terry (Clashannahy). 2. Patrick TERRY (born 1819) m Mary CAREY 3. Patrick TERRY (born 1844). 2. James TERRY (born 1820) m Mary (Margaret) HARTY 3. James TERRY (born 1843) 3. Honor TERRY (born 1846) My family were sent on the following info. in 1995 by a distant relation Joseph A. Callan from Phoenix, Arizona. Descendants of : John TERRY and Ellen AHERN: 1. John TERRY m Ellen AHERN number of children 4 2. Edmund TERRY (born 1793 in Waterford County, Ireland - died 1875 in Baraboo, Wisconsin) m Alice TROY (born 1825 in Waterford County, Ireland - died around 1848 in Waterford County, Ireland. Number of children 6. 3. Mary TERRY (born 1821 - died 1890) m ? O'DONAHUE (born/died unknown). Number of Children 4. 3. James TERRY (born 1827 in Ireland - died 15/07/1903 in Baraboo, Wisconsin) m Elizabeth TENCH (born 17/03/1833 in Dublin, Ireland - died 26/01/1892 in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Number of children 5. 3. Walter TERRY (born 17/03/1828 in Waterford, Co. Ireland - died 1898) m 1860 in New York Mary PHELAN (born 1834 - died 1920) Number of children 7. 3. John W. (Codfish John) TERRY (born 1833 - died 1908 in Baraboo) m Catherine DORSEY / Darcy ? (born ?? in Clinton County, New York, USA - died 1914 in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Number of children 10. 3. Alice TERRY (born 1837 - died 1895 in Baraboo) m Thomas BRENNAN (born 1824 in Ireland - died 1909 in Baraboo). Number of children 11. 3. Patrick TERRY (born 1837 in Waterford, Co. Ireland - died 20/02/1917 in Delton Township, Wisconsin) m Ellen TINNELL (born 1838 in Ireland - died 28/09/1898 in Delton Township, Wisconsin) Number of children 4. 2. William TERRY (born 1801 - died 1877) Number of children 4 3. John TERRY 3. Catherine TERRY 3. Walter TERRY 3. Helen TERRY 2. John TERRY (born 1803 - died 1899) m Alice WELCH (born 1819 - died 1903) Number of children 7. 3. Ellen TERRY 3. Edmund (Little Ed.) TERRY (born 1863 - died 1929) m (1902) Ellen MULLONEY (born 12/06/1870 in Richland Co. Wisconsin. 3. Mary TERRY (Born unknown). 3. James TERRY (born unknown). 3. Alice TERRY (born unknown). 3. Anna TERRY (born unknown). 3. John TERRY (born unknown) 2. Patrick TERRY (born 1804 in Waterford Co. Ireland) m Peggie FENNELL. number of children 9. 3. James TERRY 3. William TERRY 3. Edward TERRY 3. Michael TERRY 3. John TERRY 3. Patrick TERRY 3. Mary TERRY 3. Alice TERRY 3. Martha TERRY Descendents of : William TERRY: 1. William TERRY m Ellen TROY 2. Walter TERRY (born 1822-) m Mary KEILY 3. Peter TERRY (born 1847 -) m Mary DUCEY 3. Ellen TERRY (born 1849 -) 3. John TERRY (born 1851 -) 3. Brigid TERRY (born 1858 -) 3. Walter TERRY (born 1864 -) 3. Phillip TERRY (born 1866 -) 3. Catherine TERRY (born 1869 -) 2. James TERRY (born 1820 -) m Mary (Margaret) HARTY. 3. James TERRY (born 1843 -) 3. Honor TERRY (born 1846 -) 2. Patrick TERRY (born 1819 -) m Mary CAREW 3. Patrick TERRY (born 1844 -)
October 18, 2004: Hi Al, I know it's been awhile and I appreciate your information about the Terry's. Wanted to tell you, that as a Son of Union Veterans, thanks to Patrick Terry, we are going to re-dedicate his grave site just outside of Green Bay this coming spring. We have a new tombstone for him, thanks to the army. I and members of the Sons of Union Veterans will be in full Civil War uniforms and give him a musket salute. We will have an Irish bagpiper who will play taps. There will also be speeches about the Terry family. I am trying to get a hold of all Blaney or Terry family members for this simple yet special event. A chance for all of us who have never seen each other to get together for a special occasion. I've been to one of these before, and it can be very special, even more so the children who know so little about their past. I'll give you more details as we get close to the date. Hope you can make it, and alert anyone you know of who might want to attend. Don Blaney
January 23, 2005: New E-mail address for Don: shiloh@milwpc.com
April 27, 2005: As you can see by the message below, the Union Army needs volunteers again!! Actually looking for family members to help out with the dedication for Patrick Terry. Please read our camp comanders message and let me know if any family members would like to be a participate in this event. Number one, I think any young child who is the least bit related to Patrick Terry will really have something to remember by this event, and as they see a direct decendent be a part of it, they may never forget it, and the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil maybe something they will always be interested in and should be. I look forward to hearing from you and what ever you care to volunteer for, I will be grateful. ps, or you might say, I forgot. I have written the Terry biography for any of you that would like to read it at the dedication. Briefly, it states that Patrick's family left Ireland and first settled in Osgoode, (part of the city of Ottawa today), Canada then moved to northern New York. From there Patrick, his wife Mary Murphy and their family along with Mary's brother moved to the Green Bay area. Patrick enlisted at the age of 46 as a substitute and lied about his age to get into the army. He put his age as 36. He died from the fall off of his farm wagon on a trip back from Green Bay to their farm. His daughter was with him when he fell and broke his back. There is more to the story in the biography, but I hope that gives an idea to anyone that would volunteer to read about him. Again, I appreciate anyone who would volunteer to read the story about a Union soldier. All of the Sons of Union Volunteers would be grateful. ... Don Blaney
June 11, 2008: AL in regards to your Terry family, June 1st would this be of any interest to your researchers ? ... Michael Daley
In search of their roots, TERRY FAMILY OF OSGOODE
June 4th 1983 two couples, Patrick Terry, his wife Jane, his sister Barbara, and her husband Arnold Van Beek from Sun Praire, and Green Bay, Wisconsin, arrived in our yard . The following is an itinerary of their visit. it reads Saturday June 4, 1983. "We entered Ottawa about 2.P.M. and went directly to the National Archives only to find it closed. We then went over to the Bytown section, to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. After trying to communicate with three different French speaking nuns. We discovered that this was not the original church where our great, great grandfather and mother were married. Much to our disappointment the first church had been located where a major traffic interchange now stood. Our next stop was the Ottawa Public Library, There we found many booklets on the early pioneer families of Osgoode. There was no mention of the Terry name in any of them. Jane and Arnie patiently waited while Barbara and I poured over documents with no result. Finally, in total dejection we set out find our campground at South Gloucester. The campground owner was a real talker and said he had lived in the area for thirty-five years. I asked him if he knew about old St. John the Evangelist church in Osgoode. He said the town was now called Enniskerry but the church and cemetery were still there. He gave directions and we set out to find St. John's and its cemetery, It was our last hope. Everything else was so disappointing this day. The directions were perfect. We found Enniskerry, We found St. John's and its cemetery was right alongside, We knew if we didn't find a tombstone our search for our roots would be over, We all got out of the motor home and proceeded to check the tombstones. I felt good about this place and went back to the van for some writing material. The Saturday night mass was still in progress in the church. Having picked up my materials I joined the others in searching for the Terry headstone, Suddenly, Jane shouted, "There it is." I got a chill as we all converged on the weathered old oblysk with the Celtic cross marked ,"Terry ". It was incredible, After over one hundred years we had found the burial place of our great great grandparent and three of their children, We recorded the names and dates of Michael, his wife Margaret, son Michael and two daughters Julia and Bridget, While we were doing this , Arnie was talking to one of the parishoners who had just come out of church after mass, He told Arnie to go talk to Father James Whalen, the Pastor, as he kept many of the old church records. We were met at the door of the priests house by Father Whalen himself, He invited us into to his office. After chatting for a while, he produced all of his record books. He warned us that some of the church books were destroyed in past fires, After a lengthy search, all that he could come up with was the burial records of Michael the son who died in 1899 at age 48. The good Father apologized and then said "I think you should be talking to Mike Daley and tell him of our interest, as local historian, Mike Daley's first words when called were send them over, I was wondering what became of the Terry Family". Father Whalen jumped in his car, led us to the Daley farm and then left. Mike Daley met us on the front porch of his neatly kept farmhouse with his wife Betty, They led us into the house where we all gathered around the dining room table where Mike began filling us with all sorts of information that he had on the " Old Pioneer Terry Family". He said " You passed by the old homestead on your way over here. The old log house still stands, It's a pigsty now. He told us of poem written in 1915 that spoke " Terry's by the spring", About eleven –thirty, we decided that it was time to go. Father Whalen's "Mum," had previously invited us to a pancakes breakfast at the church hall after "Mass," so we all agreed to meet at the church steps, We were no more than seated when from the altar the good Father made a special welcome to The descendants of old Mike Terry" After Mass , we all gathered for pancakes and sausage in the hall across the road from the church, Mike proceeded to introduce us to one and all. William Herbert (my Uncle Billy ... Al) told of how as a boy he drove his fathers cattle to "Terry's Creek because "the water was so sweet and it never froze". Manning McEvoy offered how a McEvoy family had bought the "Terry place" and had lived there for many years and that it was now owned by Angus O'Rourke. ( I believe that Angus O'Rourke was related to Father Thomas O'Rourke, a family friend, euchre player and lake trout fisherman, who became the Parish Priest at either Farrelton or Old Chelsea in the Gatineau Valley ... Al) We were the missing link, they were glad to see us, We made many good friends this day and it felt good. Mike Daley took us to the Osgoode Museum where we were able to determine that Mike Terry had resided in the area since about 1834. We also confirmed that his son Pat had married, had one child and left about 1854. We copied everything down that Mike Daley could produce for us . The sifting and sorting begins when we return home. Our next stop was to where the "Old Stage Coach Road,"crossed over the Castor River, The Terry Homestead, We were met at the door by a cautious Angus O'Rourke. After we had convinced him that we were who we said we were, he took us behind the house to show us . the pigsty. There covered on one side with sheets of metal, stood the original Terry homestead . Despite the sows wandering around in old Margaret's parlor you could see that this was once a fine pioneer home. The house was about 30 x 24 and was proudly constructed of square cut, hand hewn logs about a square foot in size. Standing next to the house was what must have been the Terry barn. The partly skinned log beams spanned over 30 feet and were still as straight as the day they were hoisted into place. Perhaps, they even lived in the loft of the barn while they built the home. Barbara and I stood in awe of what we had uncovered in the last twenty-four hours. We had found our immigrants forebears grave. We had found the original pioneer homestead, we had found some very good friends in Mike and Betty Daley. I wonder if "Old Mike" wasn't up there looking down on us and saying ." Thanks for remembering". ... Patrick Terry AL , In July 1987 a strange car drove into our yard, Al & Dorothy Gallagher , "in search of their roots" from Lodi , WISCONSIN , In search of Dorothy's TERRY, MURPHY, and COSTIGAN, roots, they found graves of Michael and Margaret [ Tierney] Terry , in St. John's Cemetery and visited the Terry homestead. Etc. they visited us again in August of 1992 , very informative visits. ...Michael Daley _________________________ By the way, Michael and Betty Daley have helped hundreds of families discover their Osgoode Township and Gloucester Township roots over the years. They got me started when I first went looking for my Grandfather's farm about 10 years ago. Mike knew exactly where the farm was and with his help, I was able to go back two more generations to where my maternal ancestors originated in Ireland. ... Al

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