Terrence McGEE
Keady, County Armagh, Ireland
to Gloucester Township, Ontario, Canada in 1826

ML# 559 on the OGS Publication The McCabe List as Terrence McKEE

on the original McCabe List Index at ancestry.ca as Gerrineu Mkee

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

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The 1829 name and parish and townland of origin of Terrence McGee -- source: Ancestry.ca link from above to the McCabe List.

Terrence McGee on the 1829 McCabe List, a partial record only
Hi Mary, Michael and Al: The following is the obituary that Leigh LeBlanc forwarded to me from the Nov. 14 paper of the Ottawa Free Press in 1881: TERENCE McGEE: The old settlers are rapidly disappearing from the scene of their labours. That generation which battled with the primitive forest in the vicinity of Bytown (now Ottawa, Canada) is passing away. Amongst the most energetic of the pioneers of the Ottawa Valley was Mr. Terence McGee who died on the 11th of November instant of apoplexy at the ripe old age of 77 years. His funeral took place from his late residence in the Township of Gloucester and was attended by a large concourse of people from the city and country. The deceased gentleman was a native of County Armagh, Ireland, and immigrated to this country in the year 1826. He first settled at Bytown but subsequently removed to the Township of Gloucester. He leaves a wife and family of 8 children to mourn his loss. He took an active part in public matters and was a consistent supporter of the Liberal Party. More later ... Mardelle (USA)
Grave marker for Terrence McGee,
______________________________ November 4, 2015:
Thanks to Eilish from the Keady, County Armagh, Facebook Group for permission to use this wonderful photograph. This is where my McGee ancestors lived before coming to Ottawa in 1826. Cheers! A Nice Scene in a Pub in Keady, County Armagh, Ireland
1 Terrence McGee 1804 - 1881 from Keady, County Armagh, my GGGrandfather ... Al) .. + Ellen Hughes 1815 - 1890 (daughter of Patrick Hughes, ML# 491) ....... 2 Terrence McGee 1839 - 1875 ....... 2 Mary McGee 1841 - 1922 ........... + Thomas Powers / Power 1832 - 1901(ML# 2 desendant) ................ 3 Mary Powers 1872 - 1952 .................... + William Foran 1869 - 1940 ML# 510 descendant) ......................... 4 Edna Foran 1900 - 1982 ............................. + Michael Quinn 1897 - 1971 ....... 2 Ann McGee 1853 - 1933 ........... + John McGrath 1849 - 1923 ................ 3 Louise McGrath ....... 2 Patrick McGee 1847 - 1870 ....... 2 John McGee 1852 - 1887 ....... 2 Elicia McGee 1854 - 1884 ....... 2 Michael McGee 1854 - 1882 ....... 2 Margaret McGee Francis McGee is brother of Terrence and Patrick (all on the 1829 McCabe List). Another brother, Dennis McGee (mentioned as still back in Ireland in 1829 (ML# 431) came to Bytown c. 1831. During the building of the Rideau Canal, the McGees attended Notre Dame Church on Sussex Drive in downtown Ottawa. Later they settled inland from the canal at South Gloucester (Bank Street and Mitch Owens Road) and attended St. Mary's Church, (now called Our Lady of the Visitation)when it was built in 1845. Both the Notre Dame and the St. Mary's church registers are available in the Drouin Records at ancestry.ca. This is another great resource for early Catholic families, both Irish and Francophone in Bytown. The best book discussing the background and research resources are included in the book Labourers on the Rideau Canal: 1826-1832: From Work site to World Heritage Site, edited by Katherine M. J. McKenna, Boreais Press, Ottawa, Canada, 2008, ISBN 978-0-88887-355-2. This book contains a chapter by Dr. Bruce S. Elliott, from Carleton University, called "Tracing your Rideau Canal Ancestors: Records of Labourers, Squatters and Tenants on the Rideau Canal". March 29, 2003: Thanks to Sue for the following: Obituary from the Ottawa Free Press, 1881: Nov 11, Terence MCGEE, 77, of apoplexy. Deceased was a native of County Armagh and came to Canada in 1826. He leaves a wife and 8 children. Large obit in the Nov 14 paper. (transcribed below by Leigh Leblanc ... Thanks Leigh!)
October 31, 2005: Mr. Lewis: I was given the bytown website by Leigh Leblanc and, of course, I found many articles on the McGee families. I am a great great granddaughter of Terence McGee whom, as I gather in reading the articles, was a brother to Francis McGee. I am in the process of doing a book on the Terence McGee family. My great grandfather was a son of Terence McGee - Terence Edward McGee, (who went by the name of Ed). Ed immigrated through Port Ogdensburg, New York, USA, and then on to Wisconsin, USA. Eventually, he moved to North Dakota, after losing a wife and 3 children. Would you be interested in what I have researched thus far - through the Mormon Church, Census, family histories, and then I have been able to fill in some blanks on gggrandfather Terence McGee? I would be happy to fill in any blanks you may have on our family. I also have some additions and corrections. I also found a son, Frances (also known as Franck) McGee, born to Terence and Ellen. I found those records through microfilms I rented from the Mormon Church. My information was that Frances married an Ellen Foran. Do you know anything about him? Are there any pictures of any of these relatives that I could get a copy of? I cannot thank you enough for posting what you have posted. It's very interesting and very helpful. Hoping to hear from you soon, Mardelle Considine, USA ________________________ Good morning, Mardelle: (if I may) It's a pleasure to hear from you and to hear of our common McGee ancestors. I have spent some time here trying to sort out the McGees who pioneered at South Gloucester (now part of the City of Ottawa, Canada) and look forward to working with you to fill in some blanks. There are also a couple of other researchers here who are descended from the McGees and who may be able to help us out, including Michael Daley and Mary Quinn (Hi Mary and Michael ! ). Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the McGees but I do have some early church records which will be useful. Between the years 1829 and 1849 there are McGee records at Notre Dame Church in downtown Ottawa. Have you seen these records? After about 1849, the McGees show up at their newly constructed neighbourhood church, formerly called St. Mary's and now called Our Lady of the Visitation, at South Gloucester. This church was built c. 1848 and was a stones throw from the McGee residences. Anyway, I just wanted to get back to you and let you know that I received your e-mail. Thanks very much for contacting me. I'm sending a copy of this e-mail to Michael Daley. ... Al Lewis _____________________ More from Mardelle: Dear Mr. Lewis: First of all, I want to thank you for getting back to me. To begin with, I started my research from my ggrandfather (Terence Edward McGee) and ggrandmother's marriage records in Wisconsin. They, of course, had to state their parents' names and residences. He had written down Terrance McGee and Ellen Hughes (also from County Armagh) in Ottawa, Ontario. So that was my starting point. I have found various birthdates for him - any- where from March, 1951 to his obituary stating his birthdate as April, 1956 (He died in North Dakota on March 27, 1922). I am not able to get an actual Death Certificate as the capitol building in North Dakota burned and records were lost. "Ed" as he was known immigrated to the U.S. in August, 1870 or 1872, by way of Port Ogdensburg, New York, USA and became a U.S. Citizen on October 15, 1896 (I have a copy of his naturalization papers), in Augusta, Wisconsin. He settled in Wisconsin - married and began a family there. He lost his wife, Mary Dwyer, at the age of 39, along with 3 children at Augusta, Wisconsin. In the Spring of 1910, Ed came to North Dakota and took up a homestead, bringing his 4 remaining children with him (my grandfather being one of them). I started researching on the computer and found some land records for Terance McGee and Ellen Hughes, along with various census records and then found where they were buried (Our Lady of Visitation). I then rented many films from the Family History Center (Mormon Church) here in Montana and found information on some births, baptisms, marriages and deaths. Some of the records from the Church were water soaked so that the writing was very blurry and some handwriting I could not read. There had been a fire where these records were kept because some of them had been burned - others were blurry from the water. I knew that Terance had a brother named Dennis from these records as the witness for his death record was his sister-in-law, Mrs. Dennis McGee. I noted from your Bytown website that Terance and Ellen were married in 1840. The records on their children that I found are as follows: 1. Francis (a/k/a Franck) - born approx. 1843 - 1844. Married Ellen Foran - daughter of Nicholas Foran and Alice Daly / Daley. He was buried on October 7, 1909. I have down now that they had 3 children. (see letters from the Foran family). 2. Alicia McGee - born approx. 1848; died May 30, 1880; buried June 1, 1880. 3. Margaret McGee - born around 1850. 4. Terrence Edward McGee - born approx. March, 1851. Died 1922. 5. John McGee - born approx. 1852; baptized October 3, 1852;died on January 29, 1887. 6. Michael McGee - I had born around 1857 7. Eliza McGee - I had born around 1858. Leigh gave me the following information: Mary McGee - born approx. 1841 Ann McGee - born approx. 1843 Patrick McGee - born approx. 1847 John McGee - born approx. 1852 Elicia McGee - born approx. 1854 Michael McGee - born approx. 1854 Margaret McGee - born approx. 1850 Then Leigh sent me the tombstone inscriptions at Our Lady of Visitation - Stone #138 Patrick McGee died May 21, 1870 - 23 years Michael McGee died February 24, 1882 - 25 years Elicia McGee died May 30, 1884 - 30 years Terrence McGee - died November 11, 1881 - 75 years John McGee died January 28, 1887 - age 32 years Ellen Hughes McGee died June 8, 1890 - age 75 years Patrick Hughes died December 6, 1854 - age 70 years Stone #137 Frank McGee - born 1844; died October 10, 1909 Ellen Foran born 1854 died April 15, 1899 Kathleen May McGee born 1891; died November 3, 1945 I do not have any of the early church records from the Notre Dame Church. I would be most interested in seeing these - trying to put all the pieces of this puzzle together. Any help, corrections or additions you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I don't know if this will be any information you want or need. As I told you, I am trying to compile all I can on this family into a book, complete with some pictures. I now have a complete history of Ed McGee's (Terence Edward) children, great grandchildren, gggrandchildren and ggg grandchildren. It's been fun putting it all together - and very informative, also. Lots of work though. Hope to hear from you soon. Mardelle McGee Considine _________________________ And, from Michael Daley: HI Al , cousin Mardelle Just a line , for what its worth, Frances McGee , born 1844 died Oct 1o ,1909, his wife Ellen Foran, born 1854, died April 15 1899, Frances McGee, [Widower] son of Terence McGee, and Ellen Hughs, married Margaret Leahy, Daughter of Timothy Leahy, and Mary Downs,[my G,G, Grandparents], Nov. 6 ,1900, in St .John's church Enniskerry, Osgoode Township (now part of the City o Ottawa) ... Michael Daley , G, G,G, Grandson of Patrick McGee and Mary Hughs _________________________ Good evening Mr. Lewis: I am attaching a photo that we found in some old pictures. It was taken in Ottawa by Pittaway and Jarvis, 117 Sparks St., Ottawa. I am 90% positive this gentleman is a McGee, possibly Terrence Edward McGee (my ggrandfather) or one of his brothers - or quite possibly Terance McGee. I am wondering if you have any ideas? Hope to hear from you soon. e McGee Considine ________________________ Mardelle: Pittaway and Jarvis was a well known early photographic studio in Ottawa. The dates of its existence are probably listed on our page on early photographers in Ottawa. There seems to have been quite a few photos taken of the folks at South Gloucester by the Pittaway Studio. I'm not sure if Pittaway made "house calls" and photographed a lot of people at South Gloucester at the same time, or if the McGees and other families travelled to Ottawa to have their photographs taken. I have an old Pittaway photo of my GreatGrandmother, Catherine (Sullivan) Christopher. Her mother was one of the Mary McGees. Catherine died in 1927 and the photo could have been taken early in the twentieth century. The name Frank McGee repeated for generations in this McGee family. There was an early professional hockey player who played for the Ottawa Silver Seven (I think). His name was Frank McGee. There is a street named after him close to where our current NHL team -- the Ottawa Senators -- play today. If someone has a copy of The Ottawa Sports Book, there may be a write-up and photograph of Frank McGee in the book. Thanks for the following photograph. Here's hoping someone recognizes this man.

Unknown McGee
November 1, 2005: Thanks to some quick detective work by Michael Daley and Mary Quinn, this photograph has been identified ... Al
Hi Al, you are going get some startling news , that picture hangs in the living room of Mary Quinn, decendant of Terrence McGee and Ellen Hughes. To get back To William Foran, and Mary Power, Generation no 3, Edna Foran had a sister,Elizabeth Foran, born Oct.27,1904 died April 10,1986, [single] e in regards to Mary McGee who died May 6 ,1840 ,?? should read May 6 , 1870. her son-in-law of Osgoode , Thomas Daley was my Dads, Grandfather, hope this helps, ... Michael Daley ________________________ Mary Quinn has joined in with some very interesting information: Hi Mike - thanks for giving me a call to discuss the McGee family and your questions. After checking the Bytown or Bust site as you suggested, I cannot believe this, but I have the original 20 X 16 pencil sketch with gilded frame of this McGee gentleman hanging in my livingroom. He is definitely a McGee (I believe it is Terrence who died in 1870. I also have pictures of Michael, Elicia (Alicia), and John (also have the original sketch of John too) when they are young (note none of them lived to be very old). I also have a picture of Mary McGee (as an older woman) as she is my great great grandmother. I am a granddaughter of Edna Foran and Michael Quinn. I will try to scan the pictures over the next couple of weeks so I can forward to you all. Too funny!! Mary Quinn mmpquinn@gmail.com p.s. - Hello to Al and Mardelle, as well.
November 2, 2005: Very interesting stuff Al. I have some early entries from the Gloucester church records which I will forward as well. It is my belief that the McGee original homestead was on Lots 26 and 27, Concession 5 Gloucester Township. (see map below). There is now a train caboose sitting on the corner of the farm. The stone for Our Lady Of the Visitation Church was quarried off this farm. As kids we were shown the hole in the ground where they dug it out. When Thomas Powers married Mary McGee they took over the farm (Powers already owned the land at the east end of the farm). The original sketched pictures I have came out of this home. My Grandmother (Edna Foran Quinn - granddaughter of Thomas Powers and Mary McGee) inherited the farm, as well as two Powers parcels of land at the east end of the farm. When the last living son of Thomas Powers and Mary McGee died my father helped to clean out the house before they got ready to sell it. An interesting note is he found an old violin hanging in a potato sack on the back of a door. Nobody knew any McGee that played the violin at that time. I now have this violin and curiosity abounds. ... Mary _________________ Hi Mary, Al and Michael: It was interesting to read your e-mail Mary. I have to believe that possibly Terrance might have been a violin player. The musical talent had to start somewhere. My grandfather, Ivan McGee, (who was a son to Terence Edward McGee) played the violin. My father said he sold Cloverleaf Salve to get enough money to buy a violin and then taught himself to play - together with a neighbor. One of them would "jig" while the other played - and then they would switch places. My dad says my grandfather taught all of his kids - how to "jig". Most all of my dad's brothers and sisters, including my dad, are musical. My grandfather, Ivan, and my dad, plus some others played for a lot of country dances - together with some sons of my grandfather's sister Hazel (Terence Edward's daughter). They would ride horseback in the early days to the dances - neighboring barns - or halls - and play for those dances. Sometimes they would make 50 cents - other times a few dollars. My grandfather also called square dances. I have many memories of going to sleep on benches lining a dance hall while my parents, my grandfather and other relatives played for dances. Sometimes it seemed like the whole building would be moving. Anyway, my dad's youngest brother, Ivan, Jr., and his wife, a cousin - Wayne Miller (a grandson of Hazel McGee) and a couple of other neighboring ranchers in North Dakota, USA. have made a couple of records. They call their band "The Wagoneers". They play all over N. Dak. and some in Montana. In fact, we are going to see them play in Medora, N. Dak. on Dec. 3 of this year at the "Cowboy Christmas" gathering. As I said, most all are musical and most are self taught and do not read music. Just thought I would share with you. ... Mardelle
Map of South Gloucester in 1879 Our Lady of the Visitation Church is shown on the property of Geo. J. O'Dougherty. His name was actually John Doherty and he had donated the land for the Church. Source: Extracted from Belden's 1879 Map of Gloucester Township Map of South Gloucester area in 1879
Other local names shown on the map are Doyle (the hill on Bank Street later became known as Brian Doyle's Hill), or was it called Stephen Doyle's Hill?, Stackpole, Brown (the Orange Lodge is on the Brown farm), Lee, our old friend Hugh McKenna, Fagan, O'Brien, Power, Downey, Sheehan, O'Neil, Hawkins, Roonet, Durney (Durning), Goth and Nolan. J. Blanch is probably James Blanchfield. This area today is at the intersection of Bank Street (Highway 31) and Mitch Owens Drive. By 1879, South Gloucester was already commercially developed. There is a blacksmith shop and store on Terrence McGee's farm. Frank McGee was the postmaster. One tavern is shown, although there were more than one in the area. I believe that there was also a toll gate on Bank Street then. (Mike Daley informs us that the toll gate was at Greely, just south of Gloucester Township). ... Al
November 6, 2005: Hi all, Note of interest read this slow, Marriage ,"John McEvoy," son of Edmond McEvoy and Catherine Kennedy, born 1807 County Kilkenny married Feb. 8 ,1836, to Anastasia Powers, born 1811, Ireland, daughter of Richard Powers, and Bridgit Murphy, at St. Columban Church , St. Colomban , Province of Quebec, (I think that St. Columban's was/is northeast of Montreal, not far from Mirabel International Airport. It was part of one of the French seigneuries along the north shore of the Ottawa River near Montreal. Some other families, besides the McEvoys, were there before coming to Bytown. ... Al) Mary, the following info was given to me by your Grandmother, 30 some years ago, [as you sat at the kitchen table, in your grandmother kitchen,]: Anastasia Powers was a sister to James Powers, his wife Catherine Scullion, were the parents of Thomas Powers who married Mary McGee , Aug.22, 1869, daughter of Terrence McGee and Elleen Hughes, Mardelle, Mary McGee of which you write who died May 6 ,1870 [I stand to be corrected] would be Mary Hughes ,wife of Patrick McGee, More McGees Mary McGee wife of Patrick Dewan born 1828,daughter of Bernard McGee, and Briget Flanigan of [County Down Ireland], Al, Your first entry of Baptism was my Grandfathers mother Mary McGee, daughter of Patrick McGee and Mary Hughes, Al ,there was a toll gate on Bank street at Greely, Michael Daley ______________________ from Mary: Mike, Thomas Powers parents were John Power and Catherine Nolan. The St. John's record of their marriage states them as his parents as well. They are buried at Gloucester in same tomb. James, Anastasia and John may all be siblings as Anastasia is too old to be Thomas' sister. Al's most recent records sent today certainly connect the Gloucester McGees with the ones from Osgoode too. ... Mary ______________________
Hi to, AL, Mary, Mary ,thanks for the correction, my mistake ,"not your grandmother's, two words to change in my article, James Power, to John Power. Catherine Scullian, to Catherine Nolan, I still maintain your grandmother's statement , that her grandfather ,John Power ,[above] was a sister , to, Anastasia [Power] McEvoy , wife of John McEvoy , This McEvoy line is connected to the Freshford Parish, situated 6 miles or so, west or north west ,of the city of Kilkenny , County Kilkenny, [my apology's ] ... Michael, P.S, Anastasia , born ,1811 John Powers, 1899, close enough to be brother and sister _______________________ e: I think that the Frank McGee who was the postmaster at South Gloucester is mentioned in the write-up for Gloucester Township included in Belden's 1879 Atlas of Carleton County. ... Al
November 22, 2005: Hi All: The following is a list of Terrence Edward McGee and Molly Dwyer's children: They had 7 children: 1. John William McGee - born January 15, 1886 in Wisconsin - died April, 1928, in N. Dak. 2. Elnora McGee - died in infancy - May 27, 1892 - Wisconsin. 3. Nellie McGee - born 1888; died April 25, 1904, in Wisconsin. 4. Edward McGee - born 1889; died March 14, 1904, in Wisconsin. 5. Hazel Mae McGee - born Nov. 9, 1892, in Wisconsin; died Nov. 13, 1921, in North Dakota 6. Douglas McGee - born 1895 in Wisconsin; died in 1950 in N. Dak. 7. Ivan Clio McGee - born Sept. 3, 1898, in Wisconsin; died April 10, 1971, in N. Dak. *(my grandfather) Terrence Edward McGee and Maria "Molly" (sometimes referred to as "Mary") Dwyer were married in Wisconsin on Nov. 27, 1883. Molly died on Sept. 21, 1901, in Wisconsin, of consumption. Elnora, Nellie and Edward are buried beside her. Nellie and Edward died of consumption, also. In 1910, Terrence Edward took up a homestead in N. Dak. and brought his remaining children to N. Dak. Hope this helps. e __________________________

Note: Four of us have been working on the McGee pioneer families at South Gloucester. We have more info than is included on this page. Our research has branched out and now includes Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Father of Confederation, from County Louth and John Joseph McGee, Clerk of the Privy Council from 1882 to 1907. Mardelle has written a book about the ancestors and descendants of Terrence Edward McGee. ... Al
December 6, 2005: Hi everyone - I am still working on this issue but thought you'd like to see a glimpse of the McGee's. e - these are two more brothers and one sister of your Terrence Edward McGee. I am still working on the resolution problem so these are not good enough quality that you can do anything with them. I'll keep trying and will send a shot of Mary McGee tomorrow as well. Although it is frustrating I'm learning a lot and having fun. Let me know what you think. ... Mary Quinn (Mary has larger, coloured photos of the following persons. ... Al) Three children of Terrence McGee
January 7, 2006: Hi e - I was a little confused before and your book has clarified that the picture you sent which you called "Ed Junior" is actually a younger picture of Terrence Edward McGee. This picture actually looks like a sketch - is it? Or is it a photograph? My curiosity is intrigued by the pencil sketches that the McGee's seemed to get done. They are amazing quality yet are not signed. I will later send the complete list of descendants of Mary McGee and Thomas Powers. I am enjoying the reading. I wondered when you said that Terrence Edward's wife Molly died and is buried with her three children in Augusta, Wisconsin. What happened to the three children?? Your book clarifies - can you imagine losing two children within such a short period of time? Poor (Terrence) Edward - amazing he didn't remarry when he was widowed with such young children. ... Mary
January 9, 2006: Hi Mary, Michael and Al: To clarify, if I said "Ed Junior", I did mean Terrence Edward or Terrence, Jr. Sorry to be so confusing. Yes, that picture of him was taken from a pencil sketching that I am assuming was done in Wisconsin as there was one of Molly,also. These hung in my grandpa and grandma's ranch house, along with their Marriage License (a copy of which is in the book) and a large colored sketching of Nellie McGee (their daughter). After my grandpa and grandma died, these pictures remained hanging there until just a couple of years ago. They had become water stained, but I took copies of them anyway - and I'm glad I did. Yes, Terrence Edward did go through a lot of sorrow in his lifetime - losing 3 children and his wife and then moving to a strange land and trying to start over. Those people had to be really strong I think. I'm sure it took several months to become accustomed to a completely different way of life and a completely different country trying to make a home for his children! I am going to forward to you a picture of his original homestead. It is very dark but am hoping you can get a glimpse of it. This was just a shack he built when he first arrived and then later built a sod house. Some of his kids are standing beside the shack - the woman is Hazel, his daughter. ... Mardelle Pioneer Home of Terrence Edward McGee
October 23, 2007: Thanks to Mary Quinn for the following poem regarding some of the early McGees from South Gloucester who went to Wisconsin and North Dakota, USA.
The Badland McGees
In 1840 Terrence McGee and Ellen Hughes did marry Raising a large family in early Canada was a little scary The winters were cold - the hardships were many But family values were strong and the love was plenty Things in Ottawa were booming but jobs a little rare Young (Terrence) "Ed" headed west - up for the dare "Go west young man" was the call to their son Terrence It was hard to leave behind brothers, sisters and parents Ogdensburg the place, 1870 the year he hit that trail Wisconsin had jobs and hardworking men couldn't fail "Ed" worked hard making his way in this new strange land Longing for back home, depending on the work of his hand Then one day he awoke the sun was shinning bright Somehow today everything just seemed so right And on his way to church he met this awesome dolly Fell madly in love with the beautiful Miss Dwyer - Molly Finally things in Wisconsin seemed more like home Ed seemed to settle, less itch to ever again roam (Terrence) Ed and Molly were married in November 1883 Settled in Eau Claire and there they started their new family Ed and Molly were blessed with seven children over the years They had ups and downs, lots of laughs, love and many tears They cried when they lost a child, young Elnora in May of 1892 But the rest of the kids depended on them, many things to do The oldest McGee boy was John. He was born in 1886 Helped Ed at Northwestern Lumber making trees into sticks Beautiful Nellie arrived in 1888, young Edward in 1889 Life in Wisconsin for Ed and Molly seemed to be real fine Along came little Hazel in 1892 and boy was she a beauty Tears of six months earlier dried when they saw this little cutie Douglas in 1895, the stork brought baby Ivan in the year 1898 Life for the McGee's in Wisconsin was tough but really great Ed worked hard raising his Percheron horses - they were prize Made many friends and was respected - considered very wise Molly worked hard, kept the home and was generous and kind A more beautiful family, loving and giving you would never find Turn of the century blew into Augusta and things were going well But a year later when the clouds welled up - darkness fell Molly was sick and Ed tried to be strong but worried and was sad Lost his sweetheart, the year 1901 and then things were really bad He tried to go on, be positive, raise the kids and wear a smile He was able to do it but his heart was truly broken all the while Get the kids educated at Dells School, take them to church too Family values he got in Canada made him do what he had to do 1904 was a bad year as sickness fell over much of the town Ed's house was not spared - TB was spreading all around His namesake young Edward was taken in March 1904 April the grim reaper took Nellie as he knocked on their door Ed went through the motions for the next few long years Wear that smile, get things done and don't show the fears 1910 he got that itch again and once more headed west North Dakota was the place to settle - he thought it best Packed the kids and family possessions onto the train car Reaching Rhame North Dakota team and buggy took them afar They settled on the relinquishment Ed had bought out there Southwest of Rhame - "go west young man" - the dare The tarpaper shack wasn't the most inviting thing to see Wisconsin seemed so sweet now but what will be, will be John, Hazel, Douglas and Ivan helped their Dad to settle here Family is best - they would build their own - the time near The family - The Badland McGees was started this way Hard work and perseverance keep them going to this day Start small, work hard and build things up is the way it is done Live, laugh, love and always remember to have loads of fun 1910 continues as John went back to Wisconsin for a while He married his sweetheart Iva Kelly and he too had to smile Their family started with Eunice, John, Allen, Clio, and Mary too Then Poody, Laura, Elvis, and Lela was the baby of their crew 1911 sees Hazel choose Raymond Miller as her husband to be And three boys - Melvin, Lyle and Vernon make up their family Douglas McGee never married but lived in the Badlands too The west Cowboy life - bronc riding was what he liked to do The baby of Ed and Molly's family was Ivan Clio McGee In 1919 he picked Frances Stevens as his partner for life - you see Boys - Morrell, Jiggs, Robert, and Jim are the start of their family Marian, Patsy, Junior, and Betsyann continue their branch of the tree The year 1922 brought an end to a chapter in the family book Ed joined his sweet Molly in the heavens, down upon us they look Canada to Wisconsin to the Badlands he spread the seeds around And they spread more today - who knows where they can be found A shot of whiskey, a fiddle, and a jig can make them laugh with glee Irish roots can be the cause of this for the Badlands McGee family There are many more generations that continue to grow to this day Its very funny how it all started - Go west young man - you say! Author - Mary Quinn (Great Great Granddaughter of Mary McGee Powers) (Ed McGee's older sister who remained in Canada)

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