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Dear Al,
I have been trying to chase down my ancestors for some time. I believe that James
Telford mentioned in the "yoke of cattle" episode with Hugh McKenna might be my
Great-Great Grandfather.
I understand that James Telford was on the Militia Rolls for 1828- he lived in Gloucester
Twp. Furthermore, there is a reference in Bateson's: "The Irish in Osgoode Township",
to James Telford owning a lot adjoining Hugh McKenna near the north end of Long Island
on the Rideau.
With your wealth of data on the locale and the period, I would appreciate if you
could verify the above.
My GGGM was Mary Ann, born about 1800 in Ireland, and died in Brooklyn, NY in 1870.
They had at least one child, William who was born in the area 16 June 1826. James,
I believe, was born in Ireland about 1800.
I will appreciate any info you might have.
Robert Telford,  Melbourne, FL

Robert: I had a look for your Telford family but don't have much info. In the book "Gloucester Roots", there's a list of the names of about 300 "early" families in Gloucester Township. One of the family names is Telford, but no dates, given names, or further sources are given for the Telford family. Also, in 1829, there was a John Telford here. He came from County Cavan in Ireland and had a brother named George Telford back home in Ireland. John and George were from parish of Kilmore, Townland Derris, near Killishandra in County Cavan. I don't see the "yoke of cattle incident" which you mention. Was this from my web site or from the book "The Irish in Osgoode Township". Can you tell me anything about the book? I've never heard of it! ... Al Lewis
Thanks for your letter of 11 July. Pls excuse my late response as I was away on vacation. In your "Bytown or Bust" story I clicked to the history of Osgoode Twp and read the following: Two settlers from Gloucester, Hugh McKenna and James Telford lost a yoke of cattle which they owned jointly. At this time settlers had found their way into that portion of Gloucester between Billings Bridge and the neighborhood known as So. Gloucester. They tracked (the cattle) to the 4th Con of Osgoode.....and came to Squire McDonnell's clearing. This was the first that Gloucester folk heard of any settlement in Osgoode. I tried to learn more from the Osgoode Museum but the Archivist Michelle Lachance passed me off to Gloucester because the episode happened and James Telford lived outside of Osgoode and she had no info in her 1851 records. I have since written the Gloucester Hist Soc. Another Telford, Sidney, is researching his roots in the Montague Twp area. He informed me that the "Anglo-Celtic Roots", Vol. 5, No.3, Summer 1999 contains an article " The Irish in Osgoode Township" by P. Bateson. He refers to Telford and McKenna owning adjoining lots near the north end of Long Island near the Rideau. James Telford seems to be very elusive. Did he die young; lose his farm for taxes; or move somewhere else? I do not know much of John Telford of County Cavan (McCabe List) who appeared in 1829. From what I could find he was the son of George Telford (b. 1748, d. 1821) and Jane Kennedy (b. 1751, d. 1830). He had a brother George and two sisters, Lily and Elizabeth. That family came from Kilmore Parish Kilishandra, Ireland. I believe that these Telfords and many families from County Cavan settled in Pontiac Cty. I hope this will be helpful. I will be grateful for anything you can find on the elusive James Telford. Sincerely, Robert Telford
August 8, 2001: Billings Bridge: According to the book Carleton Saga, Braddish Billings and Captain William Smyth, each contributed 25 English Pounds and organized their settler neighbours into pledging both money and labour to build the first bridge across the Rideau River. This bridge replaced an informal ferry service run by the Billings family. Participants were John Cunningham (who had the Tavern at Bowesville later), Hugh McKenna / McKenny from County Tyrone (may be buried at South Gloucester), J. Telford, Thomas and William Doxey, John Brush (may be Labreque) and two men named Otterson (Mooney's Bay area) and McFadden.
Hi Al...I just finished reading your site, "Bytown or Bust" sent to me by Robert Telford. Congratulations on a fine site. I thought it best to introduce myself (in Alexandria, VA) and my cousin and co-Telford researcher Elizabeth Telford (in Merrickville, ON). As you know, Robert is searching for his John & James TELFORD. Elizabeth and I are searching for our John and James Telford. So far, it does not appear that Robert's and ours are the same, nor are we any closer to the discovery if the James Telford, neighbor of "Hugh McKenna" in your list is ours. According to the Telford Bible, in the possession of the Marrickville, ON Telford Family, our James was born abt 1803/4 (place unknown) and died 5 Sept 1847. He reportedly resided most of his life in Lanark Co. There is a James Telford buried in the Merrickville McGuigan Cemetery. We have no proof this is our James but probably is. According to the Telford Bible, he married a "Catherine" whom we have identified as Catherine BARTON. Issue: Mary Jane Telford - b. 7 June 1835 & d. 17 June 1917, possibly in New Hampshire, USA. She married Theodore Chapman on 8 Feb 1860. Theodore was b. 6 June 1832. (Lanark Co. Archives) Milburn Telford - b. abt 1845. ON Caroline Telford. Walter Telford - b. 12 Nov 1838, Merrickville, ON d. 5 Dec 1909, Merrickville. Buried in the Union Cemetery, Merrickville. Married to Armanella SMITH in Ogdensburgh, NY, 16 Sept 1863. Again, according to the Telford Bible, was b. 29 Oct 1843 on a farm in Montaque Township, Lanark Co., ON. She d. 11 March 1888 in Merrickville and is also buried in the Union Cemetery. Elizabeth and I descend from Walter and Armanella; Elizabeth from their son Gordon Lampton TELFORD and me from their son Sidney Byron TELFORD. The above (of ours) James Telford had at least one brother, John, residing Montaque Twp., Lanark Co. John was married to Laurena ANDREWS on 2 May 1839 as contained in the Johnstown, ON marriage lists. She was b. 1 May 1815 and d. abt 16 April 1901 in perhaps Brigden, ON. According to an old obit in the Montaque twp " Rideau Record", " Laurena lived in Montaque, Merrickville and Brigden. She is survived by 7 daughters, 2 sons, 3 brothers, 1 sister and is buried in the Lakeview Cemetary, Sarnia, ON". It may have been the 2nd marriage for both. See also our John Law page for a Telford connection. So Al, this is our introduction. I can be reached at SidTelford@aol.com or raglan3585@aol.com and Elizabeth at elizabet@magma.ca Best Regards...Sid
August 28, 2001 I thought you might be interested in this info that Mary Boyd of Gloucester Historical Society found on early Gloucester. She obtained it from the 1879 Belden Atlas. COPY The minutes of the meeting of 1832 give the regulations as to the confinement of stock, with their "marks", the requirements of a legal fence, etc., which are as follows:-- "Free Commoners-- "No hogs to run at large "No horse free commoners "No sheep free commoners "All horn cattle free commoners. "Recorded-- "Wm. Smyth's mark of horn cattle, sheep and hogs, a split ( in ) the right ear. "Bradish Billings--his mark, a split in the left ear, recorded. "James Telford--his mark, two splits in the right ear, recorded. "Fence regulations-- "All lawful fences to be 5 feet high, 10 inches between the pieces, and large rails and poles to be of good reasonable size." In 1834, the names of Clements Bradley, Peter Skeffington, Joseph Coombs, Wm. Thompson, Benj. Rathwell, James Beatty, Valentine Stanbrook, Daniel O'Connor, John Evans, James Johnston, Michael Skeffington, Wm. Fenton, John Finlay, Wm. Smyth, John Cunningham, and Zenias Olmstead appear in connection with the various municipal offices. Wm. Brennan continued to act as town clerk till after the withdrawal of Gloucester from the Ottawa District and the formation of the Dalhousie District in 1842..... Ms Boyd also provided a copy of the Early Gloucester Families contained in "Gloucester Roots". I hope you find the above minutes of 1832 of interest. Sincerely, Robert Telford -------- See also Gloucester for more early settlers in Gloucester Township.
November 5, 2001: Dear Al- I haven't had much luck finding the elusive GGGParents of mine, James and Mary Ann Telford, since I last wrote. I would appreciate any info you see on the Telfords. So I have been following your lead by investigating John Telford of McCabe's List. He married Jane Humphries d/o George Humphries in 1839 at the Anglican Parish of March Township. The Humphries came to Huntley in 1835 from Castleterra Parish, Co Cavan. John and Jane settled at Lot 3 Range 6 in Bristol Twp. In 1822 William and Margaret (nee Telford) Lucas and their family came to Huntley from Co Cavan with their friends the McDowell family. The Lucas family relocated to Bristol close to John during the 1830s. Sister Elizabeth and husband John Connolly came too. The McDowells squatted in Clarendon Twp until they became settlers in the late 1820s. Mary Telford married Robin McDowell s/o William and Margaret (nee Kennedy) of Castleterra Parish about 1830. She was the d/o George and Jane Telford of Kilmore Parish. I wonder if they were married in Huntley. Robin and Mary were Tavern Keepers in Clarendon, where they lived. Eventually, John and Elizabeth (nee Telford), John and Lilly ( nee Telford) Latham, Alex and Rose ( nee Telford) Loney, and Robert and Ann Telford settled next to John. Their father, George, farmed in Bristol until his death in 1844 at age 82. I have no information on their mother Jane. Some say she was a Kennedy and the sister of Margaret McDowell. A James Telford came to Clarendon in the 1840s and was a Shopkeeper and a Farmer. He married Susana McDowell the Grand daughter of George and Susana Telford of Ballymachugh Parish. This George appears to be the Grandfather of the family. I am not certain of James' relationship to the family. I suspect he is Grandpa George's son and his wife is a "step-grand daughter". Most of his children were born in Ireland-- he is not my GGGF--can't be in two places at once. I will be grateful for any thing you "dig up". Thanks again for all your help. Sincerely, Robert Telford
March 29, 2002 Hello: I am also related to the same Telford family and have exchanged info. with Robert Telford, Melbourne Fla. the rest I have not. My Web Site was at geocities but I moved it. (See URL, below) I am looking for scanned picture`s and genealogy info. of the early Telfords and related families. What ever info. on my site feel free to use, looking forward to hearing back from you Sincerely Donald Brown donbrown62@yahoo.com Note: Visit Donald Brown's Web Site - it's slick ... Al
August 19, 2002: Hi Al: On the link for The Ancestors of Donald Murray Brown, the link to my site does not work http://www.tribalpages.com/tribes/donald12 its on the Telford page. As for the Telford`s down in southern ont there is a site that has all the census for Lambton Co. done at Granny`s Genealogy Garden this site can be found through google search engine I got some Lathem photo`s from my Aunt still looking for some photo`s of the Telford Line. Sincerely Donald Brown e-mail donbrown62@yahoo.com
See also the McDowell and Argue families
June 9, 2004: I am looking for the parents and siblings of Frances Trelford / Telford who married Ralph Horner in 1849 in Clarendon Anglican Parish church. Both buried at Shawville Village Cemetary, Shawville, Quebec. Would you know if she is the daughter of James Trelford (Telford) and Susan Quail who is buried one plot over. She possibly had a brother William who appears on the 1881 Census in her household, when she is a widow, as William Tilfert. The spelling of the names for the whole household is off. Both say their birthplace is Ireland. Susan Quail and James Telford had sons George and Robert. Any help would be appreciated. Also, is there a Telford family tree available? I'm trying to put all the names together and it's very confusing. Sincerely Darlene Aylmer, Quebec, Canada

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