Thomas CARROLL and Sarah KENNEDY
also William CARROLL and Dora DEARING

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>Someone was trying to fit a Thomas Carroll to Elizabeth who married
>William Kennedy.  My grandfather (Maurice Williams) kept two scrapbooks
>filled with family stories and obits.  In there I have Thomas Carroll
>born about 1849 – died August 1938 married to Sarah Kennedy (born 1848,
>died about 1931).  They had children: Thomas E, Ambrose, Elizabeth,
>Loretta Catherine and Teresa.  Elizabeth married a William Kennedy - 
>don’t have any dates yet – it takes a while to continually go through
>these books.  The pages are yellowed and some are brittle, but every
>time I get some new information, I gingerly proceed through the books
>again.  Hope this helps someone.

>Lorraine (Williams)

>Carp, Ontario
Here is the article regarding Thomas Carroll that I mentioned in my 
previous email ...


Carp, Ont. Aug. 21 - Thomas Carroll, life-long resident of South March and 
known throughout the district as a former buyer and drover of cattle for half a 
century, passed away at the homestead today.  Mr. Carroll was 89 years of age and 
was ill about two months.

Mr. Carroll was born on the farm which had been the home of the Carroll family 
for over 100 years, and was the son of the late Patrick Carroll and his wife, 
Mary Brennan.  At the age of eight years he was able to plow and at 19 left home 
and struck our for himself.  Picking out a patch of pine bush near Kinburn he 
bought it and hiring men to cut, he went into the lumbering business.

He sold the wood to J. R. Booth, and inspired by this success, he bought other 
patches in succession around Galetta, Fitzroy and Constance Creek. 


After several years of cutting, Mr. Carroll banked his money and went back to 
farming at which he stayed until the year 1886.  Then at the age of 36 he took to 
cattle buying.  With the money he had made from lumbering, he started out to purchase 
and sell cattle.  This was a success from the start and in one summer he handled 
over 75,000 head of stock.

Mr. Carroll drove cattle as far as 90 miles to Ottawa, a trip taking almost four 
days.  He carried as much as $3,000 in cash on his person, but was never attacked.  
In 1928 he retired from active business and his two sons carried on his work.

His wife, the former Sarah Kennedy, predeceased him about seven years ago.  The couple, 
married in Ottawa on June 15, 1880, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1930.

Surviving are two sons, Thomas and Ambrose, both of Dunrobin; three daughters, Mrs. 
Edward Brennan at home, Mrs. William Kennedy of Ottawa and Mrs. Austin Muldoon of 
Kemptville; and two sisters, Mrs. Margaret Hogan of Arnprior, and Miss Myra Carroll 
in Western Canada.  Also surviving are 25 grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

The funeral will be held from his late residence on Tuesday morning at 8.30 to St. 
Isadore's church, South March for solemn requiem high mass at 10 o'clock.  Interment 
will be in the parish cemetery. 

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Hello Lorraine

Thank you kindly.That was very nice of you to drop a note about Elizabeth
Carroll. I know Elizabeth was widow to John Cunningham before she married
William Kennedy in 1876. I have her birth only estimated at 1848 and dying
in 1887. She had 3 children with John Cunningham, 3 maybe four with William
Kennedy and 1 with Michael Britt (Brite). Possibly your Thomas had a sister
Elizabeth and a brother David. David is mentioned in her Last Will and
Testament as her brother, but Thomas is mentioned as executor. The
relationship was not identified. As you can see, Elizabeth had to be born
around the 1848 time frame to have those children. On the marriage
certificate, she was listed as 35 years old and one of the witnesses was
Mary Ann Carroll.

Take care

Taylor Kennedy

From Taylor Kennedy on May 11, 2002:
Note: See also the William Kennedy web page
October 4, 2002: From Ken Armstrong: Hi Everyone; I was going through the 1901 Census for March Township and found the following Carroll's: CENSUS 1901: Ontario, Dist Name: Carleton, Dist No. 52, Sub-Dist No. c-2, Sub-Dist Name: March, Schedule 1, NAC RG31, Microfilm Reel T-6462, Page 8: Family 59 CARROLL Thomas, Male, Head, Married, Born 15 Aug 1850 Ontario, Age 50, Origin Irish, RC, Farmer CARROLL Sarah, Female, Wife, Married, Born 5 Apr 1850 Ontario, Age 51, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Mary E., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 29 Jul 1883 Ontario, Age 17, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Thomas E., Male, Son, Single, Born 21 May 1885 Ontario, Age 15, Origin Irish, RC, TWINS CARROLL James A., Male, Son, Single, Born 21 May 1885 Ontario, Age 15, Origin Irish, RC, TWINS CARROLL Bridget T., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 6 Oct 1888 Ontario, Age 12, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Catherine L., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 14 Feb 1893 Ontario, Age 8, Origin Irish, RC HOGAN William, Male, Domestic, Single, Born 1 May 1877 Ontario, Age 23, Origin Irish Family 60: CARROLL Patrick, Male, Head, Married, Born 13 Mar 1820 Ireland, Age 81, Origin Irish, Emigrated to Canada 1829, RC, Farmer CARROLL Margarite., Female, Wife, Married, Born 16 Jun 1829 Ontario, Age 71, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Patrick, Male, Son, Single, Born 1 Mar 1864 Ontario, Age 37, Origin Irish, RC, Farmer Family 61: CARROLL John, Male, Head, Married, Born 6 Oct 1868 Ontario, Age 42, Origin Irish, RC, Farmer (note age if born in 1868 should be 32 not 42) CARROLL Frances, Female, Wife, Married, Born 1 Aug 1870 Ontario, Age 30, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Lucy C., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 6 Jun 1886 Ontario, Age 14, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Mary A., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 10 Oct 1891 Ontario, Age 9, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Vincent E.S., Male, Son, Single, Born 6 Nov 1893 Ontario, Age 7, Origin Irish, RC Family 62: CARROLL Julia, Female, Head, Widow, Born 13 Jul 1858 Ontario, Age 42, Origin Irish, RC, Farmer CARROLL John P., Male, Son, Single, Born 15 Mar 1884 Ontario, Age 17, Origin Irish, RC, Farmer's Son CARROLL Mary A., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 29 Mar 1885 Ontario, Age 16, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL James N., Male, Son, Single, Born 15 Apr 1886 Ontario, Age 14, Origin Irish, RC, CARROLL Margarite, Female, Daughter, Single, Born 15 May 1887 Ontario, Age 13, Origin Irish, RC, CARROLL Thomas E., Male, Son, Single, Born 19 Aug 1888 Ontario, Age 12, Origin Irish, RC, CARROLL Mary C., Male, Son, Single, Born 2 Dec 1891 Ontario, Age 9, Origin Irish, RC, Family 63: CARROLL Thomas L. or I., Male, Head, Married, Born 2 Jul 1865 Ontario, Age 35, Origin Irish, RC, ? Traveller CARROLL Emily K.L., Female, Wife, Married, Born 2 Apr 1868 Quebec, Age 33, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Mary M.K., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 2 Aug 1888 Ontario, Age 12, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Agnes B., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 9 May 1890 Ontario, Age 10, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL Joseph L., Male, Son, Single, Born 10 Apr 1892 Ontario, Age 8, Origin Irish, RC, CARROLL Lou???? E., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 15 Aug 1894 Ontario, Age 6, Origin Irish, RC (hard to read first name) CARROLL Thomas, Male, Son, Single, Born 27 Sep 1895 Ontario, Age 5, Origin Irish, RC, CARROLL Hilda E., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 27 Jul 1897 Ontario, Age 3, Origin Irish, RC CARROLL John F.P., Male, Son, Single, Born 30 Dec 1899 Ontario, Age 1, Origin Irish, RC, CARROLL James J., Male, Brother, Single, Born 15 Sep 1880 Ontario, Age 20, Origin Irish, RC, HOWE Ellen, Female, Domestic, Single, Born 16 Aug 1881 England, Age 21, Origin English, Emigrated to Canada 1898, Housekeeper. Thats all for March Township and the Carrolls. Ken Armstrong
December 11, 2002: Does anyone know if it's possible to change my email address, so that messages will still be forwarded to me. My new email is ... Lorraine (done ... Al)
January 27, 2003:
William CARROLL and Dora DEARING
Saw the postings at Al's site and thought I would find out if anyone can establish a link with my Carroll ancestors and other Carroll families from South March. The following information is based upon Quebec Census records and family records... Willam Carroll b:abt 1806 m: Dora Dearing b:abt 1806 arrived in Canada about 1839 with sons Thomas b:abt 1835 and Joseph b:1838 (all born in Ireland). Their son John was born abt. 1840 in South March, Ontario, according to his obituary. The family lived in Ontario (presumably in the South March area) where they had at least two more children - William b:abt 1843 and Elizabeth b:abt 1847. In 1847/48 the family moved to the Gatineau area (Low/Wakefield). Verbal family history says that William was one of three brothers, two of whom moved to the same area in Quebec and the other who stayed "across the river" in Ontario. It is suspected, but not proven, that one brother was Mical (Michael) who lived on an adjacent farm. Another possible brother is Kieran/Keoren who lived on a farm directly opposite them on the other side of the Gatineau River. Of course given the reliablity of verbal history, it is possible that all three are brothers who left Ontario about the same time. When told that one brother was "across the river", a descendant could easily have assumed they meant the Ottawa river instead of the Gatineau. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Gord Cruikshank
June 18, 2009: I'm sure this is a long shot since the posting is so old. I would have to believe that Thomas Carroll is my great grandfather. I am Mark Muldoon of Lovettsville Virginia, USA. My grabdfather was William Patrick Austin Muldoon and his mother was Loretta Carroll. I'm sure Thomas must be her father. Does anyone have any information on the Muldoon side of the equation? ... Mark Muldoon __________________________ For starters, it's possible that the Muldoons at Carp and Kemptville were descended from Patrick Muldoon who came to the Ottawa area before 1830. Also, here is some in-depth research from Taylor Kennedy and Ken Armstrong: Hello Mark I have some information below and if you need more I will look for it. Take care ... Taylor Kennedy, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada William Patrick Austin Muldoon, born 4 June 1892 and baptized 14 June 1892. Godfather was Patrick Kennedy and Godmother was Martha Muldoon. He was the son of John Richard Muldoon and Elizabeth Kennedy William Patrick Austin Muldoon died July 24, 1961 and buried July 27, 1961 in St. Isadores parish cemetery. Age 69 years, died from an accident at Rockland. Husband of Loretta Carroll On June 12th, 1918 William Patrick Austin Muldoon son of Richard Muldoon and Elizabeth Kennedy married Catherine Loretta Carroll daughter of Thomas Carroll and Sarah Kennedy at St. Isadore’s in South March. Witnesses were Ambrose Carroll and Albert Muldoon. Service provided by Rev’d J. Cunningham On October 13th, 1890 Richard Muldoon son of Patrick Muldoon and Hanorah O’Meara married Elizabeth Kennedy daughter of the late William Kennedy and Margaret Brennan. Witnesses were Darcey Charlebois and Agnes Kennedy. Service by Rev’s J. Sloan Patrick Muldoon died August 22, 1898 aged 75 years husband of Hanorah O’Meara Richard Muldoon died February 3rd, 1924, age 71 years and buried February 5th, 1924 in the parish cemetery, South March. Witnesses were Austin, Albert, Norbert and Denis Muldoon. Service by Rev’d Thomas Kiggins Elizabeth Kennedy, (Mrs. John Richard Muldoon) died May 19th, 1944 and buried May 22nd, 1944, widow, in the parish cemetery. Witnesses were sons Denis, Norbert, Austin Muldoon and brother P. A. Kennedy. Service by Rev’d John Tomkins. Joseph Wilfred Muldoon was born May 9th, 1919 and baptized May 18th, 1919 at St. Isadores, South March. Godfather was Thomas Carroll and Godmother was Margaret Helen Carroll. ... Taylor Kennedy __________________________________ Good evening I have tracked in reverse the Carrol's of South March Township. There were 2 sons, Thomas Carrol who married Mary Moran and Patrick Carroll who married Margaret Brennan. They were both sons of Thomas Carroll and Sarah Corsican / Corsicon / Cororan. Now based on their ages, their father would have been born about 1798. I think Thomas Carroll's first wife (Sarah) died and he married Catherine Hinds from the USA during his cattle drives. The Hinds surname is strong below the borders and Thomas is 30 years older than she is. In the 1871 census it shows him as 61 years old and Catherine as 31 years old. Does anyone have a hint of information on this thought? Take care ... Taylor __________________________________ and from Ken Armstrong: Taylor and all; The Cemetery Stone inscription in St. Isadore's RC Church Cemetery is as follows: In Memory of, Joseph Richard Muldoon, 1861-1934, and the right side of the stone is Blank. The entry in the St. Isadore's Church Register is as follows: (Extraction from the Records) Top of page: 1934, Pages: 317/318. Entry: S.1, John Richard Muldoon: On the 5th of February, 1934, the undersigned priest performed the funeral service over the remains of Joh Richard Muldoon, who died on the 3rd instant, at the age of 71 years. Present were Austin, Albert, Norbert and Denis Muldoon. P.C. Harris, Parish Priest. The above age would indicate that Joh Richard Muldoon was born in 1863, but the Cemetery stone inscription states 1861-1934. Ken Armstrong __________________________________ and back to Taylor: The story behind the Fallowfield tombstone. (bottom of page) None of the children had children from what I can find. I still think this Thomas might be the father of the March Carroll's, Patrick and Thomas. Their mother was Sarah Corcoran and all families had a child named Sarah.
Descendants of Thomas Carroll
Generation No. 1 1. THOMAS1 CARROLL was born 1798 in Co. Galway, Ireland, and died 7 April 1901 in Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County. He married (1) SARAH CORCORAN. He married (2) CATHERINE HINES Abt. 1855. She was born 1835 in County Sligo, Ireland, and died 24 October 1899 in Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County. Notes for THOMAS CARROLL: Seeing the age difference of 37 years with Catherine Hines and the fact the Thomas claims to be in Carleton in 1836, I take an educated guess he was married before this, possibly to Sarah Corcoran. This is ascertained by the 1911 census where Elizabeth Robins, the daughter of Richard Robins and Bridget Lyons, is and has been living with the Carroll family since 1871 and they call her aunt but should be cousin. In the 1871 cenus Thomas Carroll and Richard Robins both occupy Lot 27, Concession 4 in Nepean, one in the front and one in the rear. The Robins family immigrated in 1845. Elizabeth Robins was born 16 June 1845 and was baptized on 19th July 1845 in Ottawa, Notre Dame Basilica. Richard Robins died May 28, 1876 from Paralysis and the informant was his wife Bridget. He was 65 years old, born in Devonshire, England and buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery. He was Church of England but on March 12th, 1863 he received abjuration and baptism to the Catholic faith in Richmond. His wife Bridget Lyons died shortly after, 24th January 1880 at the age of 75 years. She is buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery in Fallowfield and is also from County Galway, Ireland. She was 10 years older than Richard Robins and possibly was Thomas Carroll's sister who was married to a Lyons before Richard, just a guess. More About THOMAS CARROLL: Burial: 9 April 1901, St. Patrick's Church, Fallowfield, Nepean Township More About CATHERINE HINES: Burial: 26 October 1899, St. Patrick's Church, Fallowfield Children of THOMAS CARROLL and CATHERINE HINES are: i. JAMES2 CARROLL, b. 12 January 1859, Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County. ii. BRIDGET CARROLL, b. 11 June 1860, Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County. iii. PATRICK CARROLL, b. 10 September 1862, Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County; d. 2 January 1956, Ottawa City, Carleton County. Notes for PATRICK CARROLL: Never married iv. SARAH CARROLL, b. 27 January 1864, Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County; m. CHRISTOPHER CHARLES CHAPMAN, 19 June 1909, Ottawa City, Ontario; b. 1860, Nepean Township; d. 5 March 1917, Ottawa, Ontario. Notes for SARAH CARROLL: Sarah was 41 when she married and had no children but was the step mother of 2 existing Chapman children. v. THOMAS CARROLL, b. 10 February 1869, Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County. vi. CATHERINE CARROLL, b. June 1870, Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County; d. 21 May 1921, Ottawa, Ontario. Notes for CATHERINE CARROLL: Living at 384 Booth Street with her brothers, she died of progressive paralysis and contributing cause was toxemia. She was 53 years old and was buried in the absence of Rev McCauley but he was aware during his absence. Informant was her brother Thomas Carroll. They moved to Booth Street after 1911 More About CATHERINE CARROLL: Burial: 21 May 1921, St. Patrick's Church, Fallowfield vii. ELIZABETH ROBINS, b. 16 June 1845, Fallowfield, Nepean Township, Carleton County; d. 13 January 1918, Ottawa, Ontario. More About ELIZABETH ROBINS: Burial: 15 January 1918, St. Patrick's Church, Fallowfield ... Taylor

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