Thomas BAXTER (Nepean) and Catherine McGOVERN
also Reverend John BAXTER of Oxford Township

ML# 15 on the McCabe List (Thomas Baxter)
ML# 642 on the McCabe List (James Baxter)

February 28, 2002:

Thomas Baxter is #15 on the McCabe List. He lived in Nepean and if you go to the 
search engine you'll find references to this pioneer family. (Births at Richmond in 
the 1830's, etc.). This Baxter family came from County Cavan, Ireland.

Wayne O'Neil has written an excellent history of this family.

There's a Monseigneur Paul Baxter Center today at St. Patrick's Church at Fallowfield.

October 2, 2002: Hi, I visited your Bytown or Bust URL. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I am researching BAXTER name, as my g great Uncle was Rev. John of the Wesleyan Methodist faith. I am back as far as his father, Andrew. Do you have any info on them. This is a difficult area to search. They eventually settled in Oxford County. It could be a different line altogether, as the religion is different. Thanks & nice talking to you. Kathy
April 27, 2005: Hi, I came across your Bytown or Bust page regarding Thomas BAXTER (Nepean) and Catherine McGOVERN. On this page you have mentioned the Monseigneur Paul Baxter Center at St. Patrick's Church, Fallowfield. Is Monseigneur Paul Baxter a part of the Thomas BAXTER & Catherine McGOVERN line ? Thanks in Advance for your reply, Keri. _________________________ Keri: I had assumed that that Monseigneur Paul Baxter was a descendant of the pioneer Baxter Family in Nepean. Maybe one of our readers knows?
May 5, 2005: Monseigneur Paul Baxter was the son of Oswald Joseph (Ozzie) BAXTER, Ottawa. He had an Uncle (brother of Oswald) named Father Emmett M. BAXTER (O.M.I.). Father Emmett BAXTER died Dec. 29,1953 of pneumonia. Hiram BAXTER was the father of Oswald and Emmett. I found an Ottawa newspaper clipping with a photo tucked safely in an old Bible. Its a little worn but legible. I don't have a date for this article. -------------------------------- MISSIONARY DIES Well know British Columbia missionary and member of a prominent Ottawa family, Rev Emmett Baxter, Oblates of Mary Immaculate, age 49, died suddenly Tuesday evening in Digby NS, following a brief Illness. --------------------------------- There was another notice as well titled... "Rev. EMMETT BAXTER HONORED IN DEATH BY CLERGY, LAYMEN." It is not as legible, but I can see that it lists the chief Mourners in attendance. Hopefully a reader can help determine if we can make a connection to the Thomas BAXTER (Nepean) and Catherine McGOVERN line. One more request... Do you know where I might be able to find Wayne O'Neil's history of this family? Thanks very much, Keri _____________________ Keri: Wayne O'Neil's web site is at ... Al _____________________ Please feel free to post this new material. Hopefully, it may generate a lead. Paul Baxter was my mothers first cousin. ... Keri
May 13, 2005: We could not make a connection but I have more information and am hoping that we might now be able to connect these Baxters with another line. Hiram Michael Baxter's parents were John R. Baxter and Hannah O'Neill who came to Ottawa from Ireland. They lived on, what is now the "Experimental Farm" land. I am attaching the write-up on Hiram from the Ottawa Journal dated Monday, November 30, 1942, Page 4 Hope that I can now make a connection. If we can't make a connection, might you be interested in the History of this Pioneer Baxter Family, once completed? Also, I would like to give credit to "Leigh" for taking on the much appreciated task of finding this for me. She has been so helpful and is very much appreciated. Thanks for your time, Keri. (Baxter McKee Family Tree)
Hiram Baxter Obituary

April 12, 2006: I came across this site awhile ago. I finally have found some time to formulate a response. I have both lines of Baxter's (Mcgovern - Thomas Baxter and Hiram Baxter) in my tree mentioned in this string, although I'm not a direct decscendant of either. I have also not been able to find a link between the two Baxter lines. I'll try to keep this as simple as possible but here are my Baxter links: 1) Information provided to me by my uncle (I have not verified it) indicated that Hiram's son Oswald Joseph Baxter married Nora Mary Dubroy / Dubreuille. Nora Dubroy was my grandfather's(Desmond Dubroy) 1st cousin. My mother, would have been Paul Baxter's 2nd cousin. 2)My grandfather's(Desmond Dubroy) maternal grandfather was Patrick Kerrigan. His brother was James Kerrigan. In 1872 James Kerrigan married Mary Ann Baxter, daughter of Thomas Baxter and Catherine McGovern. A side note is that my great grandmother(Desmond mother, Mary Kerrigan) was residing with James Kerrigan and his second wife in the 1901 census. 3) James Baxter and Catherine Reilly are also ancestors. Thier first child Bridgit married Peter Skehan. Peter and Bridgit's child Mary Ellen married Patrick Kerrigan (same Patrick Kerrigan as #2). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. ... David Papineau
July 10, 2006: A wee bit more information to try to make the connections... Oswald Joseph Baxter married Nora Mary Dubroy - This is correct ! I am not sure why but In Hiram's Obituary above The name of his mother is not correct. Hiram's Mother was Johanna McCABE, daughter of : John McCABE b: 1801 Co. Wexford Ireland m: 1840 in Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa, Ontario d: 26 June, 1876 in Nepean Township, Carleton. + Johanna STACKPOLE b: abt 1817 Co Cork Ireland d: 24 April 1874 in Nepean Township, Carleton. (Other Children: Michael who also died of TB , Catherine, Bridget) John Reynolds BAXTER b? d? (Note father of John might be Richard? Baxter) + Johanna McCABE b: 1855 in Nepean m: abt 1876 d: August 1883 of Consumption (TB) in Nepean Township, Carleton. Children: 1) Hiram Michael BAXTER b: 10 Oct 1877 in Nepean m: ? d: 29 Nov 1942 Ottawa. 2) Twin: Harriet BAXTER b: June 1883 Nepean Township, Carleton. d: 6 Aug 1883 Consumption (TB) in Nepean Township, Carleton. 3) Twin: Gertrude BAXTER b: June 1883 Nepean Township, Carleton. d: 12 Aug 1883 Consumption (TB) in Nepean Township, Carleton. Note 1 : Record show the address of John BAXTER & Johanna McCABE as Lot 1, Con B, R.F. Nepean. This lot belonged to Johanna's parents, John McCABE (d: 1876 )& Johanna STACKPOLE (d: 1874) and is right next door to the STACKPOLE family. Note 2 : I finally found the following "REYNOLDS" family in the 1881 Nepean Census which I believe is actually the family of John Reynolds BAXTER & Johanna McCABE. John Reynolds, Irish , catholic, age 26 -born abt 1855 in Ontario, Occupation Huckster Married to Hannah, Irish, age 25 born 1856 Son Herain-age 3 born abt 1878 (Possibly Hiram) Listed as living with them is also Catherine McCabe age 32 born abt 1849 in Ontario (Possibly Johanna's Sister) Question: I am hoping to travel to Ottawa soon and Was wondering if there are trancribed records for St. Patricks Basilica, and If so does anyone know how I can access them? Thanks, Keri.
July 13, 2006:
Unidentified Baxter Family Photograph
Hi Guys. Just spent 2 weeks in Ottawa at the McCarthy reunion. Also got in touch with McGuire family and Moore family. Had a wonderful time plus lots of info and unknown pics. This Pic I believe shows Margaret [Moloughney] Baxter and some of her family Hope someone knows who they are.. I have approx 20-30 pics from this area I hope to find out who they are.. Any help ??? Ernie Kilroe
Unidentified Baxter Photo

July 30, 2006: My name is Christopher Ian Vincent McIntyre. Msgr. Paul Baxter was my cousin. Of the nine children of Hiram & Lillian only my uncle Ed survives and we keep in touch with him weekly. My late uncle Roy did a lot of family research and he traced some of the Irish decendents ( I think on the McKee (McGee?) / McCabe tree) to Rathfriland in Northern Ireland. I do not have a lot of geneololgical info, but I'm blessed with a good memory and do remember many stories and family connections and little known facts. For instance: Ed Baxter's wife was Ruth Gavan, and Ossie Baxter's wife was Nora Dubroy and the Dubroy' and Gavan's were cousins. Therefore Ruth and Nora were sisters-in-law and cousins. Donald Baxter's widow Marie who was an O'Rouke from Osgoode, Ont. Another interesting fact is that my great-grandmother McKee was not only Mrs. McKee, but also Mrs. Albert and Mrs. Gordon---she outlived three husbands, and the whole McKee/Albert/Gordon brood all lived on Arthur Street. I was talking with funeral director Lorne Kelly recently and he said he was my cousin. I asked him how, and he said through the Baxter/McCabe line. ??????? I could go on and on, but maybe we should get in touch. ... Ian ____________________ Ian: Thanks for your e-mail. It's a small world -- I'm also related to the O'Rourkes from Osgoode, the McGees (McKees?) from South Gloucester. I know one of the Albert family members, also from Osgoode Township. There are a great number of connections among the early families in Jockvale / Fallowfield, South Gloucester and up the Gatineau Valley. My Grandmother also lived on Arthur Street after they left the farm in Osgoode Township. ... Al
February 11, 2007: Hello, My name is Thomas J. Baxter. I came to Canada 27 years ago. I am an Irish descendent of Thomas J. Baxter # 15 on the McCabe list and James Baxter who was # 642 on the list both of who came from around the town of Ballyconnell, County Cavan. When the Canal construction finished they moved with their families to settle on farmland in Marlborough Township which later became known as Baxters Corners. The Baxter family still lives in and around the town of Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan, Ireland, and have lived there for many hundreds of years. They are mentioned in the Hearth Money Rolls 1664. Family tradition has that we came to Co. Antrim N. Ireland in the 15th. centuary with the McDonalds from the Highlands in Scotland and over a period of time moved south to the Ballyconnell area. I would love to hear from any ancestors in Canada of either of these two men whom it is believed were brothers. Thomas J. Baxter.

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