The Talbot Settlers, 1818
From County Tipperary, Ireland to Upper Canada (Ontario)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

The following scanned text describes the economic and social conditions in the southern part of Ireland at 
the time of the Talbot settlers who came to the Ottawa area: Text source: Flight from Famine by Donald MacKay, 
page 30. Note - The Talbot Settlers came to Canada thirty years before the great Irish famine of the late 1840's
 ... Al.

Conditions in Southern Ireland at the time of the Talbot Settlers
All of these families are described in the book, Irish Migrants in the Canadas: A New Approach, by Bruce Elliott. October 15, 2001 My research shows that John Jones, b. 1795, and his wife Jane Haskett, b. c1799, both of Borrisokane, Tipperary Ireland, when they emigrated, settled on a farm in Carleton County in the Ottawa Valley. Also, the town of Bytown is mentioned. They had at least three children born there: Francis Jones, c1832; William Haskett Jones, b. c1834; and Samuel Haskett Jones, b. c1830, d. 20 Feb 1915 in Saskatchewan. John Jones was shown as a farmer. Any information on the above would be sincerely appreciated. Tom O'Neil Tumwater, WA, USA, 98501
Robert O'Neil, of Tipperary Ireland, emigrated to Canada in 1819, marrying his wife Mary Hardy on the ship Camperdown in the Atlantic Ocean. They had some children, and then Robert was killed in an accident. Mary remarried, John Litle / Lytle. I have records that Mary Litle died on 18 Sep 1847, and was buried in Sandy Hill Cemetery in Bytown. Any information on the above will be sincerely appreciated. Possible father or relation of Mary Hardy was Joseph Hardy. Tom O'Neil
January 1, 2005: Cabin Passengers TALBOT, Richard BURTON, Mr William GEARY, Mr William - an Estate Agent from County Clare HARDY, Joseph? Settlers COLBERT, John COLBERT, William ?, CORBETT, Patrick DELAHUNT, Thomas?, FOSTER, George 30, from near Newtown, County Tipperary GOULDING, Charles GRANT, Robert - a clothier from County Limerick GRAY, Folliott? GRAY, John? GUEST, Thomas? HASKETT, William HAYES, William ? HODGINS, William HOWARD, Thomas T.? HOWAY, Thomas?, (HOWIE or HOWEY ?) HOWAY, James ?, KEAYS, Robert 39, (Keyes ?) LEWIS, Benjamin ?, LEWIS, Francis 34, LEWIS, John 31, farmer LONEY, Richard ?, LONG, Samuel? MORGAN, William (Morgan's Grant subdivision in Kanata) OLIVE, James? (OLIVER ?) O'BRIEN, Joseph POWELL, Francis RALPH, Robert RICHARDSON, William ? SHOULDICE, James SHOULDICE, Nicholas SIFTON, John?, SIFTON, Charles? SPEARMAN, John, STANLEY, Thomas TURNER, John?, YOUNG, Robert 27, (Young Road at Hazeldean) - St. Paul's Anglican Church and Cemetery Servants BROOKS, Thomas. EVANS, William MOONEY, William, May 16, 2014: Grandfather of "Can Lit" author Nellie McClung. O'NEIL, William PHALEN, John RODGERS, Peter STONEY, Edmund Source: (now apparently defunct, Nov 5, 2007)

January 4, 2004: Hazeldean was one of the earliest settlements in the Bytown area. Map Source: Belden's 1879 map of Hazeldean (northeast corner of Goulbourn Township) Now Kanata - Glencairn, both June 8, 2012: (added picture of cemetery) There is a new web page being developed for the three Hazeldean Pioneer Cemeteries.
Pioneer Anglican Cemetery at Hazeldean, (Kanata), Ontario, Canada Hazeldean Map, 1879
Some of the surnames on the map were Young, Grant, Hodgins and Colbert from the Talbot Party. Also the Scharf / Scharff family were on the Eagleson Road which separates Nepean Township from Goulbourn Township. Bradley, Mulligan, Butler and McCurdy were also pioneer names. The pioneer Scharff cemetery is marked by a "+" on Hazeldean Road, near Eagleson Road. The railway tracks, heading west, is now a bicycle / walking path to Stittsville.
May 16, 2005: Don Lowe and Daniel Fish are researching the William Mooney family who came with the Talbot party in 1818 aboard the Brunswick.
August 18, 2005: Hi, My name is Margaret Esther (Colbert) Bradley. I was searching the net and came across your web page for (Thomas Birch). I am related to the Colbert's that came over with the Talbot's . In fact my G.G Grandmother was Margaret Talbot, sister of Richard Talbot. What is your connection to these Colbert's? My E-mail is I live in British Columbia, Canada. ... Esther Bradley
April 4, 2007:
Thomas WALL and Frances COLBERT
(see also casey.htm )
Hi Everyone; The parents of Frances Colbert who married Thomas Wall are as follows: Census 1851: Place: Canada West (Ontario), Carleton County, Dist No: 4, Goulbourn Township, Sub-Dist No: 26 Source: NAC RG-31, Microfilm No: C-11716, Schedule: A Page 1, Page 1 Lines 49 & 50, Page 3, Lines 1 to 11 COLBERT John, Occ: Farmer, Born: Ireland, Rel: Church of England, Age: 43, Married, Male COLBERT Jane, Born: Ireland, Rel: Church of England, Age: 36, Married, Female COLBERT William, Occ: Labourer, Born: Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age: 20 COLBERT Mary, Born Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age 15, Female COLBERT John, Born Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age 14, Male COLBERT, Sarah, Born: Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age: 11, Female COLBERT Susan, Born Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age 10, Female COLBERT Eliza, Born Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age 9, Female COLBERT Ellen Jane, Born Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age 5, Female COLBERT Ann, Born Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age 3, Female BARBER Polly, Occ: Servant, Born: Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age: 31, Widow, Female BARBER John, Born: Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age: 11, Male BARBER Mina, Born: Canada, Rel: Church of England, Age: 9, Female Census 1861: Place: Goulbourn Township Page 54, Family Number 371: COLBERT John, Born Ireland, Age 55, Married COLBERT Jane, Born Ireland, Age 50, Married COLBERT William, Born Upper Canada, Age 28 COLBERT Susannah, Born Upper Canada, Age 19 COLBERT EllenJane, Born Upper Canada, Age 14 COLBERT Frances, Born Upper Canada, Age 9 COLBERT Elizabeth, Born Upper Canada, Age 4 Census 1871: Place: Goulbourn Township Page 5, Family Number 12 COLBERT John, Born Ontario, Age 30, Conc 12, Lot 30, Acreage 80 COLBERT EllenJane, Born Ontario, Age 22 COLBERT Frances, Born Ontario, Age 18 COLBERT Elizabeth, Born Ontario, Age 12 COLBERT Jane, Born Ireland, Age 60, Widow The parents of John Colbert, b. 1808 are William Colbert, b. abt 1770 and Elizabeth Unknown, b, abt 1775, this family came over with the Talbot Settlers in 1818, and settled in Goulbourn Township, along with William Colbert was his brother, John Colbert and his family, who also settled in Goulbourn Township. The following is the 1901 Census for Thomas Wall and Family: CENSUS 1901: Ontario, Carleton County Dist No. 52, Goulbourn Township, SubDist No. a-5, Source: NAC RG-31, Microfilm Reel T-6462, Page 5 Family 37: WALL Thomas, Male, Head, Married, Born 1 Mar 1848 Ontario, Age 53, Origin Irish, Cof E, Farmer WALL Frances, Female, Wife, Married, Born 17 Feb 1853 Ontario, Age 48, Origin Irish, Cof E WALL John, Male, Son, Single, Born 29 Mar 1881 Ontario, Age 20, Origin Irish, Cof E, Farmer's Son WALL Lena Margaret, Female, Daughter, Single, Born 26 Jul 1884 Ontario, Age 16, Origin Irish, C of E WALL Emma M., Female, Daughter, Single, Born 10 Mar 1886 Ontario, Age 15, Origin Irish, C of E WALL Eliza Jane, Female, Daughter, Single, Born 15 Jan 1888 Ontario, Age 13, Origin Irish, Cof E WALL Thomas Colbert, Male, Son, Single, Born 22 Feb 1890 Ontario, Age 11, Origin Irish, Cof E COLBERT Elizabeth Ann, Female, Sister-in-Law, Single, Born 7 Oct 1862 Ontario, Age 38, Origin Irish, C of E NOTE: In 1901, Elizabeth Colbert is living with her sister Frances Wall (nee Colbert) and her brother-in-law, Thomas Wall. Hope the above information helps in putting the families together. Ken Armstrong

March 27, 2013: There were strong family connections between our Talbot Settlers who settled around Hazeldean in the early days with many families who settled in London Township where Thomas Talbot received his largest land grants. See London Township Pioneers, by F.T. Rosser, Mika Publishing Company, Belleville, 1975, ISBN 0-919302-95-5.
March 5, 2014: Thanks to John for this interesting material regarding the Talbot settlers: Talbot immigrants to Ottawa - London 1818-19 Al The attached was taken from a book called :"And That's the Way it Was" by Calvin Patrick. This book was written in 2006 by C.M. Patrick. Unable to find an ISBN. Excerpt: Thomas Patrick (1788-1858) was the son of Thomas Patrick and Sarah O'Neil (1760-1842) whose father was Francis O'Neil of Cloughjordan. Sarah O'Neil was the older sister of Henry O'Neil, who traveled on the Camperdown in 1819. Camperdown with nearly 260 settlers on board, sailed from County Limerick on 25 June 1819 arriving in Quebec, 7th Sept after a long and arduous voyage of 74 days. Like some of the 1818 Brunswick immigrants, several of the Camperdown passengers elected to settle near Ottawa. These included members of the Hodgins, Sifton, Porte, Richardson, Hughes and Acres families. Others, such as Henry O'Neil, who had arrived in 1818 and was given a grant of land N1/2Lot 23, Con. 12 in the London area. About half of the Hodgins came to the London area. Thomas Jr. married Rachel Blackall (1781-1881). She was daughter of Waltho Backall (sometimes spelled Blackhall) of Jockey Hall and Garden Hill, Limerick, who married his cousin Elizabeth Barrington, she being the daughter of Alderman Benjamin Barrington, Sheriff of Limerick, in 1667. Thomas & Racheal had at least two children with them (Jane, born 1815 and Rebecca, born 1817) when they arrived in Canada in September 1819. They first settled south of Montreal in St. Jean - Iberville area. In 1833 they moved to the London area. The O'Neil, Hodgins, Haskett, Hughes, Greery, Kennedy, Carmichael, Robson, Patrick and other families settled in the London, Ilderton area settling 19,000 areas by 1843. John

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