Sylvester DOYLE and Mary BAILEY
Borris, County Carlow, Ireland to Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

	1  	Sylvester Doyle	1799 - 1881 (County Carlow)
..		+Mary Bailey	1797 - 1883
.......	2  	John Doyle	1825 -
...........		+ Mary McGee	
.......	2  	Martin Doyle	1830 - 1898
...........		+ Margaret Herbert	1830 - 1924
................	3  	Sylvester Doyle	1860 - 1865
................	3  	Mary Ann Doyle	1862 -
................	3  	Andrew Doyle	1864 -
................	3  	James Doyle	1867 -
................	3  	John Doyle	1869 - 1935
.......	2  	Francis Doyle	1835 -
.......	2  	James Doyle	1838 -
.......	2  	Moses Doyle	1841 - 1933
...........		+ Catharine Fagan	1848 - 1911
................	3  	Sylvester Doyle	1868 - 1897
................	3  	Charles Doyle	1870 -
................	3  	Jack Doyle	
................	3  	Mary Doyle	
................	3  	Andrew Doyle	
................	3  	Moses Doyle	
................	3  	Michael Doyle	
.......	2  	Catharine Doyle	1843 -
...........		+ John O'Brien	
.......	2  	Andrew Doyle	1826 - 1914
...........		+Maud Herbert	1825 - 1911

February 21, 2006: Hello Al and Michael, I've noticed the names of all Sylvester's sons (see tree above, from Bytown or Bust) among the baptisms in Borris parish, County Carlow, Ireland so I think they must all be there somewhere. I've found only three so far: 10 June 1827 John, s/o Silvester Doyle and Mary Bealey, Kilmissin Gps: John Bealey and Nancy Moresy (Bailey and Morrisey) 4 Nov 1832 James, s/o Silvester Doyle and Mary Baily, Rathgeran Gps: Ed Murphy and Mary Murphy ?? Nov 1829 Martin, s/o Sal (Sylvester) Doyle and Mary Baly (no residence noted) Gps: Patt Brennan and Bidy (Bridget) Kelly There are baptisms for children of an earlier Sylvester in the 1780s and 1790s, and he might be the father of your Sylvester Doyle. ... Anne Burgess _______________ And from Michael Daley, also posted on February 21, 2006: Hi Anne, Al, the Doyle family of Herbert corner's [ Stagecoach , rd. ] have left their mark in St , John the Evangelist church cemetery , in Enniskerry, [ Osgoode township ], ONE , Doyle tombstone reads ,In memory of Sylvester Doyle died Dec. 17 , 1881, AE, 82 yrs, Also his wife Mary Bailey died 2 Feb, 1883, AE, 86 yrs, Natives of County Wexford, Ireland. Requiescat in pace . Another tombstone reads, son James ,{" baptized nov.,4 183 , in Co Carlow,"] died Oct 2 , 1911 aged 78 yrs, R.I,P. [interesting ,had they moved from County Carlow to County Wexford on there way Osgoode, Thanks Anne for , very informative info, one more tombstone son Martin , [ bapitized Nov 1829, co, Carlow,] reads , in memory of Martin Doyle, died March 27, 1898, age 67 years, Native of County Wexford, Ireland, Also his wife, Margaret Herbert died April 5, 1924, aged 94 yrs, May their souls rest in peace, ... Michael

April 26, 2007: Hi Al, I know your record says Wexford for this Sylvester Doyle, but I think this couple, too, were in the Carlow IGP records: 1. Parochial Registers of Borris, County Carlow, 1827 Jun 1827 John Silvester Doyle Mary Bealey John Bealey Nancy Moresy (Morrissey) Kilmissan 10 Jun 1827 Eil Mosesy Byrne Judy Swords Ned Doyle Citty Shannon Knockmore 13 Jun 1827 Mary James 2. Parochial Registers of Borris, 1832 Nov 1832 James Silvester Doyle Mary Baily Ed Murphy Mary Murphy Rathgeran 11 Nov 1832 James Thomas Butler Mary Owen James Byrne Ellen Owens Borris 10 Nov 1832 Mary Patrick Meloy I think if I fiddled with the spelling of their names some more, I might find more kids. Anne
February 19, 2008: _______________________ Mary your e-mail dated Monday Feb 18 , States you are reading ," THE OSGOODE VILLAGE STORY," uh I proof read that publication , for the editor Joe Banks, looks to me like your info came from Pioneer families of Osgoode ?? ,the house of which you write still remains in the Doyle Family. On the Second day of February ,1844 ,Sylvester Doyle purchased 100 acres , the East half -lot. twelve ,in the Fourth Concession in the Township of Osgoode, from the "Canada Company", in consideration of the sum Fifty Pounds . March 14 1850 Sylvester Doyle sold 5o acres composed of the south East quarter of lot number twelve in the fourth concession to Thomas Dailey for the sum of one hundred pounds, Sylvester then moved to lot 16 con .3 At Herbert's corners. Note , Sylvester Doyle, made 50 pounds , on that deal, and still owned 50 acres. NOTE, Thomas Daley, son of Michael Daley & Elizabeth McGuire married Mary McGee August 30 1850. my Great Grandparents, I live on the lands Lot 14. con .3 . that Michael Daley and his wife Elizabeth McGuire squatted on in 1832--33 ? More on Brian Doyle, to follow. ... Michael
February 20, 2008: Hi Michael and all, I just wanted to add this bit. Sylvester Doyle and wife Mary Bailey have on their tombstone that they were born in County Wexford, yet the baptisms of a number of their children took place in Borris parish, Co. Carlow, making you think they probably lived close to the border - in that little area where County Wicklow, Wexford, and Carlow meet: 10 June 1827 John, s/o Silvester Doyle and Mary Bealey, Kilmissin Gps: John Bealey and Nancy Moresy 4 Nov 1832 James, s/o Silvester Doyle and Mary Baily, Rathgeran Gps: Ed Murphy and Mary Murphy ?? Nov 1829 Martin, s/o Sal Doyle and Mary Baly (no residence noted) Gps: Patt Brennan and Bidy Kelly We were earlier discussing Brian Doyle, b. Co. Wicklow, and living close to him was Moses Doyle, b. in Killmeshin, Co. Wexford (according to his marriage record). I wonder if Killmeshin and Kilmissin (home of Sylvester and Mary in 1827) were in fact the same place, and perhaps it's a townland that straddles the border. Below is a map of the civil parishes in Co. Carlow, and you can see that the parish of Borris, #3, is right at the border with Wexford. ... Anne ______________________________

Hi Al, You don't have rush on the Doyle's, 67- 68 YEARS AGO, I picked potatoes on two Doyle farms , Andrew , single, and his sister, Mary Ann , single, on one farm. Their cousin Jack, [John] single on the next farm over, with his sister Mary, they were great to work for. they never got in a hurry. I thought they were really old , strange to say I have out lived them all, . At Andy's, as we knew him, two men were digging with potato forks . I was picking, as I filled my pail there was big horse pulling a" DUMP CART" along side of me , when I had the cart full of potatoes , I would take it over to the house , back it up to the cellar window ,pull the trip lever on the cart and the potatoes were in the cellar, it was great no bags of potatoes to pick up at dark. I better quit. ... Michael
February 24, 2010:
Statutory Labour in Osgoode Township, 1842 Source: Bytown Gazette Archives, November 17, 1842 John Lee and Sylvester Doyle, Statutory Labour in Osgoode Township, 1842
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